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>Listing / categorizing the most relevant public-understandings and the most important innovations.

Spoiler: https://pastebin.com/Df2qurMG

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From the other topic ..

Fast Fourier Transform
Simplex Algorithm
Discrete Differentiation
Navier-Stokes Equation
Gaussian Elimination
Integrated circuit
Li-ion Battery
Haber Process
Chloralkali Process
Sulfuric Acid production
Petroleum fractionation

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Apparently if you use up-side down jar, with rather hot hydrogen gas, and pump cool air through some metal tube from the top, you can have an up-side-down flame...

I don't have the proper tools, do you know of anyone who did it before?
Or maybe somebody can do it?

I guess you could use scratched up one cent coins that got zinc visible with Hydrochloric acid, or any other means of getting hydrogen, and burning air for an up-side-down flame...

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Just light a candle and hang from your ankles .

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The RS-25 has a much bigger upside down flame

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The point is to get flickering flame pointing towards the ground, not to drip wax...
Candle flame is different from a torch flame.
If you use a bunsen burner, and you leave the holes covered then you get flickering flame pointing upwards, even if you point the burner downwards, because regular natural gas burned in air is lighter than air, which is sort of how hot air balloons work.
If you leave the holes around it uncovered, you get torch flame, which if you point downwards, it makes more noise, but it has more speed so that it can produce thrust, so that it also stays aimed at one direction.

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Kirchhoff's Loop is for the birds

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He destroyed that MIT professor.

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He didn't he literally cherry picked and misread Feynman's book in order to justify his terrible argument.
EE are straight retarded to EMF outside of the realm of their circuits.

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cringe tryhard

its slapstick comedy for """science""" types

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you won't believe your eyes

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why do you need eyes to just do math on n-tuples.

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No it's just a good example of how people on /sci are stupid.

A hypercube can be extended to any dimension and this doubling procedure in the OP image is completely valid for producing the correct graph structure of the hypercube

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Hypercubes projected on 2 dimensions are actually quite intuitive to study if you just take what you inherently know about 3-dimensional cubes projected on 2 dimensions and expand from there. If you just it down and think for a moment you can easily pick out the 8 cubes that make up the surface of a tesseract (or even 10 tesseracts that make up the surface of a penteract, etc.), or even loop around the 3-dimensional surface of a tesseract, just like you could on a square or cube.

The thing that is difficult to visualise is obviously the internal 4-dimensional space of a tesseract, since we simply have no concept of it to begin with.

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You guys can't even comphrehend the 20 dimensiones there are

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>fourth dimension
You can step outside your little world

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Why is the sun and stars in general depicted as being yellow or even red when all main sequence stars are barely more than tinted white?

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Cavemen saw what they saw, no question- To them, stars appeared yellow-like to their human eyes because of the very dark-black background of the sky. Tradition sticks around

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The majority of stars in the night sky are pale white, and apart from a few like Betelgeuse, that's what they appear like in my eye.

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Why are there no green stars?

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The Sun is spectrally greenish, but our brain has learnt to use this as a reference white.

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Have you considered that CIA educated kids as countryballs, and it's why they are autistic now?

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Quoted By: >>11137902

Sounds like an interesting concept. Do elaborate, glownigger/AI-fag.

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How much Adderall are you on anon

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I have no idea.

Old people are stupid and they want made us into mazeruners because they are bored, sick, and have guns.

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Will this actually make me not a brainlet or is it a meme?

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can confirm that hammack is good

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>Will this actually make me not a brainlet
No, but this will.

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we already one of these threads

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Quoted By: >>11137945 >>11138209

How does the three-dimensionality of movement arise?
I'm starting to think that instead of an actual plane the position of atoms is determined by some equation of every single particle betwen all of every single other.
But if that's the case and humanity figures out the exact equation that handles reality that means it will be horrible for models. How would you fucking extrapolate x,y,z from that clusterfuck?

Also this make me wonder how inertial forces work at the edge of the universe, if my fears are correct it would be like sliding on an extremely slippery surface.

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you are basically asking "why does the universe have three dimensions" but in an overly convoluted and verbose way. the answer is "we do not know." science finds models that predict natural phenomena. consult a philosopher.

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Maybe it "usually" drops with distance.

But the rotation is really fun, each atom is rotating.

Funny fact is this energy with humans is measured by devices, such as volume gain of liquid, which is quite... Stupid...

