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Which field has the hottest
Which field has the ugliest
Which field has the most retarded

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Those are men anon

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I have only seen majority women in physics in India
t. Traveller and sampler of women around the plane of earth

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Wait why India has this?

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desi bhabi

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Do you actually feel like you understand math ? Or do you feel like you're just going through the motions ?

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I'm in third year uni. I understand all of basic high school level math, and almost all of advanced high school level math immediately, and with solutions, I can understand all of it. I understand most of up to second year pure math, but very little of applied math except for the more basic parts. Third year pure math I'm mostly just shooting in the dark, but I'm getting the hang of the concepts. Third year applied math, I don't think I could ever hope to understand.

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For me it's very important to feel I understand what I am working on. Solving problems feeling like you just memorized everything sucks.

I just spend 3 hours trying to understand what a fucking differential is, Going through the original notion by Leibniz that involved infinitesimals to the modern one given by Cauchy where the derivative is the fundamental and the differential is defined in terms of it. Also apparently the modern definition says that the differential is a function of two variables x and dx.

I still have no fucking clue what a differential is. But some guy on mathstackexchange said that the difference between differentials and derivatives is more clearer once you go to higher dimensions. I will give up and just start doing my absolute/relative error homework. I feel that I made some progress though.

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Nope. In fact I would argue that extraordinary brains are really a myth. But let's look at these 2 cases more deeply: These men were famous for creating structures which would provide a rigorous explanation to phenomena or at least an interesting perspective. Also, they did these things 100 years ago, so by nature, the gravity of their accomplishments should be taken with a grain of salt. This is very different from the process of taking a question that somebody else asked and answering it. Physics, even at the highest levels, is still running experiments and mere interpolation of datasets. The study of Von Neumann's contribution to set theory is today considered to be undergraduate level, and he is just as prestigious for his contributions to game thoery.
nice drunkpost. FTC is actually very intuitive. If you write out the limit definition of a derivative and compare it side by side to the limit definition of an integral, you will notice two very similar forms that can cancel. It only seems remarkable because it is difficult to get FTC from geometric intuition. And that's what I mean by getting lucky. It is very lucky that such a useful math theorem is so easy to discover. However, as we keep looking for proofs at the same level, our returns are diminishing. Who knows the value of a proof of the same level that we will never see?

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Laplace transforms are actually pretty useful in engineering systems applications to see the behavior and stability of a system in response to an input. Also, Fourier transforms are kinda just special cases of Laplace transforms, and those are used for looking at stuff in terms of frequency. All super useful stuff

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I feel like I understand the things that can be visualized in some way, so everything up to PDEs. I can do more abstract stuff but I'm never really confident in my reasoning there.

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Take the red pill and I will explain the true nature of the universe, The Mathematical Universe, to you.

Take the blue pill and you will wake up in your bed believing whatever cosmology you wish to believe.

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OP probably means this


I like it. It's the only ToE where you aren't left with another "but why?" at the end of it. In MUH "Why does the universe exist?" has the same answer to "Why does the number 5 exist?" It just does, and that should be satisfactory to a reasonable person not wanting to go down a pedantic philosophical rabbit hole.

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explain this

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>File: 1573409661830.png (267 KB, 1312x1080)
>explain this
Thanks for the timestamp 4.

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In 1884, meridian time personnel met
in Washington to change Earth time.
First words said was that only 1 day
could be used on Earth to not change
the 1 day marshmallow. So they applied the 1
day and ignored the other 3 days.
The marshmallow time was wrong then and it
proved wrong today. This a major lie
has so much boring feed from it's wrong.
No man on Earth has no belly-button,
it proves every believer on Earth a liar.

Children will be blessed for
Kissing Of Educated Adults
Who Ignore 4 Simultaneous
 Days Same Earth Rotation.
Practicing Boring ONEness -
Upon Earth Of Quadrants.
 Boring Adult Crime VS Youth.
 Supports Lie Of Integration.
 1 Educated Are Most Dumb.
 Not 1 Human Except Dead 1.
 Man Is Paired, 2 Half 4 Self.
 1 of God Is Only 1/4 Of God.                        Â
  Marshmallow A Lie & Word Is Lies.
  Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s.
 God Is Born Of A Mother –
  She Left Belly B. Signature.
Every Priest Has Ma Sign
 But Lies To Honor Unicorns.
Belly B. Proves 4 Corners.

