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How do you effectively learn fundies?

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Yes, that's the most efficient way. It's like a flashcard, but with drawings.

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you're a fucking imbecile.
you're still a rookie trying to sound like a master
your mother should have swallowed your stupid ass before your autistic father was allowed to pollute the world.

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Apply pencil to paper. Draw circles and squares until they look like circles and squares. Use eyeballs to look around you and draw that shit until it looks like what you saw. Continue until you can draw everything you see. Dont come back to 4chan for 2 years if ever unless you really want to flip hamburgers for the rest of your life.

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grind perspective and gesture
then draw from imagination and for fun

alternate back and forth until drawing for fun becomes the norm
it's just a game

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Forget exactly which podcast it was, but heard Marshall emphasizing "bad practice" in one of the recent Proko podcasts, and how it can actually make you get worse at drawing cause you need to forget the bad habits, and relearn new ones.

If this is true, then the "just draw" theory is completely false and you actually need to be thinking each time when you draw or you risk the chances of actually becoming worse.

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well sorry i'll rephrase. I guess what I'm trying to say is mindless drawing. More emphasis now that I actually found the episode and timestamp

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUjaRMGSrK0&t=1978s 37:32 is when the question is asked

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It's true that you can practice in a way that's harmful but it's never as irreversible or hard to change as most people worry. You might develop a muscle memory that's off or have a narrow comfort zone but you can break out of that with a month of deliberate practice. The worst-case scenario is really just that you waste a lot of time.

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The problem is you and people like you who feel the need to turn a simple invocation to practice into some kind of "theory."

Leave the ponderous philosophical debates to the old guys. You're young, you should practice.

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I felt like a 60 year old since I was 20.

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truly based if real. also pymurals

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lol you're such an underage fag, you were probably like "heh, gotcha" when you thought that stupid shit you just said

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>that stupid shit you just said
what did I mean by that according to you?

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are you going to answer the question tho?

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Communism is fascism.
Prove me wrong.

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>Prove me wrong
I cant

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I don't know how to draw this correctly

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ad at 8:15-8:45 you can zoom through

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im a dude and i tried dude

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thanks for the reference OP, I hated drawing it

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ms paint try

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Okay. Just say it to me. I want to draw characters (females) from imagination.
I already feeling sick from reading books about fucking anatomy or perspective. Can someone say what books are strongly recommend for drawing this, and what books are fucking trash. RN I reading Loomis book, and I heard a lot of shit about this book here.
Can someone explain better way to learn it.
I feel really sick of books (studying in technical University) but if if the best way to learn character drawing from imagination - I will.

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I'll do it for $300, kurwa.

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Art books are not dissimilar to math textbooks
These books tech you the 1+1=2
Just like in mathematics, the bulk of your time is not spent reading paragraphs, but solving problems. Your training should be using these basic tools during practice and building up on them, slowly learning how to do them properly and learning new things.
If a book tells you the 1 additions are 1,2,3, 4, 5,6,7... and multiplying adds the first number to itself the amount of times in the second, you should be able to figure out on your own that 2*3=6
Hope this makes sense
Personally I prioritized practicing 3d, and attempting to draw things I wanted to draw ( hot chicks). Keep in mind that you should make decisions based on what gives a better end product, and try to understand why it is so.
I will post my work on /ic/ the day a cut I keyed makes it onto sakugabooru
Depends on what you do and who you work for. Some pay hourly, some pay per product, pay range varies wildly depending on your skill and occupation.
If you are self employed it's all depends on how you can market yourself. If you work under a studio or freelance your pay depends on what studio you work for and what kind of job. All the studios I know as far as i know pay decent to good. Even newcomers doing clean up douga, and inbetweens, don't get less than min wage.
Maybe I've just been lucky, but if a studio offers you less than 600 a month you might want to turn and run. I don't think you can even rent a trashbin with that much.

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Wh-what’s the story, here? She’s not really a loli, right? Just a midget or something?

