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Cute Puppers vs. The Garbage Anime Edition

> Demo Day
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> Engines

> Models/art/textures/sprites

> Free audio

> How to Webm

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>cute puppers
>posts a tragically deformed bull terrier

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There were 33 frogposts in the previous thread. This was well above the acceptable limit of zero. Let's try harder to keep the number down.

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fuck of

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do you actually sit there scrolling through 800 posts counting how many have pepes wtf lmao

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ugly nigger dog

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most meshes are replacing, all placeholders
corners replace in 1x1, 2x2, or 3x3 randomly, the stupid looking spikes is just so I can see what size it is at a glance
the other bits replace in strips of 1x1 to 1x9
1x1 hill and pond corners are kind of blocky unfortunately, not much to do about that except detect L shapes to replace which is probably more work than it's worth

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Any engine devs here?
Which is easier to learn dx12 or jogl?
I know java much better than c++ or C#

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that looks good, keep it up!

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How long have you been working on this game? I keep thinking you've long died but no you're always back eventually with more progress. Commendable effort, really.

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>Which is easier to learn dx12 or jogl?
Why would you unironically learn dx12?
Just use c++ and learn opengl. You can get performance very close to vulkan if you actually know what you are doing.
>I know java much better
>better than anything
Don't even joke like that. C# is shit too btw.

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You want music? I got music
If anyone here is actually close to completing a project and wants to commission an OST I'm here with some quality shit (BMus)

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File: 1MiB, 800x280, Spooky_3Remake.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Is this a good skybox?

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very interesting...what program do you use to make your music?

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I use Sibelius to do all my scores. I'm not that experienced with any programming related music technologies, though my university has a whole heap of resources and very expensive software that I pretty much have unrestricted access to.

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No. Keep the moon still.

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oh sorry, i'm not interested in using music from that program, but i wish you the best of luck!

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I was about to give you a long response outlining both but then I read
>I know java much better than C++

and realized you're retarded, so I won't.

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I don't like. Feel like the music has no direction whatsoever.
It's like you took the worst parts of classical music and combined them.
And i'm someone who has classical/classical-ish as one of the favorite genres.

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not even that composer poster, but still, kys

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So you switched your shitpost from engines to music programs. Big brain indeed.

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also unity is best engine still kys

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Just finished listening.
I kept waiting for music to start, but it's like orchestra is tuning the instruments for 30 minutes.

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lmao look at all these triggered libtarded nodevs, thanks for the (You)s

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lmao the last work in particular is actually super amateurish but I must admit I have not ever laughed at a criticism until I read that. I mean it's not even 30 minutes

but structurally it is a total mess so do I appreciate that you're not a fan

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Is there an addon for blender that allows objects scattering/placement on other objects with a brush? I know theres random scattering and particle systems that you can weight paint, but wondering if theres something simpler and not roundabout.

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File: 2MiB, 1196x574, cardthing2.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Working more on card hand thing, did a basic model and some basic logic for handling max hand size and going over it.

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Hey guys. Do you know any tutorials or free assets which show how to implement "big" procedural worlds in Unity? I already have a test project which can generate a voxel world broken down into 16x16x16 chunks, generate the mesh data and colliders... But I'm kinda stuck at the point where I want to dynamically generate new chunks and destroy or disable old chunks depending on player/camera position. I know there are some paid assets and tried decompiling them but didn't learn too much because the source is not properly documented.

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When will Godot get 3D trails?

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Daily reminder that I love you guys and the shitty games you make.
Post your games so I can play them already.

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Quoted By: >>253921032

That's pretty cool, you could easily make a vr cardgame thing and I think a lot of people would be into that if you could incorporate a lot of different rulesets that determine the mechanics.
Maybe not even just for regular cardgames but being able to do TCG rules as well (yugioh, pokemon, MtG) would make it easier to sell a game based on this.
Or you could just make the asset and sell it online for chinese companies to make vr cardgames or something.

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>spent the past year working solely on music
>just keep jamming and selecting good portions to add on to for final compositions without ever finishing them
>some day ill get back to working on my game I say

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Fuck you that was an awesome OP

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Quoted By: >>253932429

Randomly generated map? Awesome.

What the other guy said, keeping the moon still would greatly improve the look.

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Did you make this? Or buy it somewhere
I'm looking through nighttime skyboxes right now myself

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>Only game I want to make is an "Elder Scrolls clone" with ridiculous scale
>Can see the mechanics in my head
>Can even program the basics and make the models needed
>It's just way too big of a project for any 1man to handle in any conceivable universe

Save me from this hell.

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I want to make a daggerfall clone.

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Quoted By: >>253917531

why the fuck would you want to clone a game where the only positive traits of the game are the lore/setting (which you're presumably not using) and the fact that they have large modding communities (which your game probably won't)

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just get a decent workflow and shit out assets.

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File: 3MiB, 904x510, visual_shader_wip15.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Added material creation from templates and assignment.

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anyone happen to know the exact version of unity that added nested prefabs? i need to get rid of this shit.

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What happens when shit like gamemaker and unity gets out of date?

Aren't you back at square 1

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>why the fuck would you want to clone a game where the only positive traits of the game are the lore/setting
Open world first person "immersive sim" RPGs are a very small niche, only really Bethesda does them. If some Indie Darling came along with even a moderately quality game people would jump on that shit quick, and that's only from a business perspective and not even from a fun perspective.

>large modding communities (which your game probably won't)
You're probably right, but considering even small games like Hat in Time have modding communities now I wouldn't put it past a moderately successful game.

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Quoted By: >>253919434

There's like 100's of projects like that that are complete shit.

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Quoted By: >>253917825

you just update the engine
if you can't do it without your game breaking in half, it means you either took wait too much fucking time making your game or you're using unity

>> No.253917825

I mean let's say someone releases a new game making engine making all others obsolete

>> No.253917852
Quoted By: >>253917936

then you just learn the new one.
do you think game developers just live and die by one engine?

>> No.253917880

You use whatever you want. People still make Doom TCs.

>> No.253917912

then you just switch after finishing the game

>> No.253917936

I mean opposed to learning a programming language and how to code properly

>> No.253918023

you will have to constantly learn new things no matter which path you choose

>> No.253918030

Maybe start small with a single area and add more over time ?
That seems to be the only real way that a single person could do a project like this.
I had a concept of an MMORPG sized world but for single players (or friends that could connect to you so you could play together).
You could also run your own server ala minecraft and create your own community on it.

>> No.253918170

If you can't code you're already ngmi though. Has there been any successful game that was done in some sort of visual/drag and drop system?

>> No.253918221

hollow knight

>> No.253918354

Daily reminder not to procrastinate and grind the skills you need for your game. I hope you fags have a productive day.

>> No.253918423

Dunno about drag n drop, but there have been a bunch successful games done in ridiculous stuff like GameMaker. See RoR. And outdated stuff like XNA is still relevant, although nowadays I'd just use Unity or UE if you're not going to write your own engine.

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Quoted By: >>253921601

Are you seriously saying all successful games have been made with a babies connect the dots and colors toy?

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File: 15KiB, 359x240, d.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

needs to be hourly, if not minutely.

>> No.253918856

Already have the skills, lack the motivation. Would give them to you guys if I could

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Imagine all the missed dosh

>> No.253919342

>I had a concept of an MMORPG sized world but for single players (or friends that could connect to you so you could play together).
>You could also run your own server ala minecraft and create your own community on it.
That's a great idea actually. Wonder why nobody has done it yet. You could even eliminate the need for servers since it's just be client based.

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that's what's known as diablo 2, you retarded zoomers.

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Name one. I need my fix.

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>Blog warning

So I'm very new to gamedev, I've been learning for a week or so, but I've been spriting and composing for a lot longer. I decided I'd have a go at making a 2d jrpg since it's my favourite genre and I have a ton of ideas and character concepts. After looking at various options I decided to try coding in java, since it seemed much more legible than C++ and I like the idea of learning a proper coding language, not a game specific one. Plus I found the slick2D framework that does a lot of the basic legwork for you which suits my non-existent coding skill.

I managed to get it setup pretty easily and get a sprite moving around a basic screen with background music playing without much effort, but I keep getting stuck and it seems that the community for slick died in about 2013. I can't find anyone to help with basic questions, and all the YouTube tutorial series are incomplete and don't cover more complex stuff. Should I keep at it or swap to unity or game maker or something?

I haven't got a whole lot of progress to lose so starting again wouldn't be a massive problem, but I think it would be more long term useful to keep learning java. My aim is really just to have an outlet to work on my coding, spriting and composition skills, but I also want to see some progress so I don't get demoralised and burn out. Any thoughts?

Tl;dr should I power through and keep learning java or switch to something easier with a bigger community?

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I don't remember their names but i certainly remember seeing tons of them.

It's very common to see youtubers making vids on them due to their shittyness.

>> No.253919823

>start something by yourself
>keep going till you get to a point where you can build a demo to show off
>post about it everywhere

Plenty other people out there who wants to do the same as you, or are already doing it.

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Quoted By: >>253922973

Learn comp sci in general, do the algorithms and datastructures course on mit opencourseware. Then jump back to whatever language. You’ll want to get familiar with programming patterns as well but not sure if there’s an easy way to do that without reading a bunch of github project code

>> No.253919959
Quoted By: >>253922973

Java and C# are VERY similar, you will have almost no problems switching to C#/Unity with a Java background. Coding games in Java is doable, obviously, and there are some multimedia frameworks which can easily be used to draw sprites and animations, even 3d graphics. As for your general coding skills... there are more real life jobs out there for Java devs I think, but C# comes kinda second. So it doesn't matter much. For gamedev, you'll probably be better off with C# or C++ in the long run.

