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why do people take statins for lowering cholesterol? statins block the biosynthesis of both cholesterol AND CoQ10 (CoQ10 is a first line antioxidant found in the mitochondria that literally is a free radical scavenger). Because it reduces CoQ10...it increases the risk of cancers and worsens current cancers. So why the fuck do people think its ok to use these drugs?

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In most cases like this, whatever the drug is treating is more dangerous than the side effects. The drug should still not be abused though. Same goes for things like NSAIDS, which also increase oxidative stress on the heart.

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>"What is an alternative?"

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Why do geneticists use 2d PCA maps? Isn’t it extremely inaccurate to completely ignored the third dimension?

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The fundamental issue is not which subtly different, fine-tuned algorithm you use to display your data, but that you need any such algorithm in the first place. if you have to quibble this much, your data is shit to begin with.

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It's THE orthogonal basis that preserves the most of your variance. 'Clearest possible view' is extremely informal but it's on the right track.

The reason you don't try and measure shit off a pca graph is the axis are (effectively) unknown combinations of your actual dimensions and it doesn't mean anything. You can get more out of your actual PCA fit information but the plot is just to communicate an intuitive sense of how similar or not your groups are.

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So you have no point, ok then.

I know exactly why they shit on it.

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Because we're life scientists, not data scientists.

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Digits and pic related confirm Europeans are the true origin of the human species

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What should I major/double major in in undergrad? I eventually want to go to grad school for physics but can’t decide on undergrad. Maybe engineering and math?

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Math and Physics or Biology and Physics. Do math and physics, forgo engineering it will help you far less with admission to a good graduate program than the math would.

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Op here. To give a little more info, I would like to study extraterrestrial life one day. What are the best majors to go in that direction?

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>"homo" sapiens

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how's 7th grade going

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how good of a mathematician was he really now that we know he didn't actually design the "Von neumann architecture"

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Everyone supports one world government. The only difference is what they think that one world government is like.

Communists want a communist state. Fascists want a global fascist state. Libertarians want a global state of total freedom without borders and economic barriers.

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Mathematicians, my friend

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Well that project is well under way.
The real troubles start when it comes to question which countries will be on top of such regime.

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>fascists want a global fascist state
Interesting, which fascist or fascist-allied writings are you basing this on?

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antifa and /pol/

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so what would happen if a jupiter sized gas giant was orbiting like 300,000 AU from the sun? would the gases just all freeze and all you would be left with is just a giant hard ice ball?

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No, even if such a thing was possible the residual heat from its formation would keep it plenty warm.

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ask the kxcd guy

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I believe Jupiter radiates more energy from it's surface than it receives from the sun so no.

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It wouldn't be much cooler, since even 5 billion years after forming Jupiter still generates more heat from ongoing gravitational collapse and the decay of radioactive isotopes than it gets from the sun, and has a core temperature of about 60,000 K.

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you have the wrong conception of planets, gas giants gas is not kept as gas due to high temperatures, but due to low pressure, lowering the temperature would not "freeze" it

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why is /sci infested with just as many globalist shills as /pol?

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fuck off back to >>>/pol/

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Any of you big brains know if there is a short formula expressing a cyclic-universe, or just a cyclical system in general that I can plug stuff into?

Doesn't haven't to be proven.
Even if it's only theoretically/mathematically expressed like White-Holes or something, and is probably fiction.

Something to express all the energy in an enclosed system being compressed to a single infinite point.
(I know our current understanding of entropy suggests that it's unlikely and that no more work can be done at some-point, but this is assuming there were some extenuating force - a quantum/thermal fluctuation, gravity acting odd, etc.)

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fuck, how do we end this? women dont deserve to suffer.

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>emotionally celibate
Is this the rise of the emcel?

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Who said that they are suffering? The only thing that makes single people suffer is others telling them that they should feel like shit because they're single. I'm single and have not a care in the world.

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Where's the pic where the pilot gets turned down, so he enjoys life and plows exotic women while always having money?

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Gotta love how they specified that it’s emotional celibacy

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Absolutely their fault. They've got tons of men after them through out the years and at mostly any point during their 20s.
Decided to get a bit loca and take poor decisions?
Not my problem.

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Post all you've got

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>doxxing his mom
not cool

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So is /pol/ posting just going to be a regular thing now

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go back to /pol/ faggot

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South Africa is one of the most Advanced nations in Africa. Most things: schools, police, water, power, etc, work better in South Africa than in most other African nations.

I have very little hope for this generation of Africans or the next.

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How can I temporarily induce insomnia?

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Ruin your life for thirty eight years and live a life of regret.

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but why would you want to

it's hell

literally destroying your body and mind

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Have sex

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Look closely.

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>posting goatse on a work-safe board

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Whats funny is the idea that black holes may not even be these weird singularities
Making an imagine of its surround EMF and a void of that EMF as an "image" really awkward for everyone claiming the "photo" is proof of black holes..

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what is a goat-se?

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How did the media not notice this???

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how close is a bubble in a vacuum to a perfect sphere?

