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Doubt they let me refund it after 5 years.

>> No.442788048

People posting in the other thread have had success apparently

>> No.442788157

Well, guess I try it then.

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>tfw just refunded it the day before yesterday
>tfw I bought the game this monday

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no they didn't dumb fuck, they're just posting their refund requests
you niggas not going to get a refund, don't buy into hype for shit games next time lmao

>> No.442788404

Was this game in EA up to now?

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>Check steam
>No update

Have I been bamboozled?

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Is this your first early access blunder? This is par the course.

>> No.442788658

Unironically the game is actually in a decent state right now, the peformance is great, the game looks amazing and the movement feels much less clunky. Now all they have to do is add the content they promised 5 years ago

>> No.442788843

So they literally just changed the number 0.64 to 1.0 and called it finished without changing or adding anything?

>> No.442788863

Fixing the movement and actually running at a framerate above 30 doesn't equate to a good game.

It has a fucking stamina meter now so it's even more of a slog.

Fuck off harby shill

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>It has a fucking stamina meter now so it's even more of a slog.
you move as fast as you did in mod and previous SA without sprint
the stamina & sprint is even faster

>> No.442789113

the difference from .64 to 1.0 is literally a different game. They rebuilt the game from the ground up on a new engine which is has 10x better peformance and graphics

>> No.442789174
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>ten times the performance and graphix
>game is still shit

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No, you don't.

I've played the game. You run the same speed and have to stop every 30 seconds or so.

Fuck off Brian Hicks.

>> No.442789267

Hopefully Namalsk soon, Chernarus has gotten stale over the years.

>> No.442789314

I have a 1050ti and an i5 7500 and get 100+ fps at all times on high settings the peformance is great.

The stamina bar is actually a really good adition as you cant just pick up everything and expect to run at the same speed for as long

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Quoted By: >>442789576

>New engine
>game still acts the exact same way

It's like they just changed the name or something.

>> No.442789351
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>and have to stop every 30 seconds or so.
You didn't play the game at all you sperg, fuck off with your bullshit claims.

>> No.442789469

name a better hardcore online survival game

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Are you deluded?

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>game still acts the exact same way
you obviously havent played it

>> No.442789671

I can't because the genre as a whole is complete garbage. Luckily there's thousands of fun, fully functioning and finished games on PC I can actually play instead

>> No.442789680

unironically i'd take fallout 76 over this shit

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Over 200 hours in the game.

Sorry kid.

>> No.442789770
Quoted By: >>442789909

>over 200 hours in the game
yes in the old engine retard

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No, you're just a dumb retard that spew bullshit to prove your point. You don't have to rest ever, your stamina meter recharges as you jog. Even DayZ mod had a "stamina meter", once you ran a few hundred meters your overall speed decreased but you kept the animation. Now stop making shit up.

>> No.442789886

I've tested it
it goes .63sprint>mod running with pistol drawn>mod sprinting>.63 running speed=.62running speed=modrunning speed

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Gee. The DayZ subreddit is in full force today isn't it lads

Imagine coming home from work to play DayZ and shill it. Yikes.

>> No.442789925

they better give me my money back fucking bought it 23dec 2013

>> No.442789950

Did they fix the weightless serpentine that made shots over 200m near impossible when combined with the desync?

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dayz subreddit shits on the game as well

>> No.442790040
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>waah I'm wrong
Maybe you should go back since this place doesn't seem to be for you, retard.

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Holy cringe

>> No.442790152

I'm stating facts about the game.

You're just screaming "You're wrong, the game that's universally agreed to be shit is not shit"

Adding a Stamina meter to DayZ. What were they thinking?

>> No.442790340

You think if we all start spamming refund requests, they'll start handing them out?

>> No.442790341
Quoted By: >>442790737

Your facts are not facts. You're making shit up. Yes, the game might be shit but that doesn't make you less of a retard for spewing dumb bullshit. I've never said the game isn't shit either you dumb cunt.

