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Is tracing as viable as some claim it to be? Could you actually learn by just straight up tracing shit?

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You can't learn exclusively through tracing.
Only gains I get out of tracing is when I use it to deconstruct shit I don't understand to re-do it myself.

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Or you could put the image over there to the right and make 50 copies on the left. That could also make you better.

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If you're a total beginner with shaky lines it can probably help with line confidence. Tracing good animation keyframes etc. I believe it's quite niche though and if you have to ask about it I'd rather recommend copies of other people's illustrations followed by your own imagination work where you practise what you copied. Copying character sheets and then drawing the same characters/objects while staying on model and not fucking up the volumes is probably a great exercise too.

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Sure, give it a try.

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i prefer to just draw

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>Could you actually learn by just straight up tracing shit?
Many make money off of it.
Why try to learn some useless skill when you could be making money by cheating?

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I think it is like try to be a novelist by copying books. It is possible by doing it in a certain way, but it is not the most efficient way.

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You can get more gains by doing a contour drawing instead of straight up tracing.
Basically follow the contour with your eyes while drawing with your hand on a seperate surface without looking at what you draw.
This trains your hand-eye coordination way more than mindlessly tracing stuff.

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Tracing takes away a large part of the decision making process and art is 99% making decisions.

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Worked for Ilya so sure go get em tiger!

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Depends on your direction. Do you gain pleasure from art? do you legit want to learn your craft? then it will only damage your growth. Are you only doing it for the cash? don't care about the gains? then trace away as 98% of people either won't notice, or won't care providing your rendering is great then you only have to deal with the 2% who are in the game calling you out at which point who gives a fuck you're making hundreds a week and all it cost was your artists soul.

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wtf is that mouth

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sounds like a sorry excuse to me
inb4 "muh soul"

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>Turn off anatomy compass.
>lol you can have 5,000 likes anyway dood; keep up that rendering and intermediate level lineart then we guuci.

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cartoons are just simplified reality.
i suppose you think if a character is recognizable, its on model as well.

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Not him but that's basically the rule

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>b-but the anatomy is wrong.
Who cares. It's good enough for the normies.

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Pretty nice fix, I don't really have any issue with the left one though.

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I wanted to shit on you but unironically fixed

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You literally made it worse.
She has an actual facial expression in the original and you transformed into a mathematically perfect soulless moeblob starring with empty eyes somewhere in the distance.

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nevermind actually head too small compared to canon face, the original one has the right ratio of eye to jaw

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If it had been the right one first, and was "fixed" to the left one, I bet the same people would be calling it good and bad respectively. They're both fine and not great

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"Tracing" is not all that helpful for your artistic growth. However drawing over something to deconstruct it and find out how it all fits together as a learning exercise can be.

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I don't get it ? In what situation would a girl in a dirty, torn dress be more concerned with taking a picture than making herself more decent.
Wait a minute .., you guys don't think this piece was created for people to masturbate to, do you ?

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If you want the context, the game she's from is set in a post-apocalyptic cityscape. Due to basically being a clone the girl is kinda retarded and curious and if you pay attention to the camera you'd notice it's ruined, so she's just observing it, wondering what it is. I got no clear explanation for the ruined clothes though, maybe she doesn't care enough about it to change it, being an immortal anime vampire. If it were up to me I'd give her something better to wear.

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I just googled that game and I think you're right, I think the creators of the game might have been trying to objectify women in some sordid attempt to appeal to horny teenagers with that game. No doubt that was the reasoning behind that bizarre choice of clothing for their main character.
Anyway, case solved, I guess. It's just always sad seeing women being objectified like that.

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>I don't get it ? In what situation would a girl in a dirty, torn dress be more concerned with taking a picture than making herself more decent.

Bait or sad case of someone having an interest that doesn't match their personality. If you really can't think of a scenario where that could happen then that's just your limit.

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Nothing wrong with objectifying women (though I think they went too far for my taste with that particular dress). And men in this game were all really hot too.

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This, tracing can be really helpful for deconstructing pieces/photos so you can understand how they work, and trying to pay very close attention to little details. However, it shouldn't be the only thing you do to study. Any tracing should be supplementary to freehanded works and studies

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we now have come full circle, haven't we

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Isn't this kinda a scummy thing to do?

