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I don't think I've seen one before.

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Wide juicy holes welcomed

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Male nudity in official anime/manga/comics thread. No fan art/edit

Last thread: >>2705744

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It's so hot when a man is completely naked and unashamed in front of other (clothed) people

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Hey guys does anyone knows where I can find the manga Warm Coffe for free or at least for cheap price.

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We literally got a discussion thread for shit like this
Lurk some more

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let's show some love to chubby/fat men.

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I got a link to this amazing Visual Novel but I can't download it, hoping you guys could upload it on drive/mega. Thank you very much.


Pw: f03j

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I am using the latest version, and tried redone losing it all over again but the same 33 hooks that show up (way more than usual) contain nothing matching dialogue. If I search for a hook over 100+ come up from what I can see, but I don’t think that’s the right approach :/

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Sorry, autocorrect, not redone losing, *redoing

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Nevermind, I seem to have gotten it to work somehow. I noticed it said I can only use textractor 64 with this program, so I tried that and then 64 said it can only open with 86, so I tried 86 again it worked with hook 2 of 9 being the dialogue. Got lucky I guess lol

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doesn't the author have a different project?

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Another anon mentioned it too but I cant find anything on his Hiccears so idk

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!


Seven Seas Licensing Survey:

Bonus questions:
>What tropes/events/lines/etc make you drop a story immediately?
>HARDMODE: Other than rape or "it's OK if it's you"

Previous Thread >>.2729094

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Let me guess, his mom made him crossdress

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Going with these, thanks anons! New thread soon, just saying it now in case this dies before I can drop link. Gotta update the pastebin first.

You guys really get me, haha

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You guys know anyone can make a thread, right? Just do one when we hit page 10.

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New Thread >>2735357

Very true, it's always fine for anyone to make a thread. Just because I usually do it doesn't mean that no-one else can!

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We don't deserve you OP

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Hey hey people, GaM here. This whole quarantine shit has me making gifs again, so I don't know, post pics for me to animate? Any image requires three things to be usable:

Well defined lines (easier to separate the limbs)
Hopefully flat color and/or lighting (easier to patch over things)
Dick is mostly out (I can't animate a dick where I don't see one)

You can take my posted gif as a good example.

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Thanks anyway :)... what is your @ on twitter ?, i couldn't find you

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Can we lay it down with the shota please ? It's not welcome on this board.

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Could you animate this?

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this isn't shota. the characters are college students.

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Yeah and I bet people jack it to the fact they're in college...

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feels impossible to find masc narancia stuff. i hate formaggio but this is gonna have to do

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You should take this to the JoJo thread >>2720798 though you're right about how it's hard to find good Narancia porn that doesn't straight up look like shota or trapshit.

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Anyone have more Charles/Arthur?

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Some nice men from Greece plz

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I feel the same
but I try to get some fun out of the situation by shitposting as much as I can

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Post those brothas, y'all

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I just can't. It seems so disrespectful.

He's bloody gorgeous and perfect, but him? That macho man viking? Taking it up the ass? Or fucking men? No way. He ain't no faggot, that's a cinammon roll innocent man there, no dirty slut or degenerate.

I just can't, I dunno why, I fap to Lazy Town's Sportacus but I can't to a macho viking? Ugh.

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Get help, get a blog, kill yourself; do any or all of the above, but never plague us with your presence again.

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Post Hispanic/Latino/Brazilian men.
P.S. Brazil has the hottest guys in the world after Italy.

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Quoted By: >>2732883

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I thought this character was an OC because the same artist drew him a lot

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I think we should open a discord

>> No.2731512

I second this

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It's been too long since the last one.

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Arab/Persian/Turkish men need some love

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Kys you mentally ill shit

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Unrelated but What with all these nationalities threads, I have nothing against them, this is the first time them appear so commonly they weren't here a month ago

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Off to /b/ with you shotafag

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>> No.2731312

Becuase they're shitt,y get better taste and don't follow nobodies maybe someone will be willing to share what they got with you.

>> No.2731322

There's technically two. One for the usual requests and another that was supposed to be actual discussion with the occasional links that became another request thread.
And a specific thread that can't even follow the most basic rule of a few starter images for the sake of begging isn't going to make people more likely to listen to you. In fact probably less likely to.

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Quoted By: >>2731336

ok crexart

>> No.2731336

I think all of this was write by him.
The faggot.

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Will there ever be anything to come close

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sounds similar to Ahoy, another gay pirate comic that was extremely my shit, very cute and hot. authors seem to have abandoned it but they do other stuff

>> No.2730730

thanks for posting OP, love pirates

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Quoted By: >>2731337

anyone know of similar comics like this? or at least more pirate themed porn?

>> No.2731337
Quoted By: >>2732461

That are not trash one piece or too anime or bad ones of pirate of carabbien, no.

>> No.2732461

Damn, that sucks. I wish this one didn't do the "rape into lovers" thing; bonus to Ahoy

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Quoted By: >>2730657

Can anyone make art from this show please? Thanks!

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How about you suck my dick and go to >>>/r/

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Last thread got at archived..

Starting a new thread for some new material

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Anyone else notice how Carlnes is usually depicted with his skin over his head while Master's is always retracted. I can't find a single pic with Master and his foreskin.

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We're still missing this one!

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Seems more like carlnes is uncut and master is circumcised or maybe different people have different foreskin size

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In honor of the release of the remake of the Trails of Mana, can we get some Trials of Mana Yaoi up in here?

I'm having significant difficulty finding much of anything out there.

Can you anons help a yaoi-bro out?

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Quoted By: >>2730610


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File: 116KiB, 500x600, 62821958_p0_master1200.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>2730611


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File: 691KiB, 1000x800, 70851055_p0_master1200.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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There is nearly nothing yaoi related with guys from trials of mana, just few pics with duran and kevin and in my life I have just seen 1 picture of Hawkeye. The hottest guy of all 3 in my opinion (See pic)

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