>> No.442790420

Does the game still
>have glitchy as fuck zambinos that pose no threat whatsoever?
>people who'll always murder you on sight even in coastal areas when you have no gear?
>no endgame?
>having to eat beans every 5 seconds or you'll starve to death?
I don't give a fuck about how good the engine supposedly is now, that's a bare-minimum perquisite

>> No.442790524

I'm requesting one purely because I think the game is capable of setting a record of "most refund requests in a 24 hour period". I know full well I won't get one

>> No.442790585

yep thats all been fixed, the endgame is basebuilding or building a car right now

>> No.442790654

>have glitchy as fuck zambinos that pose no threat whatsoever?
Somewhat, they're more dangerous now but they're in such small numbers it doesn't really matter. DayZ mod zombies were more dangerous since they could break your legs or make you bleed.
>people who'll always murder you on sight even in coastal areas when you have no gear?
Yes, not as many as before but there's still faggots
>no endgame?
Never was an endgame, unless you count getting a helicopter or something
>having to eat beans every 5 seconds or you'll starve to death?
More like drinking now, food doesn't seem to be a problem. Besides, zombies drop food all the time so you get canned shit which gives both thirst and hunger.

>> No.442790668

Request and appeal over and over. Swamp steam support so Gabe needs to make a decision over what would cost them less: paying support staff or refunding DayZ

>> No.442790723
Quoted By: >>442804768

Well I just put in a refund request. Hope it works for DayZ it worked for KF2 at least

>> No.442790737

Great counter argument.

"Waaah retard waaah cunt waaaah sperg"

Look how mad you are <3

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Quoted By: >>442791076

Are there custom maps yet? That was my favorite part of the mod.

>> No.442791018

>not being able to read
>can't defend his own bullshit
Truly pathetic. No more (You)'s for you faggot :^)

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DayZ shill squad out in FULL FORCE

>> No.442791076

Yes and more are coming as they have added modding support

>> No.442791304

should I wait for 1.0 to come out or should I submit my refund request now?

>> No.442791386

Holy shit is there a possibility of seeing Namalsk or Taviana?!

>> No.442791432

Why would modders make maps for a dead game?

>> No.442791467

I hope dayz makes enough money on christmas to refund everyone.

>> No.442791517
Quoted By: >>442791582

I think for you to have a chance it has to be officially out of Early Access. Not sure what the store page has it listed as atm

>> No.442791532

Yep the creator of Namalsk is porting it over right now and he said it should be done soon

>> No.442791582

It came out of Early Access an hour ago.

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>seething retard can't prove his point
Thanks for the laughs mate, you're a special one.

Sumrak, the creator of the map is working on a new version of the map. Apperantly he is adding multiple underground areas, adding more places and reworking others. He said it was more of a side project though since he's working on DayZ right now.

>> No.442791626

so, whats the straight shit? how do we refund this piece of shit? i dont wanna waste my chance on a throwaway reason if i can help it.

>> No.442791674

I have ARMA3 and 9 billion mods to choose from. I don't need that mess.

>> No.442791774
Quoted By: >>442803161

Look how upset you are.


I feel bad for you.

>> No.442791782

Missing Features from version 1.0 that will be added on a later date

39 Firearms: Crossbow, recurve bow, Amphibia S, P1, Red9, Glock 19, Derringer, M1911, .357 Magnum, Longhorn, Repeater, Sporter, Flaregun, Trumpet, AK74, AKS-74U, AK101, AUG, CR527, SKS, Blaze95, FN FAL, Winchester M70, VSS, PM73 RAK, IZH43, RPG-7, M72 LAW, M249 SAW, PKM, Dark Gun, Taser pistol, Groza, Steyr Scout, CR 550, M12 Shotgun, Saiga12k, Uzi, Bizon


>> No.442791798

help > steam support > games software, etc, > type in name of game > its not what I expected > refund request

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I got my refund for KF2 after 46hrs.
I better get this one nigger.

