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How do I feel the form and the "3Dness" of a drawing?

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U vilp

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go buy play-doh at your local store

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probably by emphasizing on highlights and shadows? stretching the values?

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I’m considering going to art school, is this a major mistake?

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If you're not going to a school with direct and deep connections to your desired industry then don't even fucking bother. Your money will be exhausted, you almost certainly won't advance pass /beg/tier, colleges dont give a fuck about there non famous allumni, and you'll just be some jaded wage cuck drowning in debt and taking for a ride because you had a dream and dared to believe that you'd be shooed into the industry off of back of having a diploma alone. I seen this happen to ALL of my friends and some what myself (dropped out when I saw the writing on the wall but is still on the hook for some thousand dollars) and I don't want this to happen to you. Be smart and use your money wisely and study and build discipline on your own.

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Crab nothing. I went to art school and had one of the largest scholarships of anyone in my class, but even if it was FREE, the whole thing was a waste of time. I could have learned faster and made more work on my own at home, but the whole experience was so soul sucking that, like many other graduates, I got burnt out and didn't do almost any art for a few months after graduation. Several years later and I'm only just now starting to get back to the productivity I had as a fucking teenager.
I'm telling people this shit not because I want them to fail, but I don't want people to make the same mistake I made, and I don't want this shitty system to persist.

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Um. Literally no.

Art is something where the only thing that matters is how good your portfolio is. This isn't medicine or engineering where a degree is seen as some indicator of competency.

Most people with art degrees aren't that good.

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You don't need to spend hundreds of thousands to learn art well. Honestly, you only need to take a few core classes so you can get some critique. Eventually your eye will improve and you'll see when there are problems in your work.

Do CGMA if you still want to do art and want to improve fast.

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>muh scholarship
Love this retarded shit
If you wouldn't have gone if you had to pay for it, then it wasn't magically a good use of time just because you got a free ride
Learn what opportunity cost is

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Remind you of a certain artist?

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who newfag here just staring

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based schizoposter

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This doesn't look like alke at all, you blind faggot. It rather looks like those soulless firez girls

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Oh yeah? Then why did you immediately think of him?

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that cartoon is kinda ugly, but there's no way it was made by an app: there's not enough cartoons in that particular style to train an AI, and the hair is way too particular for a current gen AI to abstract it properly

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Is there a site or collection of images where I can see one head from different angles?

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Same haha LOL!

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A quick google search gave me this: https://www.3d.sk/photos/show/id/919350

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Wouldn't it be weird if she came around the corner and sat on my face haha?

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Bodies in Motion has a pretty varied number of angle shots of the same faces making different expressions.

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you guys like this kind of design stuff? Tridope.com

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What is the definition of soul? Is it just a meme word that gets used as a synonim for "appeal"?

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Probably shoulda gone back to your old one

While it might be fun to discuss, this is more or less why I think soul/soulless as a form of criticism is mostly useless. It’s such a vague catchall term that it’s essentially meaningless for the person receiving the critique unless the person giving it elaborates.

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This exactly.

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soul = art that looks like it was done for personal enjoyment
soulless = art that looks like it was done for the needs of a business or something similar

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the entire neo-classicism movement, for one.

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Do you have anything to qualify or back up that claim at all, or are you just being retarded?

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Are we ever gonna have someone with mastery of technical skills like the old ninja turtles again? There's only so much amateurs like most of the people who frequent this board can do, since they have no form of apprenticeship from someone with decades with skills. Most western art institutions have long ago stopped caring about technical skills. And sure, Asian places still care about technical skill, but there's something missing there, some form of restraint and taste.

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You're not the boss of me now!

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What a stupid fucking post, I bet you think Da Vinci is more technically skilled than Rembrandt or Vemeer because he paints every individual eyelash and nose hair

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you know that ateliers are a thing right?

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Some ateliers require a university degree in art to bne admitted. My permanent record prevents me from transferring to a university.

