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>Hey you should become a Hentai/Manga Artist!
Ok guys, listen, the japanese mangaka are working 20h a day and they still dont get much exposure nor success, some of them even die because of overworking (good example is Bakuman anime).
How many hours can you work? can you compete with them?
Ask yourself...
>Do I get any good money of this shit?
>What my chances of geting noticed?
The artist who started when 10-15 years ago (when there was no competition) they got the full cake, youll be lucky if you get crumbs.

Remember, when you draw manga, youre wasting your time. you could evolve in European art (Not talking about contemporary artists because they are full of shit).

The more you worship hentai/manga, the less chances you have of becoming someone.

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Okay, I'm convinced, I'll give up my dream of drawing in an anime/manga style and instead pursue European art.

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What kind of self deprecation is this?

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I'll do an anime-styled euro comic and there's nothing you can do to stop me
The hour of ouaibeaux has come

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Its time to make a reality check

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Im not trying to stop you, Im giving you something to think about.
Just think about whats going on.
Think about your chances and analyze the Art market.
Its kinda science, not just emotions and "believe in yourself" bullshit.
The Japanese mangakas are believing in themselves so much they die of overworking.

How many hours do you draw per day? 4-6?
Can you compete with a talanted artist who draws day and night? (and still fails)
What massege are you trying to deliver?
Whats the meaning of your life?
Are you ready to "die trying"?

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I'm gonna do manga, and still live in America comfy. I don't give a fuck about the industry, only the style.

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I appreciate the message you're telling everyone anon. Clearly the manga industry sounds like hell through the lens you're peddling, and the comic industry is barely any better- but that's all I wanna do.
>Can you compete with a talanted artist who draws day and night? (and still fails)
>What massege are you trying to deliver?
>Whats the meaning of your life?
>Are you ready to "die trying"?
I don't like using such big words but yea, I'd like to give it a good shot. Nothing is stopping me from changing course if the efforts I put into that amount to nothing. Are you going to try working in the comic industry too, is that why you sound so passionate abou tit?

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8-12 hours is nothing, but 20h?

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Well if you feel, deep energy, and desire, destiny, who knows? maybe you can make it! Anon

If you have an account, share it with us to get more exposure. thats the minimum I can do to help :P

>Are you going to try working in the comic industry too
Nah I stopped long time ago and even deleted my account (which was a bad idea).
Now I gone traditional (which is a hell too, but atleast It has the "Original sell" option, not only digital"). Also I was disapointed in Deviantart because they banned me for having alt-account so now im 100% traditional with no digital.

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You know I was talking about making money, paying the bills thanks to your art. not just a side-hobby.

If its just a hobby, go ahead lol
(I should have said it in the first post, sorry)

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>Implying Anime titties isn't what's selling like water right now
You actually should become a degenerate if you want to make money with drawing.
Everything else is just punishing yourself for not being a degenerate faggot.

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I mean it depends on the situation, mangakas, if they have a contract with the manga book/journal organization, if they are drawing a weekly serial and if for some reason they are short on time, they work day and night without sleeping or eating, just drinking coffee and drawing.

Ofcourse the famous authors are not like that, the guy who made "one piece" for example, he has tons of slaves who will draw for him. because hes famous

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I have many friend who actually became a degenerates for money, and they have patreon. but again, the famous artists ate the cake.
Its pathetic to see a talented artist tries himself at porn and has 0 patreons. This is the reality. you wont be like the famous pornsters. (And that actually a good thing)

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>Ofcourse the famous authors are not like that, the guy who made "one piece" for example, he has tons of slaves who will draw for him. because hes famous
I love how Oda only reluctantly god assistant to help him when he was forced to. He's still working like a beast.

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If you spam your porn everywhere and behave like a fullblown sociopath answering every single cooment, you don't get any paypigs

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>If you spam your porn everywhere
Every single porn artist spams his shit for free everywhere. but it doesnt help.
Theres way too much free porn. Why would people pay for something that is free anyway?

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Real artists become NEET and draw without money in mind.

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>I read something in fiction therefore it’s true!!
You know nothing. The situation is a lot more nuanced than you think.

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>4-6 hours of drawing a day is a lot.
8-10 is a reasonable amount, maybe even 12, and pretty much what you’ll be working in any job these days.

