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>Never mansturbate, never had sex(don't have urge)

Will i die from prostate cancer?

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>Never mansturbate

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>(don't have urge)
Focus on this more. I'm not saying you should be masturbating - however, not even having the urge at all should be something that means something. It may benefit you to get a medical consultation.
>inb4 k cumbrain
Remember, I'm not saying that masturbating is either healthy or unhealthy, what I am saying is that not even having the urge at all - is not a sign of a healthy developed body.

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Will the universe as we know it ever ''end''?

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The universe as we know ends every day. Its always changing its shape.

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There are only theories. Heat death of the universe for example is not provable yet.

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i dont think so,we humans may be forgotten but the universe will always be there

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Look around you. Everything is impermanent, ever-changing. Change itself seems to be the one and only true constant in nature. Why would the universe be an exception? It will change its form so drastically that it will be unrecognizable to what we know today as "the universe". It will effectively "end". But maybe something else will come in its place. And maybe just maybe, we'll become smart enough to survive all the way until this happens. This to me, is as close as you can get to "meaning" in the universe.

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>inb4 b-but my retarded anime mentioned entropy!

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Quoted By: >>11139644 >>11139883

What steps would need to be taken to minimize health problems when genetically engineering catgirls for domestic ownership?

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Pretty sure any human hybrid will be looked down upon.
So in terms of health problems is that if the state coming to nab you for human trafficking.
In terms of genetics, most domestic pets that have gone through years of domestic breeding have redundant rDNA segments . Dogs have a ton of these. Which makes them suitable for massive changes in breed phenotypes.
Hybridization comes with lot of unforeseeable genetic problems. Even if the resulting hybrid is viable to gestate it may be severely deformed.
Something like a cat girl would need Supreme fine-tuning of genetic code. Which is outside of our capability right now. And if our fine-tuning becomes that capable then health hazards would be minimized by virtue of understanding what the genetic material does.

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I think it might be easier to go for look-alike rather than actual cat genes, which as you say probably would lead to severe problems.

What do you mean by redundant rDNA?

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Quoted By: >>11140183

Not science.

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>However, further genetic research on this topic is necessary.
One of us

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Have any of you seen Primer?

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Quoted By: >>11139280

You people only believe in it because it provides more answers than you currently have and don't want to admit you've run into a wall. But no amount of wishing on your part will ever actually prove it exists.

Plus, the idea in itself makes no sense. There can't be more than one universe, it's in the definition. You'd simply be describing different parts of the universe even if you're right.

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It doesn't provide any answers though.

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Quoted By: >>11139396

Multiverse is real and it's spectacular.

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It's evolutionary physics-What's so unbelieviable about it?
Don't say genes or the lack of related "information" that conjoins/influences that to related universes. Those don't count, and how dare you question it-are you a creationist or something?

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People with IQ 150 or above, how do you live in a world where almost everybody is mentally retarded?

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Puppies. Puppies everywhere.

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In a constant state of butthurt when 100-IQ roasties can nonetheless outmanoeuver me in any and all social situations

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>another IQ thread

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Quoted By: >>11139301

I'm a software engineer/Computer repairman. I plant harmless bugs into those "mentally retarded" that disrupt their software (never harming it, of course) then charge them double for multiple vists as demand for patches keeps piling up. Several customers tried other places to fix their code, but those morons can never correct it properly, not to mention since they're always carrying a wireless device I can "hop" to their devices seamlessly and they'll have to crawling back to me even if the customers decide to throw their "broken" trash away.
You know how that old adage goes "a fool and his money are soon parted.", and well, let's just say I'm rich now while they're not.

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How rich are you?

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Quoted By: >>11139294

how the hell am i supposed to calculate sum of the forces on x and y if the roller support at point B is at 70° angle, i've been reading books on statics but supports are always at 90° so i just don't get it

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huh so it can be done like that, i've never seen it explained anywhere
i've also tried putting it in some beam calculator and what i got was
?Fx = 0: HA - RB*cos(70)
?Fy = 0: RA - P1 + RB*sin(70)

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Quoted By: >>11139300

>What are moments

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I will not fucking do your homework. If you cant solve this you deserve to fail. Moreover, you should quit, I dont want any fucking engineer to be who cant fucking solve this.