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why is digital art usually so smooth and overblended? is that what the people want or is it just a bad habit that they all have?

no individual strokes are visible in sakimi's art, but that's the opposite of what my art teacher told me to do

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>and when you use them you tend to notice that same pattern throughout the entire piece
why is this such a horrible thing? I don't really understand why this matters that much

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Because it's often ugly and visually stagnating

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It is really not that hard to make a texture brush have interesting variance in strokes. Rotation, spacing, and scattering jitter all accomplish this, and a good artist can incorporate the repetition anyway. You don't even need a texture brush to make painterly strokes, either. You shouldn't concern yourself so much with what medium other people are using, just use what you like and make something good.

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do you know any good procreate brushsets that have this?

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Those are just brush settings you can manipulate. I don't use procreate, but if it's a competent art program, I would assume it has brush settings.

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An anon is expecting me to ask /ic/ which I had already forgotten to do.

Description of Ezra Pound in London:
>he 'had trousers made of green billiard cloth, a pink coat, a blue shirt, a tie hand-painted by a Japanese friend and an immense sombrero.

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sent :)

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What about you paying us? How that sounds to you, little fagget?

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Any help on guessing the right path through the bookshelves full of books on "How to draw" because I am lost.

I think we need this thread as a neet helper to sum the knowledge and find out the best level-up path from the simplest and the most informative books to highly advanced ones on the very specific subjects.

>Anyway, use this thread as the suggestive list to read and learn art stuff from beg to pro level.

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Start with a basics course like crtl paint, drawbox/dyamic sketching or The Art and Science of Drawing - Brent Eviston. During this time try to figure out what you are bad at and why, focus on how to improve(if your lines are wobbly or your circles are misshapen spend 30-60mins a day practicing to make them better). Try to break down everything around you into simple 3d shapes even wwhen you aren't drawing, The keys to drawing book is good for this. Make sure you draw for fun as much or more then you study. Play is an important part of integrating what you learned into practice. After you understand and can draw a cube,cylinder and sphere at any angle in perspective without being too misshapen move on to more complex things like anatomy color and so on. This will most likely take you 5-12 year depending on how on you practice each day (5-6 split between studying and fun drawing)

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I'm going to make my own final "GMI" guide and shill it to make money off of it. It's clear that I have a talent in guidance with how you people revered my guides as gospel over the years.

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Sure thing man

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Stop ignoring good advice.

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the sticky is trash

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Where can I find the reference picture for this painting?

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Oh it didn't do crossfade .. . epic fail photoshop nice one

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Don't even need a gif,
-the nostrils are completely different and the tip of the nose is slightly more bulbus.
-checkbone to chin has a completely different shape
-eyes are not the same either

You can't line them up perfectly cuz they are too different you dumb faggot.
If you try to match the eyes the jaw and nose don't line up at all.

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This. Even if it IS traced, which I’m 99.9% sure it isn’t, you should be more concerned with your own work. You shouldn’t think drawing something perfectly is impossible (although as others point out it isn’t perfect). You should try to bring your work closer to perfection.

>> No.4770987

Regardless if it's traced or not, as >>4770778
points out it's really weird for you to assert that it's traced when that isn't even the topic of the thread, this is literally you trying to cope with the fact that you can't draw that well

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Underrated post

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i can only imagine how his skin gonna look after using 2 hours on this painting.

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I am in lockdown right now so I couldn't go out and paint plen air even if I wanted to

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Forgot an extra pencil

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This board has now been enriched with superior modern art.

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What I wrote is accurate, you just don't like that fact.

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Go back to sucking off biden, this is an art board

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Why do they keep doing the same thing over and over ? Pic related should have ended it all.

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Silent majority in all fields, fag

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Ask your stupid questions here!

Last Thread:>>4746763

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How do I turn off pressure opacity in krita?

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>I just learned Paypal is useless to me because i can only send money not receive.

Why is that? is that some kind of restriction on your country?

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Click the brush icon at the top toolbar, select Opacity, disable Pen Settings
Or use a different brush preset that doesn't use opacity pressure by default

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How to start use colors in drawing? Never used colors in digital drawing but i have fundamentals and a lot of good sketch which i want to colorize.

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find color wheel in your program and click that, then click on the canvas with the usual brush

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Which path has you chosen, form or colour?

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i don't think color matters all that much. it can't be compared to form.