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Yes but unironically

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> Depends on what you bla-bla-bla
That's a recent forced meme. Some Polish dude kept spamming /ic/ about how skilled does he need to be to get at least $600 a month working online. Some d/ic/ks decided to start spamming it ironically.

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Did you guys already talked about it?

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Hot, wish that was me, God.

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? boring

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Go back.

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>actually listen to loomisfags
>life drawing every day for a few years
>learn anatomy
>go through robertson

>still can't draw from imagination
>don't have fun drawing
>pretty much forgot why I ever wanted to draw in the first place
Is that just what happens to every /ic/ anon who doesn't leave this board?

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It's a meme in the sense that the exact hours don't matter that much (I think real mastery is much higher than just 10k) but it's not a meme in the sense that you really do need an insane amount of mileage to get any good.

Your gains are not counted in years of sitting on your ass but hours of drawing and a couple of hundred hours mean fuck all.

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I'm pretty sure proko could draw an eye or an arm or whatever from imagination.

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>proko could draw (...) from imagination

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You need to actually apply what you're learning to imagination. If you just mindlessly copy without drawing from imagination you won't apply what you've learned and just become good at copying,

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You can't say something like that without posting your work

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why is proko so bad at drawing from imagination?

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Why is proko your only inspiration after thousands of years of art? Botticelli did more than proko does back in the 1600s

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because a thread died for this

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Because he's never drawn from imagination before, his very own words: "Don't make the same mistake (I did), don't wait 10 years to start drawing from imagination." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h4-2HRHaHI

Meanwhile, the chad Marshall Vandruff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80yhjO8yLeE

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Yet he made something that will last forever. Have you made anything better from imagination? Something that people care and share online? No? I thought so.

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>the chad Marshall Vandruf
I love this guy

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If I "like art" and constantly think about what I want to draw, why do I fucking hate art so much?
I procrastinate even on tiny projects more than I did my fucking schoolwork. Last night I decided I was going to do the basic animation practice of doing a bouncing ball. I spent 20 minutes fucking around with Krita to get a brush setting I liked, then proceeded to spend FIVE HOURS watching nature documentaries. I stopped at 3 AM. I got so far into my procrastination that I deluded myself into thinking I was going to start a new project, a fantastical web of life, because I grew fascinated how everything evolved to become so dependent and connected with everything else.

I'm a hard worker, I have work in a few hours and have proven myself our most dedicated and hardworking employee consistently. But the second it comes to drawing, I regress back to my highschool days of "I'll do it at this time, I'll do it after dinner, I can't do it now, I'm too tired, I'll do it after work tomorrow, I can't do it now, I'm tired from work, I'll do it at this time after I've relaxed"

To be honest I'm not even sure why I'm making this thread. I've seen all the videos, and the only thing anyone ever says is "just start, do something small and just start, it's a billion times easier to start with a line on a page than a blank one" I guess it's in an attempt to see if anyone has anything new to add this time

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i'm not one to jump to conclusions but the only one i can reach at the moment is that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about

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it's probably because you are now a slave to your ideal, your ideal is yourself drawing all the time, meaningfully, having absolute joy. Now this ideal is judging you, forcing you to draw so that you are like him and the natural response to this lack of power, over this authority, is to procrastinate. Maybe the ideal is more powerful than you, but you get to choose when you draw, and that's how you manifest your own power over your ideal. You don't like this situation and you are fighting the ideal, but at the end of the day your ideal is still what you wish to become, you will be in pain because you don't get to be like the ideal.

You will never reach that ideal so it's better to throw it away since it's clearly not doing anything for you.

It's way better to not compare to an ideal, or anyone else because you will get into the defensive state of procrastination. Understand that you are drawing because you want to, it is not in control of you and you have a life other than drawing. You draw out of pure free will and you want that, that's why you come here asking for help.

