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You ARE playing with the best outfit I hope?

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These last few hours are taking way too long.

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I'm gonna be playing while sitting on a bad dragon

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reminder this is 100% a The Walking Trash reference and there's nothing you can do to change that.

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So what the fuck? Is every costume besides the classic ones paid dlc?

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>classic outfits arent available from the start
>cant go day one with classic ost, classic outfits and hardcore mode

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>every cop outfit is le walking dead evin referendum

Go back to plebbit

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There are unlockable costumes I think.

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Lickers do huge damage even on standard. Probably one hit kill you on hardcore.

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Ah yes it's just a total coincidence they'd chose an iconic sheriff outfit in a zombie setting in a game aimed at westerners.

also reminder Breaking Bad got named dropped in the CGI films.

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>using costumes on the first run

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I dunno dude, only unlockables I've seen were the classic costumes, pretty gay desu.

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The "Deluxe Edition" comes with five costumes, two for Leon and three for Claire, a Wesker-themed Samurai Edge pistol, and the option to switch to the old OST in-game. It's ten bucks more than the base game.

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Right so I gotta pay for the good costumes, goddamnit.

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noir is the only good looking one
don't seem to worth it

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Noir Leon is absolutely beautiful

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Anyone confirm if the costumes are maintained in cutscenes? Always throws me off when lazy devs swap my outfits around for their own simplicity

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Im tempted to buy this, but after seeing how the PSstore works after 3-4 months a flash sale will appear with a 30% discount.

Also buy it on steam or ps4 pro

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The only costumes I like here are the eliza walker and the leon noir costumes. The soundtrack swap is tempting, though

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The game is optimized really well for PC. I own a PS4 as well, but it looks much better on PC.

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Can I change outfits mid game or do I have to start a new game?

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Is the samurai edge Mechanically stronger than the games vanilla pistol or is it just a skin

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Nice outfits and all but I'm not paying an extra $10 for fucking costumes that you should be allowed to unlock in-game.

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God Leon is so perfect

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Is it true the game has been streamlined to all fuck? I read the only area with any complexity is the police station and everything after is full linear.

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>'im too stupid and young to understand cinematography

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The games really good looking like seriously good looking

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fool capcom for assuming anyone was retarded enough to waste ammo on these zombies

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holy shit, I just picture chris saying it now

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>best outfit
of course

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I fucking hate this as a consumerist, but I bought it anyway. Fucking kill me

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Was just looking at that too. You can get it separately for 3 bucks.

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>Euros and chinks are already playing
>Have to wait another 2 hours

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>being this delusional

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Each one is three bucks?

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But he's 100% correct.

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Nah, default outfits first run. Then alternate costumes.

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weird, I played the demo and the game was optimized really well. I guess my eyes were lying to me though because someone on /v/ says otherwise
guess you're the average /v/ browser so I won't argue with someone < 100 iq who shitposts bad bait

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What are the chances they'll add Leon's RE4 costume as DLC?

Me too to both of those

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Well yeah, the reason I'm so hung up on these fucking costumes is because I'm playing through both characters twice. Then most likely attempting to get the plat.

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Quoted By: >>448211181

THIS. I need to know if it makes me a filthy cheater or not

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my thoughts exactly. like anyone would do this beyond just seeing if it were possible before reloading a save because they knew it would be a waste of ammo

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Seems you can change costumes on the menu.

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Classic OST is not available?

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>tfw didn't play original
checkmate. 2nd playthrough though

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It is. You can change it on the fly similar to the spyro reignited game. Not sure what they're talking about

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How do I beat Birkin on Hardcore boys? Any way to cheese him?

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Quoted By: >>448213928

>no uss costume

>> No.448199841

Putting the game on standby and going back in breaks his AI.

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I'm not playing shit son

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Are there any cool postgame weapons? My favorite part of RE games are going back through with hilariously broken shit. Nothing has topped that laser cannon in RE4 that you get for clearing Professional yet.

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I'm pirating any DLC I can because I'm not paying 10 fucking dollars for skins. The only thing I really want is the old OST's.

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I think there's the SAA for Claire (which you can fan the hammer with) and a Minigun for Leon

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The Claire noir is my exact fetish material 1 to 1.

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Beating the game in under 2 hours unlocks the infinite ammo Samurai Edge.

