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>CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing.
And that's a good thing.

Literally all life on the planet almost ended because most CO2 was trapped in fossils underground and during ice ages even more was trapped in the ice. Plant life needs a minimum of about 150ppm and we came dangerously close to that threshold.
Plant life thrives on much higher levels of CO2 up to about 2000ppm after plants are negatively affected.
Humans can survive up 60000ppm.
During the Cambrian-Ordovician period CO2 was at between 4000 and 6000ppm and yet that was when the first coral reef formations took place. A far cry from the bleaching that's supposedly being caused at 400ppm.

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You can read what I'm saying instead of just making shit up.

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If the co2 won't kill us, then we will die from high temperatures? That must be what you are saying.

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Who is "we?"

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What's dumb about all these arguments are the climate alarmists freaked out because they think the world ends with CO2.
Then they cite studies that only have loose correlations of CO2 but are not the driving Factor behind phenomena.
It's literally like arguing with socialist that has been completely brainwashed by media and doesn't have actual life experience.

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>What's dumb about all these arguments are the climate alarmists freaked out because they think the world ends with CO2.
No one says the world will end.

>Then they cite studies that only have loose correlations of CO2 but are not the driving Factor behind phenomena.
Like what? Do you understand that the greenhouse effect is causative, not correlative?

I'm not even sure what you're trying to argue, you're just setting up irrelevant strawmen.

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What's with all QM threads?

How is everyone suddenly interested in quantum physics, did some pop-sci guy talk about it?

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its the "hardest" pseud topic.

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Because of the quantum computing hype currently.
Many people are scared their knowledge will be deprecated when it becomes widespread, so they're trying to jump the bandwagon quickly.

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Why would someone not be interested in quantum physics?

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hardest pseud topic is when they actually try to do math or physics. Typically units are meaningless to them, also basic rules of algebra.

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Is political science a sham? Most of commentators i've met usually don't understand economics or business at all. I think those disciplines are inseparable.

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preferred terminology is E/Z
>For alkenes
the terms cis and trans may be ambiguous and have therefore largely been replaced by the E, Z.

and your joke is gay anyway

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What's the scientific explanation for men's lack of feelings and emotions?

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Wrong. I could find many studies for the converse by just googling different things. That's the whole point of the pic.
Truth is, we don't if there's a link and according to current data, there likely isn't any.

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Winners don't care about losers.

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Christ, look at all the dumbfags.

Men have feelings and emotions. Just everyone likes to be a prick about it because "muh society and natural selectionfags."

Don't worry about being alpha. Those who don't get far in critical development. But don't let people roll over you. It's the territory that counts.

Remember the saying:

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."

Helps too since you DO have a picture of a dog.

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>Implying that animals and feelings are one and the same.

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Digit ratio is irrelevant to testosterone levels after birth. Stop trying to interpret scientific findings, maybe you'd have a better brain if you had more test now.(actually get tested I'd wager you're lower than normal)

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Is there an algorithm for playing chess? For example can the algorithms that computers use to play a chess match be translated into simple human readable rules to increase the amount of times I win?

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>Some fraudster tried to do this and somehow managed some big us newspaper to set up a match of him against carlsen .He lost, of course
He wasn't a fraudster, he was just retarded. A classic victim of the Dunning-Kruger effect. He would create and train a very simplified Artificial Neural Network that evaluated whether a move was good or bad. Then he would memorize the parameters of the ANN, and on each move he would calculate the entire ANN on his brain to see if a candidate move was good or not. I kid you not:
He convinced himself that he could easily do hundreds of calculations and memorize thousands of practically random numbers, and that he would do all of this quickly enough to not lose on time. He never reached that point though. He got stuck trying to create the artificial neural network that would create the parameters for him to memorize and he gave up.