>> No.442791875

"Purchased this game back in 2013 because I had good faith in these devs to deliver. I dropped this game after the main guy left the studio and haven't really came back since. This game is finally coming out of Early Access and it's still missing half the features of the mod it's based on. If that isn't a good reason to refund this I don't know what is."
rate my request

>> No.442791905

Top of the steam client click on help.

>> No.442791931
Quoted By: >>442791984

>10 years later
>Features Promised: A dog companion

Are they still on mount everest?

>> No.442791953

Holy shit that's awesome. Definitely something I'm looking forward to. I hope they can mod in the rail gun

>> No.442791984

Dean left development years ago.

>> No.442792006
Quoted By: >>442792124

>I dropped this game after the main guy left the studio and haven't really came back since
cut this out, it was common knowledge that Dean only had a year long contract

>> No.442792023

Bro you show up to every single one of these threads shilling this shitty game for free posting your passive-aggressive :^) faces. Utterly pathetic

>> No.442792054

I liked the emissions and bloodsuckers more but the railgun would be cool as well.

>> No.442792057
Quoted By: >>442792339

Why re so many guns out? Are they doing sounds?

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but I already submitted it

>> No.442792145
Quoted By: >>442796254

>when the game that started the fad finally reaches launch but the fad is gone
good job.

>> No.442792158

Dean was pretty public that he was only going to get the alpha to public and then leave, as per his contract with Bohemia

>> No.442792185
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>> No.442792339
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they changed engines, I think they said something about animations needing to be updated for it
It doesn't explain why the ak74 and ak101 aren't coming seeing that they have the exact same anims as the akm

we got this mod that incorporates them all anyway https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1559317235

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If they let me refund I'm gonna shit my pants. Also holy fuck this thread is full of shills.

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>Unironically shilling

>> No.442792647

Shit. I traded 3 litecoins for DayZ like 6 years ago. I cant get a refund on that

>> No.442792669

thanks anon, you make my 11 hours look good

>> No.442792724

I got denied for playtime, gonna send in more till I get a non-nigger agent or blocked.
May be too soon for the 2hr "new release" refund trick to work.

>> No.442792785
Quoted By: >>442812272

Any confirmed refunds yet? I could use the steambux

>> No.442792795

Shitposting aside, any fun stories from adventures you had on DayZ my fellow virgins?
One time my friend got killed by this random dude, who I later found. I stalked him for ages until my friend met up with me, where we both fractured his legs, tied him up, took off all his clothes, put our pee pees into his mouth, then drowned him in the ocean, it was fun

>> No.442792868

Do zombies still go through the walls of the houses and through closed doors?

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Dayz feels like phase for me
I played the mod alot with friends and the played the standalone with friends and my ex
those days are gone and its time for something new
thats why im refundning this game

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just requested a refund
you better not be lying to me again, /V/

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Quoted By: >>442793669

had a group I would regularly play with and we'd post in the reddit rescue force subreddit (autist redditors that would come "save you" in DayZ if you were in trouble) asking for help and then ambush them, killing them and stealing anything good they had

>> No.442792993

the best of 300 episodes

>> No.442792997
Quoted By: >>442793549

>actually discussing the game is shilling
you need to go back and stay there

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>> No.442793063

I got kidnapped and raped by russian mobsters on a rp server

no they haven't done that for a while now, I think the experimental branch had them teleporting behind you but APPARENTLY it got fixed in a patch yesterday

>> No.442793248
Quoted By: >>442793445

As a third party, you look like a fag who hasn’t played the game and uses hyperbole when it isn’t necessary.

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Everyone knows DayZ standalone is a test grounds for the new arma games. Still shit though. Don't know anything about the new update.

>> No.442793445
Quoted By: >>442795724

I have over 200 hours. nice samefagging though. :)

>> No.442793447

if this shit runs this well arma 4 is going to be a sexual experience

>> No.442793452

The only good times I had was with the mod when randoms would actually team up with randoms
Now in SA it's all tryhard faggot squads on TS, looting up in empty servers, building huge stashes of weapons in empty servers, then turtling in a building in electro and shooting everyone on sight

>> No.442793527
Quoted By: >>442794426

Fond memories of playing with /dzg/ shitters, stream sniping and dunking on kids

>> No.442793549
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>> No.442793669

i believe the RRF should be returning now that the game is released! i think they disbanded a while ago due to... nobody playing...

