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Go further than expected.

> Demo Day
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> Engines

> Models/art/textures/sprites

> Free audio

> How to Webm

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There were 22 frogposts in the previous thread. This was well above the acceptable limit of zero. Let's try harder to keep the number down.

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This is not the thread

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second for Love2D. Take the Love pill, leave behind such such dumb things as:
>Game Maker

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I wish there was a Love3D cuz LUA is based

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how do i slopes

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Use y = mx + b

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You can do 3D in Love2D. In fact, the recent release (11.3) added some basic functions to aid in writing your own 3D engine. You can also disable Love's rendering module, and instead utilize OpenGL yourself via SDL through LuaJIT's FFI. It's all pretty low level though, at that point

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Get Super Mario Maker 2

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recapanon why my project was deleted?

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Part of getting the loadout work is the ability to load different numbers of munitions per station. Here’s a Mk82 being loaded in different quantities. When singly loaded, it’s attached directly to the hardpoint, but when loaded in multiples, it uses a bomb rack. Another new feature is that launchers know when they need to load things mirrored. For example, when only 2 bombs are loaded, the launcher will be told by the station that it needs to load mirrored when it’s on the opposite wing.

I've been wanting to go full autism on a loadout system for years.

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how limiting is renpy, for something which is mostly a sandbox open-world text adventure, but I'd like some graphical elements?
An alternative that you'd recommend? I was getting into C/SDL and it was surprisingly comfy, and I'll probably get back to it eventually, but right now I kind of want to get on a track towards making content with some kind of framework that isn't going to be too bloated or too confining.
alternative recommendations appreciated too, thanks

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its far too good for a nodev like you who never ever made anything

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So while I'm waiting for my PC build...

Characters: an Irish Green Beret who resembles Sean Bean and uses a knife to silently and quickly kill enemies (I'm beginning to feel like penalties for lethal kills is bad game design). A French spy who resembles Sean Connery who can take disguises from enemy grunts as well as officers to get to restricted areas in order to open up passages for the other squad members. He uses a special limited ammunition silenced pistol. A Canadian Snorkeler/Marine with a stereotypical Fargo accent who uses a silent arcing/limited range Harpoon weapon and can open areas and passages by infiltrating through bodies of water. A Chinese explosives expert who can use TNT to destroy objectives as well as a mine sweeper and at certain points can be outfitted with a bazooka to destroy. A Russian sniper who can snipe enemies from afar, but if an enemy spots a body or the shot is too close, the enemies will be alerted. A New Yorker ex-convict tank expert - only he can drive them. He can lay out spike strips during special occasions to stop vehicle convoys when there are allied prisoners inside as well as a motorcycle sequence.

The game will play like a mix of Commandos 2 and classic MGS, with movement controlled by joystick/WASD rather than the point-and-click used in Commandos. The tone will be campy and often humorous similar to RE7, and to achieve that the music must be effective. The music will be a combination of disco beats and swing and sound sonically like Justice's Audio Video Disco album, with one or two low-key atmospheric numbers after the shit hits the fan and thngs become too campy, similar to RDR 1 and 2.

For general mood, video-related


All of this is preliminary and subject to change

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oh the new yorker should be from long island
it's the place most closest to hell

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Quoted By: >>253799535

if renpy isn't for nodevs then what is you actual troglodyte? it's literally the easiest thing you could use

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The mood starts off like any other WW2 game and then immediately shifts when Hitler is seen saluting his SS bodyguard unit, when an Ocelot Unit style boss battle occurs. I want to keep the game maps very linear at this point.

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coming to gamedev general and thinking one engine is better then another when they all equal

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Quoted By: >>253800005

the game ends with the irish green beret getting cucked just like in real life

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yeah anon making a fps with renpy is just as viable as making one with unreal, follow your dreams..

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bluepilled af

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damn nigga how u keep bein retarded?
you CAN follow your dreams!

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so this is the full power of renpy .... woah

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kek. The two main character arcs are the Green Beret and the spy. I'm not sure but I think the spy should be the catalyst for a 'lot twist. Have to think more.

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nope it's actually critically redpilled
tools are just tools

in the hand of a master (me) you can do virtually anything good in any program once you learn it

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>fails to see wolfenstein in a mock up

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A master could probably create some great textures in MSPaint but they are generally going to get better results using Substance

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t. someone that knows nothing about the technology they use

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>can't make wolfenstein with unity/unreal
atlast I see the power of renpy, next years fps will be dominated by renpy

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>renpy can't make fps's
>get shown a video with working raycasting
>umuh,... muh... ha i know what i'll do yes!! i'll just backpedal
not every great texture needs to be in substance a very recent program
you don't need to understand how cars work to drive em

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>you don't need to understand how cars work to drive em
no, but you need to if you're gonna race them you FUCKING retard

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Quoted By: >>253801048

nope I literally said "so making fps is just as viable with renpy as it is with unreal/unity..." because I specifically knew you would pull this shit so get btfod retard

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nah i'll just pay my pitcrew

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>not every great texture needs to be in substance a very recent program
I'm not saying it has to but it only takes a quick browse through artstation to show how prevalent it is.

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i was just humoring myself since the beginning
my original post was "its far too good for a nodev like you who never ever made anything"

which isn't wrong
unless of course you DO have a game right?

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dumb frogposter, absolute scourge of this general

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I never was the person you replied to to begin with. Also you're the one claiming renpy is just as good as unreal and unity is for making fpses, so it's you who has to show us a renpy fps which can measure up to the bigs :)

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Pretty sure its JOSHUA, a confirmed yesdev and potential future millionaire. I'd advice you watch your tongue.

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so any not-retarded answers?

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would it kill you to just download it and mess around a bit to see what you can do?

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how can i watch my tongue when my nose and mouth is in the way? you dumb anime brainrot poster

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You'll have to get creative. I've never seen any sandboxes renpy games myself, but I am not really familiar with renpy to begin with. Have you considered twine instead?

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you're aren't going to get less bloat than C+SDL. I'm not sure if it's the least bloaty C framework, but it's going to be way less bloaty than any engine or framework in some other meme language.

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oof you got me
renpy is really great dude just try it
im trying really hard to drive home the point that you should never blame tools for being too """limiting""""

im literally learning abandonware from 1995 for another project because it's genuinely good and i can see potential in it even though it's stupid as fuck and can only support midi files for music and using more then 256 colors crashes everything

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Quoted By: >>253803178

>FROGS?! on my 4chan!?

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I forgot I'll need to add some intuitive way to select multiple squad members at once. I knew I was forgetting an integral part. I was like, "how will I start cutscenes if a certain squad member arrives at an area first?" That makes it easier to do scripted sequences.

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I guess I'll chime in since no one else answered this question. Steam doesn't care what "username" you use as long as you have valid tax and bank information. If you haven't incorporated and registered a company with your state, then you'll have to provide your own personal tax information. If you have formed a company, then you need to use the EIN you get from the IRS. If the company isn't filed as a C-Corp with the IRS, Steam will still ask for your tax information as well. In all cases you will have to provide your identity.

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>his game doesn't have support for roland mt-32

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this is already too advanced
scale it back by alot
you dont even need more then one character right now

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is this possible with something like unity? i got a ra-50 on my desk and its about 3 times cheaper then a mt-32 and i do believe it has Linear Arithmetic synthesis

>> No.253803178

>wanting a reddit meme on 4chan

>> No.253804486

It just synthesizes from midi I think? So probably, but I think there was something funky about the mt-32 receiving from midi channels 2-9? have you tried playing secret of monkey island with your ra-50

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messing around with cards and ue4

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Quoted By: >>253806713

Pretty neat and smooth. You making something with that?

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Quoted By: >>253806713

I have a game idea with cards and a board, but it would take me years to finish.

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I'm piping in here to say FUCK GAME DEVELOPMENT
I am NO GAME and NO DEV for years
Don't you me, I'm closing the tab.

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Post your game so I can play it anon

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Don't know yet desu, I want to make the card manipulation stuff more polished before I commit to anything.
You can do it! Ganbatte!

