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So what's the answer?

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>What is the probability you will choose the correct answer?
Undefined because the question is ill-posed.

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either you're right or your wrong

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I think I've figured this problem's internal logic. Following that logic, It should be (B)
There are 4 answers so there's 25% of chance you answer it correctly but as there are two options for 25%, and two that aren't, the answer is 50%.

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I would go with the answer

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It's an invalid question.

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Ok so i'm a sophomore in physics and me and my buddy were talking about quantum computers in the uni halls and how much they're a meme.
An old guy creepy crept in our convo and told us how he didn't think they were a meme for x and y reason that I will not bore you with.
We just told him that with every qubit added the difficulty of making the "quantum computer" work is exponential and that faggitists have been working on it for literally 50+ years and still can't do it.
He got all angry and stormed off.
Another friend informed us he was a researcher working on qm computers. Lol.

Tell your stories of how you unknowingly BTFO retarded boomers /sci/.

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how does a qbit even work. Like what the fuck would a qbyte point at.

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Physically, or mathematically?. It's just a complex, two-dimensional space. So you have two basis vectors. The qubit state is just a superposition of those, like in R^2 where a vector is v = a e_x + b e_y.

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That depends on the system you use to implement a qubit. Which do you choose?

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What kind of systems are there?

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>tfw too stupid too understand Machine Learning
feels bad man
For example i look at this example:
But i dont know why there are such calculations, for example why do i use Weight2 in
double[][] dZ1 = multiply(dot(T(W2), dZ2), subtract(1.0, power(A1, 2)));
and why do i need to multiply by 1-A1?
I try to modify this code, so i can predict fifth set of continuous values by first four sets, like that:
but i got wrong dimensions in some place, because i get out of bounds of array while calculating cross product. I try to draw this example on paper so i see exactly what are dimmensions of matrix inputs and matrix outputs in certain function calls, but its so cumbersome

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its called minimize the sum of least square error

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ITT: guys spooked by multivariate regression.

It's literally like fitting a function to data points. Only in higher dimensions.

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its called hyperplane

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Thank you very much for this insightful comment.

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Particle X travels from Point A to Point B in Path 1 in one "timeline".
Particle X travels from Point A to Point B in Path 2 in another "timeline".
Both Paths intersect at the red intersection point in pic related.
Choosing that point as well as Point A and Point B creates a triangle of least area.
If the two paths cross only once, then the probability of the area of the triangle is continuous and is a function of time & space traveled between Point A and Point B.
This is assuming that a 2d plane is utilized.
If you were to bend space and time, you could have Point A and Point B on the same "point", so to speak, where the intersection point may or may not lie on this theoretical Point AB.
So if this theory is correct, is velocity a factor in time travel?

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>Choosing that point as well as Point A and Point B creates a triangle of least area.
Least area? What?
>If the two paths cross only once, then the probability of the area of the triangle is continuous and is a function of time & space traveled between Point A and Point B

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you just ranted some gibberish. make more sense and maybe we will understand you

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scientifically speaking what is the most efficient way to make bank?

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I would say math. As a CS student, you probably wouldn't know the math required to develop various machine learning algorithms

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The best way to make a bank is with brick and mortar.

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It doesn't matter if they are profitable with fractional reserve lending you have plenty of money to spend.

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become an artist

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There was water and probably life on Mars in the past.
Could oil or natural gas possibly be on Mars?

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Looks like Mars was killed by a shotgun blast of asteroids.

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There probably wasn't life on Mars in the past, and if there had been, conditions would be less favourable for producing crude oil than they are on Earth (colder, less pressure, less water). So the answer is yes.

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Am American, can confirm we are already planning it and even suggesting a preemptive nuclear strike

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the planets producing seasonal oxygen
breathing even
but slowly like a death rattle

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>nobel prize- spoiled
>"nature" journal- spoiled- now when applying your paper there they ask for your gender so that they can promote women papers at expense of men papers
>math, psychology, biology are all sexist and racist and transphobic and bigoted
>admission parities to universities in the usa and uk that favour women and minorities at expense of meritocracy
>eccentric geniuses are fired because they offended some sjw pc female stuent
>politicisation of science, scientification of politics
>APA is pushing hard sjw pc agenda into mainstream
question to phd anons and anons who are doing phd now- how do you feel with sacrificing your life to science when science is so corrupted and spoiled- at least in the west? is there any decent subdiscipline of science now in the west? or decent institutions?

