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Hi /ic/. Anyone got any tips on how to draw landscapes and backgrounds such as those you'd see in the animes?

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Are drawthreads & dumpthreads useful for visibility?
Wondering if I could participate in the SFW ones to gain more followers.
Anyone got decent gains this way?

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Just make sure to reply to your drawing post with >blog?
then post your blog in reply to yourself

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Smart little ruse, but it's easy to check with the number of posters.
(I might give it a shot though, social proof is powerful when used right )

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I got at least a 50 followers here, many comments, retweets and replies from /ic/ alone, you guys are amazing.

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me personally

i know i have it in me and i am not too far away from having some following and recognition
right now im struggling with making presentable art, like good lines, rendering (even if on a turd)

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Cool, 50 is decent enough. Keep it up!
What do you struggle with in particular? Who knows, I might have a helpful tutorial or a useful resource on it.

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How do i develop the same amount of desire to draw as him? I am trying to draw a lot bot everything i do turns out be shit and it makes me anxious, because i dont know if im going into the right direction

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jesus christ can we stop with those dumb threads

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I don't think anyone on this planet loves to draw as much as Kim, so you're shit out of luck.

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Could you please recommend a lightweight sketching tool please ?

Photoshop is too heavy for my laptop and causes it to lag. Native windows sketch apps are decent but each one lacks basic features that make it frustrating.

Some cannot change canvas size, others have no hotkeys.. so on...

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paper and pencil

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this, jesus christ op is a tard

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>Photoshop is too heavy for my laptop
my win 7, 32 bit 3.80gb ram laptop runs photoshop 2019 just fine, youre making excuses faggot.

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Is Sai 2 better than the original one? I see Japs use the original one still so I just want to know.

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short answer yes.

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Been a while since I used the original. But I know for a fact it doesn't have perspective tools. That difference alone elevates Sai 2 far above it, but Sai 2 also has better editing tools. And it's easier to import custom brushes for whatever that's worth.

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I didnt know they made a second one, whats the difference? Ive been using the same account for the past 5 years

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-Non-retarded color slider scale
-Photoshop-like brushes
-More complete set of blending modes
-Better compatibility with Windows 10
-Symmetry tool
-Perspective tools
-Floating view
-Scrubby zoom
-Lanczos scaling algorithm

There's probably more, but these are the few that I care about.

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>Perspective tool
This could make me an instant convert. Is it useful? What is it capable of?

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the /draw/thread with our fundamental exercises.

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

previous >>4209441

READ THE STICKY if you need guidance.

Sticky: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit#bookmark=id.15jx3pyuimvj

RESIZE YOUR IMAGES - try ~1000px, <1.1mb

thoughtful critique betters both parties. help each other and try not to get assblasted.

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>I wasn't trying to make it look exactly like the ref.
You weren't trying because you can't.
I say this based on your two attempts being so different from one another yet not going in any particular direction.

My two cents: become able to to a good copy AND decide on the measurements that you really enjoy for stylized versions - then you can just memorize the ideal face and give it whatever details it needs to look like who yo'ure copying.

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In Keys to Drawing, blind drawing is mentioned. Is it a meme?

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someone redline if something looks off

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what's your opinion of this drawing?

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been studying body and applying it. still not perfect i admit but i am trying

learned jaw chest and other stuff. going to relearn more while doing arms and legs next

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Post your redraws!
Heres mine, not finished, but Ill update you
2 year difference

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Nice work Anon, keep it up:)

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thanks but im still beg tier mode after 22 years of being an artist.

Im easily past the 10k hour mark

im thinking i should take a community college digital arts course...that would liven up my hireability.

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don't we have three of these improvement/progress threads up already now?

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I'm working as a webdev right now and I regret my career choice, I always wanted to be an artist and work for myself but I gave it up. Now I'm considering try to follow that dream again, is that a way I can make a living as an artist? what I need to do? how does that work for you? Isn't the market already flooded of artists?

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1. set up social media for your art and do your research on what hashtags you should use and what is the best time for posting. instagram and twitter are important
2. follow other people and comment under their art but comment like you mean it, not like a bot. and dont like 50 pics in a row, it has to be "organic" for the other person to consider following you back
3. keep a consistent style, if you suddenly change the subject or style you will lose followers
4. have a personal website (you can do a good one since youre a webdev) - make it look professional but not too boring, showcase examples of your art and make it clear you're available to clients
5. be active in facebook groups, i managed to get a few big commissions by being noticed there
6. make sure your art is "usable". it needs to git into magazines, books, whatever you like. it cannot be weird irrelevant stuff that nobody needs. thats why you shouldnt post ref studies, nobody cares about these. concept art and imaginative work counts.
7. write emails to local magazines and publishers, maybe they need some simple illustrations. look out for independent artist groups that create zines and try to work with them.
8. take part in competitions and send your artwork to indie galleries. even caffes are willing to hang your work on the walls and sell it if you give them %.
9. if youre brave enough set up a youtube channel or a twitch stream and come up with interesting ideas for live drawing. you can draw a current trend or try to illustrate something.
10. fanart and porn are well paid, if you're interested then go ahead. i dont know about porn, but fanart does well on tumblr.

a lot of this depends on pure luck and being noticed. if you keep shilling your art and keep a steady improvement you should be able to earn a stable income in about 2 years. being a graphic designer is a "safer" option as you can get hired in a studio and more people are looking for logos, posters than for illustrations.

