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Chougi would be the type of guy who goes "I put what in where?!" when it comes to fucking.

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I agree, especially if he was high and mighty in knowing what he was in for when he actually didn't.

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Chougi would put it in your ass and then claim he meant to do that.

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>put it in your ass
>put it
But what was "it"?

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His dick. Give Chougi some credit, he may not now how use it to satisfy someone, but he knows he has one.

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Wish more anime had handsome protagonist. Don't like looking at dorks.

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Don't like looking in the mirror?

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ooh hit too close to home

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Sadly, not every protagonist can be as handsome as Guts.

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Then post pictures of anime protags and not Vocaloids

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Who is the cutest Fate Stay Night boy and why?

Pics with proof are a plus

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niche interest I know, but could we get a boys on toilets thread happening per chance?

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Pedo mod should kill himself

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New thread for all the shotas you can post.

Old threads:

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Based pedo destroyer

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Learn to sage or stop replying on the old thread you tards

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just one picture of a boy

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an qt

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Funny anime pic

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Is there a place where i can find cute boy shipping without yaoi

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your brain

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I don't understand what you want.

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siema ch?opaki this is my very cutest bf i've ever meet hope you like him

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I feel like we haven't had one of these in a while. Post your most recent findings

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Post other boys then

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Worst boy as a maid

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second worst boy stepping on shoe boys's shoe

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Great things come in small sizes!


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there is already one

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shoulda linked it!

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Also know as shota thread.

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Done: >>3386412
Just don't sperg out (again).

>Or getting /cm/ known as the board with the thread full of pedos
Nah, /a/, /tv/, /g/, /co/ and /v/ already cover that spot. There are only dramafags here.

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I don't think you quite understand your position. Everything in this entire board, if not on this entire website - such creatures are lower than filth. The only one in denial here is you. Stop projecting anytime, faggot. Go die from AIDS or something.

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You seem to be projecting denial where there is none.

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It's weird.
I came to the thread just one month ago myself, but i wasn't brought by any special event or invited by any person.
Nor was i awake for this superspeed thread !

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finna need proof anon

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Tiddly Reigen is the best Reigen.
Last thread >>3378331

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>fw_kun took my request
I feel so blessed

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Post best literal boy pussy here. I just love him so much!

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I haven't seen one in a while, so let's see our favorite boys from U.C. and everywhere else!

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source pls

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You get what you deserve...

I deserve cute superheroes (and villains).

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you have to start a thread with 5 pics

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we live in a cute society

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If I had five relevant pics, I wouldn’t have to start a thread asking for relevant pics.

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Then fuck off the rules explicitly say you can't make request threads.

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Last thread >>3384619

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Figma is good but I want a nice dynamic scale instead.

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how intelligent is Lio? I know he made some smart moves in the movie but I still get the feeling he isn't that bright actually

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He's smart but he probably never finished school so he doesn't know math or how to do taxes.
Someone make a new thread please.

>> No.3388180 [DELETED]

Oh shit I didn't notice, hold on a little.

>> No.3388182

Ok jump in

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kot edition
ITT we post Dekus and talk about how lewd he is in lieu of the fact that he will never be real.


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anon pls....

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I'm so proud of you.

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cute flustered dekufujos

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New Touhou game announced
We are free from floating fighters bros

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Fuck, wrong board
Can some mod delete it?

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Thanks for the news, friend. Didn't expect to learn about it here.

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Call this number to mess with my friend ;) (336) 250-8523

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Not your personal army.

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Lol no you're ugly

>> No.3385511

>posting an ugly ass nigga on cute male board

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Cuties of the stage!

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6th fluffy boy edition
Old thread >>3365606

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I love my sweet prince.

