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What are some credible UFO researchers?

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youtube has videos of them I hear

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Dunno their names, but there are a few who analyze these videos and "debunk" them, or is should say identify them. Pretty interesting stuff imho.

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Jacques Vallée.

>> No.11729813

David icke
Alex Jones
Dr Greer
Eric von whatever, the fag who wrote chariots of the gods
Graham Hancock (deals with some aspect of UFO lore)
Jacques Valee (rationalized view of UFOs, great perspective)

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So I know you guys like problem solving, but do you enjoy learning?
I don't see how anyone could possibly enjoy memorizing information. It is just a means to an end.

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I like learning to help me solve problems.

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>memorizing information
Biology is >>>/an/other board

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hi mr the janitor or mr the mod,

this was about religion & science, not religion vs science...

thanks for being a low iq retard
ban me thank you

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top image was this for anyone interested

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gotta factor out the time variables via dimension analysis first, but it should be do able on mathematica

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Can you guys help me understand electricity and current? What happens in this scenario?

>have shit loads of wire laying around
>get elon musk to run me some cable up to the moon and hook it up to a lightbulb
>one end of the wires is hooked up to the bulb, I have the other ends
>I am holding a battery
>I connect the battery to the wires

The moon is 1.25 light seconds away. That means something at the speed of light traveling from the earth, to the moon, and back to the earth, takes 2.5 seconds. Part A on the diagram is the current flowing from the battery to the bulb. Part C is the current flowing from the bulb to the battery. Part B is the bulb turning on.

So, what happens?

>the current, A travels 1.25 seconds to the bulb, and C travels 1.25 seconds from the bulb to the battery, and the bulb turns on 1.25 seconds after I connect the battery
>the current A travels 1.25 seconds to the bulb, B the bulb turns on, and the current C travels 1.25 seconds back to the battery. Light bulb comes on at 2.5 seconds.
>the circuit is completed, the entire field interacts with it at once, and the lightbulb turns on instantly

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electricity starts flowing from both ends of the switch, branch C flowing to the switch and branch A flowing outward. their signals propagate at a speed given in my article above.

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You'd be better off beaming the power with big ass wave guides.

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>all wires we use have resistance innately
Not superconductors

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The latter two both violate causality. (Snip or don't snip the wire when the signal is about to complete a full loop and the observer on the moon knows right away, not 1.25 seconds later).

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electricity travels at the speed of sound in the elecrons, anon
it'll take longer than 1.25 seconds for your lightbulb to turn on, and also your wire will break because no material is strong enough to hold itself up at that distance

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Why are these faggots so dedicated to ruining science for everybody else?

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The USA is a weird country. You take people of every race, give them the best geographical advantages of all the nations on Earth and then turn it into an experiment on the consequences of political diversity?

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Profits are always put first by people currently in power.

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Why are Europeans so dedicated to posting about their butthurt about the United States?

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con men always go for gas-lighting

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we realize there's no difference

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I was talking to someone with a supposed high IQ, and trying to understand how they think.

From what I gather a lot of the ability of someone with high IQ is being able to "shut off" part of their brain to look at things almost purely objectively like they are entirely new things.

Instead of going in and having "interference" from what you would normally expect due to experience/crystallized knowledge, they can always look at something as if it were an entirely new thing.

Is there a way to block out this interference and let's say learn math/language quickly like a sponge instead of making mistakes because your brain wants to do things "the good ol way?" Maybe I'm misunderstanding too. I'm sure processing speed plays a part. Is there a way to work on increasing that as well? I just want to learn a lot of things and solve problems for fun. I'm a midwit as it stands and just am hoping to get a little bit better/faster at problem solving and learning. Haven't read this book. I'm in my mid 20's and I want to be able to continue learning if at all possible

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I thought meditation was a bit of a meme. Well, you have people claiming they get superpowers from meditating and others saying it does nothing. What can it actually do for you and what's a good way to learn bow to do it?

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The cerebellum controls the cerebral cortex. What meditation does is that it gives you time to do some cleanup and optimize. (Especially when coupled with sensory deprivation) All meditation seems to be techniques to unload the cerebellum from the pressure of things it normally does, so it can focus on the innernal processes instead.

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The cerebellum controls the cerebral cortex. What meditation does is that it gives you time to do some cleanup and optimize. All meditation seems to be techniques to unload the cerebellum from the pressure of things it normally does, so it can focus on the innernal processes instead. Sensory deprivation also works the same way, but it takes no extra effort to learn.