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thanks, I'll try to do that, make a serious hobby out of art, maybe, with time, I can make this a second source of income

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I'm working in a company as a gui visual designer.
Lots of sketching, drawing, etc. involved in the early process. So I also tried some concept art and it turned out not too bad. I think there is potential.

Do you think it's worth it to do on side? Like drawing one or two hours after work or on weekends?

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there is problem with people that want to do art as a side kick, because after you're finished with your main job you generally want to rest, not devote your free time to a whole new thing that requires time and effort. if you're really well organised and know that you will have the time to draw the i'd say go for it, but if you know you're gonna do nothing and then only get guilty about it then dont create this sort of stress for yourself. one or 2 hrs during weekends is almost nothing if you're a total beginner, i dont know what your current work looks like. then, im not any kind of know-all and might be entirely wrong. i just know i personally couldnt divide my time between art and other job, i just had to focus on art full time.

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Anon, if you have experience in webdev, the closest to art you can get without grinding too much is brand design and product design. It's still a developing field so maybe you should look into it.

Then again it all takes some enterpreneurial talent and if you're making a minimum wage on webdev, it doesn't look too good.

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Made with the Gimp IGLO script.

Post your art or post ideas.

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Any other anime with a visually-rich backstory? I've done a Nausicaa as well

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Please rate my sketching iam doing for a friend

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fuck you faggot, I'm a dude. Sorry, I mean to say, "go eat a bag cocks you child molesting, shitheaded fuckmuppet."

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Nice nails idiot

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oh, i see.
was meant for
in that case, get some fucking glasses and quite the right post next time, you faggot phoneposter.

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please rate

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Based pedo

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What's it like to be an Artcel?

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>less than 100 twitter followers
>hate drawing because am shit
>make crude drawings about killing myself
>only an edgy highschool aged kid is bro enough to like my posts
>I'm 32

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who cares your age or skill or maturity or confidence?

I'm 27, and when I was 15, I briefly was an art peer of a similarly aged kid who now is the animation director of Castlevania. And I'm here on /ic/ talking to you.

Look, comparisons don't have any benefit to your growth and well being past a certain point. You're slower than whoever you're comparing yourself to. Fine. But so what? Honestly, why the hell does that matter? I could be so much further than I was if I was better. But I wasn't better, I'm what I am right now, no worse either. Just embrace who you are and work with that. Come on, don't flip the board game.

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being an artist i just one avenue to getting some ass.

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ur too good for this place

>> No.4214058

I can never tell when you guys are sarcastic or not, but I'm sorry if I came off pompous.

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Is there any reason to continue being an artist? All I ever feel is fucking misery.

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its not because of art that you feel like shit all the time

>> No.4213901

Another self pity thread. My fucking god, I wonder why I go here in the first place.

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Why is there no curriculum to follow for a fantasy illustrator wannabes? There are people who want to get good in 6 months or in a year to the point they can earn money (they don't have to be good by objective standards, just skilled enough to get paid at all).

When I browse old blogs of people like Dave Rapoza, Mike Azevedo, Even Amundsen and so on, they were getting paid while producing stuff that barely could fit into /int/ general.

I don't get it. This is something anyone could do in a certain period of time if there was a path to follow but nobody really cares to put this stuff out. It's all just vague "stay in an atelier for 5 years" or other bullshit where there is no time frame to get things really done. Artist communities should spend more time on thinking how to get things done instead of thinking in abstract terms. Getting good is important and it's important to get results fast.

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>Artist communities should spend more time on thinking how to get things done instead of thinking in abstract terms
lol these are artists you're talking about not store managers
why would anyone who's made it bother telling others how

>> No.4213985


drawing is drawing.
you learn the skills and do what you want with them. the "secrets" to fantasy art are the same as any other genre of art.

making it is nothing more than networking.

>> No.4213993

Your impatience is not important enough to force "art communities" to focus on getting you better, faster. It's a metric nobody cares about - you can do the work, on time, or you can't. How you get there is your problem, not the communities.
>I don't get it.
That's putting it mildly.