Maybe their energy stored in rotation and in movement and dodging each other...

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Quoted By: >>11138157

The properties of independent spacial dimensions depends on a well defined cross product, which only has logical meaning in three and seven dimensions. Our senses and intuition perceive the first three, and quantum physics models less obvious properties with one real and seven add imaginary dimensions.

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>using shitty cross product when wedge product is superior in every way

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>the position of atoms is determined by some equation of every single particle betwen all of every single other
>How would you fucking extrapolate x,y,z from that clusterfuck
yoneda's lemma

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Say if you were to put 4 tea bags in 100ml of boiling water. Would the caffeine content of the tea bags dissolve into the water, or would I need to add more? No coffee on me right now, and I'm looking for a caffeine hit but if I drink 4 cups of tea I'll be pissing for an hour.

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Do you smoke or drink coffee ?

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Quoted By: >>11139466

Fluoride has been removed from tap water long ago in every civilized country.

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Not sure if you're ignorant of the latest fluoridation statistics, or dropping subtle shade on Ameristan, but CDC says that 75% people receive flourinated water:


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>Not exclusively using water from a drilled well that's been tested by a reliable lab to be extremely high quality.
Dumb city dwellers.

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> be youtuber
> trying to make a point
> insert screenshot of abstract of some shitty study
> video title = "SCIENTficILALY PROVEN________"
> retards be like "wow it's a scientific paper with big words idk wtf it means but it's 100% facts"

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But I pronounce it woah-jack

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think if you spent all the effort you spend trolling here trolling on youtube and made money

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i remember those rage faces from back before ribbit ruined them into the ground. good times

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No, I pronounce it Voh-yak

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Quoted By: >>11140814

Which of the three traditional laws of thought is most contentious?

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>Language games
every complete logical system creates paradoxes otherwise its not complete

>> No.11140223

Yes, but if yes or not for you seems like complex logic system, you should probably go back to kindergarden.

>> No.11140433

>completeness implies inconsistency
This is only true if your theory contains a sufficiently large fragment of arithmetic. Presburger arithmetic is both consistent and complete.

>> No.11140452

do you expect me to believe you understand the incompleteness theorems lol

>> No.11140814

>things that we innocently assume must be true but the universe laughs at us for our presumption

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>Newton : ... You're awful, Hooke.
>Hooke : Me? I'm awful? Oh, yeah, how am I awful?
>Newton : Denying the physics for biology. Inviting me to London. You wanted to take credit of my infinitesimal calculus. You're just like Leibniz!
>Hooke: You don't know the first thing about me, Isaac. Look what happened because of what you did. What it led to. There are forces out there. Two mathematicians are denied of their reputation, [Newton begins to laugh] you're laughing. You're laughing. Someone was killed today because of what you did.
>Newton: I know! How 'bout another joke, Ro-beert?
>Hooke: No, no, I think we've had enough of your jokes!
>Newton: What do you get -
>Hooke: I don't think so.
>Newton: when you cross -
>Hooke: I think we're done here now, thank you.
>Newton: - a mentally ill physicist, with a Royal SOCIETY , that STEAL him, AND TREATS HIM LIKE TRASH?!
>Hooke: Call the guards, Newcomen, call the guards.
>Newton: I'LL TELL YOU WHAT YOU GET! You get what you FUCKIN' DESERVE!
>*burnt painting sound*

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Pic and timestamp for proof

I was raped last night at a haloween party (femanon/cumdumpster), the guy put xanax in my drink and fucked my while I slept in my own bed. I am on the pill but he did not use a condom and came inside me.

what are the odds I have herpes or syphilis or something?

do i have to go to the doc with no symptoms?

also how many men would do this?

please note that i live in Australia so the time zones are different

>> No.11137876

Yeah Newton is a Joaquin Phoenix, Einstein would be Heath ledger.

>> No.11137881

If you’re really worried just get tested

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The nameless arboreal emporium announced their sales contest, what variables did the mathematician ponder?

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Quoted By: >>11137727

the branch manager at the emporium is stumped, he need your help, dont just stop for-rest!

>> No.11137727

>he need
ugh, im grounded.

>> No.11137732

picture the answer in your mind, take a photo-synthesize the result!

>> No.11137747

well thats all the thyme I have for now, I will check back later and see if anyone has found it. I'm sapped, I'll check this thread in a bit to see if it has borne fruit.