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Quoted By: >>253806809

why do you sign all your posts with that crap

>> No.253806809

chronic brainrot

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where's the art stream with comfy music

>> No.253808012

here i guess: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Art
i never watch this shit tho

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How many wishlists do you have?

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Quoted By: >>253809319

Around 800. I'm afraid to release.

>> No.253809319
Quoted By: >>253809918

How long has the store been up?

>> No.253809549

170. 2,5 months. Niche game thou

>> No.253809918

Couple of months. Most of them were in the first few weeks though.

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When will Godot get a brush based BSP editor?

>> No.253810210

You anons have a guide on how to project a moving texture to the ground/buildings and other models?

>> No.253810490

Yes it's called google.

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Quoted By: >>253810682

you mean a decal?

>> No.253810682

yeah, couldn't find the word to describe what I meant to say

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What's the best cavestorylike?

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Quoted By: >>253814818

the momodora series

>> No.253814580

Environmenta Station Alpha hands down

>> No.253814701

I like Love2D. I wanna use it for smaller side projects. But I'm sticking to Unity for my main project.

>> No.253814818

>shilling that hard waifubait
threadly reminder that the dev left u with disappoint

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music time
I'm good at writing classical/romantic music
Can do other styles too and looking to work on any project
Might do some small requests over the next few hours while I do an assignment

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Quoted By: >>253816774


>> No.253816774

than ks

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>all these frogs
why must you torment me so?

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Quoted By: >>253840156


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How can I make this game look better?

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>> No.253820738

How? I've been looking at it for months now and I've gotten used to the look so it's hard to see how I can fix it.

I've been away for a week or so, and just noticed how bland it all feels...

>> No.253820880

By working on it.

>> No.253820886
Quoted By: >>253823731

better light and anime heads>>253820424

>> No.253821047
Quoted By: >>253821496

What kind of art style are you looking for?

>> No.253821432
Quoted By: >>253821498

whats a good program for drawing pixel art and pixel art animations? i want to be able to draw multiple frames and see them play in the program

>> No.253821496

Something a bit cartoony but not full on cell shading/outlines and something that fits with the theme of 60/70's spy theme.

>> No.253821498


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I know nothing in terms of programming but I have art and 3d modeling experience. I want to make a simple game as a proof of concept. What would be the best engine for me to use as a brainlet? Not memeing, I just want to make vidya.

>> No.253822103

Then go steal from Evil Genius.

>> No.253822309

all engines are for brainlets

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Quoted By: >>253822582

idea guy here

simulator where you experience the daily discrimination faced by trans people so you can learn to be more tolerant and vote out drumpf next election

>> No.253822402
Quoted By: >>253822465

says the brainlet

>> No.253822465

that only reinforces my affirmation

>> No.253822532

Nice post, you added nothing to this discussion. Don't reply to me.

>> No.253822582

What about the opposite? Would be much better game.

>> No.253822653

Why are you getting mad? He's right, engines are great for brainlets because they require little to no programming. As an artist you have it made, rejoice.

>> No.253822674

I really mean it, all non-obscure engines are perfectly usable if you are retarded and you shouldn't wrack your head over ease to useness

>> No.253822749

Really depends on what you want to make though. Also going the other way round means you don't make a game, just an engine.

>> No.253822865
Quoted By: >>253823063

because he's literally not answering the question and antagonizing while pretending to be helpful

>> No.253822981

Just go with Unity.

>> No.253823063
Quoted By: >>253824207

It literally is a valid answer and not antagonizing unless you are assuming "for brainlets" means only retards use engines when in this context it actually means "all engines are good for you".

>> No.253823321

lighting is really dull, your monitor is probably too bright
the contrast of the characters vs the floor isn't the best

i'd make sure your shit is calibrated

>> No.253823731

This is entirely subjective, so you might not agree with me, but I'd move the bushes to another position, since it's almost blocking the large entrance to the "Kikashi's" store. There's no need for an entrance that big when people can only come from the sides. In this case I'd arrange that grass in a circle with a fontain in the middle, while adding 2 or 4 entrances to the inner part of the circle (pic related). Or maybe you could rotate the grass area so it forms a vertical line, which would force you to move that ramp passageway further down. Or even use the ramp as a way to cross to the other side over the grass.
To be honest, I don't really understand the purpose that ramp passageway. Maybe you could add a small food stand there with 1 or 2 benches? Just so there'd be an excuse to go there in the first place.
I'd also work on the lighting and change the heads a little, like >>253820886 said. It doesn't need to be anime style, but something smoother that fits the 60/70's spy theme you mentioned in >>253821496 . It'd also look way better if you added a few more different models (like 3 or 4 more).
Lastly, I don't like CA, so I'd turn it off. But hey, disregard this if you do.

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forgot the pic

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Quoted By: >>253824146

Why yes, I'm an enginedev

>> No.253824146

I have a healthy respect for the work you do.

>> No.253824207

"all engines are good for you" is a pretty awful answer
You """can""" make 3D games in GMS but they'll look like shit and it will take you 3 times as long compared to Unity or Unreal. That's not good for a brainlet, or anyone.

>> No.253824279
Quoted By: >>253825448

>he keeps whining about a decent answer instead of just answering the question himself with his own input that answers a different part of the question
you seem awfully uppity over nothing

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Quoted By: >>253825448

if you want a more detailed answer then ask a more detailed question

>> No.253824652

Why is AGDG so bad at arguments?
Debate should be a mandatory class in schools. Better than Social Sciences.

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Quoted By: >>253825837

I was actually thinking of something like what you describe for a level based on a park. Benches are a good idea though. Current level is very much "function over form" as it tested well during playtests.

As for lighting I found out my system for dealing with lighting was automatically going for the low settings, so turning of some lights. (new PC so still need to set some things up)
This is it with the correct lighting, though still need to fix it.

As for the heads, sadly can't fix that due to gameplay. Object of the game is to find other players in the group, so if your player stands out it breaks the gameplay. I tried randomly assigning heads, but then finding your own character becomes really hard.

CA was the first step of me testing how it would look if I made the camera something like a CCTV-esq thing that I left on. Might be something I add in the future and make able to be turned of.

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/agdg/ how do you plan the development of your game ? Do you write everything you want to implement ? Make small prototypes of each features ? What if you need to add new features during development, do you ignore them until the last minute ?

>> No.253824950

No shit. But then it's harder to indoctrinate kids.

>> No.253824967
Quoted By: >>253825076

>passive aggressive insult towards the whole general
School certainly didn't teach you about socialization.

>> No.253825058


>> No.253825076

No because "Social Sciences" is code word for "Teach kids how to have degenerate sex" and has nothing to do with normal social interactions.
Did you seriously not know this?

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How do I change Unity's behavior where the viewport's scale is determined solely by its height? I would like to change it up to account for the width instead, so that the exact same width of the game world is displayed regardless of aspect ratio as opposed to height being the constant value.
Picture is a demonstration.

>> No.253825203

You have a slider for that I believe somewhere around setting the camera to "screen space" and all of that.

>> No.253825448

I don't really give a shit about the engine question, I was just answering the question "Why are you getting mad?"

>a decent answer
What is that answer supposed to do for a guy essentially asking "what engine should I use?"
Dude was clearly just taking an excuse to shit on engines, not answering in good faith.

>> No.253825474
Quoted By: >>253826079

nope, can't find anything like that. not in project settings or camera settings. there is a setting like that for canvases, but that doesn't solve my problem.

>> No.253825478
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Quoted By: >>253826107

setup a dev playground
brainstorm mechanics
increase resolution by writing a design doc
make choices on aesthetic
write story/lore

>> No.253825507

you are retarded and making a lot of wrong assumptions, you are way too wrapped up in enginewar shitposting

>> No.253825650
Quoted By: >>253827995

you can't give much of an answer to a guy asking "what engine should I use btw I have 3dee experience"

>> No.253825821
File: 24KiB, 260x320, 51mZksX4-AL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>wat engine shud i use guise
>doesnt download all of them to test your abilitys

>> No.253825837
File: 1MiB, 1458x906, Brighter.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253826829

Brighter, less brown and shiny tiles. That's what I'd do. The current colours look so dull and drab to me.