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>that's what's known as diablo 2, you retarded zoomers.
>Diablo 2 playing anything like an MMO
>Diablo 2 having the same emphasis on group play and Tank/DPS/Heal trinity
>Diablo 2 having any of the same world design as an MMO
>Thinking you're some special, "oldschool" elite for playing one of the most famous and popular games of the past 20 years

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Quoted By: >>253920697

Rigging sucks assholes.

>> No.253920697

guess i'm learning rigging today

>> No.253920708

I'd highly recommend you use RPG Maker MV or VXA, even if people are going to make fun of you for doing so.
MV uses JavaScript, and VXA uses Ruby (basically THE "prettiest" language out there).
Reading through the default scripts will give you a really good grasp on how to think about setting up an RPG environment. The scenes, objects, databases, menus, whatever.

>Diablo 2 not playing like an MMO
Oh, I was thinking of the wrong game then. What's that game with enchanted equipment, gear sockets, skill trees, stat allocations, leveling, aggro management via taunts, etc?
Do you think there's something else to MMOs that make them intrinsically different than what I've described?
Quit being a dumbfuck.

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Quoted By: >>253921003


>> No.253920807

this is the first time I've seen someone try to seriously claim Diablo is an MMO

>> No.253920970
Quoted By: >>253921994

If you're going to be a reductive faggot about it then sure, Diablo is an MMO. It's a "Massively Multiplayer Online" game. Just like how Call of Duty and Minecraft are MMOs. Faggot.

>> No.253920972

He's saying it plays like an MMO, not that it is an MMO. Read the reply chain. Now Dark souls, THAT'S an MMO.

>> No.253921003

>export to GMS2
Doesn't GMS2 already feature room editing tools? Unless making a room with a third party program like this and exporting it into GMS2 is somehow more effecient?

>> No.253921007

And what do you think make MMOs different from D2?
That they have 4,000 player lobbies instead of 4?
That they're always online?

You know, I see it now. My mistake. Those games are definitely incomparable.

>> No.253921027

they probably mean a single player game that simulates world like a server
so world simulation, like oblivion's radiant ai system

>> No.253921032
Quoted By: >>253922316

thank you! I wouldn't mind making it VR compatible but I'm not sure how to properly test it without VR stuff. Selling it is definatly a nice idea, I'd need to clean it up a fair bit though.

>> No.253921601

I'm saying the exact opposite, lrn 2 reed

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File: 210KiB, 1280x719, hmm.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Actually, you're right. When I look at a screenshot of random MMO #4032, I can see how it'd be silly to compare it to D2. It's just as comparable to CoD.
Sorry if I called you a bad names.

>> No.253922142

I never really liked the static classes of diablo.
I prefer it much more if I can just pick whatever skill tree I would want and improve on that and make my character truly mine.

I guess the formula works better when playing with a lot of people or something ?
I imagined it with open skilltrees (so instead of picking a static class you could just train in bows and take bow based skills if you wanted to be more of an archer for example) so you could truly make your own character.
Alas I'm more of a writer than a proper gamedev so it won't ever become a reality.

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File: 3MiB, 904x510, visual_shader_wip16.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253922658

Optimized the SVT GPU-CPU bottleneck, but now I'm having trouble with flipbooks again...

>> No.253922316

Just having the framework for devs to add their own cardgame rules would help a lot.
Imagine all those chinese tcg mobile games that are frothing at the mouth to release something like it on steam. You could retire from that kind of money if you make it so the license for the pack needs to be renewed yearly or so.

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File: 1MiB, 1920x1080, o.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

okay, enough being rude. how about we just brainstorm about this "singleplayer mmo" concept?

i just thought of something genius.
sometimes it's hard finding people to party with, and even if you do, it's some randos on the internet, right?
what if you could recruit computer-controlled party members?
that way, you can always find more "players" to party with!
just a rough idea atm; gonna sleep on it.

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File: 191KiB, 1280x720, Secret world screen.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Keep being gay all you want. When people say MMO, they think and mean the WoW style behind the back, tag targetting, team based dungeon and raiding experience. Not d2. No need to reply to this post, as I have already filtered your troll ass.

>> No.253922489

Dragons Dogma.

>> No.253922523

the whole point of MMOs is either partying up with friends and accomplishing goals or joining guilds and making friends

>> No.253922658
Quoted By: >>253922758

Does it sort itself out if you let it run a while?

>> No.253922758
Quoted By: >>253923157

Yeah, it's not acceptable though. I think I need to make the SVT update every frame, it will still be one frame behind, so I need to compensate for that in the tile query pass.

>> No.253922882

Anon that posted the idea of the singleplayer MMO concept here, if you want I can post some of the idea's I had when I thought it up originally.

Essentially it's like any other MMO that you play online, the big difference being that it's mostly a singleplayer experience (you should be able to hire some NPC's so you have a healer or a mage if needed and give them an attack pattern to use so it doesn't feel too barren).
You could also have friends directly connect to you (or run an instance of the game as a headless server and have it open for other people to enjoy your server much like minecraft does) so you could do quests and play the game with friends.

I wanted the skill system to be as open as possible, I always hate how in MMO's you get pushed into a certain skillset (half of which you wouldn't even use because they just don't fit your particular playstyle) and would much rather have it that you could mix and match your skills as much as you want to fit your playstyle (this also makes replayability with different character styles much more likely).

As far as setting goes I never really got too much into that, I imagined a world that had already gone through a lot of the different tropes that you see in mmo's (fantasy, scifi, modern setting) and had a little bit of them mixed together but the stories of what happened in this world being so long ago that nobody really knows what exactly happened.
You could find yourself in a large dungeon that was a crashed spacestation in the desert covered by sand, or explore a run down city where the skyscrapers have been toppled and are leaning on one another, the buildings covered in plants and moss as nature reclaims the landscape. I wanted to keep this as open as possible to give more options as to explore the story in various ways.

If you have any clues on how to improve it I would love to hear about it, this was an idea I started like 10+ years ago so maybe there's a game that does this now.

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File: 36KiB, 500x500, pete-the-lionman.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Online MMO where 80% of the player population is compose of a complex AI, the AI characters will never respawn after being killed.

>> No.253922973
Quoted By: >>253923826

Cheers for tip, I will get on that later. I'm not a compete complete beginner, I studied maths so I imagine I'll be able to pick it up pretty quickly.

I'll download unity and have a look, good to know my java practise won't go to waste either way.

>> No.253923092
Quoted By: >>253923821

I did look at RPG maker first, but one of the main things I wanted to achieve in my game is a vastly switched up battle system which rpg maker couldn't do without writing my own plugins. Looking at the default scripts though sounds very useful, I'll try that thanks.

>> No.253923157

How many pages per frame are you updating?

>> No.253923164

the D2 clone kind is far more common, and really the main thing that differs in something like WoW is the perspective, not the gameplay

>> No.253923243

>the AI characters will never respawn after being killed.
That's some convincing Peter desu.

>> No.253923312

I'm clamping it at 64 each update, which means the cap is never reached, but I'm running the update once every 4 frames. Because it has to be transferred to the CPU through a PBO, it's some frames behind as well.

>> No.253923364
File: 652KiB, 2388x768, a mmo.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Okay, if I'm being serious. I get what you mean now.
Third-person cameras (... that can be rotated around! not the locked top-down ones) make all the difference.
Also, those top-down (not) MMOs just don't have the same emphasis on team based dungeons and raids.

You know, this just reminded me of this huge controversy. This one dev created a sequel to a game.. but it was a fucking MMO instead of the previous genre. Yikes.

Ooh, that's really interesting.. Brilliant, even. How's about calling it the Brilliant AI?

>> No.253923821
Quoted By: >>253924474

Yeah, you have to write your own scripts to create your own custom battle system.. but what exactly do you think you'll be doing when using other game engines?
You'll ALWAYS have to write your own scripts if you want your own battle system. This isn't exclusively a con to RPG Maker. You still benefit from everything else laid out for you, that are also still heavily customizeable.

The only real downsides to RPG Maker are that it costs money (assuming you aren't pirating it), and the stigma of cheap RPG Maker trash games.

>> No.253923826

>I’ll get on it later
Bad idea

>> No.253923832

>got back from a JS lecture
>Diablo 2 is a MMO
what the actual fuck happened to AGDG in last months
where is all this autism came from

>> No.253923872
Quoted By: >>253925291

Not sure if I explained it correctly, the tiles are loaded as they are seen by the camera, on normal textures you can't notice anything, on animated textures, you're always behind.

>> No.253924059


>> No.253924080 [SPOILER]
File: 195KiB, 1920x1080, l2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>got back from a JK "lecture"
>Call of Duty and Minecraft are just as similar to MMOs as D2
what the literal fuck happened to /agdg/ in this past year?
where is all this autism coming from?

>> No.253924152
Quoted By: >>253924610

you havin fun over there, champ?

>> No.253924291

99% of MMOs being WoW clones made people think its a genre instead of just gameplay mode like single/multiplayer, and they're too stupid to expand the acronym
>make online chess
>nice multiplayer game!

What makes diablo an MMO?
>add a global chat
>WOW, its an MMO now!

>> No.253924324
Quoted By: >>253924467

>ragnarok online
>not mmo
retard gonna retard

>> No.253924467

that's clearly sarcasm, he's mocking the people saying that d2 doesn't play like a singleplayer mmo by providing an example of an mmo (ragnarok) that has similar gameplay and perspective

>> No.253924474
Quoted By: >>253925975

Obviously yeah, my thinking was that if I'm going to have to do a sizable portion myself, I may as well learn to do the whole thing myself? It'll probably be less effort in the long run that way, and I'll develop broader skills. But I do see your point, I may be taking on too much.

