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what do you listen to while studying/working?

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the impeachment hearings

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I like listening to slow classical piano music. Helps with my concentration and makes me feel a little less anxious I find.


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Trance/progressive and other weird electronic music
It helps me with studying my math

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Oldschool Acid techno on di.fm

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At what PPM does co2's warming effect become negligible due to it being logarithmic? I've been looking for days for a good source on this but surprisingly there isn't many studies on the topic.

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The fucking geological record and ecological model are well known. It's you fucks misinterpreting data to pretend the last million years is an ideal state when in reality it's a starvation period leading to increase of highly adapted animals and decrease of less adapation plant species.

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Another hint you guys are not based on any facts just data points you create a mystical interpretation around

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>The fucking geological record and ecological model are well known.
I agree, the climate has been quite stable for the past several million years and life has adapted quite well to said stable conditions. And far more importantly as I'm not some kind of Gaia worshipper I'm far less concerned with abstract concepts of "ideal states" and far more concerned with the climate humanity relies survival. As human civilization has only existed for about 10,000 years in a period significant stability, and we're entirely dependent on a handful of species of inbred plants which have been carefully selected to do well in exactly the conditions we're used to. To claim things will be better because of geologic records 10 million years ago. Has virtually no relevance and is just utter insanity.

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do you have a single fact to back that up?

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>still failing to respond to the argument
Please explain who recognizes the minuscule decline in atmospheric oxygen concentration as an issue.

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what's the scientific evidence that fruits and vegetables are good for you?

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plenty, stop being a faggot troll and go do your own research. if you wanna be a keto/carnivore retard then please do it quickly and remove yourself from the gene pool.

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Well sure but for most healthy people taking a few high quality supplements (vit b12, vit D) is going to be helpful. Most omnivores get deficient in B12 as they age.

I'm referring to the mindset people have where they believe they can eat whatever they want, take a multivitamin and actually think "yup, my body is getting everything it needs." In reality, high doses of synthetic vitamins can actually compromise your immune system, as the isolated compounds are seen as foreign invaders. It's nothing compared to the complex matrix of fiber and compounds that all vitamins are found in nature. Note I'm referring to plants. All essential vitamins are first created in plants (besides B12, D, long chain ?3s) before animals may eat them and do some biochemistry to them. (turn beta-carotene in retinol for example)

The cool part is you don't need to eat animals to get everything your body needs. :D

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I eat meat when it would go off otherwise or it is given to me. This gives me a few portions of meat a month. Now I don't have to take a supplement. It also means I don't end up being an annoying militant vegan.

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I will never give up meat because I care about the environment. Also I don't get enough out of eating exclusively plants.

How often do you hear about a meat allergy compared to an allergy to some form of produce or grain?

What I'm saying is that I need proof of your ancestry claim

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I'm vegetarian since three months, it's like a second birth

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Dude what if you like fell INTO jupiter dude? Lmao now give me 8 million views and hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks.

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yeah but imagine the view before you die. Let's assume you have some sort of pressurized spacesuit and oxygen. Holy shit man, that'd be an amazing freefall for some appreciable time.

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What video would that be anon?

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You would get squished.

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Has there ever been a case of a mathematician who was an absolute genius in one field and poor in another?

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There are a few stories about Grothendieck embarrassing himself, and I'm sure every mathematician can point to one area they absolutely despise.

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Literally all of them. Getting good at a field takes time, and there's not enough hours in a day to get good in every single area of math. Everybody sucks at something.
But natural talent is not so specific that somebody is going to be a natural wizard at combinatorics and at the same time be genetically incapable of passing a PDE class.
If you're good enough at math to excel in one field, you're good enough to not suck at any of them if you try.

The only story I've ever heard of Grothendieck embarrassing himself is the "lol 57 is prime" anecdote, which is a trivial little flub that gets blown out of proportion by redditors who want an epic story about how he was so le abstract he didn't even know any prime numbers.
Grootendick started his career as a functional analyst and then pivoted on a dime into AG and category theory. He's not a particularly good example of specialized talent.

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Can someone explain to me how the "precursor" works in certain nukes?

How does the reflected wave catch up to the incident wave?

