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New division announced, are you excited /cm/?

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so far only 6

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I like kuko

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It's the only one from nagoya who isn't a total cringe

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What was your reaction to Steg?

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Need good art of these two, most of what I tried looking for is cringy tumblr headcannon stuff. Old and young versions of the characters are both welcome.

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Thirded, I've definitely got more art to post.

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I got nothing to post but I'd like it

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Here ya go: >>3383014

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There, done: >>3383017

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Who is the boy in this ad? Is there any more from the same artist?

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Here's a boy for you guys.

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Save the Unicorns Edition
Previous Thread >>3370946

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New Thread >>3377040

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I want more of the panta drinking overlord

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I have never seen a boy this pretty in real life. Serious question: Do boys this feminine and cute really exist or are these artists just drawing girls with tiny penises?

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It's hard to tell the gender of most young children desu. You've probably already seen young femboys and just assumed they were girls. This photo seems a bit to sexual for someone to young though =/

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That's literally OPs question: do males THIS feminine exist

Not whether feminine males exist you retard
Learn to read

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I saw one today incidentally. He was a mega cute.

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You sure it wasn't a ftm?

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Pics or it didn't happen.

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No Bachelor no life.

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Post your favorite feminine and androgynous characters
The more based the basedboy the better

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>like a girl with resting bitch face
Those are some serious bedroom eyes, though.

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Good taste anon

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Post your favorite androgynous or effeminate male characters

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Starting with the most based of basedboys

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Let’s have one! It’s been a while. What have you been reading? Any recs? I just finished Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (audio version), and I found out that the sequel, Wayward Son, will be released later this month!

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Natto-kun edition

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He's Chooki from Tenkai Knights

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What are some shota animes, if anyone can shed some light on me

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Suteki na Shota Days isn't quite an anime, but it's similar.

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Just search for kids anime in a database and pick what interests you. Though since it's kinda niche in the west, not many shows have subs.
If I had to recommend anything recent that has subs, I'd be Shinkalion.

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Can you believe how cute that Moth(er)fucker is?

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I don't ever see Initial D threads here. So why not start one and dump some of my Ryosuke folder.
>tfw no Ryosuke bf

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Sorry for girls but don't have anything else and they are cute

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I don't know what to think of this image desu
Coot thanks anon uwu

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Have any Zim wallpapers?

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Dude again? We already got a Zim thread use the fucking catalog and stop making these

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Last Thread >>3371374

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Kray probably doesn't know who's leading Mad Burnish so he's spewing misinformation to get Burnish Rescue to act more hostile towards them. Either that or they're talking about Mad Burnish about a group being around for 30 years in general.
The idea of old man Lio is pretty funny though.

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>Mad Burnish about a group being around for 30 years in general
It’s this. Remember from the prologue scene that Mad Burnish formed immediately when the discrimination started.

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fug should I buy a dub ticket?

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New thread >>3375706


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Last thread >>3371374

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Promare #35
I'm really sorry...

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Previous thread: >>3356759
Who is your fave? For me, its Inosuke, the madman

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Koku a shit but hes a handsome shit

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Ah, forgot my pic

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Do you have any Zim wallpapers? I've been looking and I can only find wallpapers for gir (zadr counts)

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Cutest and sweetest

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An oldie but a goldie Dagumi

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He is such a sweetheart, very pure
We don't deserve him

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Tanjiro is a very good choice..HOWEVER

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No contest, Insouke Hashibara, he's so goofy and crazy but he's so adorable when he gets flustered. Yukihira Soma is a definite contender.

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i havent seen a lot of art from this game b4 and the main character is /cm/ material

pic related is one of the wallpapers that came with the game

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5/5, that's all ive got from the official wallpaper folder

im gonna look for some fanart now~

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how is this thread on page 7? lore is 2qt

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Previous thread >>3365483

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Previous thread >>3367573
Get hype for new content coming soon(ish)!

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Waiting on a new thread

>> No.3379275

Needy, needy. Here you go >>3379274

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Quoted By: >>3379313

Yeah I think it was strobe light, where 2D was dancing with noodle. Even dancing with noodle, 2D still managed to look cute.

>> No.3379313

We've moved to a new thread, anon. Please post responses there or put sage in the options field if you would like to continue posting in this thread.

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first one to buy me pizza get nudes of my butthole and more if you want

>> No.3372807

my discord is nickyt69
#0750 BTW

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Tom Sawyer thread

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