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How do I post my terrible beginner art without becoming an internet laughing stock like that guy who posts bears scuba-diving?

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post the scuba-diving bears

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None gives a shit. Besides actual memes like that scuba diving fag whats the last shit piece of art you remember seeing? I frequent /ic/ and I can't remember that. Same goes for the vast majority of people.

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>Noone gives a shit
This. /ic/ might give you this warped perception that everyone is out to get you and looking for flaws in your art to attack you as a person, but in reality nobody cares.

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>bears scuba diving

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>bears scuba-diving
now i wanna see it. fuck you

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Do it anonymously or under a pseudonym that isn't your main so you can go nuclear whenever and not have them linked to you forever.
Alternatively, realize that no one gives a fuck and if you end up getting really good you can boast about how far you've come.

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Try scrolling down and seeing when it ends

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>the cosplay
Holy shit I don't think I've seen that part. I thought this was some autistic 14 year old.

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holy shit

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Just don't be like THIS GUY and you'll be fine OP.

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>5439 deviations

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This is hilarious if it's intentionally awful. The problem is that it's sincere.

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>The problem is that it's sincere.
There's nothing wrong with sincerity

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disappointing, I was expecting something like ngmi-chan or that five nights at freddy's drawing

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Is there any way to channel autist-level creativity and make something good?

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I think it's on the contrary what makes it funny and SOULful
Yeah there's that guy who does the Dwarf Fortress drawings, if someone got any pictures of that

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basically if you can admit its terrible then nobody gives a shit.

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Stop being a pussy.

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Well hes clearly lgbt so that explains alot

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>gay people bad
Right anon. Because not a single horribly retarded person has been straight in the entirety of history.

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Just don't post it. Not not, not ever. It's much better to finish something and keep it for yourself than posting it somewhere and being completely ignored, which is likely what will happen to you unless you start trendhopping or drawing porn. If you really want to art, post it. But if you feel depressed because people are completely ignoring your work then stop posting. It's going to feel much better and you won't be distracted.

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>Gay people bad

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no u >:(

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I hate people huffing their own farts like you. I bet you are straight and proving your own point with that post.
t. fag

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Those guys aren't bullying him because his arts terrible, their bullying because he's extremely autistic and fervently talks about having an inflation fetish mixed with furry shit, he's basically dobson fully unhinged, but just not that much of a dick.

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This. If he had one shitty drawing like this I would've been wondering why /ic/ crabs are so obsessed. But he's been drawing the exact same weird-ass garbage forever. It just shows the extremes of autism and how they enjoy repetition but also how they can be unaware of social interaction and what's appropriate to share with others.

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>those numerous books
>those framed masterpieces
>that cosplay
truly a cultured individual

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I don't know if I'm paranoid but I'm terrified of being a schizo who cannot assess his skill and my drawings are embarrassing garbage but nobody is telling me to play nice

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>Yeah there's that guy who does the Dwarf Fortress drawings
I swear, we've probably crossed paths before anon. There's always just one other guy who recognizes him.

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this is cool, reminds me of Gobliiins for some reason

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Glad you like it, this guy's a legend.

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>pointing out flaws in a statement is huffing farts
the eternal intelligence of the retard.

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