You draw for 1 - 5 minutes and if you feel like that's as much as you are willing to go you leave it there, now next time ask yourself- Can I draw even longer without experiencing dread? If not just stay there getting stronger until you can answer yes, but stay in the fight of not going lower. When you are ready you push yourself another minute, 6 minutes, and the next day you push yourself another minute. If you did this for months and years you would reach a massive amount of daily drawing time. And you are extending that time based on your pure will, not based on the judgement of a tyrant self.

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Art Is an expression of self. If you cannot create it is because you do not know yourself. It can't exist in a vacuum, fix your life first.

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you're working too hard and don't know how and/or don't care about making money from art right now. Not having energy to draw or do fucking anything at all is a real REAL problem. You wouldn't be watching stupid nature documentaries if you were or NEET or only worked part time. Things won't change for a long time until you want to quit or have enough money to do whatever you want.

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I love how half of this board is all about "art is expression, art is deep, art is a reflection of the self", but 90% of the drawings are anime booty.

Prostitutes should start doing the same.
>when I'm with a client, I'm giving him spiritual guidance, his climax means enlightenment has been reached for a fraction of time
>I am the bridge between my client, myself and the cosmos

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Post backgrounds for later reference

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Hopefully this image dump was helpful

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Could this pass as art?

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Anything can be art.

This post is art.

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What would you say is the best drawing paper for a finished piece using ink / art supplies general

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strathmore bristol 300 series 20 sheets

>> No.4211387

I'm european, so Starthmore is hard to find and I didn't tried it. But I suppose is good because in the usa is the standard for comics. In my experience the best is Canson Bristol (the 200 g/m2 one), but right now I use Canson Bristol XL. It's cheap and if I want I can print cyan lines on it without stressing the printer.

>> No.4211989

I've found it worthwhile to spend the money on rolls of drawing paper, or sheets of illustration board or watercolor paper for wet media (rather than bound sketchpads). I like cutting to size and stretching my papers.

Gatorboard makes a good rigid backing panel

>> No.4212185

Ding ding ding

Have 3 pads of different sizes on my table right now. Love, love, love bristol.

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only ever painted 7 minis what do you guys think?

>> No.4211356


Not Australian, so can't really tell. Doesn't help I'm /beg/ tier though. In any case, neat.

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why do you hang them from your ceiling? to keep the dust off?

>> No.4211369

>>4211367 of course man no other way works

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What do you think about old videogames cover art /ic/? It seems to be a lost art.

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Cover of the Rondo of Blood SNES remake by Akihiro Yamada (same artist from >>4211373).

Fun fact, Konami changed Richter's design when they discovered the artist directly based his original design on Ryu from SF2.
That's why Ayami Kojima redesigned Richter again in subsequent appearances.

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>talking shit about japanese illustrators illustrating illustrations for japanese videogames

>> No.4213588

>Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner

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Funfact: you won't make it when you still have a life besides art.

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But I don't.

>> No.4211325

>tfw I don't have a life but still NGMI

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Where can I find resources for drawing heads at different angles both from life and simplified?

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A shopping mall would be a good place to start as you can observe from an elevated position. They might also have book shops that sell comics and books with imagery that are useful. There are also books designed to teach the complexities of perspective anatomy. Your imagination however is your greatest resource,

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Quoted By: >>4213684

>There are also books designed to teach the complexities of perspective anatomy
Which ones do you have in mind?

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Check out this one



Here is the video course

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best post ITT, have a (you)

>> No.4213731

you don't

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I never had those and I wonder if I will be more motivated and more focused when I surround myself with like-minded people. Probably yeah.

Add me on discord: big guy#3158

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OP is not only a big guy, he's also a cool guy.

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Quoted By: >>4212431

How old are you?

>> No.4212431
Quoted By: >>4212438

By his writing style he's probably in his 40's or 50's. Maybe late 30s.

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Quoted By: >>4212469

nigga I'm 15

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How do you get over this?
Every time I sit down, take out a piece of paper and get a pencil to start drawing, I feel a sudden vanishing of inspiration. It’s like my brain is so scared of trying to draw something complicated that it has to scale down all my ideas before I even have a real chance to fail with them.