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>implying objects aren't simply perturbations of space

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I don't think it's infinitely far man,
It approaches a limit asymptote of the theoretical value of a perfect sphere.
So you measure the bubble and stick it on a graph compared to a sphere equation.
Approaching infinity would be becoming less of a sphere till it's outside of the graph limits.

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As close as gravity, curved space-time, and surface tension allow.

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Yes. And?

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Haplogroups are used by scientists to trace ancestry from various populations in humans as well as other in organisms through either maternal (x haplogroup) or paternal (y haplogroup) descent. My question is, do haplogroups have any influence on other traits in organisms besides just being present in your chromosomes?

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Y Chromosome mutations are pretty small. Study compared two lines seperated by 13 generations and give a rate of mutation. Mostly the same with minor mutations that they highlight.

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It depends on the haplogroup, remember that haplogroups are not necessarily entire genes, but small sequences that differ between populations, most of those sequences do nothing by themselves.

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>Listing / categorizing various aspects.

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Most likely:
1. Iron mismetallated to zinc (this one has been directly observed)
Possibly also:
cobalt and vanadium(/yl) mismetallated to zinc
manganese mismetallated to iron

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Make sure you actually know your DNA before doing things like this. For example I found out I personally have health detriments from Omega 3 due to how my body generates enzymes that regulate omega 3 and 6.

There's no universally "healthy" that is true for everyone since we work differently on a genetic level with different enzyme activities and other things that can greatly alter what is the most beneficially efficient way to live life.

>> No.11143073

Where to get this done? The doctors near me are quacks who won't let me get any tests I request done

>> No.11143254

Omega 3 is still essential (and in specific amounts).

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The secret of immortality is cancer. Cancer cells do not do atapoptosis.

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So if you use an automatic pulley system on an object, and then set the object into free fall, are you getting more energy than you’re using?

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>dude weed

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The mystery of the perpetual energy evaded scientists and mathematicians for millennia. Finally, the genius OP has figured it out! As with all ingenious solutions, it's as simple as it's astounding - simply use a pulley!
Problem incel scientists?

>> No.11141459

/sci/ literally cannot recover from this

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As someone who knows next to nothing about computers, what should I study before I try to learn coding? Any sincere replies are appreciated, Anons.

I'm a physics major btw.

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>This comes free with actually practicing coding
True, if you take the time to learn proper technique.
Otherwise, well, you'd be surprised how many fucked-up typing styles people develop this way.
You'd also be surprised how many literal college seniors about to graduate are still looking down at their keyboard, hunting and pecking.

>learning a good editor is more useful than learning to type
There is no good editor for people who can't type.

>If you're typing more than you're thinking then you should be automating
I suppose it depends on environment but I think being able to navigate a command line is pretty important.

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Quoted By: >>11141908

The Elements of Computing Systems

Building a Modern Computer from First Principles

ByNoam NisanandShimon Schocken

>> No.11141908



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Fuck all these clowns, don't listen to them OP. Grab a jetbrains student license and install either intelliJ(if you choose java) or CLion(if you choose C++) these are popular languages with tonnes of support available that will teach you all the right things as you go, also among the most relevant to your major. Forget type theory and all that bullshit, just get stuck in and mess around. Solving problems is the fastest way to learn. Look up a video or two on the basic syntax and from then onwards search for and solve as many problems as you can. Once you feel like you have the basics down, come up with a project you want to work on and see it through to completion even if it's shit. Continue making projects you'll eventually be able to make whatever you want.

>> No.11141969

Here's a book you should read:
>"How to be a better technician slave to Chad engineers"

You bet on the wrong horse OP, you are in for a miserable, self-hating ride now

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How the fuck does one get meatal stenosis during his lifetime>?
causes of meatal stenosis? Does masturbation cause it?

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Quoted By: >>11140741

>Meatal stenosis is a common complication of circumcision, caused from chronic exposure of the irritating effects of urine on the meatus and rubbing of the meatus on a diaper or clothing.


>> No.11140741

i am cricumcised
Does this occur at 20 yrs old btw?
my hole kinda shortened, wtf? and is itching some times.
any medfag on here to tell me what's going on?

>> No.11141104

bump, will check again soon for response

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Quoted By: >>11141428

This is for all of you who should be studying for exams.
Close the other tabs. /sci/ bumps slowly. Study. Do your work. It'll be worth it.
Hang in there.

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Quoted By: >>11142088

rent free

>> No.11141394

one time i was stoned naked and zoned out standing in the laundry room and i started thinking about addition and touching myself... hmmmmm

>> No.11141411

Bro, don't let the urge control you, this is a lie you created to yourself, masturbating isn't the problem at focus, but having this sick mentality that doesn't let you think, that thinks that sex is more important than studying science and math in general.

I wish I could do what I told you more easily though.

>> No.11141428

Just finished everything I needed to do. What do I do now, /Sci/?

>> No.11142088

>when retards live in your mind rent free
feels bad man
but i think responding to any post with "rent free" is itself an example of "rent free"

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Just had my first coding interview and, good lord, that was not what I expected. No data structures or algorithms whatsoever. Also no real code writing.

