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Pls bomb this discord open channel



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Are there any artists on /cm/?

I have an idea for a very short and simple animation. I know a lot about putting animations together as I have done it before, but I cannot actually draw at all myself so am hoping to find an artist who might want to collaborate, I could even pay a small amount if need be.

I've worked with other artists before, usually they trade the man hours drawing on a project of mine if I teach them all the various techniques and technical know-how, but they end up quitting once they have the information and don't need me anymore.

This one would be a short cute male story set to a nice song I found that the artist told me I could use.

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"they end up quitting once they have the information and don't need me anymore" =
"they come to their senses and leave when they realize I'm not giving them anything of value for their work"

Good to hear. Get fucked.

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>op you sound like a faggot

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At this point anyone who sets foot on 4chan shouldn know how loosely we use the word faggot in here to the point it doesn't mean what you think it does.
Also yes, OP is a massive fag, and I say it as a fag myself.

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>Self deprecation so the other party is compelled to lift you up
Don't do that.

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Sure I am not a skilled artists and I’ve only done 7 seconds of animation in my life but if it’s a cool idea I might be able to work on it I will send a email

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Best snack Edition

Previous: >>3464267

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New thread >>3467343


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Thank u anon :)

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no... thank YOU!

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Who dis? Also, who drew dis?

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DMG moon time you morons. You better be in it to win it you tools

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Previous thread: >>3464267

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Keep any discussion about real children away from this thread. Thanks.

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It only gets really annoying if they're really young, like 4-7, I usually find the bratty assholishness endearing and nostalgic in boys around 9-12.

You are right though, I don't really interact with them a lot in life.

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Sumimasen :( I will be quiet

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Just report, they deserve to be left out.

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I just want some shotabro friends who aren't creepy pedos

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which Berserk boy is the cutest?

for me it's Serpico

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best boy

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Like, adorable? Young Guts.

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Only way it would fit better is if femto were still scared under his carpace

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Coolest guy in the GA arc nobody could replace him

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...how about Skull Knight?

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How beautiful is this boy?

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Not very that is

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just looks like a super model

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you need 5 images to start a thread, read the sticky you faggot

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not for every thread

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every thread retard, kill yourself

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Only the best boys

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You kind of made it hard to top by opening with a canon one in nezushi

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Post pictures that are ruined by the presence of women and I will remove the women to make them appropriately /cm/

Nothing too crazy like women in the foreground.

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>the thread isn't bumping anymore and is stuck on page 8.
That's because the tumblr tourists and fujos chimped out at being "erased" so hard that mods autosaged the thread. Try making a new thread after this one dies, and don't replyto anyone calling you "incel" or similar shit.

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Thank you very much! Yeah I guess mods autosaged the thread, the fucking fags. You're doing God's work

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Thank you!

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thats a bummer, I was barely even involved with any arguing.

just tryna help make our images relevant.

you are welcome.

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Was gonna request this but turning Trish into an anon instead

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Does /cm/ like football?

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Who are we rooting for here? We play the winner.

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/cm/ vs /diy/ tomorrow.

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With Hooni we win

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/cm/ vs /diy/ @ 12:40 pm EST tomorrow

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Hey guys!let me know if I did great on my lipstick!

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Your lipstick is ugly whore

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I wish to find a guy... he can be overweight, ugly, weird. But even they are avoiding me or circumstances make it difficult for us. Recently, I find myself fascinated with goats. I wonder if I can still find a male human attractive enough? What do you think?

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Yeah keep telling yourself that, I bet it makes your parents proud either way.

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cope harder

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Enjoy your ban.

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enjoy my cock in your ass

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I am a shotafag and I hate south park, don't fucking put that disrespect on my cute boys.
sp is fucking terrible

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Just out of sheer curiosity, how old are the posters on /cm/? I am 24.

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18 this year desu

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Old thread: >>3440825

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I know it's Korean but i didn't have any Japanese boys.

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No real pigs allowed on the board shit for brains.

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Starting with Kuzuha

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My husband did very well today!

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Take this to >>>/jp/.
Also, Frankie da best!

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plz no, keep it cute.

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Come on ;)

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its not over

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you bastards

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buckake, tol and hush

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steampunk hedgehog got me spot on.

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I love this autistic boy.

>> No.3470459


Other than being cute, what are his redeeming characteristics? He seems like an autistic retard most of the time in the anime

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Hi im looking for femboys since my ex just cheated on me reach out on discord UwU

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wtf are you, hapa eminem?
also this is /cm/ not /soc/, fuck off

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Post your favorite boy and how your doing mentally

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Ehhhh mentally I'm alright but that may change in an instant. constant intrusive thoughts and depression are hindering me a little

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and might I add, it could just be because it's 3 AM and I'm T I R E D

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Just had my first anxiety attack of the month and really dredging tomorrow cause all the druggies and hood rats that live me are gonna set off fireworks and loud noises freak me out

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My emotions are a mess right now. This pandemic has stolen my life from me so I have nothing to look forward to outside my job. Every night when I go to bed I find myself wishing there was someone next to me to hold me and tell me everything is ok

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Feeling lazy and want to sleep forever but at the same time, I want to do the all things I want to do.

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Cute wallpapers with cute boys ok

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Shan't share unless you deliver some examples of your own. Begging not allowed.

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Preferably on-model

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i heard there were some key frames of astolfo in the fate/apocrypha production works book so i bought it, theres some pretty good stuff in here

>> No.3477218

Got any others?

>> No.3477222

It's the Climax

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