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Here is some gallery of 40 pics and gifs of hardcore sexy yaoi porn:

Download from here...

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I posted a wrong pic, sorry, Here is a sample of the collection

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I posted a wrong PIC, here is a sample of my collection

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Can we take a second to just talk about how fucking ugly Yaoi Press's OEL manga covers are? No wonder nobody buys them. You'd think they could take an hour to make an ink and paint cover instead of a cheaply colored photoshop reject on literally everything but ok. Its a shame because the comics themselves are pretty okay.

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Thanks Obama.

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>Now you know that this cringefest exists and apparently even makes money

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Men in skirts and lingerie who you can still tell are men. Nothing against traps, I just wanna see a manly man in a dress sometimes

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this kind of pics convinced me to get myself a skirt

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>cute panties can't contain the package within
Goddamn I'm diamonds, I discovered a new kink today. The hairy ones are the best too. Thanks

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Big donuts and big butts. fist is also allowed.

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Pic not related but I have been trying to find gay hentai where a man realizes how much better gay sex is than straight sex. Bonus points if it's in front of the guys gf

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actually your pic is very related

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gay hentai where a man realizes how much better gay sex is than straight sex
isn't that literally everything made by mentaiko ever?

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>gay hentai where a man realizes how much better gay sex is than straight sex
isn't that literally everything made by mentaiko ever?

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Final Fantasy XV, especially Prompto plz! I know I'm late to the party.

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Always disappointed by the lack of Ardyn/Prompto in FFXV art.

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this is part one. I' ll be uploading more cause I have a big collection

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This is a collection your parents should not approve. Part 1.

Download http://www.freegaysitepass.com/AfOrj

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Bruvs I wouldn't trust that link if I were you

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please send me photos on whatsapp i love pennis +5579998201240 i had discovery that iam gay one month ago, and iam in loving with all kinds of pennis, please lets talk and do a virtual sex

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Buddy, this is the wrong place for this. If you're not a troll (which for ur sake i kinda hope u r) get a Grindr or something, or go on Reddit. it's safer.

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ma'am this is a mcdonalds drive thru

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>troll (which for ur sake i kinda hope u r) get a Grindr or something, or go on Reddit. it's safer.
the guys looking for pennies leave him alone

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Don't be stupid. Stay off social media if your looking for dudes and stay off dating sites. Get people from friends of friends to be safer. I have seen things you don't wanna try me on my advise. Just do it better!

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Never been so happy to report somebody

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let's start a tomcat thread

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what the fuck are you on about? those are literally just quick works, it's supposed to be unfinished

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People are so goddamn dramatic. He's active producing quick sketches nowadays. You can't compare that to a cover of a manga which probably took at least 8 hours min to finish.

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Why does he post so many pics of his hairy legs?

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right? he has been away for like a year because of personal issues, he couldn't get himself to draw again and when he finally does and starts drawing a lot of things even if they're just quick unfinished stuff, people complain, the same people who have been begging for his return. like let the guy get his bearings back ffs

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I do not understand his tweets as they are in jp
But judging from his tweets he is now posting himself more(Like his jintorina try work). I personally would like him to post r18 of himself lol

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any size welcome. no fatshaming here

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This is a collection of hardcore yaoi porn (40 pics).

I hope you enjoy it.


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Do you do requests?

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Anyone got this new set from Chesschire bacon for Braum and Graves?

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Old thread: >>2661473

New thread, old one won't bump anymore.

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is it? the artist also did these >>2678184
>>2677334 and it didn't look like it was tagged for trans/cuntboy stuff

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God, I feel like there really should be more of Caspar gagged and getting fucked up beyond belief.

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...does anyone have Ashe topping Dedue? Or just Ashe topping in general? please post Ashe topping, I would appreciate it.

It's probably just bad anatomy

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Happy Halloween /y/!
Here's a fan translation of "Kazuma and Kugayama's Mysterious Abandoned School Adventure" by Sakuraprin (the group behind Abaddon: Princess of Decay). I guess the indie game thread died so I'll put it here.
Genre: Adventure, Slight Horror, Slight Ero
Play Time: 1-3 hours
Story: Kazuma (straight) is a big horror freak, so when his friend Kuga (gay) invites him on a test of courage in an old school, he follows along, but when they get there, Kuga says that every time Kazuma gets scared, he gets to do "something sexy"...!?
It's not super scary and there's no game overs. Also it's only R15; there's no 18+ CGs, so don't expect that.

Download Game (259 MiB)
VX Ace RTP Download (required)
Original Site

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When you hear a window break go to one of the bathroom(one of the 2 on the 3rd floor I think) to examine the glass shards.

>> No.2676049

Oh fuck I can't believe this finally got a translation. Thank you so much!

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Quoted By: >>2678050

How do you trigger the window break?

>> No.2676142

I too have a question, but I think we just need a walkthrough so most of these should be answered. Does anyone have it?

>> No.2678050

pretty much walk around the first floor or around there; should tell you heard something shatter. Go upstairs to 2nd floor bathroom.

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I need more of these two! Any sort of content of them! NSFW, SFW. I just need them! ESPECIALLY if Sean is top and Finn is Bottom

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you are a blessing, thank you <3 I really hope more people will do Sean x Finn art!

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Bump? My boys deserve better than this!

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Are those just traced porn photos ?

>> No.2674169

I think it's just the cel-shading style, with very non-detailed line work.

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Can somebody put some good asslick stuff on here thanks

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Frottage thread

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Trap Discord server looking for new members. We also like to discuss about Catalonia's independence.


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Post your hottest GBF boys (mainly best boy Sandalphon)

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He/She doesn't post art anymore... Someone have the last CrisArt piece pls?

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No, the one where they're all lying side-by-side on the bed and Teddy's flaccid cock is hanging out.

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Quoted By: >>2678174

This one?

>> No.2677999


>> No.2678174

yup thanks

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Quoted By: >>2672473 >>2672475

anyone have any of his art, he has a patreon but I can't find much outside of it

>> No.2672403

I think he's in a prolonged hiatus rn.

>> No.2672473

I got some, will dump a ninja gaiden set.

>> No.2672475

You know that slut elf is probably the only character that can believably be stretched by monstrous dongs.

>> No.2672478

The Ninja Gaiden images are really high-res so they go over the 4mb limit. Here's a Google Drive link with the set:

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Does anyone have a scan for the Satanick x Ivlis manga?

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