>> No.442793778

So, did anyone sucessfully refund this? I'm unironically gonna try getting a refund with 1.5k hours

>> No.442793840

when a game comes out of early access it is able to be refunded, I've done it with a few EA shitters.

>> No.442793878

I just got an email back, refused due to playtime of 19 hours

>> No.442793959

it'll probably take 24-72 hours to get any reply back desu, good luck everyone, i did my part too lol, and if it gets declined i'll just re-request another refund.

>> No.442794139
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fuck you bohemia

>> No.442794208
Quoted By: >>442794387

does it actually have anything to do with Bohemia?

>> No.442794364

Me and my friend were trying to get to our base, only to run into a brazilian guy with a ghillie and aug. We tried putting ourselves in a situation where he'd be stuck doing something and we could shoot him and take his shit, but he'd always be like "no, u make fire, cut chicken". Eventually we got caught up in a zombie hoard and he got tagged by one. When he went to bandage my friend pulled out his pistol and capped him a few times. He was yelling "pleese, pleeese no kill, pleeese" and circling around during the animation.

Another time, we had like 8 guys hiding behind a sandbag barricade and we had some random guy be bait out on the road. Some guy came up and we all jumped out, giving him conflicting orders. We shot him, and took our hostage to a little camp we set up. We got a fire going, and some other guy snuck up on us. We took him hostage too, and offered him human flesh. He declined so we firing squad'd the poor fella and fed him to the first hostage.

A pack of russian clowns tied me up and brought me to a circle of campfires halfway across the map. I had my friend track us down and take shots at them from like 300m out. Somehow they ignored me long enough to break the rope and grab a gun from their tents. I shot one, and bolted the fuck out of there while they were screaming.

>> No.442794387

considering it's published and developed by them, yes? but who the fuck is this paulie_records guy? the information he posted is fucking incorrect as hell.

>> No.442794426
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Sup faggot.
Murse here. I'm still in touch with Rahne and most of the oldfags like CHEEKI and Spuddles trough Steam.
Many fond memories where had. I just wish /dzg/ didn't die out. The comrades I've lost, won't stop hurting. You feel it too don't you?


>> No.442794437
Quoted By: >>442794559

Lol already complaints about FPS issues
What a trainwreck

>> No.442794554

try it again my dude

>> No.442794559

They disabled the option to talk to a real steam support person.

>> No.442794591

If I can't refund this shit do any of you fucks want to give this dumbshit game another go or no?

>> No.442794720


>> No.442794724
Quoted By: >>442794829

I have to admit I was /dzg/ standalone days, monkey and his lag switch, blueberry duping kits, good time

>> No.442794791

did anyone's refund go through?
mine didn't

>> No.442794829

though we had quakecry join us for a bit, he was a bit odd but fun

>> No.442794882
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>> No.442794893

gamer entitlement is killing unique games

>> No.442794905


>> No.442795015

this sort of dumb shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4k1JNTC1p3o

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Quoted By: >>442795139

If the refuse all my requests I'm gonna request it be removed from my account, refund or not fuck this nigger bullshit I should shoot myself.

>> No.442795026

>They rebuilt the game from the ground up on a new engine which is has 10x better peformance and graphics
10*0 is still zero

>> No.442795042
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Still have him on Steam. In fact, an old /dzg/ group is still up on Steam but is not used. Sadly.
Quakecry is a bro and dependable sidekick for Excellent Adventures.

>> No.442795059

Yeah people are so entitled for wanting a complete game.

Nice buzzword mate.