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>muh theory

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Am I a brainlet if I find pharmacology/chemistry to be far more interesting than pure math like you faggots do?

I just don´t feel passion for math, is clinical autism an state of mind required to feel love for it?

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If you only worry about smart boy points and not doing what you love then you'll never make it. You love chemistry, go for it my dude.

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Can't tell if double ironic trolling or newfag tourist

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Does anyone have that "Engineers, Physicists and Mathematicians all need each other" saved?

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bible schizo detected

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I'm talking about the real world anon. Leave your home.

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>Rosenhan's study was done in two parts. The first part involved the use of healthy associates or "pseudopatients" (three women and five men, including Rosenhan himself) who briefly feigned auditory hallucinations in an attempt to gain admission to 12 psychiatric hospitals in five states in the United States. All were admitted and diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. After admission, the pseudopatients acted normally and told staff that they felt fine and had no longer experienced any additional hallucinations. All were forced to admit to having a mental illness and had to agree to take antipsychotic drugs as a condition of their release. The average time that the patients spent in the hospital was 19 days. All but one were diagnosed with schizophrenia "in remission" before their release.

>The second part of his study involved an offended hospital administration challenging Rosenhan to send pseudopatients to its facility, whom its staff would then detect. Rosenhan agreed and in the following weeks out of 250 new patients the staff identified 41 as potential pseudopatients, with 2 of these receiving suspicion from at least one psychiatrist and one other staff member. In fact, Rosenhan had sent no pseudopatients to the hospital.

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>Tell initial examiner you have hallucinations
>Staff believe you are prone to hallucinations due to the fact that you told them you have hallucinations
>"Wow, guys, psychiatry is all a big scam"

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But they use real drugs. Why do you think that I can't go to a real doctor and tell him I have cancer and just get a bunch of prescriptions immediately? Also, do you not see this is as an issue? That someone can get prescribed drugs without having any condition at all?

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Rosenhan earns +5 internets for such superb scientific work.

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if im foucault

we are in a prison now
what do we think of prisons? what isnt a prison?

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Wow guys! The psychiatric staff said all these perfectly healthy people had what is approximately the most severe, debilitating psychiatric disease in existence, all based on some previous one-time instances which they were not witnesses to. Nothing to see here! Yay for pseudchiatry!

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Any drugs or actions?

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nicotine is gud

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IQ is not everything buddy. I have a 129 IQ but suffer from short term memory loss so technically you should have a higher chance of a successful outcome in life with a much lower IQ score.

I do memory training which helps with my short term memory loss, maybe it could help you also? https://www.thegreatcourses.com/courses/scientific-secrets-for-a-powerful-memory.html#

If you are above 100 IQ you are okay.

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Ask /r/nootropics

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explain ?

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You have to induce something called "neurotrophic factor" while using a GSK-3B inhibitor and Hdac inhibitors (probaby best to add a tDCs as well so you could control which part of brain you desire to proliferate) if you want your brain to grow/adapt

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I have read studies which conclude that we retain more when reading paper books instead of a PDF on a screen.
I have found that it is because we interact with the book as we read, and all of the interactions/associations create a strong memory relative to pressing a button or swiping your finger across a screen.
I have also read something claiming that we read from screens in an "F" pattern, and we read each line fully with a book.

What do you think?

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if your that pussy about reading electronically then just get into book binding. but know that it's your own laziness and shitty excuses why you're not getting shit done

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Scientifically speaking, what is the worst possible outcome of magic being real and us not believing in it?

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Have you seen order outside of gravity, chargesort, agos like that an 'beings' of conciusness?

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Describing order as spontaneous is wonderful.