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>10 fucking dollars for skins
It's 15 bucks now

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>buying at full price
This is deluxe edition

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It comes out in less than an hour for PS4, right?

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>character that works for police wearing a sheriff outfit is 100% a reference to some other shit
and the Noir outfit is 100% referencing the Big Combo and Evil Within.
Grow up.

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I can confirm. I've seen cutscenes with sheriff leon and biker claire.

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The 2nd run opening cutscenes are edited videos so no, but the rest of the game maintains costume continuity in cutscenes.

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How does the game handle changes in outfit when using alt costumes, sich as Claire giving her jacket to Sherry or Leon getting bandaged up and losing the sleeves

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>claire's classic outfit doesn't have the black arms because it would have meant creating a new claire model for when she gives sherry her red jacket
I wonder what happens with the other outfits. Does she get the military vest for example?

>> No.448207201

Classic outfits work as intended, dunno about the others though.

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Quoted By: >>448210089

Thanks anons :)

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>no sexy Leon outfits

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I would if someone would buy me the game...

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noir leon

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>Not waiting for PSX Claire and Leon to play it that way.

>> No.448208409

Original soundtrack works surprisingly well in the remake.

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>this is 100% a The Walking Trash reference
Nigger have you EVER interacted with State Highway Patrol?

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Leon looks like THAT?!

>> No.448209018

It is a walking dead reference.walking dead is popular in japan to the point they put Negan from there in Tekken

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Quoted By: >>448209652

Negão? Nigger?

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Quoted By: >>448209652

Holy shit anon! Have you seen that movie that's just a big walking dead reference? Its called Supertroopers. They're all dressed like the walking dead man!

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Quoted By: >>448209652

The Walking Dead didn't invent American police uniforms senpai.

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Quoted By: >>448209929

I'm using that outfit right meow

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Quoted By: >>448209774

I dunno whether to get it on PC or PS4. My PC isn't amazing so graphically there won't be much difference.

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Quoted By: >>448211426

You're retarded

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PC.I never use headphones in the ps4 so my immersion wont be as good

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Be sure to pick the best outfit for Claire.

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People really think that capcom didn't know that people would associate this costume with the walking dead?

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>Zombie A
>Shoot it 3 times in the head, it goes down
>Zombie B
>Shoot it 10 times in the head, it goes down
Can somehow please explain this bullshittery? Perfectly balanced system lets you down zombies but not 'kill' them without removing the head.. Yet they put in a random number requirement for headshots, making it completely retarded and putting all your git gud headshot aim to waste.

Sorry nostaligafags, but thats some old bullshit. Games already balanced that zombies get back up later if you don't remove the head, why all the extra bullshit?

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>and the Noir outfit is 100% referencing the Big Combo and Evil Within.
>Grow up.
It's more than likely referencing TEW

>> No.448210352

>Amd site works flawlessly for the last 12 hours
>As soon as it hits 12 its slow as fuck

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A word of warning and a slight spoiler to those who play on PC!
When Marvin tells you to go to east side of the station, which is where demo ended, be sure to save! Upon entering the area you will see a helicopter crashing. This scene and/or the area after caused crashes for me, and updating drivers didn't help much.

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>No RE4 costume

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it's a meme you fucking aspies


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You stupid cunt

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Not really it’s mid class weapons with no upgrades. They just have 15 round mags and I guess they center their aim faster then the regular starters.

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No, you.

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But Claire's main outfit is so fucking dull, it's like I'm playing REV2 Claire

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>tfw grabbed deluxe edition for 52 bucks earlier today from gmg
feels good

>> No.448213067

>can change costumes whenever
>original soundtrack adds the boop sound effects
Fucking based

>> No.448213217

That kind of sheriff's dept uniform has been common since loong before TWD ever came out

>> No.448213265

That suit makes him look like a character in a gay porno.

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Hey shitdick, take your upvotes back to your website.

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I'd agree with you if USS fanboys were ever shown love in ANY of the resident evil games. fuck, the only way to unlock one even in fucking Outbreak is through speedrunning every scenario or Gameshark hacking the system and forcing the hidden USS chars. Which I definitely did. But the point is, waiting for anything USS related besides a Hunk model in a secondary gamemode is a pipe dream.

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cringe and bluepilled

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