Only had 2 sessions (was told that there was a misscheduling? Could that've been a lie and I got cut early or something?)

First session was coding, but not really. First question was a cost analysis problem, but not a coding one. Evaluate the cost of 3 different possible projects and recommend one to the CTO. This was really strange and threw me for a loop immediately. I tried to verbalize my thinking process as you should, but it was just calculating costs. No coding whatsoever.

Next question I absolutely fucked up on. First, I forgot that fg is the linux command for displaying processes. Just completely blanked and admitted it. They then asked if I knew how to find out more about a process. I mentioned ways to deconstruct its code/debug (like looking for improper forks), but he gave as a hint "it is the file grep uses". Knowing that grep can parse any text file, I didn't know what he meant. They just kept grilling me on this for like 15 minutes, and finally said it was logs. Of course I know what logs are! They were being very vague and saying "data files".

Third question was object oriented programming, which I explained fine I think. Standard build a system with superclasses, subclasses etc.

2nd session went amazing, and I really hit it off with the other developers. This section was more about my personal projects and previous job experience.

After that though, it was just a tour of the office and then I was sent out. I feel so strange. I was never asked a single data structure question at all, not a single thing about database management or algorithms either.

Do I have any shot? They said I asked a lot of good questions on the other 2 coding questions, and I solved them. Aced session 2. I just feel like its fucking ridiculous if it comes down to me forgetting a linux system command.

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Quoted By: >>11143033

Hey OP good luck. I hope I get a dev job soon. Too bad about your roof.

>> No.11143033

Thanks man; wish you best of luck too. After sleeping on it I feel a little better. Was just surprised there wasn't a third session and it ended so abruptly.

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Quoted By: >>11143459

>using pgrep instead of ps aux |grep
You're fucked kiddo.

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Quoted By: >>11143542

Lol I didn't use either. I remembered it was grep related but didn't know either command.

To be fair though, its not a unix developer position (AWS and SQL play a big role from what I was told, and I do have experience with those). Am I the only guy who has a bash cheat sheet in another window while coding? I feel like expecting total memorization of linux system commands for a new grad is a bit much, especially considering I never claimed on my application to be a linux expert.

Next time I'll write an email prior to the final interview clarifying what exactly they are looking for. I applied through a reference, not a listing, so I didn't really know they were going to be so stuck on linux expertise.

>> No.11143542

Just double checked all the software engineering listings by the company. Not once does it mention Linux experience. Also never mentioned it on my resume or cover letter.

Does that change anything? Now I'm even more confused about being grilled so hard on it. Shouldn't they have listed "linux experience" as a requirement if they are seeking rapid recall of system commands? Especially for an entry-level software dev position?

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>lol let's use nuclear fission to generate all our energyz XD

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Quoted By: >>11144842

Anybody who doesn't support nuclear can suck a fat dick in my book

>> No.11144387
Quoted By: >>11144872

But Israel keeps telling me that they already have them. Why would they lie?

>> No.11144842

Or we can suck a fat nuke.

>> No.11144859


>> No.11144872


israel is a nuclear armed terrorist apartheid state

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/wsr/ gave no help. this might get deleted but fuck it
It's about vectors
If I already have the P1, and P2 has a normal vector of (1,0,1) and passes by the POINT P.
How do I calculate
an equation of the line D of intersection of these two planes.
I know my english sucks, i just need some reference or something to help me

>> No.11142681

Try SQTDDTOT thread

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Quoted By: >>11140698 >>11140716

It is better for interstellar spacecraft to use a tractor configuration due to some materials are stronger when applied with tensile stress than compression stress.

>> No.11140698


>> No.11140716
Quoted By: >>11140768

Yes, a tractor configuration would be lighter than a pusher. However, a tractor configuration would not be able to handle drag from interstellar dust (it'll just crumple) unless the engines were on constantly to counter that. And then there's issues with turning the thing around to stop it at it's destination.

>> No.11140768
Quoted By: >>11140776

Why not just create a giant plasma shield over the front of the craft like that strut on the end of that thing.

>> No.11140776
Quoted By: >>11140784

I'm not sure how such plasma shield works, but there would most likely still be a drag on the spacecraft.

>> No.11140784

depends on how empty interstellar space actually is. its probably so devoid of matter that nothing or almost nothing would actually hit the spacecraft while in interstellar space.

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Quoted By: >>11140598 >>11140611



>> No.11140598
Quoted By: >>11140623

They're fine structure intervals.

>> No.11140611
Quoted By: >>11140630

Which "fine structure"? Do you mean the one you get from spectroscopy? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fine_structure

>> No.11140623
Quoted By: >>11140677

no seriously, I have some shit to prepare this night for tomorrow morning

we never studied them and I can't find anything on the Internet about them they are written like :

>> No.11140630

>Do you mean the one you get from spectroscopy
yeah, to be more presice Rubidium spectroscopy

>> No.11140677
File: 11KiB, 420x247, hfin1.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I'm getting close to the answer, apparently :
energy levels in an atom
pic related, I think it has something to do with Zeeman effect
and there's also a D, I still have to find what it means

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