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Rules and Guidelines:
- Screenshots from cartoons and anime (OFFICIAL MATERIAL ONLY, NO FANART I FUCKING REPEAT: NO FAN ART). These have more chance to get edited.
- Ilustrations art and comics are also welcomed, as long as they are also official. Some comics are harder to edit so be patient.
- Game material can also be asked but preferably in 2D and preferably cellshade. Trickier stuff like 3D are up to editors.
- The better the quality of the image, the better the result.
- Preferably pics with fewer clothes, visible body contour and good ammount of crotch. Images cut from waist up will be ignored.
- Be nice to the editors and please be patient. Also, be nice to non-editors.
- Try not to get mad at people, this thread is just for fun.
- Requests about fanart or anything that does not involve nuding a character (like coloring or editing on photoshop) does not belong in this thread.
- Always add nipples to nippless pics
Previous Thread :>>2638565

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Requesting to remove his speedo and, if possible, add a hard cut dick.

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source please.

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didnt draw anything but here is a pic from the original artist. the character's name is avan

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Oh, I know about him, and I know he has nude arts. I just wanted a nude version for that image in specific, since it was just a celebratory one with no lewd.

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anyone out there up for helping me refine this one please? I get about this far and just give up because my editing skills are a bit lacking. Its pretty plain to see what I was going for. I just wanted it to look like Pips is sucking off Zak. I hope someone out there can make something of this.

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Requesting a semi hard cock on Leo dripping cum like he was just jerking it in front of the computer watching porn.

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Requesting someone smoothing out the background. The original had some lesbian couples that I wanted to edit out, but all I could do was crop one and poorly cover the other, which resulted in this mess. I'd appreciate someone making the background look more cohesive. Thanks in advance!

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Somebody please add a hard, cut cock coming out of his pants, pleaseee

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Cant you fags read the rules? It says NO FANART

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I took a stab at it, check the Draw thread to see it.

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The second one isn't fanart, that's official art.

The first one is fanart. I requested it. My bad for only skimming the rules. In my defense, I habitually skip reading capslock that's more than a couple words. Whoever formatted the rules should consider emphasizing what needs emphasizing and not capslock a bunch of unnecessary words. It defeats the whole purpose.

I'd delete my post but it's been too long.

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>my thread; my rules

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that is official art from Riot Games tho?

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That's Donatello. Tried getting a better quality cap since I like this turtle.

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There's also about not getting mad at people. Just sayin'.

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There's also a rule about not getting mad at people. Just sayin'.

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Requesting, shaved flaccid uncirsumcised cock,

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Can't. This is a drawing. Screenshots only.

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What's with you and ugly guys with facial hair?

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Bumping this one, love a good side view.

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Lame... Do others...

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Well my tmnt one got done so go suck your father faggot. >>2698482

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could someone edit him with his cock out and hard? uncut, if it's not too much trouble? :) thanks!

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Damn shame DC doesn't put more naked men in their comics. There were no accurate references online for how these artists draw cocks...

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Stop begging, fool.

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it's a cock that I'm sure would make Dexter Onions proud! very nice, appreciate the thick thighs. thanks, anon!

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ok, I should've guessed the word filter would fuck that one up. goddamnit, Dexter S*y.

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Can someone please edit this shot of Naruto so his ass is showing? Thank you.

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Undress Batman. He can keep his boots, gloves and belt

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File: 759KiB, 1986x1564, 1737CBCB-5455-4883-B8CA-3424CB43DDF5.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Nude him and give him some pubes

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This basically was a recolor request so I could do it myself. Can someone else do the SpaceGhost one?

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Any chance this could also get a nipple edit as well? Still hot tho

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Can anyone remove his pants and give big erected penis please?!

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requesting to remove todoroki's shorts, showing his hard, cut cock with some pubes.

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Requesting Kamille having nipples and an uncut dick.

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Can anyone erase Timmy and add a big bulge to Super Bike? Or nude him with nipples and a dripping cock?

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>>2691095 Yes please. I second this!

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butch hartman made this post

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Request: uncircumcised flaccid cock

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This one was already done.

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Anyone can do that? Flaccid uncircumcised dick

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Man I hope someone takes a stab at these

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New Edit Thread: >>2701749

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