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I’m never able to find good chastity pics.

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ok...but this is /y/

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Wtf is wrong with you.

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Suggestions? Feedbacks?

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Please more of this artist

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more please

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How do you like your elves, /y/? Effeminate or masculine? Elf on elf or elf on anything else?

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Truth be told I'd prefer to be dicked by some elven twinks, but the other way is also fine

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Me too. Such a rare kink.

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Stardew Valley thread anyone?

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Thank you so much, his art style is amazing!!!

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so how long before this gets uncensored?

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Orcs, demons, gargoyles, aliens, whatever.

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Benzy on FA

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They are literally half human. Furries are animals with opposable thumbs.

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Wish Globgor had more porn

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its not nsfw but does this fit better?

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I just want to make some yaoi friends. If u wanna talk my kik is xxxcassyxx. I dont care who u are I just wanna have some friends to talk about yaoi shit.

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I don't think that's what this board is for, that's a different kind of gay

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We already have a Fire Emblem thread, fucking retard

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It was archived dumbass

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it's literally right here. Learn how to use the fucking catalog.

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Is someone have any packs of Killystein?

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I don't know why people on /y direct others to /r. 99.999% of /r is nothing but women. Anything remotely concerning /y is quickly washed away under a deluge of vaginas.

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The anime is starting back up soon so scratch my itch

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I've got this one but I haven't seen nearly enough of him.

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bump for the food boys

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You're going to get nuked you idiot

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This is why god hates you and your family, because you do shit like this, enjoy the thread nuke

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im new what's the deal w baphomet bimbo?

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Kuroshitsuji may have been a shit anime and a meh manga, but at least it's great porn fuel

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The last threads got archived, so I made a new one

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If you could follow the rules and post more than one image that'd be great

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Link and or title would be great

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pretty sure the artist is JJFrenchie, couldn't tell you anything beyond that.

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Wait, Joel Jurion?

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seems his pixiv is long defunct and this comic is well over 6 years old.

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Does anyone have anymore good pics of Connor and Hank, I played the game and have recently fallen into this rabbit hole and am very thirsty for more.

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If anyone has made art closer to the quality of the game it would be so much better.

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The sweeter the better.

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codenivanfield on Insta makes pretty great 3D models close to the game, better than other 3D stuff I've seen.

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Can anyone share something animated material for me?

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faggot this is for videos and animated if you can't handle quality above a still image KYS or be gone

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Higher quality

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You do not know how much I have gone for this! thanks anon

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whats with the lack of violent sexual assault on this board

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How is this position called

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I remember first seeing Goblin Slayer and saying, "Wow. The male adventurer was better looking. The goblins should have raped him instead." Glad to see that's come full-circle.

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Can someone explain the context of this? The guy fucking him grabs his ears and bleed, but next panel they are clean and he is enjoying it. ... Or is he just imagining his ears are bleeding?

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Post those pictures from Aper Sexy.

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Old thread >>2662305
KOF, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, SamSho and any other SNK series are welcome

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the person who posted it isn't the artist tho, looks like it was a commission.

>> No.2676575

Does this artist have a website, pixiv, twitter, etc? I have a pixiv but they deleted everything.

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Can we have a AOT thread? I'm currently rewatching the anime series and in the mood for some lewds

Source: Ore wa uma janee!

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How would you search, by tags, for materials involving straight boys going gay ? Thanks

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And this is why straights hate gays

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lelkek nigger

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Quoted By: >>2665214

Instead of trying to relate to a straight man that hates gays for desiring him, why don't you relate to a gay man that is aroused by a fellow man having a sexual awakening?

It is a very exciting time to discover homosexual feelings for anyone. A man's first time can be a very powerful and overwhelming moment. There is no need to shame someone who wants to witness that.

>> No.2665214

I respect your point but I wouldn't expect anyone from 4chan to actually engage in a rational conversation. There's no culpability so trolls are everywhere alot of the time. Just my 2 cents, open to new ideas.

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other one was archived

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Post red boys butts

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