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Now that we know Obscura is working on another game slated for 2020, I figured I might as well make another COOT thread. What do you think of the game?

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It's definitely the best gay 18+ visual novel.

Will Obscura's next game be also a gay vn?

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it's well made but the sex scenes look like wikihow sex position illustrations imo

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Where is Orlin supposed to be located? The beach in Phil's route and the desert in Tommy's bonus date make me think SoCal. Does anyone know if it's based off a particular city?

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>tfw Rumlocker will never fully illustrate the game

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I would pay full AAA msrp for a rumlocker illustrated COOT

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The hottest guys in the game are the two bullies from the military dude's route and you cannot convince me otherwise, the game should have had the option of getting into a 3way relationship with them.

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Reminder Ian, Brad, and Alex are best boys and are the only ones worth playing for. Also, Donovan, the divorced DILF, too.

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shit taste :p

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So got

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>the best
you must have some pretty low standards. So far it's up there in terms of Western Visual Novels

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What would you consider the best, even in terms of Western VNs
I have trouble finding good gay games in general

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I say Luke but a lot of that is going towards the fact that he’s got the Irish accent and the way his route is desu

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i hate this bitch

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Did the beta version have CGs? I'm mildly curious what they look like.

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Alright for its time, but feels really dated when I bother to play it now.

Still mad there wasn't a cg of alex bottoming.

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yeah me too

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leave my waifu alone

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Best CG coming through. This was such a hot scenario desu

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It's always annoyed me that Alex is the only main guy you can't top.

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Sorry to double post, but Alex's route in general bothers me. For the other love interests' routes you spend time getting to know them, but what do we learn about Alex? He likes teaching, he likes racquetball, he likes scotch, and he has a cat. That's it. We don't really know anything about him. He spends half the route avoiding you because his job is on the line, and so his only sexual encounter locks you out of the good ending. Obscura didn't spend much time developing Alex's route after COOT expanded from a PG-13 visual novel to a fully fledged adult dating sim, and it shows.

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alex's route bothers me because for no explicable reason the main characters cock is half size for it

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What do you have against the self insert character?

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No one has a consistent cock size. Brad is supposed to be hung or claims to be too big for girls , yet when you actually see the dick he's about the same size as the MC.

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that depends on the CG, in the mutual jacking off one his dick looks stubby but in the others it looks large.

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Tommy looks like he’s the biggest consistently in the CGs he has

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overall, it's a fun and sexy game. a lot of hard work went into it, even when people were talking shit and pirating. i'm almost surprised that obscura went on to attempt another game, but i bet she's made enough bank, so, i guess it's a no-brainer.

brad and phil (tsundere) are best boys. i know a lot of people have boners for ian, but he comes off as a complete sociopath to me. i guess everyone loves that fuck-your-"straight"-roommate fantasy, huh?

i wish the grindr hook-ups didn't feel so rushed, and that you had a choice of being verse.


+1 to this. especially when bonus content was added for the steam release and all we got for Alex's boring route was some.... jokey cat fetish thing?


also i feel like a lot of work went into this game to make it 'unproblematic' but objectively the professor-student thing is still a little creepy, especially since alex completely lacks a personality.

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that's a lot of mayonnaise

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I’d say the only actually “straight” guy in the whole game was Luke iirc. As soon as you find out Ian has dildos I knew there’s no way he wasn’t bisexual.

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Barely, because of course the guy who's cock is supposed to be nearly a foot long is only rendered inserted balls deep. Such a waste.

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