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lets go down to south park and have ourselves a time
Old Thread:

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what site did you find this on? the filename isn't formatted like anything else i've ever saved

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zerochan net

also we need new thread

>> No.3387760

i'll get right on it

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Post your favorite boy and how you're doing

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r9k is full of trannies and annoying, bitter incels though. they lack an appreciation for cute boys. people on /cm/ all share this appreciation
only one woman was ever interested me and i fucked her just so i could say i lost my virginity (in hindsight, what a meaningless thing virginity is). i didn't enjoy it, to say the least. the only other person who has ever shown interest in me in my entire life was a bisexual guy at a bar, but he was completely unattractive to me and i'm still closeted so that was a no-go.
at this point though i'm basically asexual because i have no desire to pursue a relationship with anybody in real life (especially not a woman, even though i find them more attractive sexually than i do men - i'm not into them romantically, whereas i am with men, though). i have my fictional boyfriend, and my real-life friends, and that's enough for me.
>I know I shouldn't be so in love with him, that it's escapism to get away from how miserable I am with my actual life, but I don't want to give up the one thing that consistently makes me happy just because it's a fantasy that can never be real. I don't think it's hurting anything for me to be this way. It's not like I can't distinguish between fiction and reality or anything. I know he's not real. It's just a nice dream.
hey, that's exactly how i feel. what's important is that he makes you happy. even though he isn't real, your love for him is. and it's certainly not the least healthy method of escapism; at least it's not drugs or something.
that's what i used as my main method of escapism before i discovered and accepted my love for Kyle. i'm not exactly sober (i take a prescription antidepressant and have klonopin prescribed to me, but i avoid taking it and smoke weed to deal with my anxiety instead) but i don't want to drop acid every couple of days anymore.
now i just think about Kyle if i wanna be happy. its awesome. i love him so much.

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Don't give up anon. I know things seem shitty but circumstances will change. Try to work on one thing at a time. I think its helpful, especially at your lowest point, to start exercising. Its something small that will give you tangible goals to work towards and anyone can do it. It also helps you take your mind off things. Whatever you do, please don't give up. You never know whats around the corner. I'm rooting for you anon
That sucks anon but don't be discouraged. Something will come around
I know how you feel anon. But if women are interested in you, that means you're attractive! You just need to have more patience and look a little harder :)
Escapism and fantasy are good anon, it gives some reprieve from life's stresses. But don't worry so much about where your life is going. Just work on one thing at a time and build your life slowly. If you're patient and calm, things will turn around. A new job may be just around the corner, keep your head up
sometimes its not about getting to a solution immediately or being helped at all. Sometimes it's best to just have someone listen. Just communicate that you simply need to get something off your chest or a shoulder to cry on. Things will get better anon!
I'm sorry anon. I know you're going through a lot, but know that things will always change. Do your best to look after yourself first! I'm rooting for you
I was in a similar spot not too long ago anon. Please remember that your parents' struggles are not your fault or your problem to solve. And try not to pin your hopes on someone even if you love them. I know it feels like you're stuck in a shitty spot right now, but time will start to move way faster as the years go by. Just keep grinding out this part and you'll be much happier soon enough. And DO NOT sell your body. It never leads to anything good. Could get you a disease or in trouble with people you don't wanna be in trouble with. Stay strong

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On days like today, when my body dysmorphia is at its worst, I will do nothing but stare at myself in the mirror. I have work that I can't do because this is the only thing I can think about. I've probably taken at least 100 pictures of my hairline alone since noon. This is the one thing that might finally get me to see a therapist because these thoughts have been eating me on the inside for at least 3 years. Internally I don't think I'm worthy of acceptance, friendship, or love if I'm ugly. When my friends take selfies with me, I tell them not to show the pictures because I don't want to accidentally look at myself. Nobody in my life knows exactly how bad these thoughts are - I'm afraid to tell them because they'll see me as vain or stupid. I was always neurotic as a kid, and I never learned how to deal with bad feelings. I would just let them run around in my head until whatever was causing the problem (bullies, school, etc) went away. But now they're back, and they're not going to go away as long as I'm alive. They're not going to go away unless I can honestly say that I don't hate myself. I don't know if I can do that. I wish I could just be okay with how I am.

>> No.3387099

Sounds like you need a good friend anon, i know that feel.
I hope you succeed

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Passed my instrument checkride. Next here is commercial, which is easy, it's just a lot of flying around and getting practical experience. Future looks good.

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