>> No.253826041

Why does /agdg/ argue so much to begin with?
Literally every part of gamedev is just personal preference. The engine you use barely matters, yeah some engines are better suited for certain things than other engines, but at the end of the day they can all be used to make games. This also includes engine devs and what language and/or framework they decide to make their engine and game in. The software you use to make assets doesn't matter either, they all work just fine. Everyone has a different preference on art style as well. Even the game genre you're making and the mechanics you decide to add to it are personal preference. People can discuss why they like one type of game more than another, but as long as you're making a game that you genuinely enjoy then there will be other people who enjoy it as well.

>> No.253826079
Quoted By: >>253826392

wait, wtf? there is a setting like that, but only if your camera uses perspective projection. I happen to need the orthographic projection, so am I not able to have this functionality?

>> No.253826107

>setup a dev playground
what is this?

>> No.253826184
Quoted By: >>253826893

Should I make a Racecar Johnny game?
vroom vroom

>> No.253826292
Quoted By: >>253826920

Knowing modern devs it's a literal playground which doubles as a safe space.

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Quoted By: >>253826562


>> No.253826439


>> No.253826562

those value are only relative to the viewport's dimensions. lowering them from 1 causes black bars, and increasing them above 1 does nothing. they're accounted for only after Unity has fit the camera view on the screen.

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File: 1MiB, 1455x906, Untitled-3.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253827354

More like this?

I'm going to try some 3 point lighting, camera is pretty much stationary anyway

>> No.253826893

why not?

>> No.253826920
Quoted By: >>253827053

not all game developers are college students

>> No.253827053
Quoted By: >>253831292

*american college students

>> No.253827306
File: 112KiB, 390x390, 1558165043572.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>tfw making a porn game
I'm gonna make it lads

>> No.253827354

the lighting is not very natural. look at the shadows

>> No.253827385
File: 1MiB, 1455x906, Untitled-4.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Some 3 point lighting

>> No.253827463
File: 665KiB, 1220x1664, grass.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I wanted to make a cartoony grass texture, took a Kirby pic as a reference trying not to copy it too much. I feel mine is much uglier. Is that so? I'd like external opinions.
Kirby's is a bit different: the outside of each cell is lighter than the center, the outer part is also a solid color, and the grass in the center is less detailed. Should I just copy their design?

>> No.253827571
Quoted By: >>253828575

Watch the circle thingies on the floor with Kirby. Those make it more a whole.

>> No.253827810
Quoted By: >>253828575

>Less neon green
>Select a dark and lighter color
>Don't use pure green

>> No.253827892
File: 31KiB, 500x435, branching-structure-of-CYOA-story.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

what's the point of branching narratives from a gameplay perspective, replay value?

>> No.253827991


>> No.253827995
Quoted By: >>253828125

Hey fuck you buddy. We all started from the bottom and had to work our way up. Don't be such a crab.

>> No.253828025

>Different characters
>Different equipment
>Different dungeons
>Different abilities

>> No.253828028

to let the player project their values onto the story

>> No.253828125
Quoted By: >>253828243

Which engine do you think I should use?

>> No.253828171
File: 5KiB, 104x54, 1442709689473.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>realizing that I probably won't be able to find a job in my area
>might actually gamedev as more than a hobby and see what happens

>> No.253828203

Yeah replay value, and a way to get people to buy the game even if they watch a Youtube/Twitch play through. Often viewers will want to make their own decisions instead of doing what the streamer did in a game. That said remember that branching paths exponentially increases the complexity of the game. In my opinion the best way to do this is to just have two endings, a bad ending which is easy to get, so that most players and streamers get that ending. And a good ending which is harder to get, which makes players want to play again so they can get the good ending, or buy the game and go for the good ending if they watched a streamer get the bad ending.

>> No.253828243


>> No.253828329

Marketing tool. From a gameplay perspective it does little to nothing, is at either waters down gameplay or increase development time/cost massively.

Having said that I can only think of one series of games that actually implemented it as core gameplay tool and not a marketing tool. (meaning it's needed for gameplay, not "it's cool to have") Which is the Zero escape series, and I can imagine other graphic adventure games using it as a gameplay tool.

>> No.253828575
File: 423KiB, 1237x1011, grass2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253858537

New test. Made it a bit darker, less saturated and added circles on a different texture. Better now?

>> No.253828630
File: 144KiB, 1024x762, 1543200998449.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>searching the Internet for solutions to my game mechanic idea
>solution is in NASA research papers from 2008
>tfw you need a degree in physics to develop games

>> No.253828787

what is it

>> No.253828831
Quoted By: >>253828876

>frogposter is being retarded
color me surprised

>> No.253828876
File: 152KiB, 312x252, 1547518698404.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253829258

why so hateful anon?

>> No.253829001

To make the player actually reflect on choices and care about consequences.

>> No.253829121
Quoted By: >>253829712

Branching choices completely changes the player's mindset if the choices actually matter and aren't just stupid binary shit that changes nothing like lazy games do, Soma is a good example of shitty choices.

>> No.253829187
File: 10KiB, 266x239, ok.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

how do you deal with being poor?
if i just had 100$ a week i could make it even faster

>> No.253829258

the era of frogposting is dead

>> No.253829358
File: 271KiB, 1237x1011, grass3.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Third attempt. It has less contrast but I feel it's pleasing to the eyes. Any opinions are appreciated.

>> No.253829539

man the only thing holdin me back atm is making music

>> No.253829712
Quoted By: >>253830081

Yea, but we are talking about gameplay here not narrative, especially considering that in most games gameplay doesn't effect narrative.

And even in games that it does it often still railroads players either in a "good ending". Or creates and alternative way of play that's forced onto the player if they want a specific ending, though that's very rare.

From a gameplay perspective branching paths are almost never interesting.

Looking way better than the first 2.

>> No.253829882

these are so hard to write I hope you have a degree in creative writing

>> No.253829957
File: 88KiB, 334x334, 1525332309004.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>tfw have 5000 dollars saved up so I can NEET and dev

>> No.253830081
Quoted By: >>253830458

>making the player care about the narrative through gameplay choices is not gameplay
Some of you guys have some toddler-tier understanding of games, do you think a series like The Witcher would be as remotely interesting if it just railroaded you through everything? Branching choices is how you make a player actually give a fuck about the world and their ego within the world, it's the difference between a movielike and a gamelike narrative.

>> No.253830316

is it okay to put the okay hand symbol in a video game?

>> No.253830354

Branching stories are good if they are actual separate story lines. But they're practically useless if all the main events happen anyway but you have an inconsequential choice between minor event A or minor event B on the way there.

>> No.253830372
File: 259KiB, 1000x861, 1552975379794.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

this is a boomer tier question

>> No.253830458
Quoted By: >>253830812

Some toddler-tier comprehensive reading going on here.

>> No.253830516
File: 2MiB, 1000x539, freak.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

wobbly arms

>> No.253830528

>Spend 2 hours transplanting a script from my player object into a separate script so it can be used by other entities.
>Finally complete
>The game is literally the same as before until I start adding new entities to use the script
Sometime it all feels so pointless.

>> No.253830623

MK11 got in trouble for it, so no.

>> No.253830674

you dont need any money. My budget is 200$ where 100 goes to steam.

>> No.253830812
Quoted By: >>253831709

Gameplay is inherently tied to narrative when you make choices matter, it's retarded to say it's not interesting gameplay-wise when it's literally gameplay.
Far-reaching consequences don't even truly matter, actually good narrative is more direct and closely related to your current state, a randomly generated NPC follower dying for example directly and greatly changes the way you play and creates a branching narrative even though it's not "written".

>> No.253831084

If you don't care about being banned from Steam, go for it you fucking nazi.

>> No.253831291

Add a little bit of yellow or orange.

>> No.253831292

True and fair but unnecessary, I think it's obvious that I'm not talking about trade schools or one of the few prestigious colleges that still deserve any of their prestige left in the world.

