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If he doesn't return in Boruto, I'm gonna be pissed off! I need Madara! Give me Madara!
Yep, same for me. Good night and prayers!
Madara keeps his third eye open and refuses to sleep, I need to cuddle him until he enters the dreamworld

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I fall in love too easily
I fall in love too fast
I fall in love too terribly hard

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Buying the statue is sounding like more and more of a hassle. What do?

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Glad to see you.
Tell me which statue you want, we can look around and find best price with best quality

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Any unmasked Obito maybe.

I found these listings for MH Obito:

This is the only one with non-stock photos but it doesn't seem like the seller took a photo of something they have in their possession:

And this last one only has stock photos but is twice as expensive for no reason:

There was another result but it had a photo that was clearly a knockoff so I didn't post it here.

There's also SS Obito which is unreleased so only stock photos:

And ZH Obito which is also a pre-order so only stock photos:

I think these are the only unmasked ones.

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I'm so sorry, I fell asleep! Madara took me to the dreamworld.
Let's check it out


>I found these listings for MH Obito:
2 kilograms! This boy is heavy.
I think all of these 3 listings should be legit, when I check what other items they have for sale, it's usually other garage kits. (Except for one, the gkstatues6 I can't check, because they don't ship to my country and I can't see what items they sell)
I searched around and wikipedia has this to say about GKs:

The model might be of a copyrighted character or design that was produced by fans because no official model exists.
The relatively low initial investment and ease of resin casting means that it's also easy to create recast copies of existing original kits. Recasts are produced by making molds of parts from original model kits and then doing recasts from the new molds. This can be done for personal use, such as modification of an existing kit, but unlicensed recast copies are sometimes sold unlawfully. In some cases the original kit is no longer available, but in others they are still in active production.

>This is the only one with non-stock photos but it doesn't seem like the seller took a photo of something they have in their possession:
Wow, look at that army! Here you can see how it looks like in the factory, Absolute mass-production. I see that 1 has been sold too. This one also seems alright, except that they list the weight as 8 kg in the item specifics part, but then they say it's 2 kg in the description.

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>There's also SS Obito which is unreleased so only stock photos:
Oh, little Obito! The goldjinbao guy also sells the Madara, so I'm already familiar with this seller and I don't know, they seem pretty alright to me.
The second one just seems like they copied part of the description from goldjinbao, I've looked at more items they sell and I've spotted some figures that say "china version" on them. Like this - (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Etherious-Natsu-Dragneel-Figure-FAIRY-TAIL-Figurine-PVC-Model-GK-23cm-China-ver/202729860070)
Bootleg! Shady! I'd avoid maiduo!

>And ZH Obito which is also a pre-order so only stock photos:
Ayy Obito! This one should ship around december, so that is soon. Again, from goldjinbao and the other guy also seems legit. They also sell Ma-chan! Here you can see that it's the recast thing, made from original molds, but not from the original manufacturer.
He also has a rating, but it seems like the rating is for "Thanos infinity gauntlet" so the poor guy probably reviewed the wrong thing. Lol. Or is Madara a gauntlet? I don't know!

Also, always look for items that you pay shipping for, because I've seen some beat-up boxes that come from China, and we don't want Obito to arrive broken! And avoid talking to ebay sellers too. The shipping is around 50 bucks sometimes, but it is worth it to pay, just to be sure. How much are you willing to spend for the figure itself?

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>recast copies of existing original kits
How can I tell if I'm getting a recast or an original? I guess none of these are licensed, so that part doesn't matter, but probably still better to get an "original" from whoever actually makes these than a recast.

By the company that made the original molds? Still I'm not sure if the seller personally took this photo or what. Although no other seller has anything besides stock photos.

Wiki also says
>Some figures are sold completed, but most commonly they are sold in parts for the buyer to assemble and finish.
I hope these are assembled and I especially hope they are already painted. I don't want to complete this stuff myself.

>Here you can see that it's the recast thing, made from original molds, but not from the original manufacturer.
All of the ZH ones are recast? How can you tell? Are MH and SS original or recast?

>arrive broken
Apparently resin can break easily too. I dunno.

>How much are you willing to spend for the figure itself?
What it costs I guess. Normally I autistically wait for things I buy to be on sale, but there seems to be no official price for these. I guess sellers can charge whatever they want. Any way to know how much these are "supposed" to cost? Like how much the manufacturer charges in the first place.