>> No.253924610

honestly, yeah. i got it out of my system now.
back to fixing prefab errors.

>> No.253924743
Quoted By: >>253924808

I just looked at my hamster from above. Guys, is... is my hamster an MMO?

>> No.253924790
Quoted By: >>253927958

About a year ago I started trying to make a game in Unity, very simple stuff, everything was fine and dandy, except I tried to update Unity recently and found out that apparently it no longer comes with MonoDevelop, which I was happy using. I hate how cluttered Visual Studio and all these other ones are, but I've never used any IDE before this one or anything of the sort, and don't know how to manually setup MonoDevelop so it works with Unity. All I want is for it to autocomplete like it always has so I don't have to get stuck with old versions of Unity forever or force myself to use something else. Can anyone help a brainlet out? I have no problem dealing with anything -inside- Unity but the second an outside problem pops up I have no fucking clue. Or, if no one knows, at the very least can anyone recommend a VERY lightweight alternative to MonoDevelop that I can set up so it works the same way?

>> No.253924808
Quoted By: >>253925108

is he grinding randomised loot in a dungeon?

>> No.253924890

The skills are transferrable. If you're an ace at Unity you can pick up UE4 in a month or two at most. Language isn't an issue, if you can learn one language but not another then you're some sort of special retard. Workflow and asset management is the biggest difficulty.

>> No.253924947
File: 1MiB, 4096x2709, 1548549450148.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253925045

>he thinks MMO describes a type of gameplay

>> No.253925024

Really? I've seen a lot of people claim as such. Though I don't agree with them.

>> No.253925045

see >>253920972
I swear I'm the smartest person in this thread but you're not bad

>> No.253925108

He spinning on a wheel so I give him food in his cage. Oh God

>> No.253925248

Is he selling the food?

>> No.253925287

Okay yeah he's an MMO

>> No.253925291
Quoted By: >>253925479

So are you thinking buffering the frames in advance?

>> No.253925479

Yeah, but not sure how, the tile query pass is derived from the visual shader graph, maybe just setting the timer on the query pass 3 frames ahead will fix it.

>> No.253925702

I'm running out of beer.

>> No.253925975

People make too big of a deal out of learning new languages/engines.
Like in their minds,
>learn java in 1 year
>need to learn C#? learn C# in 0.9 year
>need to learn C++? learn C++ in 0.8 year

When in actuality, it's more like
>learn java in 1 year
>need to learn C#? learn C# in 0.1 year
>need to learn C++? learn C++ in 0.05 year

So it's not like you'll end up wasting your time learning how to script in RM. The biggest hurdle to programming/gamedev is just getting in the right logic-based mindset. Once you're at that point, you can learn anything else easily.
With the upside that you'll be familiar with how typical RPGs setup their underlying systems, rather than coming up with it yourself.

>> No.253926237

Pretty much this. Learning a new coding language isn't really like learning a new language. It's more like learning a variation of a language you already know. Like if you spoke english, and tried to learn to speak like a chav.

>> No.253926382

it's been 3 years since I was trying to learn c#/JS

>> No.253927438

I guess I'm going to shower, then play MGS1 while finishing my last six-pack of cheap beer. Milwaukee's Best. If this is the best Milwaukee has to offer then we're in trouble.

>> No.253927679
Quoted By: >>253928549

What does this have to do with video game development?

>> No.253927958
Quoted By: >>253952513

The name may put you off, but Visual Studio Code is actually a pretty great alternative. It's essentially a light-weight version of Visual Studio

>> No.253928228
File: 682KiB, 1441x635, Spooky_3WIP.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.253928549
Quoted By: >>253940012

Well, I'm interested in revisiting all the best narratives in gaming to get ideas for a game story. I should be getting a computer soon ,so I'm just biding my time and hanging out in a comfy thread. I'll go now

>> No.253928768

>appropriating Japanese culture
that is problematic

>> No.253928951
Quoted By: >>253929043

Im a mutt so its okay

>> No.253929043

oh okay worried you were white carry on

>> No.253929170

>implying anyone cares
I'm making my game about racial stereotypes and there's nothing you can do about it.

>> No.253931631
Quoted By: >>253942031

looks neat

>> No.253931826
File: 41KiB, 249x249, 1543761771072.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Minecraft: Enginedev
Terraria: Enginedev

>> No.253931995

my game: nodev

>> No.253932085
File: 1MiB, 578x434, combat.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


Doing capitol killing logic and animations, then AI

>> No.253932107

terraria + zork

>> No.253932220

Both: good ideas
XNA is a framework aka engine-light, I'd give you lwjgl cause it's a lib
It's not like minecraft has good optimization anyway and terraria devs had problems with XNA

>> No.253932268

discord tranny edition?

>> No.253932429

if the moon is moving then so are the mountains. only clouds should be moving.

>> No.253932665
File: 2MiB, 640x360, templeCrumble.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

some new environment

>> No.253933112

What's a good formula for working out total damage when taking attacker strength, weapon damage, and enemy toughness into account?

>> No.253933368

So, the game starts off telling the Irish Green Beret (who resembles Sean Bean) that his task is to assassinate Adolf Hitler by any means possible and gets dropped in on the outskirts of Berlin in a forest, where he is kept in contact with a local resistance movement by walkie-talkie for assistance in the lay of the land as well as general tutorial and tips. He's told to meet with a contracted member of the resistance movement in the form of a French spy resembling Sean Connery. As the Green Beret approaches the tavern on the outskirts of Berlin a cutscene is shown of the well-dressed spy playing cards with a group and drinking liquor quietly - you don't see his face yet - until another German soldier cheats. The spy is then shown staring down the cheater until he finally goes through a Sherlock-style rundown with a cutscene of the past showing the German hiding a card up his sleeve. The German acts as if he's been caught red-handed but the spy proceeds to shoot every German soldier at the table. He then takes the money and hurriedly makes for the door and walks to a clearing on the edge of the forest where he meets the Green Beret at the meeting spot. The two of them feel each other out and confirm their mission, which is to, through espionage, execute Hitler. The spy informs the Green Beret that they should leave the area as quickly as possible as a civilian from the tavern most likely told a nearby Gestapo unit of his shooting the soldiers. The player then makes use of the spy's limited ammunition Welrod and disguising ability and the Green Beret's knife to open up passages that the Green Beret couldn't get past on his own. You may pick up weapons and use them, such as the MP40, but allguards in the vicinity will swarm on the position it was fired from, and as ammo will be scarce, mostly stealth will be the best approach.

>> No.253933471
Quoted By: >>253934456

Your average enemy should die in one hit. Your average weapon should kill your average enemy in one hit. Go from there

>> No.253933578

The Saboteur's already been made, anon

>> No.253933661
Quoted By: >>253935586

this shitpost has blossomed into a beautiful meme

>> No.253933909

your average enemy should die in 5 strong hits, or 20 weak hits.

>> No.253934247
Quoted By: >>253935026

Really depends on the type of game. Real time or turn based? Fighting a bunch of garbage enemies or a few stronger enemies? Do you want attacker strength to be more important than weapon damage, vice versa, or equally important? How do you want the target defense to work? Some games have defense reduce damage by a percentage, meaning it works the same on any type of attack. Some games make defense reduce damage by a fixed amount, meaning it's better at defending against weak attacks and less effective against strong attacks. Some games make defense just increase your chance to dodge an attack instead of actually reducing damage.

>> No.253934281
Quoted By: >>253934636

Anyone have any ideas for what forces to apply to a ragdoll getting hit by a sword to make it look good when it dies? I've tried setting an angular velocity on the torso to make it spin like it was hit but it looks like ass. Also tried adding force impulses around the body but I can't seem to make it look good.

>> No.253934456

what's a bad one?

for attacker strength and weapon damage I your choice is addition or multiplication.
let's say strength 3, weapon 4. if you add them you get effective damage 7. if you multiply you get effective damage 12. addition results in a more linear progression as you level up. multiplication means that as a starting player you can't do SHIT to advanced enemies, they are completely out of your reach, taking comical amounts of hits without a scratch. I would choose addition for this reason but I don't know your gameplay plans.

then for the defensive component you have a similar choice. subtraction or multiplication/division (same behavior, just different numbers). subtraction can result in 0 damage hits which I think are silly so I would go with division. why division and not multiplication? because it allows you to use the displayed values. you don't want to display "defensive multiplier 0.5" or something like that, confusing the players. you want higher numbers to be better in a progression system.

to put the whole thing together: (attacker strength + attacker weapon damage) / victim toughness

this simple formula always returns a positive value and scales nicely. I'm more of a shooter guy but we have similar problems with systems like "armor" or "shields".

that's not what he's asking, I think. any formula can be filled with variables that result in this design but 1) it's subjective / situational whether this is how things should work and 2) since it can be done with any formula it doesn't help him pick a formula.

>> No.253934636

you have to apply several forces around the body to replicate the thousand cuts inflicted upon the victim within a split second.

>> No.253934839
Quoted By: >>253940012

As they approach Hitler's Berlin headquarters Hitler is seen saluting his SS bodyguard unit from his Mercedes-Benz when another cutscene is shown of a rifle scope. The sniper is shown briefly behind the scope and he talks to the other resistance members informing them he has a shot from the top of a building. He attempts to take a shot after informing the Green Beret and the spy that they should clean up the mess. The sniper will be a young naive Russian who bungles the shot after a change in wind direction. Hitler then perks up and sees the sniper glint on the roof and screams "schnappt sie!" with a contorted face. The guards then swarm searching for enemies. Justice's Helix or like music kicks in as you have to escape from Berlin, avoiding guards and shooting larger groups of four or five. Hitler then appears at the edge of Berlin in his Mercedes-Benz where he screams that they won't survive in the forest for long. You then make it back to the resistance movement HQ where the commander informs you you'll have to start from square one as Hitler has increased his security by injecting more troops to Berlin. The next tasks are to kill Goering, Himmler and Goebbels. The Green Beret, spy and sniper meet up with the Chinese explosives expert, Midwestern tank driver and Canadian diver/marine.