Does anyone else feel a quasi mind blank right what they start to draw? No matter how vivid or full of ideas I am right before I start this always happens. Is this something you just slowly get rid of over time or is there a way that effectively cuts down on this phenomena quickly?

I could be wrong but I think it stems from some kind of larger anxiety related to art. Nothing seems to trigger it quite like being in front of a blank page. I’m really invested in wanting to become good at some point in the future. I feel discouraged by how far I am from doing even basic things like drawing a person from imagination well or being able to make two drawings of a character look the same. I also always feel like I’m not learning/practicing in the optimal way or worse yet, learning in a way that’s harmful to development. I don’t want to overblow this. It’s not like I’m completely paralyzed by fear. I do still draw a lot, just in a way that feels very restrained and difficult to slip into.

If anyone has dealt with this and figured out how to get over it, I’d genuinly appreaciate any real insight anyone has to offer.

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Quoted By: >>4212058

If it's just fear of a blank page then just sketch on loose sheets of cheap paper, then you draw the sketch again and refine it. Art is not a start to finish process, instead it's made from reiteration which involves discarding things.
You should not be afraid of making a bad drawing because that bad drawing contains a good idea (or you wouldn't have tried to draw that thing in the first place), so you should take what is good in the bad drawing and draw it again until you have something you like. When you see a gap in your knowledge (like anatomy), you fill it in by studying. This is also how you develop a style and how you avoid the endless unhappy grind for fundies a lot of people get stuck in.

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Quoted By: >>4211422

Defeat your ego

Accept that you’re shit at art

Accept your shit art

Learn to love yourself

>> No.4211422

Thank you

>> No.4212058

This seems like good advice. Thank you. I guess it's just really easy to get caught so up in what you're doing that you can get a kind of tunnel vision that's hard to break out of. Doing some quick free form exercises more often where you don't put too much thought sounds good.

>> No.4212182

One of my teachers in college used to talk about this. I never had any of this, because I was raised by an artist mom, so art supplies were as natural to me as a baseball or a toy car. But he said that the best way to deal with this - and it's all intimidation by the blank page - is to own the page. Draw a simple border around the edges, even if it's faint, and barely legible. Then you own the page, you staked it out as your territory. And, it can be incorporated into your mental process constructing the composition at the first stages, blocking out the page. Draw a border, then start establishing landmarks, then start blocking.

That, and stop stressing about failure. A failed drawing is nothing, and most artists will have more failures than success starting out. And will still have failures for the rest of their careers. Artists don't sit down and draw perfectly every time. We just see the successes, the failures get tossed out (or back in the old days, thrown on the fire).
It's like learning guitar - you're gonna play Stairway To Heaven really badly around 100 times, before it starts to sound good. Nobody cares about the 100 attempts, and you only show people how you play it well.

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Post something you'd like to get illustrated...
>Nothing sexual please
>Nothing gross
>Lets keep this thread clean

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Come on OP Chop Chop

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Quoted By: >>4212146 >>4212150

Charmcaster doing the pose on the right as well as the refs clothes wearing the bracelets onthe bottom.

>> No.4212146
Quoted By: >>4212149

No offence, but go back to aco. We don't do requests here

>> No.4212149

Then what's this thread here for dumbfuck?

>> No.4212150

You fell for OP's bait, enjoy your ban...

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I started painting with acrylics like a week ago and have no previous experience with any trad media so I don't really know what am I doing. How do I blend the colors? How do I mix them? Do I do the sketch first and partially paint some features or do I paint completely over it and then make another sketch and paint on top of it too?

Please, do you know any artist that may have an useful tutorial or a book?

Thank you.

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I think there are some good books in the pdf sticky. I’ve been thinking about branching into trad paints too so I’ll bump this thread.

>> No.4212128

Mixing them is the same as any paint, use a palette knife, or a brush and some water in a well on a plastic palette.

Blending is finding what works best for you - i used a crosshatching technique, or tried to glaze with matte medium, with varying degrees of success. (I personally do not care for acrylics at all) I would block in an area with the mid-tones, then work out the lights and darks, as block shapes, and then cross hatch color across the edges to blend.

