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Yesss spread it you slutty geriatric fuck. Take that grandpa cock jam it in my mouf ooooh yEaHhh mmmhhh nggghh Open wide take My seed up that wrinkly butthole of an old man cooter nggghhh nuiuuuuut....

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You dirty old fuck I sea yuor cock ishard bend thay faggot old cock so high like a sexy sausage hook You disgusting piece of shit filth you make your grandsons hard with that viagra cialis erection you shit crusted retard

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Oh YES lemme SUCK AND DLURP GRANDPAS FAGGOT STIFFY i neeed it I want it in my life as well as down my throat let me swallow that wrinkled seamen and ingest that rancid raunchy Denny’s flavored asss rip

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I’m a rough rugged gangsta not a pretty boy

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Previous thread: >>3453838

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New thread: >>3473702

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Previous thread: >>3460527

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fucking hell. this anime was so fucking brutal. it was just so... gorgeous though. god the background scenery even. they barely slipped up

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Have you tried doing fun stuff with your small stature? Go buy some outfits from the boys section of a store or something. Shave and make your face look as young as possible and try to walk into a bar/club only to be escorted out gently but forcefully. Go play on some playground equipment and nobody would think you're weird. Buy a pack of goodnites and get all embarrassed when cashier thinks they're for you. You could be living the dream dude.

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>Go play on some playground equipment and nobody would think you're weird. Buy a pack of goodnites
Uhh wtf no

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New thread: >>3464267

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>wondering if you guys can find the original image of this

Thank you in advance

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context if you guys need it

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Need more villains

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I had a dream about zenitsu last night.
He died

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I had a dream with Douma in it
Dunno what he was doing but he was there

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Quoted By: >>3472745

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What do you think his voice will be like in the anime?

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how unfortunate :(

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These idiots are too cute for their own good.

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I love Kishibe!

>> No.3475938

4chan used to be a smaller place with a lot less traffic. Every board was slower.

/cm/ still doesn't need the image bump limit to be raised based on how little traffic it gets compared to, say, /v/ or even /a/. So unless this board reaches critical mass with a huge number of threads maxing within hours instead of days/weeks/months, we're stuck at 151 images per thread.

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how about tomorrow when the chapter drops officially and we get our inevitable influx of fanart

>> No.3476517

New bread >>3476515

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Y am I virginity. Swear I be cute

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Previous thread >>345725
Post some cuties

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Does anyone have that DIO undress challenge from twitter

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idk if this is the one you want but yeah

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Not sure about this one but got this from Pixiv

>> No.3476742

Yes its this thank you!
Hes so cute how is this possible

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How come there's no porn yet of Shojoji voring Boruto?

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it's almost officially summer, so lets post cute summer-themed art of south park boys to celebrate.
previous thread:

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is op still alive to make a new thread?

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what theme should we have?

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that's one long finger

>> No.3467807

please stop the tegridy farms edition

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new thread

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> test

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Last thread already hit image limit.

Boys and men from all gyakuten saiban games are allowed and welcome, attorney, prosecutors, witnesses and all. Im just hitting it off with Edgeworth because I love the man.

Older Threads:

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I'd post more but i've got literally only mvk, Gant, and de killer

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Last thread already hit image limit.

Boys and men from all gyakuten saiban games are allowed and welcome, attorney, prosecutors, witnesses and all. Im just hitting it off with Edgeworth because I love the man.

Older Threads:

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boys in cute onesies

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The best of them all

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His armor is really neat, I like the chainmail and deer crest.

>> No.3464742
Quoted By: >>3464749

It doesn't actually explain anything unfortunately, plus the manga incarnation of Hanbei just seems a bit out of character compared to game version

>> No.3464749

what a waste then. I would've loved to have something about gyoubu or isshin instead.

>> No.3464817
Quoted By: >>3468567

What if Solaire was your dad?

>> No.3468567

What if he was your brother?

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Deku in shorts Edition

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best anime hands down

>> No.3461222

Especially Bottom Text Reboot.

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Been watching my room mate play this series and am surprised there is so little fanart of it. So many good boys.

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Most games like this have a ton of fanart but this seems to be the exception.

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Now kiss

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This gem

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Quoted By: >>3461128

I haven't seen very much fanart of this, but I'm looking for pics of shotas being cuddly. It gives me comfy vibes. The pics don't have to neccesarily be gay, just kind and affectionate.

No pedo tho.

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Very cute Nao my friend

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Quoted By: >>3461101 >>3461126

i just sucked a man's dick, but im not gay.
i didn't got a fucking eraction. i jerk off daily and i have no problem getting hard. i havent been with a woman for a long time but i definatly can get hard with woman.
but i actaually enjoyed sucking his dick, it wa it was fucking perfect i felt so good but still no hard on|

what the fuck is wrong with me?
>i really dont know if this is the right board but i got 0 comments on /b/

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Quoted By: >>3461102

uh just post this on lgbt what the heck
how old even are you op??

>> No.3461102
Quoted By: >>3461111

im a 21 old guy who didnt know there is a lgbt board. i posted there after i realised.

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are you really that new to 4chan???
jesus christ kill yourself

>> No.3461126

dumb newfag frogposter, kys

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Ain't he just the cutest furry pussy you've ever seen? BTW, he's a product of incest.

>> No.3461070
File: 36KiB, 645x773, think.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

What kindof incest?

>> No.3461071
File: 3MiB, 4160x3120, IMG_20200524_134628673.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Brother + sister = Him.

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Gimme some cute feet pics, they're so adorable!

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There is another feet thread

>> No.3461172 [DELETED]

I want to kiss shota's feet irl ...

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