I need to think more. Once I get my computer it'll be easier to make ideas. I'm using a damn PS4 controller.

>> No.253934887

really you need a more descriptive requirement than "nice". What sort of experience are you trying to evoke out of the play with combat?

>since it can be done with any formula it doesn't help him pick a formula
Trivially you can have an infinite number of formulae give the same result. The factors which will help you pick one over another are 1) do you intend to expose the formula to the player? If so you want one that is simple and flavourful. and 2) do you want to have a hard time implementing it or not?
You want an easy formula no matter what. Elegance in game design translates to an elegant game

>> No.253934971
Quoted By: >>253935148

hey, followup question:
what's a good music genre for my game, considering i need a short song, a long song, and a really long song?

>> No.253935026


Thanks for the detailed answers, I suppose I really need to think more deeply about what I want the combat to be like.

As it is right now, I'm using a basic top-down, real time combat system with lock on, a simple attack and a simple block. I do sort of like the idea of using multiplication as I'd like to have some larger enemies which are extremely difficult to defeat and shouldn't be possible at all for a low level character.

For now I will use your suggestion of (attacker strength + attacker weapon damage) / victim toughness, as it's simple and seems functional.

>> No.253935148


This is nowhere near the same level of vagueness desu

>> No.253935275

wtf i didnt type desu?

>> No.253935341


actually I did, so joke's on you

>> No.253935418

welcome to 4chan

>> No.253935575

you will
I was in your position a few months ago and the music just "came" to me and I had great progress with music

and now I don't ..
don't let it pass you by

>> No.253935586
Quoted By: >>253940012

I WANT it to be a meme game. Absolutely ridiculous. The boss battles with Goering, Himmler and Goebbels will be fun. Haven't thought how I'll execute them yet. It will go off the rails somehow during Hitler's first appearance. I need to inject camp

>> No.253935753

You clearly did anon

>> No.253935790

cool. the one thing to keep in mind with super tough late enemies is that if they're so far away from the other enemies stats-wise then once the player can beat them it guarantees that the rest of the enemies have become a complete joke that you basically stroll through. do you want this? if the player can defeat a god he has to be a god. do you want the player to become an untouchable god in the late game?

>> No.253935947
Quoted By: >>253936415

>it guarantees that the rest of the enemies have become a complete joke that you basically stroll through
so basically every game ever?

>> No.253936073
Quoted By: >>253936532


I was hoping for the odd demon/dragon type guy that only the people who play for a long time (and do especially well, I intend to have permadeath) will face. The earlier enemies will probably not be faced at that stage as I intend to heavily dissuade people from backtracking.

Saying that, that gives the player the option of staying in one area and becoming extremely strong by grinding.

A lot to think about.

>> No.253936096
File: 4KiB, 169x259, corelHat3.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.253936415

depends on the genre. over the last decade or so stats-progression has seeped from RPGs over into every other kind of game. but in my genre, FPS, most games don't make you a god except sometimes by giving you overpowered weapons in the late game. in that scenario you still have to worry about getting hit though, you're only a god if you shoot first. only classic RPGs universally have the high HP + high damage progression where early enemies become a complete joke. I would also differentiate between games where this happens eventually and games where it happens almost immediately. what's the average hour in the game like? if you become a god after 5 hours then the experience of the game overall is that of a god that strolls through hordes of cannon fodder. if you only unlock the nuclear sword of split atoms in the last chapter then maybe up until that part the early enemies were still relevant.

>> No.253936532
Quoted By: >>253936965

>The earlier enemies will probably not be faced at that stage as I intend to heavily dissuade people from backtracking.
are you sure this is a realistic plan, assuming you develop this game alone? visiting the same areas multiple times is typically how RPGs manage their long play-time. how are you going to build a linear world large enough to cover a typical RPG play-time (say, at least 20 hours)?

>> No.253936621
File: 3MiB, 498x278, 1558095726433.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


I was the same with my first game, scope was way to large for 1man, but I've gradually changed to smaller scale projects over the last few years.

I've been practicing recursive algorithms recently and it made me think about how I tackle game development. If you want to make a game, just make like one little level or area that works first.

Ie. Want to make an arpg? Do a little a area like a room. Add a character, add an enemy, add some items. Does everything work? Is it fun? Add an enemy, add an item, add another room and just organically grow outward.

Throw up a demo on the demo day. Throw a demo at your friends. Throw up a demo on Steam. Let people shit on you. Grow from their critique. Keep adding little things week after week and someday down the line you have made it.

Start small. Really small. Build outward, step by step.

(There are a few devs on AGDG that have done this to great success and are actively doing this. This advice is primarily for those who come up with grand ideas, but never implement anything.)

>> No.253936916

dumb reddit spacing.

>> No.253936965


Most of my game will be procedurally generated. The RPG features will be fairly light, too.

>> No.253936983
Quoted By: >>253937068

Which build



>> No.253937068
Quoted By: >>253937272

>Throw up a demo on the demo day
you know people keep avoiding demo day but this is a giant misstep

if you can hit d-day you can make it
the more expensive one silly

>> No.253937225

This is good advice.

>> No.253937227
File: 33KiB, 764x645, O7UnQM0.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

i love this


>> No.253937272
Quoted By: >>253937409

I'll reach more people by tweeting out my demo than I ever would with memeo day

>> No.253937386


the moon looks pretty shitty to me, honestly.

>> No.253937409

i think it's not about how much people you reach
but actually sticking to a firm release date

>> No.253937546
Quoted By: >>253941865

but you still practically can't give any real advice without knowing more. like they thought >>253934456 was a helpful post, when in actuality, you can falsify every single statement by just changing other aspects of the game.

>addition results in a more linear progression as you level up
what if each time you level up/upgrade gear, your attack doubles?
>multiplication means that as a starting player you can't do SHIT to advanced enemies, they are completely out of your reach, taking comical amounts of hits without a scratch.
what if the damage mitigation from armor isn't significant?
what if the range of defense from squishiest to tankiest is merely a 1.0 modifier to a 0.5 modifier?

>subtraction can result in 0 damage hits which I think are silly so I would go with division.
why is 0 damage bad? why is subtraction bad?
starcraft applies defense through subtraction. did that result in silliness? was the game not balanceable?
what if the defense values never reach the attack values?

>why division and not multiplication? because it allows you to use the displayed values. you don't want to display "defensive multiplier 0.5" or something like that, confusing the players. you want higher numbers to be better in a progression system.
what if you multiply your raw damage by ((100 - defense) / 100)? now you're multiplying your raw damage by some decimal value, but you get to have defense values ranging from 0 to 100.

so that entire post could mean absolutely nothing depending on the game.

>> No.253938402
File: 33KiB, 953x905, skyboxxx.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253938660

hows the skybox coming along vros

>> No.253938660

Your moon looks like shit! You should make it move around.

>> No.253938756

I like using the formula
80 / (80 + defense)
for how much the damage is reduced. You can replace both 80's with different numbers but they must be the same number. What this means is that at 0 defense damage taken is 100%, at 80 defense damage taken is 50%, and at infinite defense damage taken is 0%. As you gain more defense each point of defense contributes less and less to overall protection. It's basically the same as your formula but much less extreme. In your formula a toughness of 2 reduces damage by 50% immediately, there's no finer control unless you want to use floats for the toughness value.

>> No.253938976
File: 22KiB, 307x292, 1558024892259.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253939508

thats too complex for me

>> No.253939060

There are MIT-licensed, working, fast, tested libraries for ECS
There are MIT-licensed, working, SUPER fast libraries for general use made by fucking FACEBOOK
There is a MIT-licensed, working, fast (optimization is a priority because Android is one of the targets) PBR renderer made by GOOGLE

Stop relying on Juan's incompetence. You need minimal C++ knowledge and you can create your own, stupid fast engine. Godot is ETERNALLY btfo'd

>> No.253939085

This is good advice thanks anon

I've decided I'm gonna stick with java and get the most out of it that I can, when I feel I have a solid grasp I'll reevaluate and go from there.

>> No.253939208

Neat, but I want to make a video game, not an engine.

>> No.253939305

Is there no way to detect when shape traces hit other shape traces in UE4? I'm using traces for attack hitboxes but I need them to detect each other for weapon clashing like smash bros has. I guess I have to switch to primitive overlaps.

>> No.253939401
File: 34KiB, 853x696, dithering kino filter.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.253939441

Why anyone would use Godot is beyond me. Its like all the work of enginedev but none of the payoff.

>> No.253939508
File: 168KiB, 953x905, skyboxxxx for anon.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253939706

here i helped

>> No.253939627

>start making a turn based fantasy RPG
>Feel like it's a dime-a-dozen

How do you make something stand out when it feels like it's in a saturated market?

>> No.253939706
File: 127KiB, 1920x1541, 1465659587630.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253939795

how do you get gifs to work in fbx?

>> No.253939795

i dont know sorry

>> No.253939897
Quoted By: >>253940049

What type of turn based fantasy RPG would you like to play ?

>> No.253940012

here is my contact info in case you missed it, >>253889745
I can do 3d models, 3d animation and 2d concept art hit me up at 33ddartgrfx@protonmail.com
you can send some more of your ideas and info there.

>> No.253940049

Outside of a fun battle system where things like status effects matter I want one where the characters feel like a group of believable people where they actually interact with each other outside of "main guy bad" or very obvious love interests.

