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Prove me wrong
you can't

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Go back to your containment thread pedo cartoon fucker.

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We need more cute guys like this in the world

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you gotta post at least 3 images

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Last thread: >>3380302

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Since the last MoDao thread went well, how about we share the love for all of Mo Xiang Tong Xius works.

>Scum Villains Self-Saving System
>Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation
>Heaven Officials Blessing

Everything's welcome!

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pls MOAR

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possibly dumb question, but... are those two from 2ha or am I getting something wrong?

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nah, they're from scum villain's self saving system

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Guys, the TGCF donghua trailer dropped a few hours ago and I'm just ded.


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>two MXTX novels getting animated concurrently
What a time to be alive

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this is what a perfect boy's butt looks like. he's 19 and i've been fucking him in the butt for 6 months. it's been great. That's all

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post more Links please

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Link isn't manly! To make him manly goes against his character in every incarnation. You know this. You want something you know isn't there beyond BARA FAGS like you pushing it.

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There is a lot of levels between twink and bara.
It's always extremes with you types.
Also Link can be pretty manly.

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more like this please

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Last: >>3382320

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I will pray extra hard to him tonight!
Thank you very much, it is super soft, I wouldn't be able to fall asleep without it!
I see. I've been seriously thinking about buying a telescope so I could spy on the Moon a little better!
Ah, I see. Mine is Central European, 23:26 currently!

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Forgot image. Blasphemy!

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And I'll pray for you!
My dad was thinking about getting a telescope, but apparently, the relatively good ones are expensive (at least where I live)
Whoops, I hope I'm not tiring you out! Sometimes I forget that different people have live under different time zones.

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I've looked around and some telescopes for amateurs are not that expensive, and my parents support the idea, so maybe I'll buy myself one for Christmas? We'll see!
And no, not at all! I usually go to sleep at 2 AM and get up at 8:45 AM for work. It's enough for me, if I need to, I'll take a nap when I come home!
And we reached the image limit again! I'll make a new thread, get your images ready!

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I love the Nordics a lot. Let's give them some appreciation! I'll start us off with a few of these sets I found.

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Is this from a show? Also these are cute boys.

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>Reminder that Hetalia is almost 10 years old

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Sweden and Norway are really cute for being the countries of some brutal Death Metal and Black Metal.

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Finland is beautiful

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Show me your teeth.

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Bumping thread for interest and maybe hoping for an orthodontic braces/headgear edition

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I'm surprised there isn't one yet

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Well, we all gotta start somewhere

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>only like the first KH game because it's the most Zelda-like ... felt like you were on an actual adventure
>can't stand the gameplay of the other games
>but love Roxas, Ventus, Axel, Org XIII, Vanitas, etc.

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The boys alone are enough for me to stay, especially this one right here.

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I need some trash tier waifus, please send all your trash <3

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all of them.

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>"i need some trash tier waifus"
>posts on /cm/

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Last Thread >>3391565

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join here
gg 4Q3pZ54

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Is this a twitterfag server?

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Stop bumping the old thread, retardados

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I thought it's on autosage once you hit post or image limit.

>> No.3394252

Nope, it only happens with post limit not image limit. Just learn how to manually sage.

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No OPM thread? We need to fix that!

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A boy who recently multiplied his fanbase.

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Spooked edition.
Last thread >>3385825

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>canonically buff Serizawa
I was also startled to find out he wasn’t as super hairy as fanart portray him as. Buff Serizawa is one of the seven deadly sins, as is Teruki with ass-acne

>> No.3401678

>”Mob could barely get the whole thing inside”
Well-endowed Mob is another deadly sin

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>Buff seri
>Ass-acne teru
>Well-endowed mob
What are the other 4 sins?

>> No.3401686

- Reigen with an unironically thick ass
- Everything almost being the same except Mob is female and romantic hijinks ensue with the still male cast
- Exclusively drawing Dimple as SG Dimple
- Ritsu

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particularly looking to expand my king dice collection but anything goes

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I just want a thread of this beautiful dhampir.

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Still best Alucard

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So who's ACTUALLY the president of the good boy club?

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Well it's him of course

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Halloween Edition

Nothing pairs with Gorillaz quite as well as horror does. Post some spooky monkey boys.

Previous thread >>3383539

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Are these for limited time?

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Well the pre-order page describes it as "Extremely limited & super-collectible with glowing eyes!!" so...

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i miss bottom 2D fanfics lads, feels like whipstickagocock/creepymura was the only good bottom Murdoc writer but they moved on

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post south park boys here
Old Thread:

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what should the theme of the next thread be?

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kyman is the only ship i don't like
kyle deserves better

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and thats the image limit
thanks for coming folks
next thread will be creek edition since its creek week

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Jesus Version Kagamine Len

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Post your little boys here.

Previous boy: >>3390700

Traps are not the topic of this thread, there is already a thread for that: >>3380236

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Guess we need a new thread!

>> No.3393966

Who's gonna make it?

>> No.3393971

Uh, I guess I can make a new thread before going to sleep. Give me a minute.

>> No.3393978

Done: >>3393972
I'm going to sleep. See ya later.

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>notices yellow cloud next to bulge
he's warming up the pool for ya

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Previous thread: >>3343555

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Quoted By: >>3402438

astolfo thread.

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He meant to say Balance but yeah...rip
Also im getting overwhelming urge to grail his ass from this thread

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Quoted By: >>3402117 >>3402281

>female-styled swimsuit

is he based or cringe?

>> No.3402117

Cringe. Why hide that delicious chest when it is perfectly acceptable thing to show while swimming.

>> No.3402281

Guys in two-piece suits are super cute, covering up that sensitive chest <3

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Chibi T'Challa edition

Previous thread: >>3378463

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