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>what are words

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dude look at the state of this board, what is wrong with little static every now and then

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Why is sending a pulsed laser beam between two nearly-perpendicular, polished to Planck smoothness mirrors spaced 10^n meters apart and listening for all the echos from the different distances the laser reached and beamed itself partially back the best way to spacially explore infinity?

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Parallel, I fucking meant nearly-parallel obv

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But it's not

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Quoted By: >>11139489

Because God touches himself at night.

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>explore infinity
#define explore pseudointellectual_bs

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Pretty much exactly what the universe is on a very basic level

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does natural selection recommend this fun idea?

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100 IQ is average in the US so that would be a far cutting off point everywhere in the world

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>does natural selection recommend this fun idea?

Natural selection doesn’t “recommend” anything. If you mean “does this act increase the chance of my genes surviving another generation?”, then yes, it does quite evidently.

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Based. I hope he does it again.
Seed the africans with white genes. Thats at least 400 children who will grow up smarter than their peers.

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Quoted By: >>11147087

This seems fake, or else he has the new second place high score.

>> No.11147087

On second thought, I guess if he's only counting 600 conceptions, the miscarriage rate in Africa is probably high enough to knock him down a few places. Still seems untrue.

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Any of you guys/ galls know how calculate formall charges/tell us where were fucking up (please explain in the dead simplest way posible.

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You fucked up when you posted a homework thread, were too retarded to spell multiple words right and didn't even manage to rotate your photo.
Kill yourself.

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brutal but accurate

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Quoted By: >>11139211

you dont seem to be fucking up? the absolute simplest way is:
count the number of lines and dots sticking out of the element, then do valance number - number of dots and lines, AKA more lines and dots = more electrons, or more negative charge.

For oxygen its 6, so if you have a single bond and 3 lone pairs, you end up with 3x2= 6 dots and 1 line, so 6-7=-1
-O :

So, depending on the molecule, its can often be favorable to double bond it, then you lose 2 dots and gain 1 line, for a net loss of 1. Bringing the FC to 0.


when you have positive central atom, (try doing (SO4)2-, you will end up with a +2 central S and all around you get -1 Oxygen. When that happens, you reduce the number of FC by creating 2 double bonds (S is an exception and can exceed octets), then you get 2 double bonds and 2 single ones, or two negative oxygens only. thats the best structure because O is the most electronegative, you only have 2 formal charges (as opposed to the previous 4), and those 2 charges are very small in absolute value (1)

>> No.11139211

essentially, to save time, when you have a positive central atom with negative Oxygens or another really electronegative element (Fluoride for example) you will simply "pour" electrons into the center bounds until the center is neutral

FOR so42-:
You get a bond order of 1.5, if u dont know what that is yet just ignore this

NOTE: only if the central atom is above 3rd period (is an exception and can exceed octets).

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I'm curious what books /sci/ is reading right now - whether it is fiction or non fiction? Name them, how you are finding the book, how many pages a day you read (whether you read 1 book alone or 2 books as the same time). Want to broaden my book reading list. Go.

Currently reading The Laws of Human Nature and have got The Singularity is Near (cuck library has only this Kurzweil book).

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Foucault's Pendulum
>good, not as good as the hype promises

Nielsen and Chuang Quantum Computing
>really fucking good

Can't really say how much I read per day, it varies a lot. Mostly because I have to read many papers which interferes with other reading. I do mostly read at least two books at the same time.

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finished Lolita a few weeks ago, loved it
reading Kokoro rn, good so far
both recommended from lit

>> No.11140685

>Name them
King Lear
>how many pages a day you read
Usually I read one scene every time I sit to read, but I don't read every day.
>how you are finding the book
Excellent, one of the best pieces of literature ever written, as most of Shakespeare's plays. Every time I read a play again is worthy.

>> No.11141040

the Book of Proof and the Silmarillion
and I'm watching My Hero Academia

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Good thread

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if I'm just going to pop why did I even form in the first place?

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so beautiful, yet so brief.

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Quoted By: >>11140687

That is not a bubble, anon.

That is a sphere.

>> No.11140687

If measured with high accuracy just how perfect a sphere would it be

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if I'm just going to die why did I even be born in the first place?

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If you freeze it, you have balls. Deal with it.

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Quoted By: >>11140867

>Electromagnetic force is described by gauge theory that corresponds to the symmetry group U(1)

Explain this in scientifically falsifiable terms.