>> No.253831550
File: 1MiB, 1280x720, Trailer 1.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Made a new level over the weekend and added color customization

>> No.253831709
Quoted By: >>253832417

Except it narrative is different from gameplay. Sure they might interact and you might fight different monsters, but they don't change gameplay.

Can it change the player experience, of course. But player experience != gameplay.

Player experience == gameplay + theming + player's control setup + player's state of mind + possible narrative + Music + audio effects + all other stuff put into a game and what the player puts in/uses to play.

>> No.253832207

Can someone give me an image example of a mixel or rixel or whatever xel? I'm too retarded to see the problem with it.

>> No.253832349
File: 1MiB, 1280x720, lava2.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.253832417
Quoted By: >>253833950

>narrative is different from gameplay
Not when you make them the same thing like I already said.

>theming + player's control setup + player's state of mind + possible narrative + Music + audio effects + all other stuff put into a game and what the player puts in/uses to play.
All of those things define the gameplay to a certain extent, thinking each aspect of a game lives in its own little bubble is a surefire way of making shitty games.

>> No.253832452
File: 231KiB, 2680x1478, 1530337369687.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.253832561
File: 24KiB, 439x491, mixel.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.253832565
File: 2MiB, 1280x720, gameplay3.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253833081


>> No.253832584
File: 25KiB, 1072x612, 1556335168196.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.253832719
File: 311KiB, 2426x1292, uUVYPzZ.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

This is very obviously purely based on AAA physical sales and I was right on my hunch.

>Yeah the only problem is this data doesn't include digital downloads so the modern era is kinda messed up. I still think the trends hold, it's just with the decline of retail it makes the graph a little messy. (axis in millions of units)
He posted the graph with absolute numbers and you can see how worthless the data is, physical is a tiny fraction of what it used to be.

>> No.253832734

I don't think this image explain non-perfect correctly.

>> No.253832789
File: 97KiB, 853x625, 1532123246799.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Frog website.

>> No.253832790

Is there any way to get anti-aliasing as good as MSAA in deferred rendering mode? The FXAA post processing effect in unity is nowhere near as good.
Deferred is much better suited for my game performance wise but the lack of AA sucks.

>> No.253832795

I was under the impression that sports games were like the Garth Brooks of videogames.

>> No.253832879

No, UE4's temporal AA is the best you'll get and it has some shitty artifacts.

>> No.253832951

They are.
EA wouldn't be in business if their sports games sold like shit.

>> No.253833050

FIFA and other such games are always near the top sellers in UK's physical charts.

>> No.253833081
Quoted By: >>253833656

hot damn
cool shit, anon

>> No.253833105

Great examples, now I understand. Thanks.

>> No.253833213

Is this from an actual game? It hurts my very soul.

>> No.253833324
Quoted By: >>253840156

>what if we combined the API limitations of engines and bareboneness of frameworks into one?

>> No.253833356

It does. Misaligned is when the pixels within the sprites are all the same size, but everything is scaled up, and the sprites are no longer aligned with the scaled up pixel grid. Mixels is when a sprite is scaled up or down relative to the rest of the sprites in the game so that the pixel sizes do not match (technically old games could use mixels, but only scaled up by integers, it still breaks the pixel art aesthetic though). Rixels is a specific case of misaligned and/or mixels when a sprite rotates and the square pixels of the sprite also rotate.
If you want pixel perfect the game should be rendered first at its native resolution, then that rendered image be scaled up by integer amounts, making everything align with the pixel grid and have square pixels.

>I'm too retarded to see the problem with it.
The truth is most people don't care. But it looks better to keep things consistent.

>> No.253833565
Quoted By: >>253835512

>not doing forward++ with depth slice culling
why even bother?

>> No.253833656
Quoted By: >>253834958

thanks homie. Feel like playing it? I'm trying to get some interest

>> No.253833831

mixels like in this image (where it's a sprite getting scaled up to represent something bigger) are charming imo

misaligned has sprites whose pixels aren't locked onto the "grid" of the pixellated background. mixels are pixels of different sizes used at the same time. rixels are when pixel art is rotated (again, instead of being locked on the grid). mixels are the only one that I think most people wouldn't say looks fine, but that's because of stuff like >>253832561 more than in >>253832584

>> No.253833950
Quoted By: >>253834334

>Not when you make them the same thing like I already said.
Except in the example you used it is not. The only genre of games where they are the same is visual novel/text adventure type games.

>All of those things define the gameplay to a certain extent, thinking each aspect of a game lives in its own little bubble is a surefire way of making shitty games.
Effecting how you deal with it in development is a better term and effect the player experience as a whole. But saying it's all defines gameplay is a whole new level of idiocy.
What you seem to allude to is player experience, not gameplay.

>> No.253834334
Quoted By: >>253834813

Gameplay is player interaction so yes everything affects how a player interacts with a game, it can be subtle stuff like a player reacting more quickly to a monster thanks to scary noises or matching the timing right in a rhythm game thanks to the music, or make the gameplay directly rely on the audio itself like having to listen to audio cues.

>> No.253834502
File: 2MiB, 2910x906, Untitled-5.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

New lighting vs old lighting.

Any other ways I can improve the visuals or lighting?

>> No.253834767

Add textures?

>> No.253834812

The color temperature is too low for my taste

>> No.253834813
Quoted By: >>253835115

Gameplay is game rules though. Not player interaction, but it gameplay facilitates it.

If you define gameplay as player interaction it becomes a REALLY nebulous concept to talk about.

>> No.253834958
Quoted By: >>253835404

yeah, why not

>> No.253835078
File: 413KiB, 447x589, 1545835321871.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253853030

>gtx 1060 cuts off on me randomly
>its dead jim
>luckily i don't lose progress and i can just mash ctrl s and tab and save all my work in maya and photoshop nd unity
>5 $ in bank account
>neet no job
>no money in future
>make a joke offer on a really nice roland mc 808 synth on ebay for 150$
>they accept it


>> No.253835115
Quoted By: >>253836956

Gameplay is an ambiguous term to begin with but all definitions rely on two-way interfacing with the game somehow, without communication there's no game.

>> No.253835404


>> No.253835512
Quoted By: >>253836014

Never heard of that, can you give more info?

>> No.253835665
Quoted By: >>253841791


>> No.253835820
File: 183KiB, 1818x1854, 1511901209592.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>show family and friends agdg
>just so happens that people kept posting boku in maid outfits in the same thread
>they look at me funny

>> No.253836014
Quoted By: >>253841791

like so: https://www.slideshare.net/takahiroharada/a-25d-culling-for-forward-siggraph-asia-2012
the idea of forward+ is just that you render a depth prepass instead of a full g-buffer. then you do the culling magic based on that depth and your lights, and then do another forward pass on the geometry, this time only rendering the closest surfaces. you still do two geometry passes but fragment shader is only ran for actual end result pixels and the number of lights each pixel has to go through can be dramatically reduced.

>> No.253836102
File: 42KiB, 646x595, DDe9jmjXYAAaPQ2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253836594

>show friends agdg
>show them my game
>they now ask about it and expect me to finish it

>> No.253836318
Quoted By: >>253837375

this desu. Doesnt look like a sunlight

>> No.253836594
Quoted By: >>253836697

you don't have any friends cris

>> No.253836697
File: 151KiB, 1000x1000, 1557044911230.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

me? im friends with cris

>> No.253836753
File: 931KiB, 301x240, 1558320993841.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253836938

>writing the trilogy before I've even installed a game engine

>> No.253836938
Quoted By: >>253837186

Write a book or make a tabletop RPG premade campaign, then. Don't bother with gamedev if you don't want to make game.

>> No.253836956
Quoted By: >>253837908

Certainly. That's why I say it's game rules. Things like audio cues, story, etc. certainly effect the communication but aren't themselves game rules. They support the communication rather, rather than being the communication between the player and the game.

Story, music, etc. is like the font/cover/paper quality of a book but they aren't the story being told but can help tell it. You can freely remove them and the story is still there.

If that makes sense.

