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What is my cheapest and most convenient option to make a personal site just to upload a webcomic to and maybe some other crap? Is wordpress a good one? Don't care about publicity or any of that, just want a personal place to get it out there.

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Im curious about this too. Bumping for answer

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squarespace and wix have promos on damn near every youtube channel. I'm sure you could get a cheap site from there.
if all you want to do is upload the comic then webtoon or pixiv should do ya

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Wordpress.com (the free version) is pretty good and I had mine for 5 years. It also gets onto the google search engine just fine.

Wordpress.org (the paid version you have to host yourself) is more flexible, especially if you want a more customized platform for a webcomic, but I would start with the free one first.

The caveat though is you can't upload porn.

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why not artstation/deviantart/instagram?

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Wix & Weebly have free versions

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not OP but artstation and insta are dogshittrashgarbage for comics. Insta algoritm can fuck you over HEAVILY and has a atrocious layout. Artstation is 99% concept art and probably isn't the best place to post your indie heartbreaker

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tumblr has a free theme you can install to host a webcomic

it doesnt have ads faggot

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Every time I try to make a personal website I realize there is no easy way to organize my works in a way that would be informative for anyone wanting to find more about my stories/characters.

Sure, it works for a portfolio, but that's not what I want, or at least not the only thing.

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Pixiv you have to have a premium account though right? I could never figure it out.

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>Insta algoritm can fuck you over HEAVILY
> probably isn't the best place to post your indie heartbreaker
OP clearly states that they're not looking for publicity / self-promotion. Why even mention this, you unfathomable moron?

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I'm not the fucking OP you troglodyte. I was listing reasons why I (read: me, myself, not OP) think artstation and insta are trash. Learn to read

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Personally I'd just post some template react code to a netlify page and add sources as I go.

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