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I have an IQ +3StdDev and I'm a fatass who works in a supermarket and math gives me a headache. I avoid difficult tasks and have sat on my ass and learned very little for the past 5-6 years. As long as you have the discipline to apply yourself to new tasks and challenges you will be fine. Stop worrying about your IQ.

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Any books/instructions for proper meditation? Specifically for the reasons of increasing abstraction/working memory/creativity?

Well I have the same issue too. I wanna enjoy learning more, except the little things take up a lot of time and it goes too slow and I get annoyed and put it off. If I had better processing I could make the little things go quicker.

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I have a question related to the general relativity.

According to the general relativity, a mass curves the space time.

But could it be that a mass would be a curve of space time in itself?

If this would be the case, we could focus only on the curvature of space time and forget the consept of mass completely?

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We should rename spacetime to spime.

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It's a measure of dimensional exposure.

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It's not really mass that curves spacetime. It's anything that has energy/momentum. Lookup stress-energy tensor.

And I agree, space and energy are the same thing. Looking at the math and the illustrations, it would be quite elegant if all particles simply were compressed space (that somehow stays compressed, like knots made out of space or like how matter can stay in solid/compressed form as opposed to being a gas/uncompressed).

It's fun to see that some other people also get this idea but it's strange that it's quite rare. Doesn't really seem to be anything wrong with it (while there's not really any evidence for it either). It could explain a lot of things from Big Bang to the nature of motion.

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>educate yourself on Higgs Bosons. Mass is not an intrinsic singularity
GR and QM aren't compatible.

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Weight and mass are different. Mass is just the amount of "stuff" something has and weight is mass times the gravity magnitude

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Most scientific fields are dead and stagnant. Only a few pure experimentalists who barely pay lip service only to the prevailing theories in their fields produce the occasional useful advance. They are carrying the rest of the scientific establishment on their backs. The majority of scientists just look smart, self congratulate each other at conferences, and teach remedial math to undergrads and grads.

This is how it ends. Not with a bang but with a whimper.

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Huh? It’s a term for all this “things will soon change and we will have a golden age!” propaganda.

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Not only that but the depressing thing is that academia is the world's biggest clique. There isn't enough time/resources/money/equipment to test every theory out there so we are left with 3-4 proponent theories that get all the funding/time/attention. And how are proponent theories selected? The authors are usually those with the most influence in the field. So good luck with your breakthroughs, even if you submit a paper with a paradigm shifting new theory like Einstein did in 1905 it will never ever get the proper attention and will never be tested properly, which brings me to the central point here which is there might be groundbreaking new theories out there right now sitting at the arxiv for example that will never get the deserved attention and change the world.

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Sorry not quite “propaganda”. More like delusion.

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Are you legitimately retarded? Do you have zero comprehension of the current state which science is in?

Kirchoff's law is invalid, therefore Planck's equation is as well. Just take that simple fact alone. Scientists will be forced, inevitably, to try to connect Planck's equation to the real physical world in which we all live. When they do, all hell will break loose within the scientific establishment - and in a very positive way. The physical setting required to produce a thermal spectrum will become recognized, and that setting will be the vibrational lattice. So when the need for lattice structure becomes recognized, pseudosscientific quackery like the Big Bang theory, the Black Hole theory and the theory of gaseous stars will no longer survive. That will be one of the first real scientific explosions in physics. Your brain must consist of super dense matter if you don't understand the consequences will be severe when that occurs and that it inevitably will, or if you believe the scientific establishment can forever carry on pretending nothing is wrong and just keep manufacturing band-aids perpetually.

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amazing graph, it's nice how they quantified "scientific advancement" in a way that is rigorously defined, and not just arbitrarily.
not a christian btw

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Each day this world feels more and more like just a dumb game.

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Do you want to hear the truth?
You are being trained. And you will either pass or try again.

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>Each day this world feels more and more like just a dumb game.
So it should be easy to git gud for you.
Stop making excuses.

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Not even
You've already passed in some cases, failed in others
you're just watching one path. If its a failing one, it will end soon enough and return to square 1 (or wherever it started to go wrong)
if its not failing, well, thats why its still going.

Awhile ago I realized something wild about suicide. You're bound to wake up as all the consciousness that you didn't identify as when you were alive. Except with no memory of yourself, as your body is now underground decaying.
But if you live a long life trying to be a good force in the world, upon death, you wake up in a world made better or worse by your existence. You're under the illusion of individual identity, so you (as any person connected to the body that was you before) just see your dead body and if you were an asshole, you think "wow glad that guy's finally dead" and if you were not, the world you exist in is improved as a result of the life you lived in that body.