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You mean like how the future can affect the past? And like how HUGE ass molecules can be in multiple places at once? The universe is magical anon.

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Existential philosophy, magic, and science are three things which have nothing to do with each other

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Hegel debunked magic long ago.

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Just tell me how to get good at math without studying, please.

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Just connect your brain to Elon Musk's Overmind™ and download the requisite PDF. Oh wait that doesn't exist yet. Silly me.

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>Just tell me how to get good at math without studying, please.

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reading isn't studying. it's enlightenment. you make it sound like a chore. it isn't; it's a privilege.
try reading some engineer tier book, then. like Stewart.

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Study is good but faking it is legit. Just practise the shit out of what kind of task you have to reproduce. Khan academy and others are your friend.

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All you need for the medical field is a solid understanding of Tai's Method. Everything else will come naturally afterwards.

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what is scientific perspective on cooming?

is over-cooming destructive?

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use it or lose it

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Whats the twitter account of this coomer guy?

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I want to lose it.

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>hrrdrr should I stop yanking on my penis constantly like I'm some retarded primate hanging from a tree limb?

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famous inventor, Jack Kurzweil, who invented the singularity, btw, now says the singularity is only 15 years out! That's 5 fewer years than the previous prognostication of 2040.

Thoughts on this?

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Your post was not long. It did not need a TL;DR

TL;DR: you're a fucking idiot

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>...or complicated phenomenon

>Your post was not long. It did not need a TL;DR
>TL;DR: you're a fucking idiot
Neither was yours. Does that mean that, by your own standards, you judge yourself to be a fucking idiot now too?

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I was demonstrating how fucking stupid a TL;DR looks at the end of a post that doesn't necessitate one. Jesus Christ you are fucking dumb.

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15 years is a pretty good educated guess

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Well, good job. You got me convinced you're retarded.

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Dude, what if we're inventing the laws of physics as we go along but we just don't know how making math laws works yet?

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No, the math didn't predict it, but the math discovered it and thus the math observed it which made it real, but before that it was superimposed.

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fuck you, Steven.

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(fades back in)

Didn't I, though?

(fades back out)

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(fades out into the fade out dimension)
I've got you now.
*walks right up next to your ear*
No, you didn't, jerk.
(fades back into the real world thus fading out of the fade out dimension)

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u made me giggle like a wee tot, damn you.

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Usual crap argument on your end. My dream was undoubtedly related to the Notre Dame burning down. It was also not a normal news story and neither was El Paso. Dumb idiot lol.
Thanks for the 4.

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Thanks for the 4.
Odds of 0.

>> No.11133915


Thanks for the timestamp 4.
Odds of negative 0.
So much opposition from people who are trying so hard just to be wrong in the end.

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She's real.

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She's real.

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She's real.

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Or are programmers just incels?

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>To answer the questions you didn't ask, but are really asking with your post:

There are other places than Silicon Valley.

Programming is one of the most in-demand occupations there is.

It's a well paid occupation with little responsibility. Senior programmers make as much as doctors. With not even one hundredth of the responsibility and red tape associated with being a doctor.

It's laughably easy to get an entry level programming job. To a point where following a coding course online, and writing a basic public portfolio on GitHub will get you an audience. So if you're smart about it, you can somewhat skip college and associated 100k debt hole.

Ideal wet-dream scenario:

> Start learning programming senior year in high school. That does include self-studying algorithms. You can find college courses recordings online. Self-study what they describe.
> Join open source project(s)
> Start some (bullshit) open source project(s) yourself
> Work on it for 6 months in free time, publishing commits on GitHub
> Don't worry about it too much. It's not meant to be useful. It's meant to show you can code.
> Write CV where you describe yourself as open source code looking for job.
> See HR shit their collective pants when they see a 19 year old prodigy coder who manages his own open source software.
> Get a job. Work on your public credentials.
> Look for remote job.
> Find remote job.
> Move literally anywhere you want, optimizing your income vs COL.
> Find a woman
> Fork 2.5 times.
> Die of type 2 diabetes at age 82. Like a man.