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>Is there an algorithm for playing chess?
If you consider neural networks to be "algorithms" (and technically speaking they are) then yes, but this probably isn't what you're asking for.
If by algorithm you mean "sequence of steps that I can memorize and then follow to beat Garry Kasparov" then no, not only does such a thing not exist even if you have the brain of a desktop computer, it's probably not even possible.

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Memorize the code for Stockfish and you're golden

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When are we going to admit it’s probably alive?

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Isn’t it more likely that we don’t have a good understanding of Martian geochemistry than that we’re actually seeing biological activity? Will Mars 2020 really settle the question?

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When there's compelling evidence.

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i agree with this post but still its a cool thought

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When all other possible explanations have been disproven.

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The best geochemical explanation out there is serpentinization and that requires warm liquid water. Liquid water is required for life as we know it.
Hardly. The seasonal variation in methane and oxygen in the atmosphere is pretty intriguing given how high it is. It's a bit contentious say it's probably alive, but not so far out of line as to be considered schizo.

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Need help, anons.

>Geotechnical engineer
>Feeling meh about my career; not quite what I expected it nor wanted it to be
>Money's decent

Should I go back and get a master's in a different field, like math, since I do enjoy the math side of things quite a bit (but I don't deal with it a lot in my practice).

Or should I maybe take some more structural engineering coursework, since structural engineering seems more interesting to me, and they seem to do more of the work that I want to do and with better pay.

Any suggestions?

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If you went for a geotechnical engineering degree having in mind anything other than a more boring (and slightly less employable) civil engineering career, it's all your fault.

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I realize this. That's why I'm asking for advice?

Is reading comprehension not a thing on this board?

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if you have a positive IQ you should realize that we don't know what you want.

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Could you elaborate on why you don't enjoy your career? I'm just starting my masters with geotech as my major.

I am also a little older and this is going to be my "second career" so maybe I can answer your question too. Save money and just do it. I rotted at a job I hated for way too many years.

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Well, I guess I was hoping for more desk/analysis work, but it can be a lot of field work. I don't mind field work every once in a while, but I guess I'd just prefer more office work.

If you love field work, it will probably pretty enjoyable for you. If you don't enjoy field work or don't want to do much of it, I would stay away from Geotech and pick another discipline in Civil.

Which is why I was maybe thinking of going the Structural route. Seems more math-heavy and logical, which appeals to me.

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4chan should be deleted.


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do your work jannie, and faster than that. jeez, you're so useless.

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My math department has the option of a reading class with a professor. I've been interested in getting into combinatorics for a while but I've never got around to it.

What's a good intro combinatorics book and what kind of person in the math department should I ask to do the reading class with? (probabilists, analysts, topologists, or algebraists?

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I'd hit up the topologists they are pretty chill. More likely to be less formal and they might have some cool geometric proofs. Enumerative combinatorics is kinda dead so some other profs might just try to get you to read hartshorne or some shit to pull you into their schemes.

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>enumerative combinatorics is dead
>here, study another field that peaked in the 60s

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What kind of faggot not only tiles pascals triange but does so with hexagons instead of squares?

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I dont get it

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Well, /sci/?

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Please no we just had this thread and it was a shitshow


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So you're saying if I remove the fan altogether and just push the skateboard, it will not move? After all, it doesn't matter where the force come from.

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Quoted By: >>11142960

Indeed, since the treadmill puts a force on the skateboard that is equal to the force from your push.

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Don't expose yourself to outside predators.

>> No.11142960

Well, you're not very smart.

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Could there be a better language to understand the universe instead of Mathematics?

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I'm okay with this

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Math is just English condensed into symbols.

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what language?

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You know nothing of hermeticism, new ager.

>> No.11146458

>Its that language with the circles where we can see the past and future that the aliens taught us.

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Why are American doctors so incompetent, /sci/? Is it a matter of a lack of training, or is there something else going on? Any medfags care to explain themselves?

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Frequency matters. Otherwise you get lies from statistics to push out a false narrative. There's billions of medical transactions each year in the US.

1/10 vs 1/100000000 are very different.