12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week is a lot. Different mangaka have different schedules. The idea that they all overwork themselves to death is a myth. Toriyama had lots of free time for example, and Araki had a rule that he never worked on Sunday, no matter what. The workload is also significantly lighter with assistants.

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What I meant to say is, it’s a lot of time to get pages done, especially with the help of assistants.

Also, your stories of how much they work is bs. Not everyone is weekly, but weekly authors have higher pay, and can easily afford assistants that make the process super easy. That’s cause all publishers in Japan will pay you per page, each month, at a rate of 10,000¥-30,000¥ per page, IN ADDITION to royalties. You break that down to 20 pages a week, or 80 a month, and just on commission pay alone, you’re looking at 800,000¥ a month, or roughly 7500USD. This is more than enough to cover the cost of assistants to work for you, and have you live comfortably in Tokyo in your own place. Cost of living here rounds out to 1000USD - 1500USD on the low end. A monthly salary of 220,000¥ or 2000USD is plenty to live with, and even put away savings. So with that commission pay, you’d be able to afford 3 full time assistants, and still have enough to pay your bills without digging into royalties.

So the question now goes: can you and three assistants put out a weekly manga under a reasonable work schedule? Well, can you draw an entire manga page within 8-12 hours of work a day? I’d say that’s plenty of time. So 1 page a day, x5 days x4 people. Congratulations, you work a normal healthy schedule, and are publishing weekly.

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Story in monthly isn’t so different. Same pay rate per page, but you’re only seeing 300,000¥ each month, as you only put out 30 pages (on the low end, before royalties). Now, at monthly, you've only got enough to afford 1 assistant part time, maybe two if you negotiate well. But your schedule is a lot lighter. You also see less money from royalties as exposure is lower, but you still see plenty. Don’t expect to become super famous, but many manga artists are able to live comfortably working monthly. One good example is the creator of Tsugumomo, Yoshicadu. You can pretty much track his entire work schedule through livestreams. It’s not as insane as you claim.

Finally, there’s comiket. The industry is so healthy that plenty of people manage to make a comfortable living off of going fully indie, selling their books twice a year there, and the extra bits you get from stuff like selling your books online, and in shops in Japan like Mandarake. You pretty much work at a very slow pace. Doujin artists only produce like 20 pages or so every few months, as they’re usually hobbyists doing manga part time, but they still manage to see decent income for their efforts. Obviously, your fame and exposure will play heavily into how much you make.
So that’s kind of the overview in a nutshell. It’s not insane as it tends to be passed around, though it is a very competitive industry. You can’t just expect to make it simply cause you tried. Plenty of people do try and fail cause they don’t get enough exposure or money, it’s especially typical in monthly, or lesser known publishers. It’s why everyone aims for Jump or WSM, because getting in there is a shot at being a millionaire. All the guys having their works serialized in the magazine long term, are raking in millions each year. All of them, not just the famous ones.

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A study was actually conducted by a Japanese manga artist a while back (the creator of Black Jack), he basically discovered that the top 100 manga artists in Japan (out if the roughly 3000 published ones), are banking millions, but the bottom 2900 less so, like way less, but still enough to live off of. I think compared to the western comic industry, you still see more money on the low end in Japan, and you get to create your own stuff. So that’s kinda how it breaks down.

Finally, some things I might have missed:
>overhead costs
It can get very pricy if you go traditional. Most estimates average at around 100,000¥ a month on supplies. You can easily counter this by just going digital, front-loading the cost of 4-5 cintiqs, and copies of CSP. It’ll be pricy up front, but you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

>how much do you pay assistants
It depends, as they’re hired by you. So you gotta cover their food during work hours, and a bunch of other stuff (health insurance?). But the creator of BJ paid them a regular monthly salary of like 2000USD equivalent a month iirc. I have to go back and check. I do remember calculating it to: “Assistants make pretty much the same I make currently each month as an ALT.” Which is under the pay of a salaryman, but still very good and comfortable pay to live off of. Which tells you just how affluent Japan is as a country.