TL;DR what goes around comes around

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make it better for the next generation
ad infinitum
this results in the world getting more and more fun to exist in, easier and easier to maintain, everything gets better
but yin/yang still always play, so it looks fucking weird sometimes.

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Does anyone have any credible information about the relationship between IQ and ethnicity? It seems like the only people allowed to speak about it are either racial supremacists or onions brain ideologically addled morons who find the facts uncomfortable and therefore spend their lives trying to discredit the science.

Where can I find out about differences in IQ between nations an ethnicities without having to wade through libtard cope and /pol/-tier racism?

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OP didn’t mention race once, he mentioned ethnicities

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>race is debunked
Some historical versions of the concept are.
But, just as the concept of species was not debunked when we noticed that different species can have fertile offspring, or that the old classification didn't match the phylogenetic one, the concept of race itself is not debunked.

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Anyone else get the feeling /sci/ has too many butthurt third worlders these days?

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>but now that process has occurred
We don't know if it did, or for whom it did.....

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>atoms on earth: 10^50
>atoms in universe: 10^80
can someone help me understand these numbers?

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>my point is how can a difference of 30 be so big.

maybe because it's not a difference of 30? It's 10^30 which is a big guy of a number.

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>there could be literally millions of civilizations with well developed sentient life and we may never know it because they are so fucking far or we can be alone which is also kinda amazing

>> No.11731195

I genuinly believe we are among the firstborn lifeforms of the universe.
The universe is gonna exist with habitable regions for at least hundreds of trillions of years and we came into existence in the first few billion.

>> No.11732373

there are 30 more atoms in the rest of the universe
fortunately they're pretty big, so just one will last us quite a while

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the human brain just can't imagine these numbers. we can write them down and reason about them, but they are beyond our ability to appreciate otherwise

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Hi guys, I would like to know if anyone has the "plandemic" video

>> No.11728147

Try in archive.org

>> No.11729134

it's a psyop by the same people pushing the coronahoax

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How scientifically accurate is this chart? It ranks jobs by how much exposure to other people's exhaled air the workers get and says that all the blue and orange jobs are essential for society to work.

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It comes from here btw:

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rumors 1 of the keys! http://www.uclablackalumni.org/board-members https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rumi

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That doesn't answer my question

>> No.11728235

Pisslam is a form of Judaism, just like Christinsanity is.

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>Basing your entire world view on a bunch of squiggly lines

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>basing your entire future on made up internet money

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This isn't science.

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hey pure math autists, answer me this

so I plugged this formula into wolframalpha and it got me wondering, does the fact that an infinite summation converges to a number imply that it is actually equal? or is the behavior closer to a limit where it approaches that number?

can the formula in pic related, for example, be interchanged with just the number 1 without any further considerations?

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inf-inf is undefined

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>nooooo you cant just say infinity minus infinity equals zero it doesnt make senseeeeeeee!

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Quoted By: >>11731044

People have told you that the answer is "yes" three times in this thread now.

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I don't think you can extend the real numbers to include infinity without losing one or more of the properties of being a field (that the real numbers satisfy), but feel free to prove me wrong.

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Ok nice shit boys thx

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What's the average female IQ?

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Sex bots are probably bad for a whole other reason, namely that it'll just reinforce the social isolation and depression of weird and socially failed men.
I think you might be downplaying men by saying they can be represented by a fake penis as opposed to a whole fake body.

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Quoted By: >>11743579 >>11744044

>He was the first popular user of the term shareware,[1][2] creator of the word processing program PC-Write, founder of the software company Quicksoft and an "online drug guru" who devoted much time and money into the research of psychedelic drugs
Nigga who the fuck is Bob Wallace?

>> No.11743579

some made up person to make the retard’s retard post sound legit.

>trusting random poltards on 4chan

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>> No.11744044

>attacking the writer instead of the message
>being this low IQ

so was what he said wrong?

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God the eternal One shorthand Zero mathematic Error unwritable Reminder.

Zuul & Vinz Clortho

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Zero's Vector Calculus
the Destructor of math

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Are you a God?

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Go away Gozer! and take Zuul & Vinz Clortho with you!

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>nah, the Destructor of Real line math

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What are some good books about the wonders and theories of space? Anything about distant galaxies, solar systems, other planets, how big the universe is, anything astrophysics and science theory to do with space

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Join the space force!

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Oh, plebbit bugman, not literal bugman.