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I think most jobs that require a bachelors degree automatically filter out applicants without one. Are you sure this will work?

>> No.11134834
Quoted By: >>11134840

Not everywhere. As you said, big corporations do have an overzealous HR that could prove problematic.

Smaller companies don't. If you're applying to a web dev studio with under 50 people, they won't have any hilarious HR.

Plus, an actual body of work you can show to your employer will make you stand out head and shoulders above your run-of-the-mill bachelor's degree coder.

What plays in your cards is that there is a serious shortage of qualified labor in the western societies. My <300 people company alone would hire 30 more devs right now, if we could find them. But we're scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

Corporations are so desperate they ship in foreign immigrants of qualified visa, just to fill the roles.

That being said, I don't want to make this sound too easy. You coming "off the street" will raise a few red flags. But it's not something you won't overcome with a bit of persistence. We're talking 6 months to an entry level job at company you haven't heard of as of today. Not 6 months to senior dev 400k position at Google.

I'd also recommend not overlooking the social aspect of your new career. Going to public events and meeting people will go a long way for you. Once you've put up your repo on GitHub, so you have something to link to, you should see if there is any kind of event open to public in the sector you've decided to pursue. I.e. coding dojos. Industry meetups, etc. It's different sector to sector.

Make sure you've put up enough code to justify you going to those events, so people don't think you're just showing up for the free beer. Some sectors are better for this than others. So do your research.

Once you've been showing around your face long enough, you will innevitably talk to people looking for help. Did I mention the job marked is fucking starved for programmers?

The best way into any job is through personal connection, not submitting a CV to HR email address.

>> No.11134840


Start a LinkedIn account. Point it to your GitHub, once you have something to show.

There is no shame in being head-hunted.

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TCS is the comfiest shit ever. At the grad level, are these guys just basically mathematicians?

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Quoted By: >>11139601 >>11139608

Alright, let's settle this once and for all.

What is the meaning of life? What is its purpose? What are we meant to be doing here?

What's the Biology perspective on this? What do psychiatrists think? What about engineers?

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Quoted By: >>11140080

So life is like the game?
PS: you just lost it

>> No.11139601

life has no inherent mening ;(

>> No.11139605

>presumes life has a meaning, that's like asking why niggers are born with diamonds in their asses
but most niggers are not born with diamonds in their asses

>> No.11139608

>What is the meaning of life? What is its purpose? What are we meant to be doing here?

There isn’t one.
There isn’t one.
Do whatever you want.

>> No.11140080

I'm sad now.

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Quoted By: >>11133902 >>11134202

Any physical chemists in here?

I'm having trouble with this question. Anyone got a suggestion?

>> No.11133902
Quoted By: >>11133917

Looks like you are producing Brown's gas with an excited oxygen atom over a given density. You'll likely to see some reading about the stratosphere if you look up where this is happening in nature.

>> No.11133917
Quoted By: >>11135000

After a bit of Googling it looks like the answer is:

Production of OH = 2*k*[O(1D)]*[H2O]

>> No.11134202

Just solve the differential man

>> No.11135000

Im currently studying for an Ochem test tommorrow but shouldnt you divide by two rather than multiply?

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Quoted By: >>11136118 >>11136141

What's his problem

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>> No.11134352

When someone believes in something, and someone they don't like is trying to convince them of the opposite thing, it makes them believe in the original thing even stronger. The human brain is weird.

>> No.11136118
Quoted By: >>11136124

I'd say how he deals with religion is pretty fair. But it still has a sort if special position even in the west, where criticizing it is not exactly off limits, but generally frowned upon. I mean if you dab on someone for believing in astrology and call out charlatans on their bullshit nobody bats an eye, but when you attack similarly outlandish religious ideas and the people who enrich themselves with them like theocrats and churches people get really anxious.

>> No.11136124

Because it challenges the internalized control structure. The same thing crops up in other places too: school is conditioning, and produces a multitude of obedient brainlet cogs for an uncaring job market. The idea is to make them think their lives have no meaning without being controlled, or at the very least that they would lose what "meaning" they had if they simply checked out.