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Depends what your job is and what you mean by color, if you're a designer then form is almost all that matters, if you're an illustrator its the complete reverse. Color is incredibly important and is often used poorly even by professionals. If you include value when talking about color its just as fundamental as any skill because it bleeds into composition which is the most important skill of all. Nothing in art is distinct, everything is related.

>> No.4770186

npcs say the darndest things

>> No.4770210

It’s just one aspect of composition, just as color is. If your image has more emphasis on showing form (dimension not shapes), it’s a good idea to lessen the contrast between the colors. True artistry comes when you learn how to control these elements, and show what to emphasize for your purposes. It depends on your taste, but traditionally, form is deemed more important, simply because it is a bit more technical (as technical as art can get), whereas in terms of color, I believe you either are a color person, or you aren’t.

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I don't get it.

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Will reading and following the sticky eventually get me to this level or do I have to do something completely different?

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The teaching doesn't really change. Some of the most important illustration tricks I learnt through crusty Loomis meme books. No course or series of books will make you a good artist. They give you some fundamental tools that you run with, consume everything and eventually use your brain and form your own methods.

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Quoted By: >>4770895

that level would take 10-20 years of painting

>> No.4770715

You need to be naturally talented.

>> No.4770802

The first step is not to use this board. They will dissuade you from doing anything other than anime coomer art.

>> No.4770895

>that level would take 10-20 years of painting
More like 3 4 unless you are retarded

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Anyone done this yet? Is it legit or shit?

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Is that just because the character designs look like shit?

>> No.4769405
Quoted By: >>4769621

that, plus a lack of timing out the actions. everything is too slow because either he's trying to be theatrical or he has bad habbits that he thinks are the norm. animation is supposed to look like real life or real life with some spice added, not slow ass over exaggerated movements that are easier for the eye to follow. action scenes are supposed to be fast and if your slowing it down to make it "look disney quality" you have poor judgement

>> No.4769600

His premium videos are so long.
I wish he'd shorten them

>> No.4769621

>he's trying to be theatrical
it's this. He loves how Disney milk out the actions but he has no soul and lacks the fluidity of old Disney animators resulting in robotic stiff movements that's incredibly on model. He's a great animator if he works for someone else, he's incredibly fast.

>> No.4769630

if you want to learn literally the most important part of animation in dry form, the 12 rules and all the industry techniques to animate efficiently and on model, then he's great. Not for improving your animation aesthetically since his characters look like how a furry would draw humans.

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Is using statues for reference a good idea?

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Of course, thats what the old masters did

>> No.4768886

Just as good as using any artwork for reference. But don't use them as your only reference.

>> No.4768904

i wanna coom

>> No.4769796

For anatomy, pose, yes. For lighting, rendering, no

>> No.4769805

As long as you are using real statues, not photographs of statues.
Drawing from life is always a good idea, no matter the subject.

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Where can I get reference photos of models from the 19th century? My goal is to draw similar to the likes of Sargent and such (painting can come later, I REALLY like his sketches). I assume that's all the masters of then had to work with.

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I can’t speak for OP but I know from my days when I was obsessed with turn of the century art as well as being still somewhat in a /beg/ phase you ho through this stage of hoping the magic is somehow to be found in the paper, the materials, the artifacts of the era, the styles worn by the models.
As for the era, I think it was the last time when our desired skillset was held in highest regard as an ideal in art. High art, not fan art, or comics, or entertainment design etc. perhaps we hope if we can get to that level the same regard will be bestowed on us.
There’s no talking people out of that, really, if they are stuck in it. I know I was.
It’s main value in retrospect was that it was a process of elimination. Trying all the materials and sources, gradually removing all hope that there were secrets and techniques and methods back then that can save us the drudgery of hard work and study and developing our skill using our boring, unaesthetic modern materials, courses and references.
If you make it through this phase and develop your own “voice” and ability, it can seem to have some kind of indirect positive effect on your work.

As for OP’s questions do a google image search using “ stieglitz photographs”

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Quoted By: >>4768853

And it wasn’t just a model. It was a socialite who invited Sargent in her home and he painted her over the course of several months. Then she btfo him at the public unveiling because he drew her strap off her shoulder lmao.