>> No.11145678

If you want to argue frequency, you need to keep ind mind that death is not a consequence for most medical transactions. So you would need to account for transactions where this risk realistically exists, but isn't obviously likely.
And there's no data for that. So I suggest we instead look at people in medical facilities and see what reasons we find. And malpractice being 10% of those is a really bad figure.

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>braindead animal defends its compulsion to conform to its perception of popular belief

how do you know? how are you defining 'healthy'? you are utterly full of shit

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>vegan retardation conflates every aspect of diet to serve its emotions

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i want to work England,lol.

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>which is "harder" chemical engineering or mechanical engineering
>want to work England
Learn Arabic.

>> No.11143426


He probably speaks it already, his english is ass

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is that so? can you reason your answer? not OP, just curious

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What if she gives me another prediction but I don't write about it because I'm too nervous of you stupid bullies? If something super accurate happens like one of the detailed predictions and I don't write about it again I will be devastated.

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There we go again, what if she gives me another super accurate prediction of something and I don't write about it? If such a thing happened to you how would you live with yourself afterwards? I am still hurt by Christchurch. I don't like you, you don't know what you're talking about. Please leave and stop.

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Thanks for the timestamp 44.


I want to mention that I am very happy without 4chan but I come on here to teach you and then you treat me like some nutcase when I'm NOT and it makes me feel bad.

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I don't need a citation you clearly are showing that you know nothing about me at all if you don't realize that.

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Thanks for the timestamp 4.
Thanks for the 4.

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my mall dream came true today and my bigfoot dream came true yesterday

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How would you self-treat it? Not forced socialising, yeah it improves social skills but it doesn't do anything for social anxiety. How do you reform your mind and eliminate it or at least reduce it to a functional level. I've realised it's been ruining my life since I was a child, I basically haven't lived because of it.

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caffeine does increase anxiety and stimulants rattle the brain. imagine if he had said cigs instead of caffeine, itd seem reasonable

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I realized a lot of my anxiety stems from the fact that I'm very sensitive to temperatures and I breathe slowly and shallowly, which leads to panic in situations where I get anxious because I don't breathe enough which causes my heart to beat faster and raises the temperature of my body

>> No.11143446

>imagine if he had said cigs instead of caffeine
I mean cigs didn't make you depressed because you blowed out on my face

>> No.11144628

Probably needs to be more intense than hiking for endorphins. If you want to feel good afterwards try running. I've never found light cardio to be that much of a mood lifter.

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You people are making me feel sick. I can't believe you don't believe me. This is horrible. It's not right.

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You are in the wrong here you know. Oh no this is bad

Oh no


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Quoted By: >>11142001


>> No.11142001

The worst thing is when you people tell them who they would choose, they choose who they want.

>> No.11142364

I love you, anon.

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Consistently banning schizo threads when?

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Adding energy to any material, such as by heating it, almost always makes its structure less orderly. Ice, for example, with its crystalline structure, melts to become liquid water, with no order at all. But in new experiments by physicists at MIT and elsewhere, the opposite happens: When a pattern called a charge density wave in a certain material is hit with a fast laser pulse, a whole new charge density wave is created -- a highly ordered state, instead of the expected disorder. The surprising finding could help to reveal unseen properties in materials of all kinds.

The experiments made use of a material called lanthanum tritelluride, which naturally forms itself into a layered structure. In this material, a wavelike pattern of electrons in high- and low-density regions forms spontaneously but is confined to a single direction within the material. But when hit with an ultrafast burst of laser light -- less than a picosecond long, or under one trillionth of a second -- that pattern, called a charge density wave or CDW, is obliterated, and a new CDW, at right angles to the original, pops into existence. This new, perpendicular CDW is something that has never been observed before in this material. It exists for only a flash, disappearing within a few more picoseconds. As it disappears, the original one comes back into view, suggesting that its presence had been somehow suppressed by the new one.