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Some people need to make money, and fast. Doesn't matter how you get there

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when will u people learn that your analytical skills are the key to improvement, more so than the literal implementation

an artist can sit and practice copying however much they like but if they never take the time to analyze what they've done to apply it in a meaningful way in the future then it's completely pointless

tracing is just another means to grasp or understand an idea-- the fact that you ask whether it's viable or not leads me to believe you aren't in the right frame of mind already

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holy cringe

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You actually fixed it

Has this ever happened on /ic/ before?

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People redlining according to what they "learned" on youtube and making the original image completely lose its appeal and soul?
Happens all the time.

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Beautiful body. I love bodies like this. Rebis Dungeon is my favorite, but this guy has potential to be on his tier.

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I get you're trying to level her eyes with her ears, but lowering her eyes just made her look worse imo. I'd fix the mouth and leave it at that.

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OP you can learn in any way you want, the point is to use your fucking brain while doing it, if you don't use your brain you are just gonna be tracing shits all your life, if you read loomis or hampton or whatever and just see the pictures and not think you are just gonna waste your years.

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Use your brain like what other anons said: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVZzYlNIgMI

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>than making herself more decent.
Yeah, shame that whore for showing her profane body. In fact, shame the woman who show far more of their shameful bodies that I see on a daily basis.

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that actually looks fine to me, the first one looks like autistic and stupid

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this simplified form looks better than OP and has more soul

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what skyrim mod is this

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Yes indeed

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that particular character so happens to be autistic and stupid so I think it worked

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god i hate the fertility idol comparison. The idol symbolizes FERTILITY, indicating the features of a woman who would have a healthy baby, not SEXUAL ATTRACTIVENESS.

sorry landwhales but cavemen wanted to fuck beautiful big boobed thin slut teens too.

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Depends on what you're tracing. Tracing others artwork is pointless unless you're trying to go for a 1:1 recreation of their "style" (even then, it's impossible without knowing The Basics™ and working out what stylization choices they make).

If you're tracing photos to break down forms and understand anatomy better, that's a pretty good way of starting out learning how to draw something, but it isn't the be-all-and-end-all.

Let's say I want to learn how to better a frog's arm, what I'd do is:

>Get four to six photos of a frog's arm in different positions, from different angles, etc.
>Trace over them with simple shapes, work out the best shape to use for each form.
>Do another, this time tracing over the forms exactly.
> Then do a study of each one, eyeballing the photo
>Then try to draw one without reference/not eyeballing
>does it look good? if yes, move on.
>does it look good? if no, find six more photos, do more tracing > eyeballing, etc.
However, if you trace a photo wholesale, without putting in the effort to deconstruct thing, you won't learn anything about making your own decisions in art, and won't learn anything other than How To Trace Better.

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I've actually held that. Its smaller than I expected.

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>sorry landwhales but cavemen wanted to fuck beautiful big boobed thin slut teens too.

skinny roastie cope

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Some amount of subcutaneous fat is actually desirable for bearing children.
>>4207427 is obese not thicc.

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isnt it pre-historic? how can we possible know it?

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I've been obsessed with this game the past couple days

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I think that mouth is on the side to express confusion

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this is how you started to make this
holly shit anon, no sensei

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how the fuck do i do thoses cheeks
i screw them always up

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that actually is her character though.

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what is this daz model?

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if you're actively using your brain to figure out why they put down each line, sure, but otherwise you learn nothing more than line control


there's almost no reason to straight up trace when doing a study side by side forces you to think harder about the forms/lines + construction and doubles as observation practice

copying from 3D models or photobashing is an edge case, it can be good to pump out artwork quickly but you obviously won't learn as much as drawing from imagination.

you also don't learn when to intentionally flub anatomy/perspective for strange poses, extreme foreshortening, or to emphasize certain things


but past the /beg/ point you can skip the tracing step and go straight to doing a study off the photo itself

tl;dr: art is very much intuition/problem solving, the more you force yourself to think the better you'll become

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godammit how do I fuck Alex Storm, anons?

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I think it's genesis 8 with the sakura anime figure (both easily stealable)

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>sakura anime figure
based, thanks anon .

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