>> No.442795124

Shitty devs releasing unfinished garbage is killing unique titles

>> No.442795139

you don't have to request that. You're able to delete games from your account and rebuy them all you want

>> No.442795165


Virgin detected

>> No.442795272
Quoted By: >>442795479

>Discord cuck

>> No.442795273

Exquisite playlist of the good old days of standalone /dzg/ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKnPoLuC33zQt6gecib6GXt-dVhrJ1a0a

>> No.442795280

Would if they fixed the fucking vehicles.
>spend hours trying to find parts and repair a car
>everything is done, just need fuel
>run to town and back to fill a canteen with fuel
>can't refuel car with canteen
What a fucking waste of time.

>> No.442795357
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>post you're feeling when you get 30 dollars for free

>> No.442795386
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>> No.442795479


>> No.442795487

welp, mine got denied too, I think it's time I put all of this behind me and completely forget about this game ever existing

>> No.442795578
Quoted By: >>442796021

you can always give it a terrible review

>> No.442795606

Ark Survival Evolved, Rust, Conan Exiles, 7 days to die

>> No.442795627
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What changed?

>> No.442795657

I bet Bohemia want to drop this money sink so hard. They already sold 99.9% of all copies they gonna sell
Now they're just keeping a small team slowly pushing updates for Dayz, just to prevent the outrage and keep their good name

>> No.442795658

sorry i'm 'entitled' for thinking that games should be released completely and not half-finished

>> No.442795662
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You mad at people using TS in 2012?

I still remember the time we absolutely nuked the official DayZ Forums Brony meetups for several times in a row until they stopped doing them.
And Jawsbro just sitting in the general and asking for targets to streamsnipe on Twitch. And just destroying bases in clanfag servers and Rebbit servers.
Thank God I saved so many pics and videos of that glorious time.


>> No.442795724

Im a different guy 22 fucking minutes later. You're a faggot my man.

>> No.442795729
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Escape from Tarkov.

>> No.442795750

Did Sandstorm launch patch fix stutter? Going to refund for that.

>> No.442795837


matt the ratt, helgen, ivan, bumhole, xunn, zach (some kind of pervert?), aiden, skelly, galvvy, ryan

crush a can on your head for jay owen

all these autists... lost like tears in rain


>> No.442795862


>> No.442795898
Quoted By: >>442797821

come on now anon, the devs already announced a new game for them to not finish. doesent ark switch run at like 11 fps?

>> No.442795946
Quoted By: >>442796201

if they wont refund our shit even though standalone is fucking terrible, review bomb it to hell. you dont even have to lie; the game is in shambles and the developers will never be able to fix it.
dont forget to mention that they deny refund requests out of hand, because they do

>> No.442796021

You can submit a request through "purchases" and it goes through to a real person

>> No.442796171

>tfw i bought dayz 5 years ago

>> No.442796201
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>Being surprised at Bohemia taking so long
Review it negatively due to it sucking ass, taking a century and missing core features promissed (that where tested during EA) that are not present on 1.0.
They launched today officially because they prolly got tired of all the >lol still in EA after 5 years

>> No.442796212

One of the people from the Jay Owen video here, most of us are still around, DayZ is just dog shit noe

>> No.442796254
Quoted By: >>442796406

The fad has evolved into the biggest game since Pokemon

>> No.442796353
Quoted By: >>442796473

whom are you

>> No.442796406


yeah i would say the BR genre is the 'gamified' outcome of survival mods like dayz. It takes the base components of looting and surviving and distills it into a game you can play in 15 minute intervals instead of several hours.

>> No.442796459

Just got a refund

>> No.442796473


>> No.442796538

BR was around forever it’s called last man standing

>> No.442796560
Quoted By: >>442796821

what's your reasoning

>> No.442796595

>br was around forever and was called last man standing
Last man standing modes were generally played on deathmatch sized maps and "looting" was usually memorizing static weapon spawns. Battle Royale is similar but the size of the map, the randomization of the loot and the fact that the players have some level of control about where they spawn means they are different game modes.