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What are the experiment examples?

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Quoted By: >>11140907

>Explain this in scientifically falsifiable terms.
experimentally demonstrate phenomenon not consistent with the model. hint: it's easy since maxwell's equations aren't quantum in nature; still it's a widely applicable model

>> No.11140872

>8 equations
imagine not knowing basic calculus. By the way:
Line 1 is falsified if we observe a current induced in a wire that is not proportional to the change in magnetic field within, or if a changing magnetic field does not induce current.
Line 2 is falsified if we find a current does not produce a magnetic field in the loop surrounding the wire.
Line 3 is falsified if we find a surface that has some amount of electric flux passing through it but does not contain any charge.
Line 4 is falsified if we observe a magnetic monopole.

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Quoted By: >>11142290

Maxwell doesnt get cucked like Newton tho. In Quantum Field Theory actions at the scales involved invoke frequencys that would be faster than light which invokes different types of actions which QFT covers with a combination of actions and classic electrodynamics when needed.

>> No.11142290

>faster than light
Those have different units reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Quoted By: >>11139135

A bigger population makes knowledge proportionally more valuable.

Let's say you can spend five million on inventing something that saves $2 dollars each person each day. A major invention by any measure.

I a village of 200, that is going to take 12500 days, or little over 34 years to repay. It may be perfectly reasonable not to do that.

In a town of 20 thousands, it will only take 125 days, or four months to repay. By all means y9u should do that.

in a city of two million, it's goung to repay in less than two days, in fact you may be tempted to spend considerably more to get the results faster.

How about something that takes $100 million to invent and saves 10 cents each day?
In the village, you can just forget about that.
In the town, it would take 50000 days, or 136 years to pay off. You would have to be pretty determined to think it's wort that.
In the city? Only a thousand days or less than three years to repay.

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Quoted By: >>11139113

This is also why I can make over $40k a year shooting extreme niche fetish porn only one in a few thousand people could watch

>> No.11139113


>> No.11139135

It seems that I used 2 mil city iin the first example, but only 1 mil in the second; it should be only fife hundred days then.

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Quoted By: >>11139151

Or that more people = more brains = more chance of Einsteins?

>> No.11139151

no. More people means more people can contribute to the national economy; greater workforce per capita.

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What is the most marketable PhD degree? Does science even qualify or is it something like economics?
What about masters degrees?

>> No.11139051
Quoted By: >>11139127

comp sci, physics, engineering

>> No.11139127

Is this true for masters degrees as well?

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Quoted By: >>11139034 >>11139042

What happened to the chem general?
I know you flashy colored flask losers are there

Don't try to hide you fuckers I see you clearly

>> No.11139034

I miss the chem general desu

>> No.11139038

chem is for loser-

oh, wait.

>> No.11139039

Bring it back

>> No.11139042

maybe there weren't enough people to keep the convo going? maybe you should try starting one and see if it attracts people

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How painful is dying of kidney failure?

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Dying of Tetanus is more painful

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please elaborate

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Goodbye nigger

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There are too many people who need dialysis and new kidneys because of pure bad luck to consider treating complete retards like you, a person who killed their organs trying to get high.

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Quoted By: >>11140291 >>11140324

How fast can a mile-tall human run?

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>mile high straw man.

>> No.11140291

Depends, how many people live in mile-tall?

>> No.11140324

they can't. A mile tall human would die instantly. Blood pressure at the feet is high enough to burst the skin to say nothing of the difficulty for the hear to pump it up to the brain. Even if we use fucking magic here, it is unlikely they will be able to run. This is because the ground surface pressure should be so high that they start to sink. This is even more the case when running. When we run we are really just hopping from one leg to the other, which would make surface pressure much higher. More likely a mile high person would have to shuffle slowly around for many of the same reasons large pieces of machinery like the crawler transporter and mining equipment is slow.

>> No.11140388

Let's update the question;

Ignoring all of the physiological complications, what would the implications be for the surrounding environment if he were to run a lap along the equator? Of course it would become a biathlon (?), as swimming would be involved, probably having some interesting consequences

>> No.11140408

only real answer

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I masturbate to mapping class groups.

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Quoted By: >>11139064

Usually about 4 times a week. I'm only able to come up with research during the afterglow so I'm basically like Paul Erd?s.