>> No.253837186
File: 107KiB, 1280x720, RFVWlhD.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

don't listen to these LIES some of the most profitable indie ""games"" have been walking simulators

>> No.253837198
Quoted By: >>253840991

your controls are wonky, I can press the menu button you call "X" twice to get a level highlighted but pressing it further just plays a sound, and then some other key brings it back to the title. can't get into the game itself

>> No.253837375
File: 639KiB, 1455x906, Untitled-6.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.253837378

no one looks back fondly on walking sims.

>> No.253837480

If the dude hasn't even installed an engine yet, it doesn't matter what kind of game he wants to make, his heart is elsewhere

nothing wrong with walking sims desu as long as they're transparent about what they are

>> No.253837482
Quoted By: >>253843271

still too warm, imho

>> No.253837691
Quoted By: >>253840868

>Only playable with Praystation controllers

>> No.253837852

based controller only dev

>> No.253837908
Quoted By: >>253838628

>Story, music, etc. is like the font/cover/paper quality of a book but they aren't the story being told but can help tell it. You can freely remove them and the story is still there.
Completely wrong, each element of a game is obviously part of the game itself, a more accurate comparison would be changing the underlying code, porting the game to different systems and changing promotional material which have no bearing on the game itself, changing game elements is the equivalent of changing the wording and formatting of a book which would change the contents of the story, removing everything from a game is the equivalent of removing the words from a novel, there's simply no more novel.
All of this is pretty tangential though, the initial point is that narrative can greatly affect how a game plays out directly and indirectly if the developer chooses so, and it's a great way of having a game narrative.

>> No.253837989
Quoted By: >>253843271

also a bit of DoF

>> No.253838382
Quoted By: >>253843271

you have too many primary colors and browns in that scene.
The blue and brown contrast is gross. And their heads being roughly the same color as the floor is also terrible.

>> No.253838390
Quoted By: >>253843271

needs some bloom

>> No.253838531
Quoted By: >>253843271

needs more ssao

>> No.253838628
Quoted By: >>253839187

game != gameplay.

>> No.253839187
Quoted By: >>253842202

The term is more extensive than you think, if gameplay is the overall experience of playing a game then it must include all aspects of it, gameplay is not simply game rules. People usually mean specifically game mechanics when they say gameplay but even then the mechanics rely on somehow communicating the game state to the player which involves graphics or audio which would be the equivalent of words in a book.

>> No.253839917

Try and orthographic camera

>> No.253840156

>implying GML or C# is less aids than Lua
thats a funny one, friend

Lmao how is the API limited? If there is something Love can't do, you can just find (or write) a C library for it, which can be used at effectively no performance cost

>> No.253840406
File: 43KiB, 542x602, Q5UAXpY.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

what do you guys think about when you want to give up

>> No.253840413
Quoted By: >>253840587

can someone drop some good game news channels on yt? I like jim ster but I need more

>> No.253840430
Quoted By: >>253841009

>Just write your own engine
enginedevs out

>> No.253840476

>"I always give up on shit. I will regret this later if I give up now. Be different and better person this time"

>> No.253840571

>this idea is never going to leave my head unless i make it
>oh god what if i end up like a fat, depressed, 40 year old living alone in a one bedroom with a dead-end shitty job i can't quit
>if this is our only life why the fuck am i wasting it, wasting time?

>> No.253840574
Quoted By: >>253841009

>If there is something Love can't do, you can just find (or write) a C library for it, which can be used at effectively no performance cost
You can do the same with GM, Unity, UE4 and Godot, that doesn't mean their API sandboxes are limitless.

>> No.253840587

Civvie 11 is not news, but still an entertaining "review" channel

>> No.253840824

"I'm better than that" works for me every time

>> No.253840868
Quoted By: >>253844016

You can remap the controls to whatever you want but it's designed with analog input in mind. I'll change the requirement text

>> No.253840991
Quoted By: >>253841581

Did you push start game?

>> No.253841009

Why have gamedev as a hobby if you aren't going to do any actual dev? You absolute silly goose.

OK, but how is Love particularly limited by its API? How is it any more limited than something like SDL?

>> No.253841134

>>show family and friends agdg

>> No.253841538
File: 919KiB, 1064x983, 1558319898199.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>game dev
pick 1

>> No.253841581
Quoted By: >>253841792

Couldn't move the selection anywhere. But guess I just can't since I only have an xbox controller

>> No.253841791

Thanks, looks a bit over my head but I'll give it a try.
Gave that a try and it doesn't look great, TAA gave me better results but I don't like the blur

Thinking about just trying to go without AA but artifacts and jitters are distracting.

>> No.253841792

Neither the sticks nor the dpad would move the selection? Ok I'm gonna change the menu up then it should be more clear.

>> No.253841846

>wageslave for 1-2 years and get a head start on your game
>save up NEETbux
>responsibly quit job
>dev fulltime

>> No.253841885

>game dev to stop being a NEET

>> No.253842110
File: 16KiB, 314x291, 1558121481808.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

if you're developing a video game at any level, are you not in education learning the hows and whys OR self-employed making money already?

>> No.253842184

What's the minimum build I would need from here in order to dev a realistic 3D game?


>> No.253842202
Quoted By: >>253843826

But at that point, if you define it as player experience, it's a completely useless term. As at that point it's so broad and subjective it's doesn't define anything within game development. It'd be discussing your personal view of it rather than something measurable.

>> No.253842375
Quoted By: >>253842840

>realistic 3D game?
like in unreal? Unreal pages have recommended hardware

>> No.253842407
Quoted By: >>253842840

give me your max budget and intel/AMD /Nvidia CPU/GPU preference and i'll make a build for you.

>> No.253842512
Quoted By: >>253842962

Not a single game is even remotely realistic yet, even pre-rendered 3D is still clearly not real.

>> No.253842840

Yeah, Unreal. Alright, I'll look.

I might be able to go $800 including a mouse, keyboard, and some sort of wifi adapter.

>> No.253842962

I just meant not 2D or toon

>> No.253843271
File: 1MiB, 1457x910, Untitled-8.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253843804

If people say it to much and other say to little it's probably a nice middle road.


Just some heads, got loads more. And color use of characters is due to making colorblindness friendly. (with my 4 colors even colorblind people can see the difference between the 4 colors).


Can't really add that when you use transparency to remove objects. Otherwise you get weird shit like this (look under the smoke clouds).

>> No.253843317

How do you guys keep motivated to continue on a project? Not knowing how to properly create ot write is discouraging

>> No.253843628

How wouldn't I stay motivated? I don't do anything else.

>> No.253843741

Accept it.

>> No.253843804
Quoted By: >>253845686

Are you using the fade mode for transparencies?

>> No.253843826
File: 7KiB, 226x223, 1549446327167.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253844279

>UX is subjective

>> No.253843984

A wifi adaper, mouse, keyboard and OS. I'm trying to get enough for the first one on that list. I forgot to mention OS

>> No.253844016
Quoted By: >>253846161

Tried with a 360 controller. But remapping is a bit to much of a hassle if you ask me, it immediately makes me not want to play a game. (also doesn't help that the unity remapping isn't visual, fuck if I know where each of the buttons of a PS4 controller is from the top of my head)

In my game it automatically selects the controller that's plugged in, so no remapping required. Though I still need to add remapping as being an option for weird controllers.

>> No.253844139

where is your skyrim demake

>> No.253844279
Quoted By: >>253844371

>Thinking UX is gameplay
Hi app dev.

>> No.253844371
File: 655KiB, 740x720, 1546524962616.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.253844651
Quoted By: >>253844735

>Avoiding the argument

>> No.253844658

why no one takes indie devs seriously.

>> No.253844735
Quoted By: >>253845093

All I said was that UX is not subjective, and you... called me names?
Oh but it's me avoiding things.

>> No.253844768
File: 27KiB, 500x336, man of.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.253844832

Here's a decent start.
It's over price, but should come under if you buy everything during black friday / cyber monday.
Consider saving up more so you can get a dedicated SSD for your OS, as well as getting a 2TB WD Black instead.
Also PLEASE consult >>>/g/pcbg next and get this list scrutinized and improved.