>> No.11136141
Quoted By: >>11136148

I don't know, what's your problem?

>> No.11136148

based Dawson on da 4channel

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>> No.11133848

Testing what?

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Joe Rogan has done more to popularize science than anyone in history

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>> No.11136041

yes that is indeed the joke

>> No.11136154


American stupidity knows no bounds.

>> No.11136181

t. Has never been in an isolation tank

>> No.11136234
Quoted By: >>11136254

Alcohol is way more dangerous and destructive than weed is, but you don't see any attempts made to get rid of it.

>> No.11136254

The prohibition was the banning of alcohol in the US during the 1920s, however, backfired and the consumption of alcohol wasn't impacted.

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Quoted By: >>11134592

Daily reminder that Elon Musk has 0 qualifications in engineering/rocketry and leads SpaceX

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>> No.11134330

Trump and Elon are based tho.

>> No.11134380

Stop larping

>> No.11134421

He also comes from a millionaire family. Find a control group which accounts for this teensy little variable and maybe I'll listen.

>> No.11134592

He has two degrees, one of them in physics.

>> No.11134595

Well, it's true.

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How do we control and regulate telomerase on telomeres? Is it possible to just inject it on us to make our cells immortals?

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Quoted By: >>11133959

How is it cancer if they don't have a mutation?

I don't think so.

>> No.11133959
Quoted By: >>11134734

other than heart cells and germinal cells and a few other exceptions all body cells will die at one point or another and get replaced by other cells. I should not have said cancer, but generally cells that refuse to die will become huge in numbers and become a tumour that tends to have malignant behaviour
A mutation that leads to cancer will also give the cancer cells the ability to be very hard to kill otherwise an oncologist's job would be quite easy

>> No.11134734
Quoted By: >>11134879

Strangely enough, an immortalized human would evolve over his lifetime to have more rapidly replicating cell lines in his body, which of course would probably get lethal quickly and sink the entire little ecosystem. But it's funny to think of the body as a collection of organisms.

>> No.11134879

An immortal would look like Attis from FO; Brotherhood of Steel

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Hi, /sci/. How can I possess my past self's body in the year 2004?

>> No.11133688

FYI, I mean go back to my 10th birthday and make different decisions from then until now.

>> No.11133874

>Hi, /sci/. How can I possess my past self's body in the year 2004?
What have you tried?

>> No.11133882

Nope, if you eventually did do that, you wouldn't be even asking this question on this board.

>> No.11133905


be patient cause the tech to do that is 50 to 100 years off. Building the stereotype sci fi regular time machine will be done in 20 to 30 years. But some kind of consciousness teleportation will be a lot harder. Although could use A. to get to B.

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What did he actually accomplish?

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based Edison poster, fuck the haters

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You are touching on what he really accomplished. Invention on an industrial scale. An army of inventors working out the bugs and marketing. He bought tones of patents that were not his and he owned the ideas of his employees. I'm glad he exists, but also glad he wasn't existing around me. We benefit from him but, not the way it is commonly believed.

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Pushed less efficient DC because he wanted to make money in copper commodities trading.

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also because DC was safe and edison was right in pointing out his household AC can hurt or kill people. westinghouse basically created the need for those “babyproofing” electrical connector protectors.

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But did he steal ideas?

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>Cost 6 billion dollars
>Was supposed to destroy Earth or at least bring a new era in physics
>Only produced the number 125

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I militantly advocate the building of larger colliders in space and on Earth. Our greatest bottleneck is material science. If we are able to comprehend matter beyond the molecular level we will experience a golden age for the entire planet.

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>>Only produced the number 125
Now imagine what the billions of dollars poured into niggers got us and you will see 6 billion on some occupation therapy for physicists was absolutely worth it.

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>I militantly advocate
What terrorist actions have you tried to do in order to force the hands of governments?

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not him but I tipped over a garbage canister at a protest to express my distaste for a lack of scientific progression in materials science

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i exclusively use styrafoam commodities

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