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>old editorials by SJWs that nobody fucking cares about
>better make an off-topic thread
This thread already has too many replies. Remember, it goes in "All Fields".
"This window will close in 3 seconds."

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it isn't necessarily bad anon. encouraging women autists to participate in science is probably optimal in the long run.

hear me out. all the great theoretical leaps in science and math have all been made by autists.
but it's always been male autists.

what makes me say this is my personal interactions with a woman studying cryptography. up until i met her, i'd only dealt with other male autists, never a female. well she said some of the damnedest things, her interpretations of certain proofs was completely different than anything i'd ever heard before -- accurate, but looking at the problem from an unusual angle, is the best way to describe it.
made me wonder, how much we haven't seen because women have traditionally avoided the sciences?

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They aren't selecting for academic potential anymore though. Did you miss the "grammar is racist"?!

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>""""""""""academic potential"""""""""""
>implying filling every university with 23,409 max test score changs is the way forward
look at galois. didn't get into the top school in france, was a radical leftist revolutionary teenager, and died in a duel at age 20 like a total brainlet.
yet his groundbreaking work enabled proofs that high "academic potential" mathematicians had failed at for hundreds of years.

the only thing that matters is getting autists into the pipeline.
if we accept that different races and sexes have different brains, then we should try to get as diverse a selection of autists as possible to capture the greatest possible number of unique insights.

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That's why I'm applying to Ivybridge League at 25.
Quad major in computer science, mathematics, physics, and electrical engineering.
I have ALL the AP.

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elivaders violate th law of physic

an elivader drops down which in turn will trhust you down but instead you should be moving upwards since th elivdaer is falling and not you,

this violate pfysic

you fall down with the vaer bu the vider should be knokcing you up bcause the elivder gos down and you go up

look a this diagream

that is th eolviat

that is you in the elivator

[] when th elevator go down

you are no on upt of the eilviartor

which means that you are on top and it is down below you



of couese this violates the laws of fycjis

the elivator gos down and you aren't gonng down thogh bso the eleivator goes down faster han you and the gravity pulls you down at a separate speed beause they lever l pully pull th eviliator down and you stay put but gravity pulls you down but up because the elivoatrr is movning down fastr han yo are due expain thot dumb erh uhA? vader no polllel?

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Is there anything to the whole push for people to eat bugs or is it all bullshit? Can we just plant trees and clean up trash and not have to literally eat insects?

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>> No.11146654

No, its bullshit. You should be a vegetarian instead.

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Quoted By: >>11146668

won't happen, white people can't even digest bug carapaces, unless their plan is to kill us through GI damage

>> No.11146668

>white people can't even digest bug carapaces

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Capitalism trying to open up yet another niche market as they did with "gluten-free" and other dumb labels.

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Is there anything more thrilling then not studying for a test until the morning of the same day and then figuring out how to do all the stuff as you do the test?

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>le based and cringe loool zooooomEr~! xD

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I just wait until I have 2 minutes left then drop a well of ink becaues I know my entropic intellectual superiority will ensure that the ink will draw exactly the right answers on the exam sheet.

Beat that retards.

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This is me right now. I'm so fucked

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I fucking love this shit, lol

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steadily and lightly studying over the quarter, attending every lecture and developing a rapport with the professor and a genuine love for the subject, and on the day of the final, relaxing with a nice cup of earl grey before I walk into the midterm/final and happily solve every problem with ease. then I turn my test in and see all the people who crammed the night before, sweating and pulling at their hair and extrapolating their grades from their predicted scores.

feels good

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What causes some people to develop narcissistic personality disorder?

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only 2,3 and 6 apply to me, am i a fag?

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None, it's how autistic people view neurotypical people.

>> No.11146325

Spoiled affluent childhoods can be a contributing factor.

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thanks anon

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>reactor dimensioning exercise
>necessary reactor height is 5'11"
>all girls in class immediatly lose interest

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quality thread. mind if i post it on /r/4chan LOL

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Helloo! Can you gods of math help me answer this question?