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>but what about writing?
Yep, and therein lies the pitfall that makes some mangaka have insane schedules, especially weekly. Imagine dealing with writers block under the pressure of weekly publication, plus meeting with your editor eating away at your time. Solution? Pick one and stick to it. DRAW or WRITE, unless you’re a masochist. Yes, this means less pay, as you gotta share everything with your partner, but in the long run, your chances of success elevate, and you’re able to live a healthy, normal life while making manga. Going solo is insane unless you're A very skilled writer. This is why you see manga get very formulaic.

But then, you compare this to the west, the workload there is also split between 4-5 people. Writer, Penciler, Inker, Colorist, Letterer. Conpare this to a mangaka, a writer, and their team lf assistants, and it’s not so different. Plus, you have higher chances of finding good talent to collab with in Japan.

Overall, that’s how it breaks down. I’ve covered everything I know now, to my knowledge. Yes, the industry workload can get insane, but a lot of it is self imposed. From what I understand too, contracts with companies like Shueisha and etc... are freelance too. So they can’t ever FORCE you to work a certain amount of hours or whatnot. As for what you can have assistants do? Anything basically, you’re they’re boss essentially. So if you can afford it, you could literally play the role of art director and delegate everything to your team. It’s your call.

Overall, a high risk, high reward industry. But that should be expected from art? You want a more stable job? Do illustration or concept art.

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>8-10 is a reasonable amount, maybe even 12, and pretty much what you’ll be working in any job these days

Dont even compare actively drawing for 8 hours and nearly doing nothing in the office for 8 hours.
Drawing is much harder than working in other jobs. It drains energy very fast.

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>The idea that they all overwork themselves to death is a myth. Toriyama had lots of free time for example

Rich and famous mangakas who has 10 assistants can have a free time, but not others.

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But I'm 175cm japanese, living in mitaka japan using VPN to browse english language website. I already accepted that i will go nowhere in french bande dessin. If i did manage to meet with publishers, theyd ridicule me for being short. You're just crabbing OP.

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People love exclusivity. Put out a taste for free, but the real good stuff behind any paywalls.
Coomsumers aren't able to think and even if you provide titties with more pixels compared to what you post, they cannot not pay for it.
The game's easy as shit if you're not a total beg, look at the crap other pornfags put out. Most of it is mediocre bland garbage, yet they still get money for that because nobody but other artist really give a shit about anything artistically.
Normies want to waste money, just give them any reason to give their money to you.

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>but the real good stuff behind any paywalls
lol no, its 2019, Internet, everything is out there.

But nice try promoting the "sell ice to an eskimo" shit.

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>youre wasting your time.
only if your aim is to go east. plenty of weebo fags in the west will eat up a manga graphic novel with a good enough story.

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That market is much smaller than you think.

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then use the skills to go into illustration. i doubt anything is actually wasted by trying.

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Sure, but nothing is also wasted in trying to go East and attempting what everyone thinks is “impossible.” The fact that it’s seen as an unattainable impossibility to so many people, only makes the success more lucrative.

Not really. Inking is a thoughtless and relaxing process. And sketching out a page doesn’t take more than 1-2 hours.

This goes for both of you, but don’t expect success in life if you only seek to work 8 hours a day your whole. Success come with hard work, and long hours. You think a business owner is just sitting on his ass for 8 hours in the office just to go home? 10-12 hours is pretty much a requirement if you wanna make something of yourself. The comfy 8 hour lifestyle is for wagies who have no ambition. If that’s you, then so be it, but don’t chalk it up to luck that other succeeded when you failed, when your attitude toward life and work ethic were fundamentally flawed. That doesn’t mean you should be a workaholic, but work hard and party hard. Learn to make the most of the precious time you have on Earth, rather than trying to coast by forever with minimal effort. Nothing was ever accomplished by only half-trying. Either DO, or DO NOT. There is no in-between.

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>it's the current year
>because i don't pay for it nobody wont
>implying eskimos won't buy ice
ok then

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I see everyone here is still a level headed and open minded person.

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Jesus guys I'd like to get back into art but how do you faggots draw for that long, and keep a job?

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Implying that being good at art = Spending more time drawing.

Tell me how people improve in less than a year longer than idiots who've been drawing OCs for the past 10 years?

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*faster* not "longer" what the fuck was I smoking?

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I don’t currently. I work a full time job, so I only draw in the afternoons for 3-4 hours. Weekends I do push for max time though. In the past though, before moving to Japan, I did draw full time for 8+ hours a day.

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