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For some people it's as simple as a favorite character. For others it's a body type. For still others, it's a particular fetish. We all have those little things that push our buttons like nothing else. Whether it's an artist, a position, or some undefinable quality you can't fully explain, use this thread to post something you love.

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Fingers in the mouth and/or being unable to speak ... Gets me

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I love when couples are intense, yet so intimate and into each other (pun intended)

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When it's slightly forced/ experimenting straight guys being coerced

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When there is love
Especially if the bottom is really enjoying himself

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Wadani Hitonori gave me businessmen/suit fetish

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I love guys jerking off on their own, especially when it's a character who's usually serious or reserved. The more private it is or embarrassed they'd be if someone saw them, the better.

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Them pits.

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I love POVs

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Red Dead Redemption, especially sub Arthur. Or any sub hunk desu

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I have no idea why my phone autocorrected "desu" to "desu" wtf
Anyway, love when cowboys cover they face with their hat out of embarrassment

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theres a filter on 4chan that chnages "IT" (yknow what) to "desu"

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Muscular guys with long, messy hair.

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Top tier

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Passionate smaller guys on top is my fetish I think.

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I like big bottoms, all might is my favorite, but also like Danse (fo4), and Ganondorf.

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btw latvia is so transphobic they socially pressure trans persons into committing suicide

it is sanctioned by their government

t. trans equality advocate

find out more + transgender suicide support server: gg/847Pnt
referral code (post this): 8605

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For real though, this is one of my most favorite mangas. It's hot and honestly, really sweet and wholesome.

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Based pairing. Wesker will forever do me in good but bottom Wesker (esp non-con) shreds my insides best. Not enough of it in any form. Tearing down strong characters is my jam. Rebuilding them is sugar on top.

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And it’s so hard to find, even on rule 34. Exactly one thing on there is labeled intercrural.

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I love that crispy bad guy too. Especially if he has the piercings.

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I like em big
I like em bronze to ebony
I like em cute
I like em fuzzy
I like em squishy too

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one of my strongest kinks is "teaching him" or something along the lines of "I've never done this hefore", and the other one teaches them what to do. That gentle and tender encouragement, tho. MMPHHH

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So sensual.

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find him
find him
tie him to a pole and break his fingers
to splinters
drag him to a hole and make him
wake up naked
clawing at the ceiling of his grave
referral code (post this): 3225

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Go Riyou wa Keikaku Teki ni

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Kaiden x Male Shepard is forever god-tier

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Thanks bud

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Those fucking balls. Are so gorgeous

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Robin hess

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Mc Cree, a bit of bondage and scars from clawing it's perfect

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If you have more of a gentle and willing abuse like this I'd be happy if you post it

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God, I remember that image, it used to be my favorite of Honda Kiku and just looking at him like that still literally makes my heart beat faster and gives me butterflies in my stomach. I have never been so in love with an anime character before and probably never will again.

My favorite thing is seeing him tied up...

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Getting caught fucking is pretty hot.

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Looking for source
Does anybody know what this is?

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This second panel is WAY too sexy

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Believable art with mature, normal-looking men fucking, and the intimacy
You wouldn't believe how incredibly hard to find that stuff is

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