>> No.253845093
Quoted By: >>253845243


UX != Gameplay

>> No.253845243
Quoted By: >>253846109

"UX is not subjective"
"UX is not gameplay"
I really don't see how you think this is a valid response.
I don't care about your stupid argument about the definition of gameplay, buddy.

>> No.253845427

After your initial presentation on a store page, UX is your games first impression and it needs to be good because it sets the opinion of the player going forward.
Don't skimp on small details and have a nice main menu.

>> No.253845473
File: 1MiB, 568x487, Problem.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Does anyone have any advice on how to balance a match 3 game

I just realised this is a huge problem and im not sure how to solve it

>> No.253845540

>balance a match 3 game
a game not made is already perfectly balanced.

>> No.253845686
Quoted By: >>253846349

Fade mode?
No, using some custom dissolve shader.

>> No.253845721
Quoted By: >>253845838

I'm currently a nodev but I only want to make one really good game. In the book "The Passionate Journey" it gets into some philosophical stuff and essentially says that an artist really has only one thing to say and repeats himself throughout his career. I believe that's accurate. I want to only work on one project the way I did with Ableton and music. I feel like I only have one really good idea and the psych meds I'm on have made me more comfortable with who Iam. I like campy Japanese games like MGS, RE7, Bayonetta, and I like memorable music moments like in RDR2 during the return from Guarma. I plan on working one project into the ground because it's all I have. I could go an easier route and make a 2D but my heart's not in it.

Make the absolute best thing you can come up with. Ask yourself what you like about video games and make an homage to them (there's hardly any room for innovation anymore) instead of following trends.

>> No.253845838
File: 71KiB, 520x494, 1550060370868.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>there's hardly any room for innovation anymore

>> No.253845881

Run the data without all the fancy animations as many times as you need to in the background until it generates a proper map and then render the chosen one to the screen

>> No.253845967
Quoted By: >>253846187

Just add more colors over time, you could do intelligent block spawning to increase and decrease the chances of "free" matches but honestly I hate that and it's always obvious.

>> No.253845978
File: 25KiB, 260x260, 5c897fe71.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

What makes you wanna Wishlist a random game you discovered on Steam?

>> No.253846068
File: 216KiB, 500x575, 1553020569630.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I don't play games

>> No.253846081

>looks fun

>> No.253846109
Quoted By: >>253846426

Definitions of words are important. And having to broad definition makes using the term meaningless.

Your use of the word gameplay is either A. completely overridden by the term UX or B. so broad it's like the word fun in the sentence: "you need to add more fun to the game".

Either way your use of the word is useless.

>> No.253846123

>That looks cool but it makes me cautious based on the price, it'd be nice to be notified when its on sale or if someone got it for me

>> No.253846161
Quoted By: >>253847801

I don't suppose you could help me to implement that feature in my game?

>> No.253846187
Quoted By: >>253846418

1 move would probably go back to endless cycling though

predicting block placement to try not to cause more could work, ill have a cup of coffee and think if i can think of an easier way or ill give it a go ty :)

>> No.253846254


>> No.253846290

Things in the genres that I'm interested in that clearly either are good but are at too high a price for me right now or may get better with time.

>> No.253846312


>> No.253846349
Quoted By: >>253852108

Then either your shader or SSAO addon is broken. It should not be doing that.

>> No.253846418
Quoted By: >>253848761

Can't you just decrease the chances of it picking a color for an empty slot if there's already that color in the neighboring slots.

>> No.253846421

too expensive or it's in early access.
I shall never buy a game in early access.

>> No.253846426

Anonymous communication completely nullifies the usefulness of arguments about the definitions of words.
Such arguments are solely useful to make future conversations with the same person easier.
In any other case, if there is a difference in views on the definition of a word, you are much better off simply defining what-you-mean by the word, and continuing with that.
Your arguing about the definitions of words is entirely fruitless, a complete waste of time.

>> No.253846549
Quoted By: >>253846805


>> No.253846590

gender pronouns

>> No.253846805

this, big fat anime tiddies

>> No.253847509

>posting worst girl
Opinion discarded.

>> No.253847598

flat-chested lolis
cute little girls like that Hat in Time girl

>> No.253847734

how good is voice changer technology these days? if I practice voice acting and articulation, can I just be a 1 man of a thousand voices?

>> No.253847801
Quoted By: >>253849783

Honestly I used a old prefab for that that a friend made ages ago. But from reading the code it looks at the name of the input device, finds a pre defined mapping profile for it and then uses that as its mapping.

>> No.253847931

Without serious audio engineering knowledge, no.

>> No.253847951

Good question. Can I be a cute girl?!

>> No.253848024
Quoted By: >>253859561

don't cut corners, anon

>> No.253848105
Quoted By: >>253848254

Always better to go without something rather than include it and have it be sub-par

Either don't have voice acting, or get a pro to do it

>> No.253848254

then why are we here at all? just leave it to the pros and be a bonified idea guy

>> No.253848761

trying this now ty

>> No.253848843

reminder that don't ask advices on /agdg/ also knows as no dev general.

>> No.253849490
Quoted By: >>253849717

would it be possible to code a browser addon to filter indian youtubers from youtube?

>> No.253849652

as someone that knows a lot about this; no. it's far too difficult for ordinary people to accomplish with today's technology. you can shift formants and repitch a womans voice down to make it sound like a half-normal sounding man, but that's it.

>> No.253849717
Quoted By: >>253849919

filtering channels based on account creators geo location would probably be easy. But you'd still be left with all the poos not in pooland.

>> No.253849783

Ok cool I can work with that, thanks anon

>> No.253849919


>> No.253850018

How does this build look?


>> No.253850120
Quoted By: >>253852349


>> No.253850210

Please save 100 and just pirate windows.
Or better yet, just use Linux.

>> No.253850270
Quoted By: >>253852349


>> No.253850334

Alright, but I have no experience pirating an OS. Do I use a disk or a flash drive?

>> No.253850373

fbi, open up.

>> No.253850379

any voice modification will only meet you 25% of the way, you need to be able to produce the voice and the rest is just polish or it'll sound awful

there's a reason animated media still pays many millions for multiple voice actors

>> No.253850642

USB with https://rufus.ie/
or if you want a de-bloated windows 10 try
you can google the differences, but they basically are LTSC doesn't come with much of anything except a web browser.

>> No.253850831

But again, abandon the windows menace and embrace GNU/ Linux with https://download.artixlinux.org/isos.php
it comes with an installer, and the arch wiki is immensely useful. Or if you want an easier introduction you could try a unbuntu flavor.

>> No.253850964
Quoted By: >>253851192

I've never understood this meme.
Everything is harder in Ubuntu, it's just as terrible as windows.

>> No.253851082

I'm still using a Windows 10 Educational license and I graduated 3 years ago. Hope they don't catch me and disable my computer :^d

>> No.253851192

It is, but most help links are ubuntu/debian oriented and it's more GUI focused.
There's also OpenSUSE with its YAST tool which is pretty cool. And it's actually maintained by a real company that's not red hat or canonical.

>> No.253851245

>anon asks computer for 3d development
>idiot recommends him to install linux
top lel, you guys..

>> No.253851298

>start working on a small horror/thriller game set in one location with a protag and 1 antag
>quickly start wanting to introduce RPG elements and open world activities
this is impossible, I am a complete scopelet

>> No.253851564


>> No.253851678
File: 373KiB, 528x517, 1545410811017.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253851798

>Meanwhile, every single 3D engine has Linux support, including the best one, Godot.

>> No.253851797

seething linuxtards. no sane person actually dev on linux.

>> No.253851798
Quoted By: >>253851945

Unity's and UE4's linux editors are absolutely horrible and only there so they can say they support it, Godot is the only one that actually cares.

>> No.253851854
File: 1MiB, 2354x2448, 1557653169883.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>"the worst is when you can tell the dev has never once talked to an actual woman"

Lewd game devs on suicide watch


>> No.253851893
Quoted By: >>253852087

kill yourself.