>> No.253940421

i talked to you before, your portfolio is absolute trash

the worst thing you can do for yourself is call you a 3d anything, you're anything but, you're an actual meme

>> No.253940453
File: 37KiB, 215x235, 1534174955860.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Perfect, all you have to do is to follow those points.

>> No.253940495
File: 233KiB, 597x627, Aku2.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253941202

>Turn based rpg where it's entirely status effects
Now that's a hook!

>> No.253940762

anon, I never posted my contact info till last thread and no one has contacted me yet, you have me confused with some one else.

>> No.253940915
Quoted By: >>253941795

anyone that doesn't post their work upfront is a meme, to be fair

>> No.253940996
Quoted By: >>253941795

i contacted him and he wanted to pay before he showed work, literal scam

>> No.253941202
Quoted By: >>253941893

I might pocket that idea. But I meant where buffing attack shouldn't be the only viable option. Or the boss is immune to stuff all the time.

>> No.253941795

I didn't post work because I want to keep any potential work for this client confidential, since he was arrested for a hate speech or whatever.
that was not me, I haven't been contacted by anyone yet, and your story don't even line up, he >>253940421 said the guy had a shit portfolio, and you are saying he won't show his portfolio until you pay him, which is obviously a scam. so unles other poster was retarded enough to pay him to see his shitty work, then you are also mistaken me with two other people.

>> No.253941865

All the "but what if"s you constructed require added complexity. Most obvious example, the formula:
>what if you multiply your raw damage by ((100 - defense) / 100)?
Of course you can do this but doing what I suggested is simpler. Added complexity results in more headaches for the developer, less intuitive game behavior from the player's perspective and it can also lead to inferior performance. If you approach all of game development with the attitude
>should I rework the foundation of my design? no, I can make any arbitrary design / structure work if I just add enough complexity
the result will be a nightmare process and an inferior game.

>what if each time you level up/upgrade gear, your attack doubles?
it shouldn't because that results in retarded scaling where after just one or two upgrades all early enemies are a joke. then if you're a genius bethesda designer you slap level scaling on top of that and you get a piece of shit like vanilla oblivion. or you "fix" the huge steps in your progression by using extremely large integers (in place of decimals) so now your UI is full with pop ups saying "756" and "10314" which block the player's view and take more time to read. added complexity never truly masks underlying design flaws, those always shine through.

>what if the damage mitigation from armor isn't significant?
>what if the range of defense from squishiest to tankiest is merely a 1.0 modifier to a 0.5 modifier?
if "armor" isn't significant then you shouldn't have "armor" at all. every feature should be significant.

>why is 0 damage bad?
0 damage hits are a legitimate mechanic but you don't want it as the result of a calculation. 0 damage is something situational (enemy immune to weapon type, magic type, whatever) so there's no need for a calculation. think of what you're trying to represent. it makes no sense for a very low impact to be rounded down to nothing. it's still an impact.

>> No.253941893
File: 78KiB, 953x531, moooooN.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253942087

da skybox is done bros
not if i pocket it first mwhahaha

>> No.253941992
Quoted By: >>253942102

>since he was arrested for a hate speech or whatever.
Oh yeah forgot about that. lol the whole story is a little outlandish honestly.

>> No.253942031

thanks for the u

>> No.253942041

>dude what if an RPG about the most boring aspect of RPG combat possible
galaxy brain ideaguying here

>> No.253942087
Quoted By: >>253942516


too late, already implemented it into my game

>> No.253942102
File: 376KiB, 500x400, 1548303773279.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

the most progress he made was making pc build posts
let that sink in
and some how anons want to work with him

>> No.253942148

>progress post, no (you)'s
>followed by two ideashitposters
>thousands of (you)'s

>> No.253942239

Thank you for the offer, but there's too much negative clout surrounding you now, I will have to seek another modeler.

>> No.253942249


you are probably the most obnoxious dev other than boku, and even he isn't so bad anymore

>> No.253942354

I'm not the progress poster, I was just scrolling by and noticed that. I'm a nodev.

>> No.253942362

there's that word again, sad to see you still haven't learned to use it properly

>> No.253942395
Quoted By: >>253942538

>see a progress post
>see a shitpost
>decide to shitpost about shitposting instead of replying to the progress post
You're a part of the problem.

>> No.253942502

did you want feedback? okay, why does the player keep moving left and right and jumping? the bridge goes forward only so are these extra movements pointless? is there a threat of falling off? the scene obviously looks cool but what do you DO in this game other than move forward?

>> No.253942516

My game is already shipping with that as it's main mechanic

>> No.253942538

shiiiiet, you got me.
Great work mang. Keep it up.

>> No.253942765
File: 129KiB, 800x597, 1554710940713.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.253942837

if you have a good, fun looking game like crumbledev then there isn't much for others too respond about.
I don't think you are really him, and if you are then you were probably just shitposting this whole time, and not really looking to hire anyone.

>> No.253942867

>Supposed to make game
>Masturbate, eat junk food and watch videos instead

Anyone else know this feel?

>> No.253942968

Damn. I think this guy is further along with schizophrenia than I am. LOL.

>> No.253943028
Quoted By: >>253943994

>hold forward to win
>fun looking game
You must think modern sonic games are masterpieces.

>> No.253943101
File: 62KiB, 1280x720, norm.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

theres like 7 schizo posters on agdg and only like two of them has a game

>> No.253943458

I want to take my Ableton music prowess into game design. I was put off on learning a programming language from the bottom up but now I feel comfortable learning Unreal. You need to have a vision and know what you like about games. My social deficits cement me as a game designer. Besides politics, I have no other ambition.

>> No.253943743

I wish my life was that great

>> No.253943776

dont know if you are already doing this
but have a feeling or story you want to convey with your music
Have it all seem like one piece with reacuring themes
ups and downs

>> No.253943821

Norm MacDonald's brother is schizo. That's why Norm's so genius. It's in the genes

>> No.253943854
Quoted By: >>253943908

> and only like two of them has a game

>> No.253943908
Quoted By: >>253944289

ca3 and vetta-vetka

>> No.253943994
Quoted By: >>253944235

what is schizophrenic, about thinking that some one is pretending to be him, or do you think the guy who was arrested for hate speech is turned off from a modeler by some "negative clout", that I proved they were confusing me with two other anons, by there on story's not matching up.
it still in a more polished state then most games here, and there for less to discus about it.

>> No.253944235
Quoted By: >>253944910

ya idk/c dude you just seem like someone trying to fuck with him proclaiming to be a 3dguy

>> No.253944289
File: 2MiB, 498x286, mark.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>tfw i didn't make the schizolist

>> No.253944910
Quoted By: >>253946345

fair enough I could see why some one would think that, but I'm just a artist trying to earn some extra money, and no one else was talking about hiring.

>> No.253945061

Here's another old concept. I'm not sure on the music now. I know I want analog warmth and disco beats. Hmm...


>> No.253946345
Quoted By: >>253947631

You're exactly the type of person I'm looking for here. Soon, once I get a new computer I'll need an artist for character models who hopefully has the same grand vision as me. I've played just about every game I'm interested in and want to make my own now. I can work 8-16 hour days and I plan to, asking for assistance at every turn. I will make it.

>> No.253946523
File: 30KiB, 1002x564, 1557151881469.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Cosmo is making a game with Godot. Has anyone seen this screencaps on agdg before?

https://imgur.com/a/6iWSaLI (NSFW)

>> No.253946705

I remember Cosmo did ask some questions on the Godot discord a couple months ago. Never seen the game though.

>> No.253946769
Quoted By: >>253947136

how come trans gamedevs always make sexualized females?

>> No.253946787

I'm gonna go ahead and order my parts. I'm looking for a $750 build off PCPartpicker to reduce to $500 on ebay through used parts.

>> No.253946989

>not buying an apple computer, the machine of true artist
windows is unhealthy and like fast food
linux is like eating raw unprocessed grass

>> No.253947118
File: 2MiB, 410x390, Hitbox.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253947410

Retard here. How do you detect collision between two moving objects like pic related?

I completely lost all my knowledge of high school geometry, so the best I could think of is tracking the position of every corner, then create 4 lines connecting all of them along the edges, then say that if the center of the circle is closer to two or more of the lines than the length of it's radius, then they're colliding and the circle bounces off.

But that seems like WAY too many "if" checks for something this basic. Especially if I'd want to add another obstacle. I'm clearly missing something.

>> No.253947136
File: 784KiB, 1920x1080, cosmo.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253947283


>> No.253947283

this is some high IQ shit right here

>> No.253947410
Quoted By: >>253947780

Bing OBB vs Circle and you'll get some stack overflow hyper autistic person's optimized equation solution

>> No.253947631

I take it this >>253942239 poster wasn't you like I thought. Well my info is here>>253940012 just get in touch with me there.

this what macfags actually believe

>> No.253947780
File: 12KiB, 764x169, screenshot.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253947929

huh. never would've thought of that.
thanks, man

>> No.253947880

youtuber played my prototype and shit on it hard, asked him for a do-over, he said no
why are influencers so fucking toxic

>> No.253947929

gl custom collision is a nightmare

>> No.253947968
Quoted By: >>253948787


if anything, mac is the processed food in your analogy

>> No.253948054

cool LARP enjoy your 15 minutes of dopamine

>> No.253948121


>> No.253948218

>tuber won't play my shitty game, again after he played it once, and found out it was shit, why are they so toxic guuys.

>> No.253948467

One thing, isn't microATX unoverclockable?

>> No.253948568
File: 50KiB, 512x397, 1464100223755.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>boss walks around and jumps randomly
>there's instant contact damage
What a fucking frustrating combination.

