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>Hello, old friend

Haven't seen an Eddsworld thread since I started browsing /cm/, which is too bad since these boys are kinda cute

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I still remember the day this nigga died, damn I miss that humble bong

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My god, I miss him too anon...

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Looking to post little boys? This is the place!

Previous: >>3387516

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By the way, I'm going to post new pics to reach the file limit. Don't mind me and focus on the new thread instead.

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I deleted one in the new thread because i'm op and i realized what i had posted was a bit risque.

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TsuTsu edition! aka the vastly superior Golden Kamuy ship

Last thread: >>3371310

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Previous thread: >>3362950

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Blue board, anon.

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New thread: >>3403377

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Last thread >>3388181

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We're on thread 45 going on 46. It's pretty popular.

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Japan has been making tons of fanart for over half a year now so I think we'll be fine.
Having a big Western fanbase is not necessary a good thing as you're going to attract a lot of people who tell each other to kill themselves for shipping GaloKray because it's a problematic villain ship or GaloLio is pedophilia because Lio is a child, and since it'd be a newer fandom with a lot of younger people you don't have the old veterans being able to get the idiots to shut up.

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Take these and don't rely on English reposting sites. Even then, it definitely has traction on EN twitter now, if anything is keeping it from getting too big it would be the limited screenings.

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There are people who still rely on English sites?

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Are you seriously asking this on thread number 45...?
We might be old but still going strong
Jump in losers

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Previous thread:

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Someone posted a rough translation of the pool drama https://privatter.net/p/5192451

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Ikuhara symbolism is so very deep.

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W-what does the Nice Cucumber symbolize, Anon?
You can tell everyone had so much fun recording this.

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Makes me wish the crazy dramas were animated

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Kazuki and Enta are kinda ruthless, huh?

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Colonel Sanders

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i'm suicidal

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Image limit reached...

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new bread

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Joker probably wouldn't get along with Pennywise

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Im a hot furry looking for love +1 (63zero 80eight5383three

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Furries are in /trash/, go there

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Pictures that ooze sex appeal or are very seductive?

this is Mo Ran from 2ha

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come say hi and tell us if we are cute anime males, real kino


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fucking white people are hot.

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there is a black guy on this stream but is he cute?

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fuck furfags

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these guys claim they arent furries but have fursonas wtf?

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Only the most pristine, most sublime boy tummies allowed in this thread.

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holy fuck this pic is great

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4D Edition
Last thread >>3385743

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>tfw found ABO art of Galo having Lio and Kray's kids
>was really mad at first because I hate that shit but the part where he was giving birth was just too goofy not to smile anyway
Flame eyebrows Lio gets me every time.

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I like to think of the assbaby art as actually being the product of Prometh's artificial womb technology that Kray stole and patented

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Fresh bread

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japanese viewers saw the same thing as western viewers. they’re not oblivious to political themes you fucking idiots.

there’s been several people talking about this part of the article in particular and the question wouldn’t have been brought up in the first place of people didn’t interpret the story that way.

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And you had to bump the old thread because...?

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I will start.

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he looks like he has anorexia

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It got taken away for being shota but it Bum from killing stalking who's an adult man in his early 30s. I got a warning for it and everything. Is there a way to ask admin to undo a strike?

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Drop the name, namefag.

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The ultimate question, what do you think?
I'd say chest desu... but both is ideal

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a gorgeous smile.

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because it's the gothiest month of the year
all cute south park boys are welcome
Old Thread:

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next thread is spooky boys edition!

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new thread:

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I would be happy if you shared your pics, there are way too few, and I have a hard time finding those pics.

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Sorry for spamming the same characters. I really only save pics of my husbandos.

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"/cm/ really needs a higher file limit" edition.

Previous threads:

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Lets revive this thread

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Aaaaand image limit reached...kek well that sucks. Need a new thread, on another note I wish I had a shotacon bf.

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My IP range is apparently blocked from making new threads, or i would bake.

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please and thank you
(magic words)

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>the same as wizard

>> No.3387528

>muh terminology
We don't need another magic boy thread when there's one already.

>> No.3387547

can't tell the difference in these images anyway.

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>> No.3387369


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Wahoo edition
Previous Thread >>3383572

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Quoted By: >>3391327

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>> No.3391329

New Thread >>3391328

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post your best hoonis

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lonleyboy says its usually just filler, so he doesn't bother translating them yet

>> No.3391248

I wish I could help more than this

Hope you get it right, Anon

>> No.3391317


>> No.3391391

I've heard that you can inquire about it here, but you'd have to email parkgee about the details.

>> No.3391541

not them but
i'd actually enjoy reading that filler
guess i have to learn korean now

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Please post more of Ha Jun Seo. Boi deserves to be happy.

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Would you like to watch an e-girl on Twitch?
I have a stream and I'm doing requests.

Join if you:
> like thighs
> enjoy anime
> know who dakooters is



Also giving out Steam codes to followers, here's a free one:

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So rare with anime boys blowing bubblegum, if you have more, I would appreciate if you could share!

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