>> No.253851945
File: 721KiB, 1550x1409, 1527422725696.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I use Unity, UE4, and Godot all on Linux and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

>> No.253851968

Okay, so I removed the OS and upgraded the processor. Is the CPU gonna be bottleknecked by the GPU? if so, I'm going to order everything now. I'm happy with it.


>> No.253852087
File: 196KiB, 817x762, 1556432899014.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.253852108

Then I reckon the shader as I use standard Unity SSAO.

>> No.253852124
Quoted By: >>253852420

Lewd games are a stupid concept to begin with, the only one I enjoyed was CoC and mostly because I became an expert in skipping the boring everything and going straight for the scenes I knew I liked.

>> No.253852159
Quoted By: >>253852349

I feel like I could cheap out a little on the processor but this one might be more future-proof if I ever want to upgrade the GPU

>> No.253852284

nope. But I'd really wait through to November if you can. You'll be able to get much more on sale, but if you have to have it now, i guess it's fine.

>> No.253852296

you're better off posting on https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/

if you actually want advice instead of shitposting

>> No.253852349

I'm about to upgrade to a very similar build, except I'm probably going for a ryzen 7 2700X, will the stock cooler be ok, if I don't plan to OC? I'm just keeping my gtx 960 4gb gpu, will that cause any trouble?
are those $20 win 7 keys on ebay and amazon real? because my friends pirated copy got hit with a, please register your copy of windows, so he just bought it to avoid the hassle, but I don't want to lose any progress from that or pay $300 for win 7, or use windows 10. My budget is already tight because of the ryzen 7, should I just stick with a ryzen 5 like in that build?
I don't think there is a zbrush for linux, so that's out of the question for me.

>> No.253852420

>Lewd games are a stupid concept to begin with,
Nah, if you're a patrician who likes context and build up, only JAV compares because the west doesn't care about story.
No porn compares to the fun i had playing princess trainer gold.

>> No.253852429
File: 94KiB, 471x388, 1558320550179.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>design doc

>> No.253852458

Thanks. I'm just going for it. I'm not going to be able to wait till November

>> No.253852476
Quoted By: >>253852627

3D modeling is not gamedev
No one is going to expect you need zbrush when you ask for gamedev.

>> No.253852627
Quoted By: >>253852689

I'm not the same guy, but I'm saying I use zbrush in my gamedev pipeline, so I can't switch to linux.

>> No.253852689

I realized that eventually.

>> No.253852736
Quoted By: >>253853831

>will the stock cooler be ok, if I don't plan to OC?
you should be fine.
> because my friends pirated copy got hit with a, please register your copy of windows,
>are those $20 win 7 keys on ebay and amazon real?
just find one from a reputable seller and sure, but it's still a waste of money.
He got an un-activated ISO, or a shitty lying torrent though.
In all my years of pirating windows, i never had to deal with that because it's pretty basic shit. Just find one with pre-activated in the title/description like i linked.
>I don't think there is a zbrush for linux,
Wine is pretty great these days, Proton (Valve's wine fork) is even better, zbrush should probably work fine, but i haven't' tried it.

>> No.253852843
File: 119KiB, 1436x1120, OverandUnder.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253859410

I made another gun.
Blender is pretty easy to use, but goddam is this shit time-consuming. I can see why asset bundles charge you $40 per gun.

>> No.253852987
File: 58KiB, 178x158, gj.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253856714

I made some progress today

>> No.253853030
File: 747KiB, 246x208, 1545836366239.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>go to microcenter
>trade in my 1060
>walk out with a 1070 founders for 15$
dare i say it??
looks like northwest kino is back on the menu boys

>> No.253853431

In other words, you can mash Lua interpreter and openGL together. From what you wrote the "support" here boils down to "C++ can somehow do it, go figure it out"

>> No.253853494
Quoted By: >>253853845

The worst part is that off-topic shit gets replied to because it's some easy answerable question that could just be googled.

>> No.253853831
Quoted By: >>253854000

>just find one from a reputable seller and sure, but it's still a waste of money.
thanks, I would just pirate but I don't want all the hassle if I fucked it up some how.>>253852736
>Wine is pretty great these days, Proton (Valve's wine fork) is even better, zbrush should probably work fine, but i haven't' tried it.
this reminds me is anyone here using the 2019 zbrush from cgpeers? I want to upgrade for the new retopology tools and NPR features but I seen one of the uploads by the same guy has a ALC virus that fucks up all your .MAX files, so I'm a little hesitant.

>> No.253853845

building computers is tertiary to gamedev, it's hardly the worst topic to talk about here compared to the other 200 long reply chains.

>> No.253854000
Quoted By: >>253854464

Both of those should be fine.
You could always try just installing in a VM to test it out though.

>> No.253854464

>You could always try just installing in a VM to test it out though.
good point, I'll try that at some point.

>> No.253854640
File: 9KiB, 231x218, images.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>game starts breaking itself

it was working 5 mins ago

>> No.253854701

>days, if not weeks of designing and making level that takes 10 minutes to finish
fml lads. i refuse to do the quantity over quality and copypaste shitty level ideas that have been done thousand times already.

>> No.253854869
File: 197KiB, 799x1288, 1553103346237.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Ideas for a simple puzzle game I can finish in a few months?

I'm a software developer but new to gamedev, after getting some good advice from a friend in the industry I've decided to work on a game I can finish in a few months to see if I like the work itself.

Looking for some ideas to make something at least somewhat original.

>> No.253855212
Quoted By: >>253859025


>> No.253855439

Oh shit, do I need to talk with a talking dragon to include one in my game?

>> No.253855738

that thing is hella cute

>> No.253855909

a game about programming socks

>> No.253856039

A few months? Your only option is pong i'm afraid.

>> No.253856552

He said a few months, not a day

>> No.253856616
File: 749KiB, 433x524, Balancing.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

thanks for all the suggestions, somewhere close to not annoying now :)

>> No.253856714

Me too anon. Every bit of progress, no matter how small, is an act of self-improvement.

>> No.253857082
Quoted By: >>253857902

Just make it faster and it won't be so annoying.

>> No.253857182
File: 130KiB, 800x1300, 100x100__r191138181.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.253857801
Quoted By: >>253859753

I really fucking hate fixing all edge cases that can happen with simple top down movement

>> No.253857810

No character design skills, no animation skills.
Would not hire

>> No.253857902
File: 489KiB, 433x524, Faster.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253873323

made it a bunch faster and it feels better again ty :)

>> No.253858472

>forgetting shit you planned out perfectly months later

uh... not everyone is making a clone

>> No.253858537

kirby's has darker clearer edges making it look like tiles
it has circles overlayed on top of it giving it variatiion

>> No.253858860

A design doc is fine. Especially when it involves the plot. If you have an idea for something it helps to write it down so you don't forget and come back to it later to see if it sucks.

>> No.253859025

I do like the bun buns idea...

I already made a tetris clone last weekend, and I was mostly drunk throughout.

>> No.253859302

topdown roguelike movement controls: WASD/gamepad or mouse?

>> No.253859410
Quoted By: >>253859618

blender is fucking garbage, never again.

>> No.253859561
Quoted By: >>253860113

t. never going to finish anything

>> No.253859618
Quoted By: >>253860167

open source

its looked down in higher circles but thats changing

>> No.253859753

>all edge cases that can happen with simple top down movement
like what

>> No.253859767 [DELETED]

progress has been slow,

have been playing shitty games trying to fill that void of all my beloved games getting worse


>> No.253860016
File: 441KiB, 836x468, BossGoblinJump.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>253896363

progress has been slow,

have been playing shitty games trying to fill that void of all my beloved games getting worse

this is hardly progress, boss character i made last week, just felt like showing something.


>> No.253860113
Quoted By: >>253860303

t. going to release a rushed, unpolished game that nobody wants to play

>> No.253860167
Quoted By: >>253860301

garbage UI
bugs everywhere
poor documentation

unless someone rewrites the entire UI from scratch and trims out all legacy features in favor of one proper up to date work flow it's going to stay garbage.

>> No.253860301

>poor documentation

theres millions of sources of information blender is very popular retard. even for niche plugins

>> No.253860303

people are trampling each other to death rushing to play unpolished shit games. I'm a quality over quantity guy myself but you can't argue in good faith that the market rewards polish.