In the old days, artists could grow while working in the fantasy genre, because the pay was low, it wasn't mainstream, and there was so much work needed they'd throw jobs to beginners. That world doesn't exist anymore. So stop expecting the world to change to cater to you, and put in the hours. Nobody is going to hold your hand and make you a professional artist in 6 months. Even back then, people would laugh at that - it's irrational to think that will ever happen, unless you're a virtuoso level talent.

>> No.4214003


Once again the doomed failures delude themselves into thinking they're being sabotaged by the successful, as if you were ever a threat to them. Newsflash, you are not their competitors, and the one's who are, cannot be tricked.

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i learned fantasy art by looking at the pics in D&D rule books.

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Probably the best comic book artist of all time?

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>> No.4213703

He's obviously super skilled, but I don't care all that much for his style. I get why he's huge but his art just doesn't appeal to me

>> No.4213709

How he limits color is amazing. He can portray so many differently colored costumes with a limited palette.

>> No.4213719


>> No.4213730

>can only draw ugly old man faces
>can't even draw a pretty woman when he is clearly trying
So he's good at showing space, but can't do anything in the way of subtlety and beauty

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>spend a whole day on a portrait
>most of the time was spent on correcting proportions, angles and measuring stuff in general
>realize that it's fucking hard to even copy a head from a photo
>realize how difficult it has to be to be able to construct heads in any perspective
>realize how much time it will take me to be learn to copy heads and then to construct them
>realize that it's just heads and i have to draw other parts of the body, then rotate them in space too
>realize that i have to learn how to put values on everything
>realize that i have to learn color
>realize that i have to learn all that just to be able to construct a generic figure in space in color

How the fuck am I supposed to learn drawing to make it my job if it's so complex and takes so much time?

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just slap an anime face on it lmao

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>spend a whole day doing sums
>most of that time I spent counting with my fingers
>realize how difficult it is to do something as simple as sums
>realize how difficult it has to be to be able to do them in your head
>realize how much time it will take me to learn to do subtractions.
>realize that it's just 2 principles out of the hundred of principles out there that are way harder.
>realize that i have to learn how to do divisions
>realize that i have to learn how to do fractions
>realize that i have to learn all of that just to do simple equations

How the fuck am I supposed to learn math to make it my job it it's so complex and takes so much time?

Children don't suffer this because they learn slowly, they aren't so afraid of failing in something as meaningless to them as math, you are so worried about it being hard that you aren't even learning it, children aren't, also they put time into learning it, daily.
Now art can be more subjective in the way you learn to go about it, math is easy because it's objective, I believe that you can reach a similar state if you learn perspective and the fundamentals, again, do it slowly because there is a lot to learn, just like math, boil your problems to the bare minimum and work from there.

>> No.4213649

>just 3 years
5 years in and I am still /beg/, I'm just slightly less overwhelmed than OP.

>> No.4213718

This is the first steps
it becomes way easier, better, and faster with time and practice

>> No.4214005

Proceed at one step at the time. Focus on sketching and drawing first. If it's portraits you want to do read the "Drawing the head and hands" by Loomis. Alternate between drawing from reference and drawing from imagination. Once the drawings start looking good study values by desaturating images and studying them, once again alternate working from reference and imagination. Read "Color and Light" by James Gurney. Once you start getting the values it's time to move to full color pieces. Same process, from ref and from imagination. I'd also recommend reading "Alla Prima" by Richard Schmid.

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What keeps you going? Do you just enjoy drawing?

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I was drawing with a reference, yes. The body was technically/proportionately correct. He just thought it would look better zoomed out as a whole compositional arrangement.

This is all great advice, and I’m screencapping it so I don’t forget it.

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>> No.4213727

No, I'm not a woman.

Are you Polish?

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go back

>> No.4213768

>look everyone I posted it again

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>> No.4213428
Quoted By: >>4213437

No, you should relax, take a break, and play some videogames.

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Quoted By: >>4213820

But that's the problem...

>> No.4213449

to be honest it's all up to you anon, but if you can push it at times like these and get it done, then you can find the resolve to do it at anytime, good luck !

>> No.4213688

Keep drawing, especially then. Even if it's just doodles. That's the breaking point where the magic starts to happen

>> No.4213820

if it was burnout because of too much drawing yes, if you just don't want to draw because it's boring but you still want to get better just draw anyway. Find something that can get you drawing: tv, podcasts, music, simple drawing exercises like line accuracy, rotating boxes, doodling, drawing things around you & drawing them in different rotations, straight copying, fanart, any of that will be better than nothing.

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Dhe power ov an immortal. Dhe soul ov a human. Dhe heart ov a hero.
Love Life & Anarchy:
All Ov Dheir Strengths
None Ov Dheir Weaknesses

>> No.4213418

i dont get the image

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Quoted By: >>4213614

he was speaking the whole stream maybe you didnt active the sound

>> No.4213537

post your work, I'm in for a laff

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well that shit is over , i wasn't expecting all to be done in one fucking layer and using only one brush what a fucking chad.

