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found some stuff, figured it's time to start a thread.

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pg 1

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pg 2
I really hope they make more

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This is the place to post your own OCs and even non OC art if you just want to show your skills and ask for help.

Constitutive criticism is encouraged,when asked for it.

>Feel free to talk about your OC's!
>CM art is welcomed
>Requests are for the draw thread,not here

Last thread

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Which artist got worse after patreon?

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Why can’t people just do what they love

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Why can't you fuck off back to r*ddit?

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Drawing cartoon dicks is really your sole joy in this life? That's fucking sad patreon beggar.

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How is that different from porn directors making adult films? Do you an issue with them?

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I've come to 4chan recently so bear with me if I make a mistake. I didn't think I'd find any place that would criticize patreon. I've complained about it to my art friends but they counter with "well people shouldn't get to view our hard work for free." I think patreon incentivizes substantial compliance for deadlines. Their primary goal is to satisfy those paying for them first and foremost. Whether or not that work is quality or original doesn't matter. So long as they meet their promises, it is all fine. I see all this crap with art being advertised with 9-10 different images, but it is literally just one position with only slight variations in hair, semen, etc. I really hate what patreon's done to both my friends and the artists.

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its shit and he looks like sakura kinomoto

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lmao now that you mention it

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Any good art or edits of the best twink?

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I went crawling around for pictures to use as references for my own yaoi art. A lot of it hasn’t been posted here before and it’s hot, so I figured I’d share it.

Post sexy or unusual sex poses, expressions, gestures, hair, backgrounds, or limb-entanglement. I’m dumping all I have, tripping so I can tell what’s mine and what isn’t.

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Sorry for thumbnail, I dunno if this exists in a larger size. His hair on the left shows the really simplified version of how I prefer to draw ringlets. Basically long, thin interlocking S's.

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absolutely. sweet, tender poses that convey the bond between two characters are suprisingly few and far between; it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine

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Go check out Good Omens fan art. That community in particular is all about how pure and loving Aziraphael and Crowley are while dicking each other down.

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This old school anime needs some love.

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hoping i'm doing this right, pretty sure last thread hit it's post limit

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Share some delicious gaping boi pussy

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Thanks anon

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Let's post everything related to her artwork.

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It was her birthday some days ago?

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Anyone have any Carl's comic p.6 uncen?

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I love her big bois

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Read any good BL recently? Drop your recs and read along here!

Rec pastebin:

Bonus question:
>What are your BL pet peeves?

Previous thread: >>2671074

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Agreed. I would never pay for a physical copy of this having seen the typesetting. Is SuBLime usually this bad?
I can deal with mediocre typesetting in a cheap digital edition though, as long as the translation is good. And this one is.

The only way I can read the "I'm not gay but if it's you..." bullshit is to assume they're heavily repressed bisexuals. Still hate it, though. Very glad we're starting to see more actual gay and bi characters, or at least guys who have a throwaway "Huh. Maybe I'm bi" line when they realise they wanna fuck with a dude.

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I liked the panel with the blondie's big dumb ugly smile. Nice to see artstyle that's neither kawai uwu nor muscletumour bara.

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I- I want to fuck or be fucked by Tamura

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Does /y/ like native/tribe BL?
>I'm conflicted

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Replying to myself to say I read to the end of the volume and found out that she had to redraw the first three chapters because she started drawing this as an online thing for fun and the quality just didn't fit the rest. Pic related.

...that's not a comment what I expected when I posted those images, but ok. I kinda get it, he's cool. I prefer Kashima though.

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The arcana thread

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Lucio x Julian is not my fave but

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wip what am i doing

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Double penetration thread!

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The aracana

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whatever you have, soft or explicit

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Julian x Asra

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So i’ve been into bnha yaoi dump hole (dekubowl) Can anyone recommend me a doujinshi (preferably english)
Here’s my contribution:
Title: My ideal future
Author: Aroe(???)

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This is my fave op:


>> No.2678147

You know what, here you go;


It's hard to choose just one doujin on this ship. But try other ship as well dear, KiriBaku of Hellenism and ScoLabo are great! Also EraserMight by Lovely hollow are perfection.

>> No.2678149

If the link doesn't work, just go to myreadingmanga.info > at the search bar at the top, type "Boku no Hero" > additional options on the side will appear (language, ships, tags)

Go wild dear, Bakugo as a bottom is golden! I recommend this as well: https://myreadingmanga.info/mov-gift-boku-no-hero-academia-dj-eng/

Good for the feels, not r18 too!

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Abs are the best part on male body :D Just post art of it or characters with sexy abs !

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Worst artist?

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S'up, Biribeast

>> No.2678078


Can’t we just like what we like

I like a very particular shape and curve and size of uncircumcised dick, I’m not sitting over here complaining about how so many are drawn unrealistically big because... you know... some people really like that.

Let’s just be glad we’re all here and sharing our yaoi art stashes so that we can enjoy what’s out there. Together. In pixel space.

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God fucking dammit why do the mods take so long to do their job in this board...

>> No.2678120

There are mods? LOL

>> No.2678125

Calm down. This is just some banter. Remember that you are on 4chan.

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How is he making over 3k a month?

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His pictures and content gets nuked whenever its posted so all the 4chan cry babies throw a hissy fit and make him the bad guy since they don't want to pay for stuff.

>> No.2677951

Patron of his here. He is successful because he draws what his followers want to see, simples as.

Also, his tiers are reasonably priced at $1, $5 or $10, he delivers rewards in a mostly-timely fashion (October ones are a couple days late) and acts professional in e-mail exchanges, complaints and questions. That's more than I can say for a LOT of other big artists on the platform that have insane $30+ dollar tiers that only deliver a couple CGs and months late at that, don't reply to messages, etc.

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You think that's bad, check out the furry artist

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Quoted By: >>2677957

why are broke bitches always starting useless threads like this? y'all will waste your weeaboo allowance on pocky and funkopops but god forbid you support an artist trying to charge for porn you wanna jerk off to.

>> No.2677957

paying for porn should be illegal, just like prostitution

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In honor of Veterans Day, post soldiers or good old fashioned American boys!

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Since the new season started, share some good old(or new) c137cest stuff

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Can anyone share robokeh's doujinshi Valentine's night if they saved it please?

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Quoted By: >>2677797

Yes please. Send the discord invite.

>> No.2677797

I will unhide my post. Let me know when you got it.

>> No.2677824

Did you receive the friend request, i did via discord tag found it here and tried it. My tag is kyousuke-nii #6160

>> No.2677848

I found you in discord but i cant send you a message and sent you a friend request waiting for your response now. Kyousuke-nii is the discord tag

>> No.2677868

Wow interesting, he actually went and requested deletion from e hentai too xD.

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