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Hey /sci/, so I know some of you are ok, so I decided to ask a question here:
what do you think is the future of nuclear? I was thinking of joining Nuclear Engineering at Balseiro, the only place in Latin America that offers the course, but I'm afraid there is no future in it. Would you recommend it? Or should I go with something for general like EE or Chemical engineering?

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I should have mentioned: I work for a US company contracted with an Argentinian company so I don't have any local relationships to leverage

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You can get an EE degree and then do a masters in nuclear engineering and become a nuclear engineer. If the field dies them you're still an EE.
For the masters you'd have to go to europe tho.

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There is a future. You will be busy decommissioning nuclear plants and take care of nuclear waste.

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I think fluency in spanish is one of the main requisites for admission, at least for undergad.
You should contact them though, and see what they think.

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They need nuclear tech in medical physics which has a future even if nuclear power doesn't.

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We create garbage at an exponential rate. Why has science failed to fix this problem? Why can't garbage be cremated and the fumes filtered/cleaned before releasing them to the atmosphere?

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It can, but dumbfucks are dumb.

The Italians are drowning in garbage, in Austria we take their money to take their garbage, then we burn it in clean incinerators and sell the Italians the electric power.

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>We create garbage at an exponential rate.

Doesn’t matter. There’s boundless space for landfills and landfills can be mined when we feel like it.

> Why has science failed to fix this problem

Not a problem, and solved.

> Why can't garbage be cremated and the fumes filtered/cleaned before releasing them to the atmosphere?

Literally done

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Quoted By: >>11146227

They could it just costs too much and nobody wants to play for it.

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that image is beautiful and gives me hope

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Hello scientisits and mathematicians
I was wondering if you could help me read this formula for hlw many cinnamon sticks to use

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One and a half sticks of cinnamon.
Each cinnamon stick was originally 2 inches long.

So a 2 inch cinnamon stick, and a 1inch cinnamon stick

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How do you solve cubic diophantine equations?

I was working on this problem

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im playing around with it but i have no fucking clue desu

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If i remember, ill try to solve this once i get home and have access to python

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just google it

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Wrote a python script, can confirm no solutions up to 1<=a<= 10000000

>> No.11147095

gives no solution in A, i think we can call it a day boys

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Axioms are unprovable, yet all of modern math is founded upon them. You can’t build something truly great on a shaky foundation. Isn’t Science and Math supposed to be about objective, verifiable truths and not mere postulations taken on faith?

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Quoted By: >>11145543

I'm going to bite. Okay here is an axiom for you. If I have an apple and another apple and I line them up side by side this is either 2 apples or apples that are next to each other. Obviously it's silly to say the latter but if you say 2 apples that makes sense. So from this axiom we can produce a result like 1+1=2 or for any object x+x=2x.
So axioms are things that are so painfully obvious that they don't need to be investigated further. Look at That one Euclid's axiom for geometry. It's says something like if I have one point here and one point there I can draw a line through thoughts points or connect them (I don't recall what it actually said). How would you go on about proving that? Easy! Take a pen, place two dots on a piece of paper in any orientation you desire and draw a line that reaches one from the other. Here's the thing, you seem smart so you know for sure that you don't need a piece of paper and pen to show this works. You can imagine it. That makes it axiomatic. So why would we bother proving axioms if we know that they work irrefutably?

>> No.11145538

based redditor

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Quoted By: >>11145553

>axioms are things that are so painfully obvious that
Nope, you can start from bs and build a perfectly functional logic tree upon it, even make your career about it. Of course it's a garbage-in garbage-out situation, but in a perfectly consistent manner.
Example: religious studies.

>> No.11145547

It's not about faith but rather consensus, and there's no such things as a verifiable truth, welcome to life anon

>> No.11145553

Also this guy is pretty much correct, and religious studies is just an obvious example. Less criticised is psychology/psychiatry, now those axioms are truly interesting (they're actually based in linguistic symbolism, the same mechanism used by religions)

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what the hell is this?

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Did you like my book?

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Sure, cool poetic imagery and shit.
What practical value does it have though?

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Quoted By: >>11144972

It's based on a true story.

>> No.11144972

...yet to be written.

Spoiler: It's referencing President Kushner

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Dude, like, what if you like, fell INTO jupiter dude? The planet has like a hurricane the size of the Earth I've heard... dude. like. woah. Now give me 10 million views and thousands of ad dollars. Thanks.