>> No.442796610
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Quoted By: >>442812797


Launch trailer

>> No.442796618
File: 93KiB, 610x635, 1543705764066.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>442798208

>downloaded the game to try it out while its free
>get on a server
>game runs like an utter pile of dog shit
>its night
>cant see jack shit
>there is absolutely nothing to do around nothing is interactive
>walk around a bit with my flare because otherwise I cant even see my feet
>find some structures
>hope theres like a gun or something fun to do
>'cable reel'
>exit building
>someone shoots me in the face with an assault rifle for no reason whatsoever
>delete content

seriously whoever finds these shit games fun is severely autistic
not even 7 days to Die or Conan Exiles are this shit
at least there are some interactive things to do in the game
in this shit game here you just walk endlessly

>> No.442796620


>> No.442796639

>game has less content upon leaving early access than being in early access
it's starbound all over again

>> No.442796650

just submitted my refund request, having had this trash in my library for over 4 years has always been my biggest regret

>> No.442796718
File: 137KiB, 655x473, file.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

well then

>> No.442796737

FUCK I just noticed I got this game as a 'gift' because I bought it through a third party
Can't even try to refund

>> No.442796753
Quoted By: >>442796886

prove it bitch

>> No.442796821

Teach them a lesson

>> No.442796823

Someone said that PUBG was literally "You know, the suspense in Dayz is kinda fun but zombies are useless and I wish to encounter other players more frequently"

BR is not only about elimination, it's about running through fields and forests to loot the nearest house not knowing where someone is waiting for you

>> No.442796886

This, put up or shut up faggot

>> No.442796898
Quoted By: >>442796948

I have 96 minutes.

I think I will get my refund boys.

>> No.442796937

>Purchased 16 Dec, 2013
Almost 5 years to date
Submitted for refund. Let's see where it goes.
BTW does 2 hours played limit apply to early access games?

>> No.442796948


>> No.442797015
File: 46KiB, 342x125, 2018-12-13_20-57-28.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Should I refund lads?

>> No.442797053
Quoted By: >>442797468

Go for it

>> No.442797114

8 hours here in early access can I want to refund this meme

>> No.442797123
Quoted By: >>442797491

2nd refund attempt
I don't know why I even bother to be honest

>> No.442797158
Quoted By: >>442797468

It is your duty to do it.
Make sure you go through "purchases" for the refund request.

>> No.442797418
Quoted By: >>442823639

>1400 hours
>expecting refund
not sure if delusional, or just trolling

>> No.442797445

>tfw 61 hours :/

>> No.442797468
File: 38KiB, 500x351, 1522567989383.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I don't know if it'll stay up but I'll leave a negative review before doing so

>> No.442797491
Quoted By: >>442797618

I mean come on, just give it to me, I only have 3 hours on it, and half of it was just idling in menu

>> No.442797532

they changed the refund policy about early access after the Ark shit. Everyone and their mother wanted to refund that piece of shit, so steam was forced to change their policy, now it's 2 hours playtime only even for early access

>> No.442797558

Where my fellow 'never fell for the rampant shilling and normie posting over this shit game' bros at?

The entire life of this game is one huge laughing stock and everyone that was suckered in deserves to be mocked. You helped create a generational wasteland of creativity that is survival sandbox and even BRshit by supporting dayz. Shame on you, retard!

>> No.442797605

Got denied aswell. Not sure if anyone even got a refund nobody posted a pic yet

>> No.442797617

>on a new engine
like what, ArmA 3 engine? How it requires "rebuilding engine from ground up" if you can literally run ArmA 2 mods on ArmA 3 just by restringing config

>> No.442797618

I think the launcher adds to your time played or something because I have nearly a hundred hours but there’s no way I played it that much.

>> No.442797672

In it's defense the mod was extremely fun, anon. We were just hoping for something good. Though I suppose having any sort of hope these days is a silly thought.

>> No.442797674
File: 10KiB, 314x130, Screenshot_239.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>442798254

Unrelated, but I just noticed that I bought Battlefield 2 five years ago. It has been removed from Steam store long time ago and official servers aren't even active anymore.
Can I get my money back?
Did I get jewed??

>> No.442797718

>requested a refund a week ago
>said no
I'm trying again now that it's released. Fuck this piece of trash. What a fucking scam.