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yeah no that's normal

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Tell me you wouldn't smash...

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>unzips balls
oh it's on

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You gotta bump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers

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Also S.H. is such a babe. Love her.

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Quoted By: >>11139245

Where's Gary?

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>> No.11139245
Quoted By: >>11139248 >>11139431


Locked in my basement. Feminists love Geminem.

chicka chicka chicka slim


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>> No.11139431


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Quoted By: >>11139386

To a conscious human observer who somehow instantly accelerates to and then travels at c (like a photon), would a trip to the nearest star take an instant, 1540.299863 days, or an eternity?

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Quoted By: >>11139424

When people refer to travelling at the speed of light, do they mean subjectively accelerating to the speed associated with the mathematically constant, or do they mean "objectively" nearing the speed of light from the perspective of outside observers?
I find the former more intuitive, but it causes confusion among people who usually refer to the latter.

>> No.11139386
Quoted By: >>11139408

From the pov of photon, they're present everywhere, like God.

>> No.11139408
Quoted By: >>11139410

Are you referencing https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-electron_universe? If not, it should be right up your ally

>> No.11139410

No, from a relativistic state and the wavefunction from QM.

>> No.11139424

From the point of view of the astronaut, he is not moving at all. It's the universe that is moving at high speed.

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I need help! i got this excersice and i cant solve the last part

It says " what is the volume of the R3 area if you spin it around the Y axis?"

I think i just gotta integrate -g(y)^2 and multiply it by pi. Am i Right?

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Quoted By: >>11139183

If you spin it around the y-axis all the way back to where you started from, the value must be 0. This problem is not designed to test your calculation skills, but rather your understanding of the concepts.

>> No.11139176

Homework threads are against the rules.

>> No.11139183

>This problem is not designed to test your calculation skills, but rather your understanding of the concept
Well you failed both.

>> No.11139208
Quoted By: >>11139237

am i losing my mind, isn't the answer just 4? and if we spin it around the y axis its still just 4?


>> No.11139237

I'm pretty sure the arrow is meant to point to the curved line, and not to the area/volume of space labelled R3.

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Average the max and low score and add 7 points for the final result. Example: 130 max and 120 min=125+7=132 = your range is Between 127-137 with 95% confidence.

*The 7 points added are due to the webarchive version lacking the adaptive feature the original one had, so the scores here are deflated.

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Quoted By: >>11144590



The top tier scientists have on average IQ in the top 0.8%.

Did you take official IQ test ?

>> No.11144590
File: 72KiB, 602x150, nobel prize.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I'm actually surprised by the relatively low spatial ability here, even nobel prize theoretical physicists had on average only 130 spatial IQ (reduce 16 points to convert to stanford-binet 1986 scores).

>> No.11144593

how did you answer the Qs with the large boxes? Like 2 large 1 small and then 2 large and so on

>> No.11144603

>muh verbal
>if you didn't memorize a dictionary as a kid, you're dumb

>> No.11145463

what's you score

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our observable universe and the anomaly known as gravity is the result of saturn.

saturn is a natural particle accelerator, continually running and causing high frequency false vacuum collapse incidents (estimated at at least 72 trillion times per second) for the past 14 billion years.
our entire existence and all matter in the observable universe is just a hologram caused by our existential radiation 'surfing' the wavefront of the high frequency false vacuum collapse
gravity is a result of the 'pressure' like what pushes a surfer down to his surfboard on a wave for example. our entire universe is enconded on an incredibly thin layer riding the surface of 'a' high frequency false vacuum decay incident.

due to the inverse square law, the suffering is multiplied exponentially at every second, with trillions upon trillions of souls being tortured right now if a god ever existed, its reasonable to think he was lost long ago to, many trillions of generations back.
probably before we were holograms in the first world i bet god exists.. lizards will be mad (they love the high frequency life), but i think the only option now is to nuke the rings of saturn or saturn itself to at least try and stop it but we will all die sadly.

discovered this myself by remote viewing and hoping trump and tucker carlson will see it, (i call it the high frequency false vacuum collapse theory).
interested in any links about saturn being a particle accelerator too. feel free to spread around if you want.

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>> No.11138969


>> No.11138972


>> No.11138977

none of you arr smart enough to comprehend

>> No.11138997

>inverse square law

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