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I haven't yet seen the influx of new art that usually comes with an adaptation.

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Need adult thorfinn and canute

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Previous Thread >>3374538

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Me kindly requests new thread

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New Thread >>3394006

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i'm a dude though and my friends aren't gay

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I hate everyone on this board.

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Even me?

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Especially you.

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Bait. Also true

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Last thread >>3383845

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Oh god, same.
I can't even explain why I dislike it so much yet everyone in the fandom seems to be into it.

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It's more prevalent in the JP fanbase than the ENG one. It's not all that popular in the ENG fanbase at all but I don't know why it appeals to JP fans.
For me, I have personal reasons and that pregnancy is just a big "NO" for me. Well, the most we can do is ignore it.

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Everyone excited for this movie reminds me of the days of Gurren Lagann. Probably doesn't help that the movie had a few nods to it. I'm most likely gonna see it again next week before it stops running.

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>pregnancy is just a big "NO" for me
I absolutely FEEL you on that...
Fresh bread.

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if lio gets pregnant then I won't have an excuse to keep having constant hardcore anal sex with him desu ngl being straight up

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Post that special someone spooky edition!

>Do they like scary movies? Either way how would they react to one?
>Would he like dressing up for Halloween? If so what would he be?
>Is he interested in the occult? (ghosts, Demons, magic etc)
Picture Prompt: Him in costume or the spookiest image of him

Previous Thread>>3326255

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Rip just realized I forgot the "n" in Husbando and the post is too old to delete
My bad not sure if we want to use this thread anyway or let it die and make a new one

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Hooni is my husbando uwu.

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Please use this thread

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Happy October 1st /cm/, post all those handsome pumpkin-headed fellas to celebrate. Ghouls, spooks, and others are allowed!

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Post your shotas here.

Previous thread >>3382660

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Is he from an anime?

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idk about that...

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Yeah, that's Sei Iori from Gundam

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Give me a minute.
Iori Sei from Gundam Build Fighters

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next time link it in the old thread, please.


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Previous thread.

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Fucking bergil fagets.

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go back to /v/ troll

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Turn into..? He's always been a whore dipshit

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>a whore

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Last Thread >>3382042

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Cute and lewd

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I became sort of socially conscious over the years so now I just think the constant memery as annoying and the joke tired as fuck, but that's just me, I can't control the kinks people have, even if I think is amazingly bland for a guy to admit being into dickgirls in current year.
I still enjoy crossdressing dudes from time to time but the whole squealing sissy shit that plagues weeb spaces just creeps me the fuck out.

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Fresh thread

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>I for once, I'm happy when they make Lio a top and act on character as his masculine self, mostly because I detest trapfaggotry really strongly and he could be an easy target by looks alone.
Being masculine isn't synonymous with not taking it up the ass, though. I prefer bottom Lio, but I don't care for girlish Lio either.

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Or kid icarus in general

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Akira Kurusu thread. Give the Joker some (if not all) of your love!

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Book, Radio and KDKW Edition
Previous Thread >>>/3379583

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New Thread >>3387334

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Previous Thread >>3379274
At this point I think we can confidently say that Phase 6 is underway. What are you hoping will happen? If the time-travel theory is correct, what would you like to see them revisit? And, most importantly, do you think 2-D will ever get his cute black eyes back?

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New thread >>3392731

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Previous Thread >>3379274
At this point I think we can confidently say that Phase 6 is underway. What are you hoping will happen? If the time-travel theory is correct, what would you like to see them revisit? And, most importantly, do you think 2-D will ever get his cute black eyes back?

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Batter appreciated

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Anyone bought this?

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is it good?

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Best Fate couple by far. So happy to see Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files got people drawing more of them again.

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File: 2MiB, 3157x4096, __tsuchinoko_gray_lord_el_melloi_ii_rider_waver_velvet_and_etc_lord_el_melloi_ii_case_files_and_etc_drawn_by_azuma_tou__166b670a9db3f081140851f6bdb7fff1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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File: 2MiB, 900x1080, __death_and_grim_reaper_original_drawn_by_avogado6__sample-ee702e32648130fb4008f79909d6d856.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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avogado6's work is cute, right?

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I like this artist a lot. Their drawings have a lot of detail and story I feel.

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Does anybody know what that sign the vampire boy is holding says?

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Protect your boy edition

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who wouldn't

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Seconded, I've still got a lot to post.

>> No.3389176

Then make one!

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New thread when?

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Had to comb the archives for more art edition
Previous thread: >>3374005

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It's been a while. What do you think of the new additions?

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Here's to hoping. I was on the fence about the new divisions but damned if Kuko and his accent didn't win me over.

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Same. I'm interested in Jyushi and his backstory. I wonder if the crazy theories I've heard from the nips are true. His seiyuu also said he has two different voices so I'm looking forward to the drama tracks.

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Two different voices? Like a jrocker voice and his normal voice?

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Quoted By: >>3403279

Like his chuuni voice and his normal voice. His seiyuu said he changes the tone of his voice around people he dislikes.

>> No.3403279

That'll definitely be interesting then.

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old thread's full.
it was this one.

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>> No.3403187

Get in line.

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>> No.3403194

the arc of this comic should be that Jiro actually DOES fall in love with CRG after a series of misunderstandings. anyway supportive brother taro is very comfy thank you!

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