>> No.442797730

BR was a separate thing. Arma 3 BR was godlike.

>> No.442797778
Quoted By: >>442797835

Can you ask for a refund with over 600 hours played?

>> No.442797821

I mean you can have a lot of fun with ark if you temper your expectations

The performance is horrible and I've never seen Ark with good graphics but no other game fills the sandbox pokemon meets Minecraft niche. There's cool shit and fun to be had.

>> No.442797835

Do it anon it will be epic

>> No.442797837
File: 685KiB, 500x281, 6EA77B64-7E55-4143-82AE-ECFF549498EA.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Everyone refund, crash the company for taking so fucking long.

>> No.442797920

refund denied, reason was greater than 2 hours playtime
i have 7 hours played

review bomb it is

>> No.442797945

possible. ArmA 2 had "rigid" animations for weapons holding and reloading, ArmA 3 animates hands seperately for each action.
Still nothing that should take more than few days to fix, so not exactly excuse. Plus plenty of people would prefer to have these guns even with placeholder animations.

>> No.442797953

They are denying it so that won’t happen.

>> No.442798000
File: 29KiB, 852x347, 20181213.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>442798061

What to pick here?

>> No.442798019

Why did people purchase DayZ?

>> No.442798053
File: 27KiB, 600x399, pryszni_18.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

The people raging now are the same retards who bought dayZ standalone instead of arma in the first place.

>> No.442798061

>it’s not fun

>> No.442798104

> tfw 42 hours played
> I'll never get my refund.

I don't deserve it for falling for this same anyway.

>> No.442798153

That Dean Hall fag should be tried for crimes against video games for what he did with this shit. What's he up to now? Aside from counting shekels.

>> No.442798208

>playing in the night
>probably didn't leave the coast
Game is shit but come on, you didn't even try.

>> No.442798254

You won't get your money back. Auto-refunding only works in two cases:
A) Game has just left Early Access
B) You have less than two hours played and bought the game no more than two weeks ago
Yours will probably go into manual approval and get declined on the grounds of having substantial playtime.

>> No.442798286

He climbed Everest soon after stand-alone released, so he got away with all our money and had a life-changing experience.

>> No.442798339

He is making a game called Stationeers.

>> No.442798579

20 fps in Cherno and like 30-40 outside. Changing setting doesn't improve the fps at all. gtx 970 and a i7 4790k. anyone else getting better frames? I suspect my HDD might be dying and the cause of it though.

>> No.442798656
Quoted By: >>442798754

Is it good?

>> No.442798670
Quoted By: >>442798878

>actually playing it

consider kyssing yourself

>> No.442798735

Man the hype was unreal.
It was a brand new emerging genre. At the time survival games were literally non-existant, besides Minecraft and small games like Stranded2 (believe me I looked), add teamplay and zombies to it and you have a hit. Also it massively popularized by youtubers like frankieonPC
Original mod was clunky as hell, and everyone wanted a better more refined experience. Of course all the hype died out when Alpha released and we saw how limited it was..

>> No.442798754

It's probably one of the most refunded games in steam history.
Make of that what you will

>> No.442798781
Quoted By: >>442799747

>gtx 970
I also had that meme-card and I managed to get 60+ fps outside of towns and even in them. You must have some settings wrong.

>> No.442798878

Fuck off faggot I've been waiting a long time to see what comes of this. Consider drinking some bleach along with your usual nigger cum.

>> No.442798907

Devs are aware of FPS issues and are fixing them right now. It's a bug or something. Pinned thread in the steam discussion forum.

>> No.442798957

I sold a Dota 2 mount to buy this shitty game back in 2014. Hope I get a refund.

>> No.442798958

I'm gonna bully whatever poo keeps denying me.
Sending my third refund request & just gonna remove it from my account if denied again.

Already left a negative review years ago when pubg came out as I knew this game was instantly abandoned considering pubg's success at the time, and fortnite now also.