>> No.253948778

>another anon using slick2d
i thought I was the only one, your gonna make it

>> No.253948787
Quoted By: >>253948874

Windows and apple are mystery meats that probably have a couple of parts missing from that guy that pissed off the wrong people
Linux is a set of nicely cut animal pieces, but some of them are missing and some of them were stored improperly. You also get a dvd with the recording of the animal being gored into what was delivered to you

>> No.253948874
File: 87KiB, 576x764, 1558015751988.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.253948892

What engine is good for an audio based game with really basic visuals ?

>> No.253948995
Quoted By: >>253949217

anything that supports FMOD

>> No.253949045
Quoted By: >>253949195

Janky car made by a man fueled by his passion

soulless generic high quality car made by a faceless corporation

>> No.253949179

>Cosmo is making a game with Godot.
if that's not proof godot is a meme I can't help you fags, holy shit.

>> No.253949194
File: 455KiB, 680x681, fc8.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.253949195
Quoted By: >>253949359

>high quality

>> No.253949217

am i the only one who thinks its just flat out easier to hard code audio stuff in your game then dealing with Fmod?

this shit looks like another DAW and don't you need to license it? is it leaked?

>> No.253949359
Quoted By: >>253949640

rather have something janky and soulful rather than something polished and soulless

>> No.253949491
File: 357KiB, 475x792, 4ff.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253991391

What time do you wake up in the morning
I either wake up way too late or too early and that always makes me unproductive

>> No.253949561
File: 17KiB, 314x500, kmepls.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I keep playing these games off patreon. So many of them are just models and animations dropped into a an environment. No game play otherwise. It's so shameful. I'm literally going to cry.

>> No.253949640

true for art, but I like to rely on my tools. something that fails often or requires absurd amounts of tweaking is not acceptable.

>> No.253949715

Throw some money at Adam Sawkins (Fortresscraft Evolved dev) if that's your thing. At least FCE is a great game, and he needs your support to buy cocaine and hookers.

>> No.253949904

>3D porn game with ass/breast physics, and liquids
>Not bestiality fetish game makes more money than my game
If you want to make money, make a porn game.

>> No.253950140
File: 105KiB, 593x936, 1558457731243.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>1500$ in debt because i had to buy another synthesizer
>porn degenerates make 56k a month

is there any hope for us wholesome devs? i don't want to sell out and make a porno game

>> No.253950196

Use a fucking VST you retard.

>> No.253950335
Quoted By: >>253950657

Why would a dev need a synthesizer? You're just an artfag, fag.

>> No.253950359
File: 26KiB, 499x497, 1555602446137.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253951483

no vst can do what a mc 808 can do

>> No.253950440

>just fuck your soul up with a VST
VST are hallow shells of those who were never there, it's like knowingly inviting a ghost into your pc

>> No.253950501
File: 112KiB, 390x390, 1558165043572.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>tfw making a porn game

>> No.253950657
File: 123KiB, 1000x1000, flat,1000x1000,075,f.u2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253951574

but i have a soundtrack on spotify that got 20 views
i-i..im gonna MAKE it
tux u cant wear your tux in bed stop it!

>> No.253950767

There are a few successful wholesome devs. They're usually using patreon as a paywall for their tutorials and assets though, Or they're making a game that appeals to a certain crowd of autists.

>> No.253950915


>> No.253950960
File: 151KiB, 1000x1000, 1557941480442.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

same, all these moral fags getting btfo.

>> No.253951183

Any ambitious porn game gets shitloads of money

>> No.253951205
Quoted By: >>253951702

Is that furry action rpg dev making bank yet?

>> No.253951483
Quoted By: >>253951938

It's a sampler and bog standard sound generator. I guarantee there's nothing only it is capable of.

Besides robbing your dumb ass of $1500.

>> No.253951574

My weed dealer has more views on his spotify than you, with random hardcore tekkno mixes he makes when he's really fucked up. But good luck fren, I'm not laughing at you.

>> No.253951702

He's loaded by now.
with semen

>> No.253951938
File: 669KiB, 1152x646, 1551582196890.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253952916

it has motorized faders!!
damn it i fucked up again didn't i??

>> No.253952123
Quoted By: >>253956187

reminder that branching paths and procedural generation don't add replayability, they remove it.
In procgen game it's impossible to replay it unless you can manually set the random seed.
In games with branching paths replaying is discourged since you won't see all the content if you do the same thing each playthrough.

>> No.253952197
Quoted By: >>253952605

So I'm trying to make a top down spaceship shooter game [spoilers] in unity [/spoilers] and I'm using the mouse and raycasts for the player's ship to rotate. I've gotten the ship to rotate and follow the direction of the mouse, but i want to slow down how quickly the ship rotates, so that it takes time to catch up to the mouse cursor's direction. How would i go about this?

>> No.253952384

Another thread with barely any progress that gets buried under shitposts. And the frogposter just woke up so this thread is finished.

>> No.253952513
Quoted By: >>253967219

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I'm testing it now and it looks nice enough, but there's one difference. Namely, when MonoDevelop used to autocomplete things or when I hovered over them, if they had a description it would show it to me. How can I make VS Code do the same? Sorry if I word it too weird, but as I said, while I can handle myself with the actual code, I have no clue how to make programs interact with each other.

>> No.253952514
File: 43KiB, 705x602, tapestry,940x-bg,f8f8f8-c,110,110,705,602.2u10.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

but i posted progress already

>> No.253952605
Quoted By: >>253953229

PID controller if you want realistic forces
just cap your rotation speed with rotatetowards if you want instant rotation but capped speed

>> No.253952716
File: 25KiB, 800x600, uv coordinates.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Here's my progress for today and last weekend. Happy now? There's a reason why I kept it secret until you started nagging, gamedev is fucking hard, son. We don't want ppl have laughing at us all the time. Now fuck off.

>> No.253952860

can't post images due to some range ip ban but my engine is coming along nicely

>> No.253952916


Buying a synthesizer in this day and age is only an act of excess. Even the most expensive synthesizers cannot stand up to a DAW in functionality, and the sound quality difference is basically non existent.

I have a few synthesizers myself, but don't buy the bullshit. They're a ripoff.

>> No.253953028

Anyone know a good way to implement flat cartoon eyes on characters in unity? Specifically I want to texture them on but as a seperate texture that's just the white of the eyes and pupils and have the face texture somehow mask that. This way I can move eyes around / change color / etc. without having to make a billion face textures. I got this working I blender but can't figure out where to even start in replicating this in unity.

>> No.253953031

I made some progress yesterday and today, but I don't post here because is not that interesting to look at.

>> No.253953181
Quoted By: >>253953345

You guys shit on the discord but there's more progress there than here by far.

>> No.253953205

Not exactly what you're looking for but maybe:

>> No.253953229

From this video i found from googling for about 10 seconds
seems to be what i was thinking of thanks. I'll have to try and implement this.

>> No.253953235
Quoted By: >>253953486

>Try to code a feature using functions I've never used before, relying entirely on documentation
>Get it right first time
Well shit, I set like two hours aside for this and it took me less than fifteen minutes. I haven't planned out what I was supposed to do next.

>> No.253953309

Sounds like you want active gameobjects, if you want to move and change those eyes dynamically. Got a short clip of what you're doing in Blender and want to move to your Unity project?

>> No.253953345

There's a discord?

>> No.253953450
Quoted By: >>253953630

Daily reminder do keep a code journal so you don't have to remember every bit of code you do.

>> No.253953480
File: 638KiB, 1024x732, 1475794470262.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

i have almost every single vst (even some unreleased rare ones made by me) and i still buy synths

>> No.253953486
File: 92KiB, 500x520, time-to-fap-10863714.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>I haven't planned out what I was supposed to do next.

>> No.253953612
Quoted By: >>253954405

it's not a bad hobby if you like them. but it doesn't give you any real edge in producing music

>> No.253953630
Quoted By: >>253954190

Ok. But... what if I'd rather forget about all bits of code I ever wrote because I feel embarrassed by my stupidity? Can you help there?

>> No.253953840
File: 625KiB, 640x360, LavaDeath0626-0703.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253954981

Lava game over screen, I don't want to make something to complicate or useless..

>> No.253953942
Quoted By: >>253954272

>UI only looks good if all the elements align
>have to make up extra bullshit that's not even relevant to the game just to make it work

>> No.253954190

you must not. the shame makes you a better coder

>> No.253954272
Quoted By: >>253954404

What are you talking about? All decent engines support an orthographic GUI layer which can render pixel perfect sprites while the game in the background looks like shit.

>> No.253954342

Has anyone tried using Daz 3D models in game? I thought about downloading the software and combining it with Mixamo so I can have nicer looking placeholders than the models Mixamo provides.

>> No.253954404
Quoted By: >>253954639

he means from a graphic design point of view, it looks like shit if there are holes or stuff doesn't line up nicely

>> No.253954405

are you sure?
i start talking about dB with normies and i watch their heads spin
i do the same with talking about F stops and aperture with people who take photos (exclusive phone camera plebs) and their brain also implodes

>> No.253954560
Quoted By: >>253955557

I like this a lot. Do you know any people who are using your engine already?

>> No.253954639

If that's the only thing he has to worry about, can the universe please swap our existences?

>> No.253954651


>I have almost every single vst

fucking disgusting

>> No.253954791

The devs look exactly the way I imagined them to look

>> No.253954981
Quoted By: >>253955159

Make him fry on the surface like a fried sunny side up egg.

>> No.253955159
Quoted By: >>253955248

I can't make it too gorry

>> No.253955248

The smily face is obviously on the sunny side up side. And then a little semi transparent soul ball flies up.

sorry for adding scope

>> No.253955557

No, I don't think it's usable yet. Things like saving and loading states are missing. It's got pretty good texture memory management through the use of SVT which is visible in the other webm in this thread, but it's still missing mesh memory management. After those two things, it's going to be usable, but it's still got a lot to optimize.