>> No.4213614
Quoted By: >>4213717

I can't seem to hear any other stream either.Is it because I'm using by phone to view piczil streams?

>> No.4213717

Phoneposters are not even people.

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Quoted By: >>4213539 >>4213592

Give me actual criticism

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Quoted By: >>4213568

You didn’t study the form enough, focus more on the drawing to make sure you know how light will play off the subject. The colors are awful as well. Painting technique seems like you haven’t experimented enough.

>> No.4213568

Thank you:)

>> No.4213592
Quoted By: >>4214011 >>4214033

Anatomy is off in general, facial features look too flat, particularly the lips and the disappearing shoulders. Colors look muddy and bad. Is the yellow outline supposed to be rim lighting? If so, it is much too thick, too consistently sized, and the color is completely wrong.

>Average composition.
There's nothing going on with the composition at all. It's a centered portrait with nothing keeping the eye from leaving the painting at the top.

Medium has nothing to do with anything.

Loads of misinformation here.

>> No.4214011

>Loads of misinformation.
>Makes no attempt to clarify

>> No.4214033

>this guy has literally never heard of the Zorn Palette.
The only misinformation is that titanium white is also a cool color

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Does anyone know books like this one? prefereably, one that doesn't involve viewfinders or handcraft in general. I use my left-side brain more than my right-side brain. So it's more difficult for me to learn to draw

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>> No.4213308

Are you 15?

>> No.4213341

Not sure if bait, but Keys to Drawing is much better then Edward’s garbage but it still has it’s fair share of flaws.

>> No.4213347
Quoted By: >>4213864

> muh sides of brain
A myth. Anyway, Keys to drawing. And I'm sure as hell that sticky has it.

>> No.4213554

>Wants to learn how to draw
>doesn't want to involve handcraft

IC is getting smarter by the day, or with worse bait by the hour.

>> No.4213864

This. People can meme other books all they want, Keys is the best complete /beg/ book

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The TWELVE TRAITS of the Avoidant Artist

1. We grew up in an atmosphere of emotional invalidation, which resulted in ambivalence
about our artistic expression.

2. In any given twenty-four hour period we find ways, consciously or unconsciously, to
avoid doing that which gives us the most joy -- expressing our creativity.

3. We have withdrawn from our art by investing ourselves in lifestyles, relationships and
work activities incompatible with our artistic purpose. Our creative energy has often
been diverted into destructive compulsions toward alcohol, food, sex, money, drugs,
gambling and preoccupation with the past.

4. We have made needless sacrifices for our art and yet are afraid to make the necessary
sacrifices. We are unable to balance the significant areas of our lives -- Physical,
Financial, Social, Love, Family, Spiritual and Creative.

5. Self-defeating thoughts and societal myths turn in our heads: It’s too late -- I’m too
old -- I’m not ready -- I am not enough -- Art is not practical -- Artists are neurotic --
You’ll starve. We have accepted these as true when, in fact, they are not.

6. We have felt intimidated by other artists’ success. Jealousy, envy, fear, self-pity,
perfectionism, resentment and other character defects block our creative expression.

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7. We stand always on the edge of a beginning, afraid of commitment. Fearful of pursuing
our creativity as a means of earning a living, we get caught in the Avoidant Syndrome.
The concept of supporting ourselves through our art has seemed overwhelming. We
are unable to determine the monetary market value of our art.

8. We have thought of our art as divorced from reality, denying ourselves the right to
follow our dream. We forget that artists are entitled to their right work and deserve the
happiness and success that right work brings.

9. We deny our responsibility to fully develop and realize our talent. We do not feel
worthy of the success we achieve or desire. We feel like a fraud.

10. Being multi-talented, we have difficulty discerning our true artistic vision, making a
commitment to it and establishing the priorities to fulfill it.

11. We have difficulty following through on projects and frequently sabotage our efforts.
We want to work at our art but don’t know how. We become impatient with the
process, forgetting that the results come in God’s time not ours. Our time is

12. We have been afraid of our creative energy and have mistrusted our artistic instincts.
Lacking spiritual awareness, we have not seen ourselves as channels for the infinite
creative process. Our art is a gift to be shared.


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I just draw a lot to forget that I want to die

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oh my god. oh god. thats it, enough of this shithole for today. this is beyond pathetic.

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No one who actually knows what art is thinks this way. What you think is art is not art. Study art and you will solve your creative block. That's what I did :)

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you disgust me Op

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Be sure to also put your art in:

Post-free dice rolling tool:

previous thread: >>4207518

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Roll even tho I didn't do the last one xD

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