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>> No.11743801

Enjoy your 50c

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Quoted By: >>11744025

The fuck are you on about.
Want to know how I know you have no clue what you're talking about?

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Well i know enough to not be a fan of string theory lol
perhaps i don't but im at least at uni doing what i can to get to the cutting edge of our theoretical.
We have especially the past decade came so far in engineering to start providing enough hints and conjectures to our standard model to give us a glimpse that gravity may be proportionate to entropy and charge meaning part of a broader equation just waiting for the brightest of us to solve.

If we do, i believe it will give us a new foundation of physics to work on that hopefully includes utilising gravity to achieve warp drives and flying cars that we are promised.

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the split brain stuff fascinates me a lot. one of my problems is how it deals with consciousness. if we define consciousness as something inherently present in the brain then splitting the two halves would fuck it up completely. you wouldn't be able to have a consistent consciousness with two halves of the brain unable to communicate. you would maybe have two consciousnesses, one dictating the self awareness of the left brain and the other doing the same to the right brain.
if after a split brain operations patients experience the same level of consciousness the the conclusions must be either that consciousness is at a higher level than the physical brain or that it manifests only in one of the two pars of the brain and somehow "wins" over the opposite site offering the same self awareness to the whole self

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My thoughts, the things I would say if I didn't keep my mouth shut. Otherwise I have sounds and images from things I remember, like a catchy song or whatever.

>> No.11733285
Quoted By: >>11733301

Did you mean that we can't know that someone will behave appropriately if they aren't being monitored in that case? If he said it was the starving people's problem then that would seem to me to just be another attempt to weasel out of responsibility, saying that he was not responsible for the consequences of his action, like trashing a house party because the beta who invited everybody is gonna have to clean up tomorrow. I still don't really see how that factors into having a split mind or not, someone of singular mind could still engage in this kind of behavior if it benefitted him, whether practically or emotionally. And attempting to reason out of your own feelings wouldn't really be a split mind thing, the conflict between the rational self and its emotional undercarriage is a well established feature of a unitary consciousness, and its manifestations are numerous. A lie that started a whole war would certainly be deserving of some severe punishment, just in my opinion, and of course reparations to the party warred against. Still though, I would retain some degree of empathy for the person who lied, still as I said based on their circumstances and state of being. 'What a miserable creature' would be the cliche form of such pity. I'd say they felt they needed to because that's generally the motive force behind such drastic action, not some kind cartoon villainy for the sake of it. Even then we would have the pity for the deranged, in a similar fashion. Treat others as they treat you and one soon becomes a slave to the behavior of the herd, I would think, but maybe you don't see it in that light.

>> No.11733301 [DELETED]

Explain the cop who murdered a man while being filmed.

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Yeah god forbid we understand ourselves before we destroy ourselves

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"You piece of shit, fuck you. Stop talking to yourself you crazy bastard, they're all looking at you. Why are you so fucking stupid and ugly and useless?"

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How to forget an OCD intrusive thought?

>> No.11727927

stick your finger up your ass

>> No.11728329

You can't lol. You just go crazy. Btw I have periods of fewer and more OCD thoughts and over time it got a bit better if that helps. I had OCD since I was 5.

>> No.11728342

Train yourself like Pavlovs dogs.
Slap yourself if you get them and eat a snack if you don't.

>> No.11728346


you don't forget intrusive thoughts, that's why they're called intrusive.

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Hello objectivists, materialists, and rationalists. Explain dreams.

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>> No.11730986

Literally just another mode of consciousness. It makes perfect sense for a complex social animal to run extra modelling and sorting scripts during rest time. Direct, self-conscious awareness is not the only content of mind but that doesn't make it magical

>> No.11731014

This. A rationalist is a believe about epistemology.

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That reminded me of my friend, who once had a rather interesting dream. In it he was shopping and saw a black figure, who told him exactly how should he tackle some of his IRL problems. Then, after a month or so he saw the same shop in his another dream but he was that black figure and saw himself from the past, so to speak. He then proceeded to tell himself all the shit he heard back then and that was it.

>> No.11731438

the army

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Space Flight General: propellers on rockets edition
The SN4 just had another static fire, DM2 has been delayed until Saturday, and SpaceX have their FAA license for suborbital flight testing.
SpaceX insurance rates for Starship testing have just increased to two hundred million dollars.
China has announced their space station plans for the next few years.
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>t: pic related

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>sn4 fucking exploded

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Fuck it I am down. About to get my physics degree.

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