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Why is there so much energy in the universe?

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define 'so much'.

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Let's say I were to make a universe where the fundamental particles were these squares, there's only 4.

Our universe has an uncountable approaching infinite number of particles in it. If you compare the energy of one single quark to the energy of one single galaxy our universe's fundamental building blocks are unbelievably small compared to our own scale let alone the scale of the actual universe.

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Sound like the answer is "because it is big"
What a retarded thread

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>approaching infinite
I don't think so?

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>Our universe has an uncountable approaching infinite number of particles in it.
Not even close.

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Elementary particles also experience time in a different way to us, in one second a particle can have billions or trillions of different states and interactions.
The universe is most likely infinite, so if you zoom enough you get a smooth soup of same density everywhere.
I doubt we'll ever know why. It just exists.

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As Feynman said, regarding masses of particles:
"Throughout this entire story there remains one especially unsatisfactory features: the observed masses of the particles, m. There is no theory that adequately explains these numbers. We use these numbers in all our theories, but we do not understand them - what they are, or where they come from. I believe that from a fundamental point of view, this is a very interesting and serious problem."

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let's say a universe has 1 million particles. if something in that universe could "count" it's max would be like 63, so it would conclude that there was an unimaginable amount of particles in it's universe

nothing can fully imagine itself, so of course the universe is unimaginably complex

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But now mass is simply how strongly a particle couples to the Higgs field. Not very different from charge and the EM field.

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>be a blob of self-reproducing-macro-molecule-controlled biomass
>"thinking" I am intelligent
>"thinking" about the scale of the universe
>my primitive, evolutionary developed nerve cell cluster telling me 10 is small and 100 is big and any number more than 1000 is approaching inifity because my ancestors were afraid of mammoth herds larger than 12 or some shit and I only have 10 grabbing extrusions
>"wHy Is ThErE sO mUcH eNeRgY iN tHe UnIvErSe?

My son. Just because a number has a good amount of 0's it doesn't have anything to do with infinity. Otherwise you would consist of almost infinite atoms and there would be infinite specks of dust on our planet.

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Yes but that only changes the variable in question. The point is, ultimately every theory depends on numbers that you plug in to make predictions, and you can get those numbers only from experiment. They're just like this for unknown reasons. Maybe one day someone will make a theory that purely from mathematical axioms predicts our universe as the only possible, but I don't hold my breath.

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Our universe isn't created by you or with your limited imagination.

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You can have an infinite amount of massless particles like photons while still having the energy be finite. Indeed the usual "coherent states" people consider have this property. Counting the number of particles in the universe is not well defined

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Even if God appeared in the sky and told everyone he created the universe, why does God exist? Even if we're living in a simulation, why do the people running the sim exist? We can't know everything.

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