>> No.4768853
Quoted By: >>4768873

And he got btfo so bad he left France and everyone called him a faggot (because he was)

>> No.4768873
Quoted By: >>4768882

I believe the term used was “frenzied bugger“.
Still one of the greatest painters and draftsmen of all fucking time.

>> No.4768882

Also confirmed for being BLACKED


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What are the tricks and cheats the pros don't want you to know?

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If you jerk off and imagine another person you don’t have it dummy

>> No.4768740
Quoted By: >>4768802

interesting. so when you’re recalling those lists of details, is it sort of narrated with your internal monologue or is there some other way that you’re perceiving it?

>> No.4768743

>muh aphantasia
You'd think that disorder would afflict like 50% of the population if you only visited this board.

>> No.4768774

The problem with that question is that even if people get real advices, they don't apply it. Professionals use tons of references, 3D models, photobashing or even trace on photos. They also do not hesitate to color pick and steal here and there assests they like. But when you tell that, people either asks for proofs or complains because this is what "hacks" do, not "pros". It breaks the IDEA of what art is in their head and they will fight against that. But that's what reality is.
They also get mad when you say "always work on you fundamentals". Crazy thing.

>> No.4768802

The information's always kinda in the back of my head somewhere, and I can pull it out of there and read it. My internal monologue isn't really 'narrated' though, it's more just.. me talking to myself without opening my mouth. Anything I don't 'say', be it out loud or in my head, happens subconsciously I guess.

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Quoted By: >>4768787

What is the best resource for drawing big natural realistic breasts?

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>> No.4768425

don't @ me bro

>> No.4768787

How I get big boob gf?

>> No.4768858


>> No.4768863
Quoted By: >>4768872

Look at fat men

>> No.4768872

you’re dad

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Quoted By: >>4768040 >>4768293

Should I say yes? Should I charge them? How much? (I’m just a hobby artist but would like to make a living off it someday)

>> No.4768040

Ten thousands shekels, not one less.

>> No.4768293

check who owns the website and if they have a parent company then check those owners too.
if they're jewish then charge $10000*(hours you spent doing the piece of art) and negotiate down from there

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How do I make a consistent color pallet (for pixel art in this case)? Pic is all the colors that im using at the moment and my pic looks like a clown threw up,

I have a group of pastel colors in the middle, some vibrant ones on the right, but how do I make them all feel like they belong together while still looking like the color of the thing I am trying to represent?

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>> No.4768095
Quoted By: >>4768105

>neutral hue
'Neutral' colors are on the lower end of the chroma/saturation axis, not the hue axis.

>> No.4768105

Neutral was the wrong word. A dark value with a hue that every object will share.

In the second infographic most of the artworks use the same hue for the shadow color

>> No.4768969
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Quoted By: >>4769508

Thanks, im trying to combine similar colors and let the heus run into each other a little, its starting to look better

>> No.4769508
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If you want my best answer, just study some color theory because there is a lot of ground to cover when talking about effectively using colors. If you want a place to start, check this out: https://pixeljoint.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=10695
You can also read Pixel Logic, there is a chapter which covers coloration: https://b-ok.cc/book/3702751/35441c

One question you should ask yourself when making a palette is, "How many colors do I want to use?" Generally, resource management in palettes do help with the style and direction of your pixel art. Color ramps as shown in >>4768016 (which covers a lot of hue shifting basics) at the bottom are an effective way of organizing limited palettes in an organic fashion, >>4768019 is just a scaled up version in my opinion. At the end of the day, you don't need a phd to make a palette, but understanding the basics does help greatly.

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File: 19KiB, 384x316, pallet 3.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

new pallet

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i draw on my phone XD

>> No.4768446

Move out of India?

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I have tried, but my room smells like smelly asshole afterwards.

It still hot

Dude give a Finn a pass. I don't have ur nigga genes.

Ordered one thanks.

>> No.4768479

Use a drawing glove you retard. You can buy a cotton glove for cheap at any drug store and cut holes in it if you are a poorfag.

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Lol fatty

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