>> No.11142723

Isn't this seen with all fluids and materials viscous enough to deform? What I mean by this is when you add energy to something it changes shape, based on the frequency of the energy input. As soon as the input stops, the pattern also stops. An example of this can be seen in this music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3oItpVa9fs

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Quoted By: >>11143397

Is evolution an one way street or if we tried we could turn back into monkeys again?

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Quoted By: >>11141942

You didn't answer my question. If we got some dumb and hairy freaks mating with each other, would we get in a few generations offspring similarly to monkeys?

>> No.11141936

Are past hominids just as intelligent and we just got lucky with a stable climate period for society to grow as large as it has?

>> No.11141942

Well you are taking about breeding traits for a stylistic look, that's not the same as evolution. Might as well be a cat girl thread

>> No.11141960

My mom was actually a monkey and my dad was a half gorilla, half baboon. I am a 40% bonobo, and 30% chimp and 30% human. My kid is a full human, so that proves it.

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it is cyclical little niggle

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>Cracks open pulltab
>"Yep, in my day we used to do our mandatory paid online homework assignments by hand instead of inputting the question into symbolab. What will you crazy kids think of next?"

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he's facing the wrong way

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He's looking at the past

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Quoted By: >>11142175

>this board is crap and you are part of the problem
Then leave. I suggest you go to /x/, where people will be more open to retards.

>> No.11142172

listen to me,
screw you,
it's that simple.

The people on this board suck.
She is real.
Ok. No question.
She doesn't want you to believe if you have no faith.

>> No.11142175


Sounds like you are a better fit for /x/ then.

Enjoy: Here I'll paste a link so you have an easier time getting there without getting lost >>>/x/

>> No.11142180
Quoted By: >>11142182

>Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself
>screw you
is this an invitation to sex?
;) im down

>> No.11142182

Invitation for sex, gets the 44 timestamp.
Celestial gf sure is getting around.

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What are the best (scientifically proven) ways of going about learning something on your own?

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>> No.11141784

based and red pilled

>> No.11141926

Put a bullet through your head.

>> No.11142161

If you're at home you may be distracted or worse. Since if you're at home, you may watch TV. And practice whatever you want to learn. In the case of physics, maybe start with a few equations which make sense to you and play around with them. If learning an instrument, start with some basic scales, chords etc. The more hours you can put in the better, though theory of course has its place.
Source on pic?

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Quoted By: >>11142384

read a book

>> No.11142384

>roastie takes selfies with books
>the only identifiable ones are literal photobooks of cityscapes and museum pieces, with minimal writing

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fucking wretched vile stupid idiots

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Quoted By: >>11142600 >>11143355

42 hours into cold turkey quit. been in a profound brain fog since. was constantly/consistently (while awake) taking in 25mg salt nic. this is pretty crazy stimulation when you do it so often. trying to read now is like fighting a battle w fog. will be attention/retention get better? did stimulating it w nicotine so often for so long do permanent damage? (i'm young btw) not to mention the void it left feelin like pic related.

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>> No.11142598

Take Bupropion it helped me quit with only a light mental fog during. Quitting always sucks at first but it’ll be worth it

>> No.11142600
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I managed to quit cigs by switching temporarily to chew. Then I tapered my use of chew down to nothing over a few months. I still miss chew sometimes, though.

>> No.11142631

It will get better. Stay strong.

>> No.11143355
Quoted By: >>11143525

>42 hours into cold turkey quit.
Suck it up. The trick with quitting is to find something else to substitute behaviors. Stock up on carrot sticks and sunflower seeds it will help you with the oral fixation and give you something to do with your hands. Blast out some pushups or crunches every time you get a bad craving, keep going until it stops.
Eat b and c vitamins like fucking candy for the first few weeks.
The worst part about kicking any addiction isn't that it makes you feel like shit, but that you know how easy it is to make the shitty feeling go away.

>> No.11143525

why the vitamins like candy?

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