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I'll only have the money to get one of them on release. Which game should I get? I am caught up on the Kingdom Hearts series, if that affects your answer.

Also ignore whatever that robot looking thing is on the left, I just scraped this image off Google.

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Why do I get the feeling you're bullshitting and just want to force a war between two totally different franchises?

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If you had a little Hitler in your pocket would you fuck with him?

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If you have a PC, RE2 will likely be fully cracked and able to be pirated in 2 days so there's that option for you. You can always just buy the game later after pirating it whenever you have money and want to support the game

Otherwise it's a hard choice, if you only have console you may as well flip a coin because they are both looking like good games

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You can play re2 right now, and kh3 looks like a piece of shit.

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>buying bad games

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Probably KH3. You can get more since it's an action RPG.

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Ignore the leaker being fucking terrible

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Anthem will be just like Destiny and Division, don't fall for the same trick three times.
The problem with these light mmo coop games is that they push graphical fidelity while being oblivious to the fact that mmos kept assets basic in part so the devs can crank out new content quickly given traditional mmos and mmo lights are theme parks and there's little the community can make themselves when normal content dries up.
You will run out of meangingful shit to do quick. Buy Resi2 or KH3.

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Buy KH3, pirate RE2MAKE

At least that’s my plan

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I've never played a KH game and don't really intend to but I'll be getting RE2 day one.

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Real talk; gamefly. I'm not sure what the consensus is against renting videogames but for single player games $20 to rent two of them for a month is much better than $60 for one.

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Kingdom Hearts because it keep FF7R alive.

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I just read the last bit of your post im a retard.

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Ace Combat 7

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Support RE.
Capcom listen to money.
Square listen to themselves

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>outta nowhere an AC7 anon jumps out
I feel you anon. Shame that the game is hardly talked about in /v/. I too want to share some AC7 love here.

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>pirating a company that's trying to fix itself and even "listening" to the players
Anon, buy both.

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Ace Combat does look fun, but I just can't justify buying it for full price when it's probably going to be like 8 hours long and I know I'm only ever going to play it one time. At least with RE2 there's some side content.

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