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How would you explain oxygen on Mars?
"For me, this is an open call to all the smart people out there who are interested in this: See what you can come up with." Melissa Trainer, planetary scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt

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Geologically, in summer the sun is introducing more power to the system, therefore higher chance of releasing whatever is trapped in it.

I.e. clothes drier dries faster, if you turn up the heat. Doesn't mean the clothes are producing new water.

I absolutely positively hope I am wrong.

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People really think, that if life exists outside Earth, that it will use the same metabolism we find on Earth?

>> No.11145606


Uranium-based silicates that metabolize beryllium and excrete germanium FTW

>> No.11145734

Absolutely. The evolution of metabolism is guided by chemical realities. The simplicity and controllability of certain chemical reactions is universal. It's not out of question to think that some advanced civilization artificially manufactures life that is based on vastly different kind of metabolism and then spreads this form of life to other planets. But life that evolves spontaneously on a planet follows generally the same path as it did on Earth.

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Daily reminder that if you stop feeding the beast, it will starve to death. The only reason academia gets away with underpaying so hard is that there are slaves willing to work in the mines. Just stop. Get an industry job. Let universities starve until they match industry compensation.

If you don't believe me that academia is garbage, here is the Tooker case: Tooker was a young physicist. As you can see, he was
>a genius
>produced amazing research

Academia got him in and after a couple of years what came out was:

>a hobo
>a public masturbator
>a thieve
>a trespasser

How is that possible? How can a system be so broken that it takes in healthy young men and then shits out someone like Tooker?

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Quoted By: >>11144367


the beast has virtually unlimited food in the form of students on visa, and is predictably gorging itself.

>> No.11144367


so someone needs to put a collar on the beast because it's a stupid animal that doesn't know when to stop eating.

>> No.11144609

The problem would be instantly resolved if industry started supporting visas. Only tech giants like Google and Facebook do it. As it stands, if you're an international who wants to stay in the U.S., you HAVE to go to grad school or marry.

>> No.11144618

I thought this was Gary the Optimum Theory Guy

>> No.11144641

>this thread again
Holy shit take your pills you irrelevant nobody.

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Quoted By: >>11144948

ITT: Guess the function from the graph
I'll start with a simple one.

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Quoted By: >>11144954

What a shitty idea

>> No.11144954

you're boring

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something to the -log something but I don't know

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Ah don't mind me I'm just posting evidence against your dogma.

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Good counter point ty

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what is asteroid mining you dumb faggot? what is aneutronic fusion you dumb faggo?

you are just a shill for the energy trying to spread alarmism for the tiny amount of transmutation that takes place in a fusion reactor.. suck my dick someday people will outcompete globalists and spread our fucking semen across the galaxy

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I could have sworn it was 13 years from now

>> No.11147088


This is an erroneous conclusion. A build rate could approach one nuke plant coming online every day even if one single plant takes a few years. You would just have so many in the pipeline being built that the finish rate matched what you needed.

Minor quibbles. Replacement reactors may not not require the same effort as fresh station construction: swap out the core.

Construction timelines could be sped up with effort to reach this goal.

This is going to sound ''out there'' but it is perfectly credible. We are on the verge of a revolution in space transport with fully reusable rockets and they can allow ultra rare metals sourced from space mining from sources such as asteroids to be a possible affordable option for replenishment of this vital material supply. Don't believe me? Wait five years and the space transport revolution will be readily apparent.

What nuclear needs is a state involvement model the coddles the research and development and deployment and massive investment of new next generation reactors that improve construction cost and deployment timelines and other goal objectives, and the current economic model that has propagated in the past 50 years or so of lesser state involvement for civil improvement ends in exchange for lesser tax regimes on the wealthy and the spread of ideology to support that objective by its proponents and believers thwart that critical support nuclear needs to propagate and prosper.

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>misses the point

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Quoted By: >>11146459

Does drug addiction actually exist? Obviously there are a lot of people who enjoy taking drugs, but we know from the teaching of Epictetus that 'feelings' are ultimately created in the mind, and that the mind has ultimate control over our sensations, and how we respond to them. Drug "addicts," therefore, are choosing to be that way. "Withdrawal" is a psychosomatic condition, similar to "chronic fatigue syndrome" in mentally-ill women. It's something that the user ultimately chooses to experience.