>> No.253955563
Quoted By: >>253956243

I tried, daz models are too high poly it caused some lag for me but maybe thats because I dev on a toaster, I think you need some $300 daz add on that makes them game ready and I didn't see a torrent last time I checked, but if you find it please post a low poly daz model for every one to use.

>> No.253955713
File: 201KiB, 1080x607, Screenshot_20190521_215205.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>just make cute indie shit bro

>> No.253955867

I use Daz for my porn game. It's expensive, especially if you're transferring models to a game engine. Then you need an interactive licence for every single asset you use (figure, hair, clothes etc)

>> No.253955970

is it easy to make something like a cartoon in it?

>> No.253956148

what game, and do you have the add on to make them game ready, or do you just make renders like most porn devs?

>> No.253956187

>In games with branching paths replaying is discourged since you won't see all the content if you do the same thing each playthrough
The whole point of replaying branching path games is to make different decisions each time so that you do see all the content. No one is going to replay a game and make the same exact decisions each time when they are specifically replaying to see other paths. But the replay value is completely destroyed when the branching paths always circle back into a single main branch like with Telltale games. Your choices barely made any significant changes to the story, even when it seemed like the decision did cause a big difference if you go back and play again the other choices ended up leading to the same ending anyways.
I've said it before, I think the best way to do multiple paths as an indie dev is to just have two endings, a hard to achieve "good" ending, and an easy to achieve "bad" ending. Making two endings is much easier than making a complex branching narrative, this means you can focus on truly making each ending significant and unique. It also means the players will almost always get the bad ending on their first play through unless they look at a walk through. You should always give some indication that they got the bad ending so that they know they can go back and play again for the good ending.

>In procgen game it's impossible to replay it unless you can manually set the random seed.
The whole point of replaying procgen games is that you're learning how the game works with each run, you're not meant to memorize the map, you're meant to memorize the pattern of how a level is structured. You know there will always be two chests with items, or a boss, or a shop, or whatever else. The fun of a procgen game is creating a flowchart for the game so that you can maximize every run you have.

>> No.253956243
Quoted By: >>253956540

Just import them to blender and decimate them with "un subdivide" on.

>> No.253956348
File: 3MiB, 4136x1152, PotionShop1.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Finally got some basic structure to my potion shop. Filling it with potions and stuff is going to be hell, though.
I spend so much time looking for assets that'd fit the rest of the art, that I feel like I'd be better off spending the time making the assets. They're not complex anyway.

>> No.253956540

I tried that, but it leaves mistakes.

>> No.253956608

Should you be able to change the direction of your jump midair? Logic says no but a ton of people do it.

>> No.253956704
Quoted By: >>253956813

/agdg/ has been really slow today and yesterday.
I prefer it that way but why is it so, what happened?

>> No.253956705
Quoted By: >>253956993

>Buying a DIGITAL synthesizer in this day and age is only an act of excess
don't be a brainlet ok

>> No.253956774
File: 3MiB, 903x522, Puzzling.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I was only trying to make a simple match 3 puzzler but the scopes slowly building up, im sweating bois, im not sure im gona make it.

>> No.253956813
Quoted By: >>253956921

cris got a job so there is less shitposting

>> No.253956921

big if true

>> No.253956993
Quoted By: >>253957247


You're the brainlet. Analog synthesizers are a total ripoff and the sound quality difference is fucking neglible. Enjoy your buying things hobby. I'll be over here making music.

>> No.253957031

make the green one fuck the pink one

>> No.253957126


joferscope strikes again

>> No.253957151

Air strafe just feels good to play. Same way allowing characters to turn on a dime feels good. Did you ever play the original Red Dead Redemption? Turning was a clunky mess. More than once, when I wanted to stand behind a box, my character would just run circles around it.

That said, I can think of a few games that don't allow air strate.

>> No.253957187

>Press F
wow didn't know this meme was still going on

>> No.253957247
Quoted By: >>253957394

they're 100% not, and I'm sorry for whatever kind of music you make if you can't tell a significant difference

>> No.253957394


It's not whether I can tell a difference, it's whether the people who hear your music can tell the difference(hint: they fucking can't). You're spending thousands of dollars on something and pretending it's a "tool" but in reality you are just addicted to buying things because it makes you feel better about the fact you aren't making anything. Enjoy yourself.

>> No.253957493

I've been watching a shit ton of game dev analysis videos on youtube lately. They're super fun to watch for some reason, normally I don't like analysis and theory stuff like that. Does anybody here have any good recommendations for channels?

>> No.253957519

I have my build coming!

>> No.253957543 [DELETED]


>> No.253957708

Artfag here. Need some experience with working for others. Check my work. You can contact me via my e-mail thats in artstation/IG header.

>> No.253957862
File: 3MiB, 2000x2000, 1552125450709.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

> you are just addicted to buying things because it makes you feel better about the fact you aren't making anything

but im making a song right now

>> No.253957936

This is the build I chose



>> No.253958086
Quoted By: >>253958232

Spend the extra $200 and get a better video card

>> No.253958112

Character design is bland.

>> No.253958126

Logic says a lot of boring shit. Is your game designed with one or the other in mind? Is air maneuverability important? Is the LACK of air maneuverability important? Does the difficulty come from having to steer in mid-air to avoid difficult attacks, or from having to commit once you jump, thus making you a lot more self-conscious about where you're gonna land and how vulnerable it will make you? Think classic Megaman vs classic Castlevania. The former allows you to control a jump to an absolutely retarded degree, and the game is designed with that ability in mind, with spiked ceilings and small openings to pass through. The latter forces you to commit to a very specific jump arc, and the game's lax obstacles become nightmarish due to how clunky the controls are.

>> No.253958146

how salty you gotta be over someone buying nice audio production stuff?

>> No.253958232
Quoted By: >>253958714

I can't. I'm going to upgrade later. I want top-of-the-line CPU

>> No.253958263
File: 721KiB, 1550x1409, 1528021653002.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Nice GPU bottleneck

>> No.253958362

Yes, I know

>> No.253958543
File: 260KiB, 593x635, 1521320229225.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


how come agdg can't make something as based as this?

>> No.253958574

Who cares? Normies enjoy playing 2d unity games that runs like shit so gpu bottleneck is irrelevant so just get a better pc lmao.cpp

>> No.253958693

notch was from aggy when aggy was just the /v/ thread

>> No.253958714
Quoted By: >>253958874

>putting CPU first
ngmi, sorry

>> No.253958767

pure indie low-effort garbage. I can't wait to post progress on my WW2 squad-based stealth project. It's going to kill

>> No.253958874

CPU first always
I spent $800 on my CPU 8 years ago and it still runs like butter

>> No.253958945
File: 42KiB, 712x712, 1534055837859.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Should I avoid making people have to tap multiple buttons at once?
e.g. L1+A, R2+Y, A+B, X+Y

>> No.253959226

This guy gets it. We're surrounded by morons. kek

>> No.253959368

Simultaneous taps, yes. Hold+press is okay though

>> No.253959485

can you get the character a pair of glasses? can't see shit

>> No.253959724
Quoted By: >>253959773

your cpu now is worth like 35$ lol

>> No.253959773

>tfw my 1070 is worth more now than when I bought it

>> No.253959983


First step: download Ableton to make good tracks in the game's style. Later I will use live orchestral and swing samples. i need to write a good bluesy 40s track similar to RDR's Far Away or Unshaken. Everything will fall into place. So hype

>> No.253960070

Trying to hit multiple buttons at the same time can be annoying, especially when it's face buttons that require you to press both buttons with one thumb. Sometimes I'll end up doing whatever action is bound to one of those buttons rather than whatever action is bound to the double button press. I'm not sure if having a smaller thumb would be better or worse.
Holding a button and pressing another button is fine though, as long as the buttons being pressed use different fingers.

>> No.253960457

where were you 3 months ago? I ended up paying some Hungarian roastie 2 grand for my concept art, could have been you

>> No.253960662
File: 216KiB, 828x885, laughing girl.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>he thinks indie gamedev can provide a sustainable primary income in 2019

>> No.253960724

Make porn

>> No.253960780

I'm starting a 3dpd filter list now.

>> No.253961001

If you have a good vision. I would rather do this than work at Taco Bell. HOLY SHIT STEPHEN PADDOCK'S BROTHER WAS ARRESTED FOR CP

>> No.253961131

Would a person wanting to make a rts game that knows nothing about game development or programming be akin to an out of shape obese man trying to climb mount everest?

>> No.253961154

has anyone truly ever quit gamedev, and even stopped thinking about it
i think she wants me back

>> No.253961420
File: 96KiB, 980x654, manchild.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Anon you're almost 25! When are you going to get a job and move out!

>> No.253961626
Quoted By: >>253963938

If you that anon, fuck you, if you got after her, you deserve a shit bastard.
Play some eroge and forget her.

>> No.253961690

>but mom this game is going to be huge! Just give me a little more time!

>> No.253961724
File: 573KiB, 1920x1442, autumn-is-coming.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I want to make a spooky game but I want high effort gameplay, no walking sims, no collect/unlock grind, no forced puzzles

what are my options?

>> No.253961785
Quoted By: >>253962007

here are your options: start with pong

>> No.253961793
Quoted By: >>253963938

I like how you can tell when the insane shitposter has entered the thread.

>> No.253961864


>> No.253961889
File: 728KiB, 640x360, anongame.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I don't think this is too fun.
bombs seem too OP.