As for constructing the painting - whatever works best for you. You can look for tutorials on YouTube, but like any painting medium, it's about putting the time in to find out what works best for you. Blending is probably the biggest reason most artists don't like acrylics, and turn to other mediums for work that requires a lot of it.

>> No.4212686


my suggestion would be to do a few thumbnails to figure out composition and value and pick the one you like best. also dont stop drawing

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Previous thread: >>4196451

Disclaimer: Please [-] the thread if you don't want your mom seeing this thread.

Share your pornographic drawings that you're working on and receive feedback, "blog ?" comments, and critiques. Please contain your autism.

>How do I get started drawing porn?
6 Steps to Improve
Read Loomis - /loomis/ link

References -
1. Google is your best friend. So is the Artbook Thread (ctrl+F artbook in Catalog)

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Quoted By: >>4213742

I know I know, furry shit

>> No.4213742
Quoted By: >>4213748

Nice proportions, blog?

>> No.4213748


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@pyros0me on Twitter thx!

File: 144KiB, 1278x720, csp.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>4211070

Been drawing traditionally for the last year and have decided to move on to digital, Ive decided to pick up Clip Studio Paint. Ive never used a tablet before (got a pretty big screenless) and Ive never used any art program like Photoshop or Krita, so Im coming into this completely new. Having tested out the tablet a little I actually dont mind drawing on a screenless tablet, but the amount of options in CSP is pretty daunting.

What video or resource goes over in the most succinct way how to use CSP? So far Ive found ctrl+paint for digital basics and a few others.

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>> No.4211070

Try first the basic tools and memorize or make your own shortcuts.

>> No.4211078

Anyone have an effect UI recommendation for the (12.9) iPad? Fuck man, it is a pain. The menus make me wanna blow my brains out. I know I can minimize them, but still. You think they're release a babby mode

>> No.4211092

Well after all that I would recommend watching different artists work with the program on streaming sites like picarto or twitch

>> No.4211111
Quoted By: >>4211116

Are there non destructive filter layers? like krita & photoshop?

>> No.4211116

yes but not many, create new correction layer in the layer window

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does anyone know a alternative to this app, preferly for the pc, since my phone sucks ass.

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>> No.4211821

This app was better before they decided to rerelease the app with the more weeb looking models and "freemium" materials sersion.

>> No.4211851


cheats like this is why you won't make it

>> No.4211937

More like 20 hours. You can get a basic proficiency in a couple of weeks if you do a short tutorial a day

>> No.4211975
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CSP with its 3d models or design doll. Also don't be a GIGANTIC FAGGOT and trace over it like a demented 1braincel mongoloid ape. Use it to check foreshortening and tricky perspective shots.
Fuck I fucking hate hacks that just draw over a 3d model, try to hide it (it's impossible btw unless you're actually good and know what to fix) and flood every platform with their shit while posting a description to the tune of "300 years of anatomy studies helped my progress~ I can't believe I can draw like this purely from imagination with absolutely no refs~"
I hope Dante's hell is real and they all end up in Malebolge (though I'd probably boil with my fellow degenerates in those comfy lava lakes too).

>> No.4212661

> Also don't be a GIGANTIC FAGGOT and trace over it like a demented 1braincel mongoloid ape.
Are there really dumb people that do this?

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Art Nouveau Thread

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>> No.4214059

Mucha !

>> No.4214083
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Everyone focuses on Mucha, but art nouveau had a lot of artists working in that genre - highly recommend diving deeper. I started with this book - great overall look at the whole era, including mucha. And, this book is really nice - great print quality, large format, the kind of book they just don't make anymore. It's long out of print, but I've seen it pop up used.

It's on my list of projects, to make an ebook out of it, because books like this shouldn't be forgotten.

>> No.4214088

I saw this lecture about Alphonse Mucha a while back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYWOkvKuXvk prety interesting stuff.

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