>> No.253860367

My grandma reneged on getting me a computer. She has to know I won't get in trouble for having one while I'm on probation, as that's one of my conditions. She knows I hang out on 4chis but she still won't do it yet. So, I went and bought a cheap 12-pack of beer.

Beer +brainstorming my game. I still think it would be cool to meet someone here who wants to help me work on my project in the future.

>> No.253860475

nice blog you enormous fucking faggot

>> No.253860523

whats the best 2d engine for retards?
t. retard

>> No.253860528
Quoted By: >>253860843


Honestly all the money you're spending on alcohol you could have probably got a pc.

>> No.253860592
Quoted By: >>253860904

Godot is for big brain gamedev so not that

>> No.253860659


game maker

>> No.253860843
Quoted By: >>253861081

This is my first beer or alcohol in over a year. My mom is the main one running things and she's always talking my grandma out of getting it. I just want to make a game. It's my main passion beside politics. If she decides not to get it I'll have to wait seven more months. Absolute waste of time.

>> No.253860904
Quoted By: >>253861005

godot is for wasting time shooting yourself in the foot until you admit you were wrong and move back to a real engine. Unreal and Unity simply have better work flow. what does godot have? about as contrarian as using CryEngine.

>> No.253861005
File: 342KiB, 398x582, 1548245664640.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Unreal and Unity simply have better work flow

>> No.253861081

get a job -> move out -> keep working -> get a computer

>> No.253861236

Wondering how this looks animated.

>> No.253861404
Quoted By: >>253885176

This makes my penis become the big penis.

>> No.253861498
Quoted By: >>253862301

I wouldn't have enough time. I'm making a pretty sizeable project. I should get approved for disability, and while I'm living at my mom's I'll be able to pay for professional character models and mocap. It's something like $700 a month.

>> No.253861510
Quoted By: >>253862301

get a job > buy computer > moveout

cmon anon dont be retarded as well

>> No.253861764

fixing input handling for my engine was tedious but surprisingly comfy. slow but steady, we're all gonna make it boys

>> No.253861881

well that's it anons, she's gone. At least I can focus on working on my game now but the room is so quiet when you know you have no romantic prospects at all.

>> No.253861943
File: 31KiB, 577x575, 1532272676070.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Input.is_action_just_released() doesn't work on axis

>> No.253862028
Quoted By: >>253862180

did she take the kids

>> No.253862145

what went wrooong....

>> No.253862180


I don't have kids and now I probably never will.

>> No.253862301

you better have a physical disability. if you think being a sperg (allegedly capable of making a game!) warrants tax money funding any lifestyle you want, think again.

moving out is an important step in your life. getting a computer is not. being independent, buying your own groceries, cooking your own food, paying your own bills, these things mature you and give you more self-respect and drive towards success. staying at home and spending all your time on a computer guarantees failure. he'd be better off getting independent in a tiny, cheap shit apartment first, rather than continuing his dependence on two female relatives.

>> No.253862334

she was sick of his progress was lacking

>> No.253862459
Quoted By: >>253862721

>two female relatives.

>> No.253862478

its hard to afford a good computer when youre paying bills retard

hm i could buy everything RIGHT now with my first two checks or i could move out and save up for a computer for 6 months

>> No.253862579


she started acting really suspiciously and when I questioned her about it she did the "you don't trust me, i'm leaving" thing. she came back a few days later and I asked about it again and she refused to elaborate. She has clearly moved on so she's not sleeping in my bed when she decides my company is worthwhile. She said she would leave if I didnt trust her so I said leave then, and she did.

>> No.253862673

Sad. Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVUOtH8feoI

>> No.253862692
Quoted By: >>253862789

she literally cucked you btw

>> No.253862705

You need a team, Mister.

>> No.253862721

if you think miss the point that being dependent on WOMEN makes a big psychological difference and is way worse for a man then you might be kneejerk reacting.

>> No.253862789
Quoted By: >>253863495


No shit? Doesn't matter now, just want to forget she existed and get on with my life.

>> No.253862915

Reminder that if you just got cucked, then you will inevitably fail at all your endeavors if you try to do them alone.

>> No.253863353

The first mission the Green Beret is dropped on the outskirts of Berlin in a forest and you play as the Irish Green Beret for the first level. The Green Beret is instructed to meet the spy in order to assassinate Hitler. The Spy is in the suburbs of Berlin in a tavern where a cutscene is shown of him without seeing his face at first as an homage to Dr. No. He is playing cards around a table where he wins and leaves the tavern as the Green Beret meets him outside the back. They get their mission settled and confirmed and proceed to take out enemy soldiers silently on their way to Hitler's Berlin headquarters, making use of the Green Beret's quick silent knife kills and the spy's silenced limited ammunition Webley and disguises. As they approach the headquarters they see Hitler in the early morning in his Mercedes-Benz saluting his SS bodyguard Unit, when [insert idea here]. The mood immediately shifts from Commandos 2 style seriousness to campy MGS3 The End's eyeball type shit as video-related style music kicks in. Hmmmmmmm



>> No.253863495
File: 26KiB, 480x360, mission hill.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

she was actively sabotaging you anyways
the male creative essence is semen and the more you are on nofap the better your progress is
can you do more then post the same gay video??
try making a game

>> No.253863814

Their mission turns out to be a failure and the next scene is an escape through the streets of Berlin in an MGS style staircase scene to a waiting ally (resistance group) of the spy. They start from square one. Nahhhhh gotta think more

>> No.253863961
Quoted By: >>253864902

Sorry. It's all I have right now. Just posting my ideas. Posting them helps cement them in my mind.

>> No.253863994

is it self sabotage to design a game with controllers in mind as an indie

>> No.253864169
File: 31KiB, 410x452, 1552777951605.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Yeah but who cares, I'm doing it anyways.

>> No.253864274
Quoted By: >>253864902

>gay video
we can't be friends anymore, Mr J

>> No.253864286
Quoted By: >>253864523

Depends on the genre. You should have an idea about how to handle bindings before you start the game's development because many people play say, platformers with a controller.

>> No.253864332

Here's another concept of the scene. This moment in the game will be pivotal to set the mood for the rest of the game.


>> No.253864523
Quoted By: >>253865649


I'm making a top-down dungeon crawler/roguelike. I was considering the old Legend of Zelda controls but modernised a little, or alternatively using Diablo style input.

The game will involve elements of horror, so I think that maybe using a more direct control scheme will add to that? Clicking to run away seems a bit less..urgent.

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i don't think it's a good ideal to be so dedicated to one story though you should do something more productive and concrete
i know you don't got a pc but there no way you can't do something more productive then story

go get some pencils and sketch out the characters so when your machine comes you can just scan it in and color it
or design a level
there's even some synthesizers for phones too
you could make your WHOLE soundtrack on your phone
get smart anon!!
ive seen the link like 4 times dawg
im trying to save him from a life of nodev
the way he writes stuff is how i used to write stuff when i could never materialize a ideal

i want to see anon give it his all and make his wierd nazi game
maybe you should watch dirty dozen
one of the most kino movies of all time
it even stars mermaid man from spongebob

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>maybe you should watch dirty dozen
>one of the most kino movies of all time
fucking based

>> No.253865315

Thanks. Those are good ideas.

>> No.253865463

I prefer the Great Escape. And yes, this game is going to be we

>> No.253865649

It does, but it's probably not a big issue.

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Enginedev (just one guy, 99% Assembly language)
$30,000,000 profit

Just imagine what he could accomplish with Unity

>> No.253866025

he could buy a whole asset store with that kind of money

>> No.253866035

is going to be weird and off-kilter. I want to revive the stale WW2 genre and I have plenty of ideas. I just need to think while I drink my beer. Music is what gives me the ideas as it sets the tone. MGS3, Deadly Premonition, and RE7 are the GOAT and RDR2's musical moments are unsurpassed. Just need to think - I really haven't thought much about the pacing yet. That's why I'm going to analyze MGS1 and 3 some more

>> No.253866059