>> No.253962007

why do you keep bringing up pong? did it take you like a month to get working or some shit? that's a couple of hours of effort for a complete beginner

>> No.253962072
Quoted By: >>253964785

Make bombs rarer, and make bombs give no points. This way bombs are only useful for clearing out a bad board in hopes of better tiles.

>> No.253962126
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Quoted By: >>253962438

>Anon you're almost 25! When are you going to get a job and move out!
>almost 25
>tfw that was almost 5 years ago and I still haven't made a game
at least I have you guys and frogposting

>> No.253962197
Quoted By: >>253964785

Sound and graphical effects are the most "rewarding" aspect of a match3 game.

>> No.253962438
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>> No.253962682

make money

>> No.253962734

Jumping really high isn't realistic in the first place, if it was then it'd be dangerous in reality unless humans evolved a 6th sense where we could instantly predict and visualize where we'd land. There'd be no need to course re-correct within mid-air because we would always go exactly where we want to, every jump would simply be perfect.

Mid-air movement would compensate for this lack of evolutionary trait. But more importantly it makes the controls more precise, as making such a finely tuned initial jump input is extremely difficult with a controller/keyboard.

>> No.253963063
Quoted By: >>253964785

make the playfield larger

>> No.253963232

neetbux, i dev for FUN

>> No.253963829
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I'm having trouble conveying the fact that my player character fights with salt. I already have the gameplay sorted out. It's just melee with a long weapon. The salt thing is important for the story(something to do with exorcism), so I want to figure out how to apply it to the visuals. I'm thinking that a bunch of white particle effects on impact is too generic.

>> No.253963938

by "her" i mean gamedev you ESL ass bitches

>> No.253964064

Know what you want to achieve and don't stop

>> No.253964704
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Why doesn't he just throw salt?
Sword made out of salt?
Salt arrowheads?
Saline syringes?
Salt magic?
Salt bombs?
Threatening people with the word salt?
Being named Salt?
Washing his clothes in salt water?
Soaking his clothes in salt water?
Salt desert?
Desert saltstorms?
Wears goggles and a face mask to avoid breathing it and getting salt in his eyes?
Fountains that pour salt water from their eyes?
Salt Pyramids?
Salt tombs with salt traps?

>> No.253964731

Look at Darkwood. It's almost completely mechanics driven and manages to stay spooky.

>> No.253964785
File: 47KiB, 640x360, pixel weg mock up board v4.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

UI is kinda packed already.
that may work, but I think lowering it to 1 block blast radius will help too.
yeah, it's sorta like a slot machine in that regards, but this will have furry porn instead of coins.

>> No.253964930

inventory item descriptions

>> No.253965304

Depends. First person 3D? Third person 3D? Side view 2D?
First person 3D would be the hardest one to make with high effort gameplay without just turning it into a "spooky" FPS. But third person 3D and 2D would probably do well with high-mobility chasing. You can move really good, the monster can move even gooder, if you get the picture.

>> No.253965347

Is the sword blade made of salt, or is it a metal blade that is rubbed with magic salt or whatever that sticks to it? There's not much you can do to convey it visually, even white particles wont really tell the player that it's salt. You will need to describe it through text so the player knows they're using salt. If the salt is applied to the sword you could maybe make it a gameplay mechanic, as you fight the salt slowly comes off the sword, and eventually you'll need to reapply the salt. Less salt on the blade means you deal less damage, and possibly attacks are deflected by enemies.

>> No.253965562
Quoted By: >>253965716

when i think how good my game could be i can hardly breath

>> No.253965612
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Quoted By: >>253967386


>> No.253965650

>Sword made out of salt?
How would this work? It would just look like a white weapon. Is that enough? I can stick the other stuff in cutscenes I think. Thanks.
That's a good idea. There is a special attack that you have to recharge, I'll think about how to show it with the UI and effects.

>> No.253965716

Do it. Don't stop. Ask for programming advice

>> No.253965823
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Hey some nobody stranger here. I have too many ideas and too large a skillset to just do nothing. I do 3D modelling, I do graphic design, illustration, animation, music, blah blah blah. Sick of having nothing to show for it! Where do I actually begin? Do I throw myself at Unity? Do I learn C# or something that Unity uses before Unity? Do I do something that doesn't involve Unity at all?

Smart /agdg/ people please help!

>> No.253965903
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hey cris, stops frogposting and read this book

>> No.253966114
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Go look at salt rocks if you want to know, but who cares how it works? It's a sword forged from salt.

>> No.253966327
Quoted By: >>253966601

Don't use my wife to shitpost.

>> No.253966331
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Quoted By: >>253966673

I'm having a lot of fun creating interactables, maybe this will become a sapce UI sim.

>> No.253966524
Quoted By: >>253966668

Make pong

>> No.253966601
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Nothing you can do to stop me.

>> No.253966651

what the actual fuck

>> No.253966660
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Quoted By: >>253967386


>> No.253966668

Okay, how?

>> No.253966673
Quoted By: >>253967223

>tell those jannies...
I thought this was going to be a elaborate shitpost at first.

>> No.253966926
Quoted By: >>253967138

>There is a special attack that you have to recharge, I'll think about how to show it with the UI and effects.
The special attack could take a larger chunk of the salt off the weapon. The UI could just be a meter showing the level of salt, maybe a salt rock next to the meter or something. Depends on what sort of UI you're going for.

>> No.253967138
Quoted By: >>253967386

I see. I have enough to work with now. Thanks Anons.

>> No.253967139
Quoted By: >>253967605

>I do 3D modelling
pick Godot or Unity or Unreal. watch youtube tutorials, it shouldn't be your only learning source but it will expand your basic knowledge quickly and give you the landscape of things.
some people in /agdg/ deride youtube tutorials for some dumb reason.

>> No.253967219
Quoted By: >>253970152

Anyone? I really found those comments/descriptions useful. Like for example transform.position would have the description "The transform's current position in world space" or something along those lines.

>> No.253967223

The future isn't much different from the present, they even do it for free here as well.

>> No.253967386
Quoted By: >>253968223


>> No.253967605

Do you recommend I follow an entire project tutorial or just follow smaller tutorials on tidbits of info?

>> No.253967752
Quoted By: >>253967920

your game has lore........ right?

>> No.253967791
Quoted By: >>253968065

I wish we had demo day more often, this general is pretty dead without it.

>> No.253967920

Yeah, my game makes you think that you're the hero but you're actually the bad guy.

>> No.253968065

All the meaningful demo day interactions don’t even take place in the thread though.

>> No.253968223


>> No.253968330
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Quoted By: >>253968862

You can learn C# with Unity. For games, I mean. Making programs or other code with C# is a bit different than making a game with it. I have no knowledge with coding outside of gamedev so i'm not so sure how the concepts translate over to 'real' programming, but if you only want to make a game then don't worry.

A basic summary of what i've found effective (for me at least) is to read through the basic and intermediate tutorials for coding on the Unity website. Watch a lesson, then copy the code down. Once you have everything copied down, read through each function and line and try to understand how and why it works, and study it. Then try to replicate it from memory to make sure you've memorized it. The final 'test' is to apply this new knowledge you've learned in a new or inventive way. Try and add your own alterations to what you've learned, or implement it in a new manner that helps further your knowledge and understand how this code can be applied in many situations. Then move on to the next lesson.

Once you've done the beginner and intermediate lessons you should have an okay-ish grasp on basic coding with unity, then it's your choice where you want to go next. Personally I spent a while learning the basics of almost everything within the average game, from inventory, player control, interaction with objects and raycasts, etc etc. But ultimately it's up to you to decide what to do next. Make some small practice games for a while, and try with every project to make yourself learn something new and important.

>> No.253968717
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Quoted By: >>253970617

Why are you even in the gamedev thread? What do you want to make?
I can tell you what someone who wants to make video games should do, but you don't seem to be that someone.

>> No.253968802

How do you make fights that you have to lose (for story reasons) good without it just being "you have to win but then you lose in the cutscene afterwards"

>> No.253968862

Good thinking! I don't learn very well from just having people show me or tell me what to do, almost everything else I'm good at I just screw around until I figure it out. You can't really just mash buttons in code and expect it to eventually work, so dissecting code that already exists is probably the best way to go.

>> No.253969023

>How do you make X
Do you need me to lend you some?

>> No.253969130
Quoted By: >>253969332

Make it hopeless. If it's turn-based, make it numerically impossible to win. If it's not, make the attacks undefendable. A projectile too big to avoid, a screen-wide nuke attack, extreme projectile clutter, etc. The enemy can either look invincible or like it takes damage, but never give it a health bar or any indication that the player is making progress, because there is none.

>> No.253969183
Quoted By: >>253969332

Make them impossible. Don't give the player any false hope of winning. It shouldn't be a normal fight, it should end pretty quickly.

>> No.253969270
File: 14KiB, 220x270, 220px-H._P._Lovecraft,_June_1934.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I want to write my own horror universe but what format do I do this in?

how the fuck do you even write lore, just write a private book?

>> No.253969321

Just make the fight impossible to win, winning and then losing in a cutscene is bad because you're fucking with the players expectations. The best thing would be an undodgeable attack halfway trough the battle that makes the player lose.

>> No.253969332
Quoted By: >>253969646

There's absolutely nothing worse than having to slog through a fight you know you can't win.

>> No.253969370

You could do something like the end of LISA, where you winning is a bad thing, and people are trying to stop you because you've become a monster or killing machine, and winning is a 'game over' in the sense that the people in the right lost to you, and there's nothing left now. Granted, in LISA you were supposed to win but it was a sort of tragic victory in a sense and that fight is the finale fight, so...

>> No.253969387

Make some rules. Redefine things with those rules. So take from something obscure and public domain (look up old ass books on the internet archive.) Now branch off from those things.