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>How can I tell if I'm getting a recast or an original?
I don't think you can even tell unless they specify it. They should be exactly same as the original!
>By the company that made the original molds?
Doesn't have to be, they just pass around these molds or buy them it seems
>I hope these are assembled
Painted yes, but you might need some assembly. Like a 3D puzzle most likely
>All of the ZH ones are recast? How can you tell? Are MH and SS original or recast?
I'm not sure, there is no way to tell, really. I have no idea which company originally made the figure. I guess if you tried to sort by date on ebay, you might get some results, but that's a lot of work! The original might not be on sale anymore, too!
>Apparently resin can break easily too. I dunno.
Yeah, if you drop a PVC figure, nothing will usually happen to it, but a resin statue might get damaged when dropped. Like porcelain statues. Very fragile.
>Any way to know how much these are "supposed" to cost?
Again, no. There is no official price set for these. Because the studios make them, they can set their prices for whatever they think it's worth.

I really wish I could be more helpful, but these Chinese statues are an unexplored market and I don't have any experience with these myself.
I love love love the Madara, but 400 dollars is a lot of money for a figure that I'm not even certain about how it's gonna be or look. It hurts my soul!

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Hm but you said "Here you can see it's the recast thing". How did you know that?

>they can set their prices for whatever they think it's worth
Yeah, but I don't even know what the studio set as the price. I can only see what the seller is asking. Maybe the studio sold it for $200 to the seller and the seller is charging $400 on ebay.

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Oh, because the recast was in the title of the item

Pre order Anime Naruto ZH Studio Uchiha Madara Resin Figurine GK Recast Model

>Yeah, but I don't even know what the studio set as the price.
Nobody knows, but it is very likely that the studio itself is selling their statues on ebay, you can't get them anywhere else anyway. And statues like these usually go around 300-400 dollars

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Oh I'm retarded. I thought you meant something else. I watched a random video for a different Naruto resin figure, seems like they're painted but easy to assemble. If the studio themselves is selling it I wish they'd say it. Knowing it's straight from the source would help.
I dunno, do I roll the dice? Risk it all? I could end up with everything, or I could end up with nothing.

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>I could end up with everything, or I could end up with nothing.
I know, it is tearing me apart as well! But it cannot be THAT bad, right? Especially for the price, it should be of some quality.
I-I don't know, flip a coin? They say that when the coin is in the air, you'll realize which option you truly want.
What's the worst that can happen?

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As a side note, you can also buy small random official merch of Obito (posters, keychains, buttons, shirts...) on some legit websites.
I've recently purchased a used figma from GoodsRepublic, the quality of the item was superb, it wasn't even unboxed before. And they sent a thank-you letter with my name handwritten, I really didn't expect that!

Other 100% legit stores you can look through:
CD Japan
Hobby Search
Solaris Japan

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So many factors. What if customs inspects it? They'll put me on the animewatcher watch list. What if the shipping box says what's inside? People could see it. I usually get mail shipped to my work address so coworkers will know I'm an autist. No, that can't be. It'll probably be some generic DHL box or some shit. Right?

I checked AmiAmi and they had SD Obito/Kakashi. I think that's officially licensed, but it's sold out. Thanks for all the info!

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I still have the most recent box right next to me!
You get the dispatch note on top, it went through customs, and just got a stamp saying "no customs" .It also says Japan post and "Figure" as the description of contents. I mean, it could be any figure, like a cool super hero action figure! Or you can tell "oh, it's a figure, I'm getting this for my little cousin". Lol.
I mean... you really don't have to be embarassed. I understand you're over exaggerating, but just think about this: Someone buying 5 monster dildos and the customs people reviewing that. Now that goes on a list!
We're probably on several lists already, the police will probably raid me soon because I said that I want to kiss dead Madara. Don't worry about it! Autism connects people. Look at us, if we both weren't obsessed with some fictional men, we wouldn't be talking right now!

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>several lists
N-no I only browse https websites. They can't know. Can they?
>police will probably raid me soon
Use your phone call to call Madara.
Yeah... what the fuck is my problem?