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>check thread
>no guesses

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The nameless arboreal emporium announced their sales contest, what variables did the mathematician ponder?

>> No.11137661 [DELETED]

As usual, no looky looky uppy uppy, this gem and orig.

>> No.11137664

its also an orig, /sci/ shouldn't be stumped!

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Pic and timestamp for proof

I was raped last night at a haloween party (femanon/cumdumpster), the guy put xanax in my drink and fucked my while I slept in my own bed. I am on the pill but he did not use a condom and came inside me.

what are the odds I have herpes or syphilis or something?

do i have to go to the doc with no symptoms?

also how many men would do this?

please note that i live in Australia so the time zones are different

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yeesh, the thumbnail really didnt age that edit well, noise all around the letters, you can do better with your levels anon.

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The nameless arboreal emporium announced their sales contest, what variables did the mathematician ponder?

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Pic and timestamp for proof

I was raped last night at a haloween party (femanon/cumdumpster), the guy put xanax in my drink and fucked my while I slept in my own bed. I am on the pill but he did not use a condom and came inside me.

what are the odds I have herpes or syphilis or something?

do i have to go to the doc with no symptoms?

also how many men would do this?

please note that i live in Australia so the time zones are different

>> No.11137644

good guess, ill field another before giving away the sparkle of the gem.

>> No.11137647

and yes you should go to the doctor if you were raped what kind of automated question is this? i read nothing more.

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To what extend is our universe fine-tuned for life?

>> No.11137670

impossible to answer however there is no reason some other universe with other rules could not have lots more life and intelligent life

>> No.11138111

Most of those constants are not independent of one another. If you change them they would change the definition of our units but not anything real that would have to do with conditions of life.

The only real independent parameters in that list are the Coulomb constant and the electron, proton, neutron mass.

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Quoted By: >>11141365

Self replicating probes traveling at 10% the speed of light could spread throughout the entire Milky Way galaxy in just half a million years. When you consider that the Milky Way Galaxy is 13.5 BILLION years old, this is an extremely insignificant amount of time. These self replicating probes resemble life in their drive to reproduce, consume resources, and prevent the eradication of their strain. Von Neumann probes from different alien civilizations could compete with each other in a Darwinian fashion, and slowly fill the galaxy.

The question is, why is there no evidence of these probes? The concept of these probes btfos most explanations for the Fermi Paradox. I saw this interesting paper that tries to address the contradiction, but I’m not entirely satisfied with its conclusion.


So, what’s the answer? Is abiogenesis and the formation of multicellular life really such an incalculable miracle that we are alone?

I was thinking it might fit under the “Dark Forest” theory, where in a ruthless galaxy such probes are carefully concealed or not sent out at all for fear of being traced back to their origin point.


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A machine that can replicate itself can likely produce other machines than itself. If you've sent probes all over the galaxy then you can have them build things using galactic amounts of matter. For example perhaps said probes could be used to make an pangalactic 'highway' that uses a bunch of big fucking lasers to shuttle light sails between stars.

>> No.11140321
Quoted By: >>11141280

What is the use of VN probes? I don't understand why anyone would even make them. We would never be in contact with them even if they were succesfull.

>> No.11141280

We would raise the chances that the ordered beauty in our world is preserved for longer rather than destroyed and lost forever

>> No.11141330

would we actually be able to tell if there's probes in our own solar system? not a physicsfag but i dont think we necessarily have such capabilities

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It is incorrect to assume intelligence will lead to technological advancement.

Neanderthal were similar in intellect to humans and could create and control fire, but they never advanced technologically.

Even if dolphins were as intelligent as humans, they would probably never advance technologically because they would probably never need to create and control fire.

Creating and controlling fire is the ROOT of all technological advancement.

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Quoted By: >>11138311 >>11139329

I'm reading about nazi science recently and as you know they famously had an obsession with eugenics.
Making the hypothesis that if they won the war humankind would be much more advanced in genetic manipulation today since:
1 - the germans gave 0 fucks about ethics and human experimentation
2 - they would have invested a shitload of ressource into it because of their boner for breeding

But they lost the war and eugenics became a taboo science, which still remains 65 years after the war.
Instead we saw the rise of computing and instead it seems that society is aspiring more to artificial paradises and post scarcity powered by an AGI than physically and intellectually superior children.
However there is a huge existential risk to our species brought by the emergence of an AGI (which has been frequently explored in the fiction).