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Holy shit, kill yourself, you dumb pile of dogshit.

>> No.11146406

dont post on here ever again

>> No.11146495

Ok Anon, just this once.

1.0708 and 0.70741

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Eh, technically /sqt/ shouldn't exist either.
Necessary evil and all that.

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will they win the nobel prize in physiology and medicine?

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>Ivermectin, an old and well proven anthelmintic, kills parasites.
Holy shit, this is the breakthrough of the century.

>> No.11146366

Physiology _or_ Medicine.

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Quoted By: >>11147254 >>11147329

This is why you should believe everything you read especially when its pop sci. Researchers have been trying to use ivermectin to help with malaria for years now. This isn’t a new discovery, its not worthy of a nobel prize, and it’s not a complete solution.

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No, they're missing an important qualification.

>Researchers have been trying to figure something out for years now
Therefore, if you actually figure it out, it's not worthy of a nobel?

>> No.11147329

>This isn’t a new discovery,
what's new is they discovered ivermectin also kills plasmodium falciparum

>Researchers have been trying to use ivermectin to help with malaria for years now.
so others tried but haven't been successful. that means new discoveries are even more noteworthy, my larping friend

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I fucked up, /sci/. I fucked up real bad.

>decide to extract nicotine (a base) from tobacco leaves, purify it using some method and then perform thin-layer chromatrography with a standard to prove I got the nicotine
>not allowed to use distillation
>forgot tobacco is a liquid in room temperature, thought it was a solid
>extract nicotine through soxhlet using petroleum ether as solvent
>so far so good
>only things I can perform now is simple acid-base extraction (form two phases, take out the aqueous one with the protonated nicotine and then add base to recover it)
>suddenly realize nicotine is a liquid
>suddenly realize nicotine is immiscible with water in room temperature
>have no idea if extraction will still work

Tell me, am I retard for worrying? Will I still be able to find nicotine through TLC when it is all said and done?

Also, /Organic Chemistry General/.

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>> No.11146619

>tobacco is a liquid at room temp

>> No.11146656

Bruh really?

You said it yourself nicotine base is insoluble in water. Just shake the petroleum ether with mild HCl and then ditch the petroleum. Then add NaOH solution till you get PH10-11 and extract the aqeous phase with more petroleum ether.

Optionally, dry that on magnesium sulfate, and evaporate under vacuum. Load it on a flash column of basic alumina (works best for alkaloid, prep by 1% Et3N/hex on Al2O3 slurry pack, flush with 1%EtOH/hex and load it up) and run for additional purity.

>> No.11146679

Since this is also an org chem general. Does anyone have any acetylation agents to replace lead(IV)acetate for indole oxidation/acetylation? Most standard references have a poor choice of a acetylation agents.

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We're an unfortunate species where the males are bigger than the females.
Can we invert this somehow?
Is it possible stunt the growth of all males so women are always bigger?

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Based and amazonpilled

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Quoted By: >>11146203

>human females
Yeah, that's called "girls", incel.

>> No.11146203

It's called women you pedo

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No. Smol females, much like weebs, were made for bulli. Errydai. Tall master race.

>> No.11146252

anisogamy will not permit such perversions

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Quoted By: >>11146255 >>11146263

programming, electrical engineering or architecture?

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Quoted By: >>11146259

I know.

But i'm only assuming which degree is best for job prospects. And EE is the best in my country if you get charted afterwards as well.

What's the point of choosing a degree that will make you unemployed with tens of thousands of dollars in debt?

>> No.11146255

Correct answer is none of these unless you love ai programming. Which you don't need University to teach you how to do. Mechanical engineering for robotics or get into physics for understanding specific workings of the world and get into Experiment based understanding and flex on theortical virgins.

>> No.11146258

i was surprised at this and apparently they do make up roughly half of architecture grads but they can't hack it in the job market, making up less than 20% of decent positions

just lel at women

>> No.11146259

Will the real business world just cares about your ability not about your degree. You can have a degree in almost anything and get at least a foot in the door for interview but you need to have ability to be recognized. Think of the degree as a marketing tool rather than proof of knowledge. And ask yourself what industries are paying the most right now in what buzzwords are non-technical people using because those are the people that are hiring and have cash to spend.