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Use anonymous mode! The FBI can't get you that way!
Would Madara know how to operate a phone? He'd probably think it's witchcraft
And I don't know. Not my fault that 2D boys are just so cute! 3D can't compare. Oh god, I'm gonna die alone

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Probably not. Maybe a rotary phone, but today's phones are too complicated.

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That's adorable. I'd love to teach him about phones and the internet!

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I love him way too much

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Why is he so perfect?

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I ask myself the same question often, but i can't find an answer!
I'm the >>3399311 anon, how are you today, Madaraanon? I've seen the Moon few times, it's beautiful!

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Oh, hello, nice to see you again!
I'm alright, saw the Moon yesterday, but today it is raining and totally cloudy. I can't even see the stars!
Also I watched the scene where Madara is dying at the end of the war and talking with Hashirama, and I cried again. God, I don't think I've ever loved someone as much as I love Madara!

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Oh noooo, don't remind me! I avoid these moments, because I will cry 100%
Instead I watch episodes where Madara is triumphant!

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I always do this to myself, this time youtube recommended the clip to me and I couldn't resist. I had to go to bed, hug my Madara pillow and cry in silence lol

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I'm sending you yet another virtual friendly hug! Besides that, I'm glad that you're doing mostly ok!
Your pic confuses me tho, like is he wearing a black jumpsuit underneath? I thought he's wearing pants and long gloves?

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Thank you very much!
I feel another unexplainable wave of sadness coming, I need to look at cute Madara pictures asap!
The picture is from Storm 4, so I guess it is official. Madara's outfit situation confuses me. What is that? A tight bodysuit? But why can we see his neck and collarbones? I love it, but it makes me question reality. Maybe part his body just turned black like that? At least we got clearance on his ... uh... middle cloth piece? With this concept art.
Alien clothing, we don't understand!

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You are always welcome, Madafriend!
Oh man, his clothing (and very existence) warps reality! It's super weird. Maybe the black stuff is a protective chakra coating? (Isn't the entire outfit is made of chakra??? Ummm..)
We can have our headcanons tho, so I'm not worried, more like intrigued!

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Madarafriends army <3
>Maybe the black stuff is a protective chakra coating?
That is a good idea actually. His robe is made of chakra, so I don't see why the rest can't be too. What if some other Ayy sucks out his chakra, would his clothing disappear? And he'd just be naked on the battlefield? ... H-hot. Haha

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Oh, thank <3
Oh yeah, that would be the ultimate fanservice!
Him, Naked and Not Afraid! In all his muscular glory!
I love the pic btw. Thigh socks and gloves? So appealing!

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God, he's so cute, but also so hot... just perfect. I have no words. He makes me so emotional...
Yes, I love it too! Those delicious thighs, I want to kiss them all over!

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Just... ideal. I'm very passionate about him! (even if I keep it inside most of the time)
The Thighs! He could kill me with them and I would thank him!

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Oh yes please, that is the only way I want to die!
I actually had a nightmare today, it was... pretty heavy. I think it was because the Moon wasn't visible. Ma-chan, please take the bad dreams away!

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Satanic trips, oh my!
I'm so sorry to hear that! Don't worry, Madara will take care of your dreams, Full Moon is coming soon!

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Oh goodness, get away Satan!! I worship Madara!
I hope so, please! Maybe I need to start praying to him in the morning as well. I want him to take my hand and lead me to the beautiful dreamworld, where we can be together!

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That sound beautiful! Ahh...
In my case he can just jump out of the computer screen, lol

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>Staring at the Moon
>"What the hell, is that a shooting star?"
>It's Madara falling from the sky
Just imagine! He's coming down here from the Moon to save us all from sadness and nightmares!

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>Local news: "New moon god cult is rising!"
>"The Moon has suddenly turned red, astrologists astounded!"

Twinkle, twinkle Mada-star! At least people in this world can't defeat him, heck many of them would join him!

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Oh that is what I want! I need to dedicate my life to worshiping Madara!

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Haven't you already? lol
You would have the highest position in the Moon God Cult, I'm certain of that!

lookatthat, We've reached the image limit!

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Yes, oh how I wish!
Oh, already?! I didn't even notice! Do you have Madapictures to start a new one? I keep posting the same shit over and over!

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Maybe, I dunno..?


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That's amazing! Juubi boys!

>> No.3400724

Hurray! <3

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