Do you think a cognitively superior species would have better pulsion control and avoid AGI? Are we currently in the bad spot where we're smart and techno advanced enough to build such things but too dumb to grasp the implications of doing so (like a kid playing with matches).

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Guys I wanna feel like the NAZIs weren't that bad; is this hypothesis at least plausible so I can pretend to be justified in feeling that way?

>> No.11138339
Quoted By: >>11138424

>However there is a huge existential risk to our species brought by the emergence of an AGI
Why is everyone so concerned about "our species"? This will likely not happen, but even if it would I would not care if we would be replaced by something better than us that is even created by us. What is more likely though is that humans somehow merge with technology (transhumanism) and over time the original human part gets lost and its essentially a new species.

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Serious answers only

>> No.11138424

Homo erectus:
Guys the evolution of sapiens is an existential risk to our species

>> No.11139329

It's not possible to have genetic engineering without advanced simulations, possibly quantum.
Eugenics are good insofar as obvious invalids (mental and/or physical) are killed, both from ethical (less suffering) and resource standpoint, but more complex changes require centuries.

In any case, moving from the biological to artificial substrate is the only sensible long-term goal. Imagine moving to a brain comprised of digital neurons, each capable of a 1000x higher clock. You could live the equivalent of a mental 1000 years in a year. Interactions with the physical world would be limited by the maximum attainable speed of them, not mental processes.

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Quoted By: >>11138855

Checked the sticky and none of the resources really cover this topic. Do most gen chem courses skip this topic?

>> No.11137758
Quoted By: >>11137942

Maybe an intro materials science book?

>> No.11137942

That probably is the case. The prof for my chem class is a material M.S.

>> No.11138855

Probably any inorganic chem textbook. Try Miessler.

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>"she no real, you just is schizo"

>> No.11137577
Quoted By: >>11137589 >>11137590

check em

>> No.11137589

no u

>> No.11137590

Nice dubs hahaha!

>> No.11137593


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Quoted By: >>11139743

Why did this scientific review article make people seethe so hard?

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>> No.11139743

>ywn suck her small titty for milky
Just defund my deaging device already!

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File: 16KiB, 179x244, 4311242448_65f4fe886e_z.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

WW1 and 2 were incredibly dysgenic, weren't they

>> No.11140664

why is she so perfect, bros?

>> No.11140779

Collectivism just makes Me Me Me into My Group My People My Stuff. That's hardly worth distinguishing.

>> No.11141369

>people are in denial about wanting to suck on titties
Specifically, *women* (and "men" with female tendencies) are in such denial.

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I have 2 hours to complete an online test, please help me out. I'll post the questions here. Maths and Stats

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>> No.11137531

answer C to every problem, upload proof, and then I'll tell you the answers

>> No.11137538
Quoted By: >>11137542

I already have low expections for this shit board but I really hope you cucks do not help this retard pass his exam.

>> No.11137541

NYPA, faggot.

>> No.11137542

All I did was report

>> No.11137543

The Chinese pay good money for other people to take tests for them. Why should I write yours for free?

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if the sun is really traveling at an average speed of 230 km/s (828,000 km/h) or 143 mi/s (514,000 mph) within its trajectory around the galactic center, why don't we see a long trailing sun tail, like we see on every comet in space ever?

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>> No.11137576

What is the trail made of?
Hint: what are comets made of?
Does this answer your question?
If no, leave this place forever.

>> No.11137592

you got three of them, keep it up

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File: 684KiB, 1189x662, heliosphere.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>why don't we see a long trailing sun tail
There kind of is, but it isn't visible. Both Voyagers have been able to detect the rather sharp boundary.

>> No.11139314

Because electric universe is dogshit caused by cunts not focusing their telescope.

>> No.11139325

>every comet in space ever
Only when it's close to the sun

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Quoted By: >>11137534

>tfw Sci-Hub can't fetch the study

What's her name, /sci/?

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Quoted By: >>11137569

Ironically enough the only time this has ever happened to me (2.5 years into grad school) was a Russian paper. Published in some Soviet analysis journal in the 1970s.

>> No.11137569

istmat.info might have something on it. Not that it's geared at all towards academia, but it has an impressive collection of Soviet documentation, so maybe you can find studies.

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Quoted By: >>11138837 >>11139648

i made op pic btw

>> No.11138837

You're talented. Dig em.

>> No.11139648

You are a gentleman and a scholar.

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