>> No.11146263

Look at that fat lizard. I want to feed him and pet his head

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Quoted By: >>11145966

What effects do magnetism have on radiation and/or vice versa?

>> No.11145966
Quoted By: >>11145975

magnetic field oscillations can generate electric radiation, and vice versa

a photon is an electric field and magnetic field oscillating together, entangled, forming eachother

>> No.11145975

So they are more connected then I thought. Good to know

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fuck ethnics, I want my superbaby and super pc

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Quoted By: >>11146095

> Gene editing bad because poor people cant afford it

Seriously fuck these cryptocommie """ethicists"""

>> No.11146095
Quoted By: >>11146446

Gene editing bad because it would prove that shitskins have lower iq than white people and they can't afford this in their multicultural propaganda new world order oga boga kill whitey shit!

>> No.11146446

To add to your comment, most non-whites consider more european looking features to be more attractive - just look at how popular skin lighting products are in India & South America, or hair straighteners amongst Africans. Given the opportunity, each generation would make their children a bit more European looking, while also boosting IQ & other useful traits. 4-5 gens of that and we could have a world where 90% of the population has an appearance somewhere between pale Nordic beauty & bronze Greek god, and 130+ IQs with work efforts to match. Of course, that world wouldn't have the diversity caused social friction that certain (groups) like to exploit for their own gain.

>> No.11146453

Why are people so obsessed with ethics when gene engineering allows for stuff like saving kids from aids and making them immune to it like they already did in China?

>> No.11146497

>fuck ethnics
Nice Freudian slip there, buddy.

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/sci/, I know that what I am about to say is based purely on anecdotal observations, and is a generalisation with little-to-no real tangibility. But it's something I've noticed, and need some clarity on.

Why is it when it comes to the Impossible Whopper, a lot of STEM-types appear to like it more than normies? At least with those I know, many not big fans of the IW. But the ones studying or working somewhere in STEM, however, genuinely enjoy it -- and sometimes are the only ones willing to eat it. The normies are simply meh about it, but the STEM types honestly like it to some degree.

Again, this is just something I've noticed between the two groups and food.

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>> No.11145973

If I think it taste good, then I like it.

>> No.11145976

>It taste ok, but I dont want to pay for modified BASEDbeans at meat price

It cost half price of meat burger I would eat it regularly

>> No.11145983


It taste ok, but I dont want to pay for modified Onions- beans at meat price

>> No.11145988


>It taste ok, but I dont want to pay for modified SÒy beans at meat price

>> No.11145994
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Thank you based diabeetus merchant. You truly are my greatest ally.

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Quoted By: >>11145901

If every single atom has its own gravity with infinite range then wouldn't the Sun of everyother solar system in the universe be minutely affecting every motion reading? Is that their cope explanation for why they can't accurately predict any object's motion at all?

>> No.11145901

because the force from a single atoms gravity is hella weak. the point of since is to come up with models that predict reality, not arrive at absolute truth. it turns out we can neglect the gravity of, say, pluto and still have an accurate model of motion in the neighborhood of earth.

>> No.11147231

Yes, but we ignore it.

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Why are they so fun to solve?

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Quoted By: >>11147417 >>11147479

what disease terrifies you the most?

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I don't know. Does eukaryotic nucleus qualify as a disease?

>> No.11147443
Quoted By: >>11147481


>> No.11147457

This 100%.

>> No.11147479

>tfw you decided to get into prions as a biochem project and human phys project
>tfw you learn all the horrifying details and epidemological data
>tfw you realize there is literally nothing anoyone can do once it starts
>tfw you end up in a lab studying protein aggreation in grad school

The low grade terror is a really good motivator when I feel down

>> No.11147481

yes, exposure to cats in childhood is consistently associated with elevated risk of mental illness/executive dysfunction

the studies finding null results are usually by fat women with outdoor cats

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Quoted By: >>11146274

dear faggots can anyone help me for my math test tomorrow, i really need to know how to solve Beta

>> No.11146068

Get fucked, cocksucker.

>> No.11146100

Answer is 36

>> No.11146274

alphas only, loser.

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