Given that fact, isn't the solution to drug addiction just to tell the "addicts" to knock it off, and to quit pretending? To jolt them out of their fantasy-world and back into reality, by demanding that they use their own minds to kill off the fake "addiction"?

Am I wrong here? I will clarify a bit - I accept that it's possible to die from a lot of psychosomatic ailments. Psychosomatic doesn't mean "fake" - it means that the source of the illness is in the mind of the sufferer. Change your thinking, change your condition. Non-psychosomatic illnesses are things like broken bones, or metastatic cancers, where outside forces determine the nature of your condition. Drug 'addiction' inheres in the mind, and is thus subject to resolution through purely intrinsic processes.

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Drug addiction exists but it is usually due to an underlying cause that the addict is trying to avoid. Drugs themselves are not inherently addictive to a healthy and well rounded person.

>> No.11146480
Quoted By: >>11146507 >>11146519

I drank 5x as much coffee as that for several years and there was literally no reaction at all to stopping permanently (thanks, GERD).
All you zombified junkies trying to pretend that you're no worse than coffee drinkers is the most pathetic of copes.

>> No.11146507
Quoted By: >>11146519

Coffee metabolism varies from person to person, but I think that poster was just trying to demonstrate via an actually practical withdrawal effect

>> No.11146519

That's surprising, cause I would get a headache from not drinking coffee if I were not to. I think >>11146507 is spot on. Also,

>All you zombified junkies trying to pretend that you're no worse than coffee drinkers is the most pathetic of copes.
Looks like you are worried that you might actually be a junkie hehe. It's ok we all are in one way or another. Look up Gabor Mate

>> No.11146522

Only because fake physicists are paying them to distract us from the fact that reality is fake.

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Quoted By: >>11145860 >>11145866

Kirchhoff's law for black body radiation is wrong as it has a term that has a limit of zero making his equation for black body radiation undefined mathematically in the case of perfect reflectors.
Plank used kirchhoff's law and continued to use it in violation of thermodynamics
This has fucked up our cosmology as a result. Apologize all you fucks that think Kirchhoff was every right and not just someone that cut corners and incorrectly reworded the work of others to financially support himself but never confirmed anything by experimentation.

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>> No.11145866

>perfect reflectors

So I guess it's nice they don't exist, theoryfag.

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What would happen if we took all chromozomes from human body?

>> No.11144150

We'd get OP.

>> No.11144188
Quoted By: >>11146086

First we need to know how the chromozomes got there. Have one and the same God created both prokaryotes and eukaryotes and viruses? Doesn't seem like it to me. Too bad so few people care about aeon-lenghts evolutionary biology. People mostly talk about abstract things and philosophy and cosmology and physics and mathematics and popular-level biology, you know. Severe under-appreciation of cytology and evolutionary microbiology.

>> No.11144236

It would be extremely painful

>> No.11146086

Dude, you have wrote everything and nothing.

>> No.11146385

Isn't that what happened to this radiated guy who was dying for weeks? Basically, your dying cells cannot get replaced, so you die starting from skin and gut, where the cells live the shortest.

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If you were to smoke pure tobacco with no additives, would it be any worse than smoking cannabis?

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Quoted By: >>11144448

The papers do not examine Po content of other consumable plants.

>> No.11144448

well then find a citation to compare them. i’m sure it’s been done but you like to deny science instead of reading up

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File: 116KiB, 487x376, luigis_chinese_cowboy_impression_is_so_terrible_that_mario_s_stomach_ulcer_practically_explodes_and_he_is_unable_to_ask_luigi_to_stop_being_so_fucking_racist.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>11144461

>click on thread vaguely hoping for a discussion on the health effects of nicotine itself
>autistic screeching about weed and polonium

>> No.11144461

Its the low IQ poster of /sci/. He's the same guy who makes all the anti-nuclear posts.

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File: 18KiB, 275x183, keep digging that hole.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

The irony here...

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what would happen if you made one of these out of nitinol? would it only pop when you heated it? how violent would it be compared to rubber?

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Quoted By: >>11144050

What’s 10% of 20 million for 30 days. But what ever number you get you add it to the Total then divide by 10%. So 1st day is 2Million so now you have 22 million then you find 10% of that ... but for 30 days.

>> No.11144050

More than what any math PhD will ever make

>> No.11145921

it is 1% of 2 million for 3 days
next question

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