>> No.442798970

>following steam curators
>following anyone that has weebshit avatars
Yup, that's gonna be a DOUBLE yikes from me

>> No.442799010

ARMA mod was great fun, all of mates who played were getting it and with Greenlight releasing with it felt like we were going to get constant updates. Simply put me and my group all bought into hype.

>> No.442799063

Faulty HDD causes hitches and stutters, it wouldn't cause a consistently low fps. It's definitely something else.

>> No.442799478

Nice just got my refund. What game should pick up?

>> No.442799512


>> No.442799537
Quoted By: >>442799647


>> No.442799647

I pirated the GOG version.

>> No.442799747

>You must have some settings wrong.
Possibly high anti-aliasing
for some reason people seem to be unaware how much fps it can eat

>> No.442799793

It was the beginning of the survival genre and the mod was really fun. I personally bought the standalone, because I thought it would start with at least as much content as the mod and then expand from there, but that wasn't the case at all. It also didn't have all the cool mods that the mod had.

>> No.442799836
Quoted By: >>442800053

Also denied here, requested through purchases

>> No.442799909
File: 279KiB, 300x577, 1544520924575.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>442800096

>People expecting a refund after they wouldn't refund PUBG

>> No.442799936
Quoted By: >>442800053

Just got my refund denied. I'm gonna bus to valve HQ and camp out until Gaben steps his fat fucking ass outside and gives me $30 from his wallet.

>> No.442800018

I have 10 hours played and just tried refunding it. I honestly consider Dayz the worst purchase ive made in Steam. They better fucking refund me

>> No.442800053
Quoted By: >>442800449

how many hours did you anons have?

>> No.442800096

>he kept playing after they opened gates to chinese
>he bought pubg
top kek

>> No.442800140
File: 54KiB, 621x505, vO7lRZ7.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

DayZ is a great game you guys it was totally worth waiting 20 years for 1.0

>> No.442800232
Quoted By: >>442800481

Found a link on the steam forms that took me to Twitter where I found a link that took me to reddit where I found a supposed fix. It actually worked

>> No.442800394

what did they even change in 1.0 the game looks like same shit as before

>> No.442800419

DanielfromSL makes this game look fun

>> No.442800449

23, bought in June 2014

>> No.442800481

Answered by pm :^)

>> No.442800647

Got denied the refund with 0h of playtime.
Purchased Feb 15, 2014.

>> No.442800672

I'll let you know if I get a refund

>> No.442800678

second refund request denied
gonna try the automated one and see if it's any different

>> No.442800684
Quoted By: >>442800793

fuck Dean Hall and fuck white people

>> No.442800780

I got refund declined

>> No.442800793

get dabbed on paypig

>> No.442800846
File: 80KiB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

All you salty cunts. Even in its final 0.62 version (the last version to run on the old engine) Dayz is one of the best and most important games in the history of games. I only got it last Christmas and i've got 600 hours out of it. Money well spent. You certainly didn't play a better game this year.

If somebody is able to show me a survival game that has: hyper and hypothermia, cholera, broken limbs, bleed out, unconsciousness, water proof clothing mechanics, weight based stamina (including heavier clothes when wet), realistic darkness that can't be neutralised with gamma or brightness, radiant voip, minimal hud, hunting, fishing, farming, cooking, basebuilding, several different types of campfire, vehicles, realistic ballistics, incremental reloading, weapon maintenance (and jams), the ability to cannibalise and catch kudzu, the need to wash my hands, taking people captive, crafting, seasonal day and night cycle, and god knows how much more i've missed.

Either way if you can give me a game with all that thats ALSO on a 200+ plus square kilometre map. Then i'll admit dayz is a bad game and stop playing it.

>> No.442801003
Quoted By: >>442801242


>> No.442801140


>> No.442801242
File: 9KiB, 241x209, download (2).jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Give me a game that does dayz better than dayz and i'll play it anon. I'm being one hundred percent genuine here.

All you cunts seem to be experts on exactly what is wrong with the game but none of you seem to have the answer about how to fix nor can you offer any alternative.

So suck all the farts out of my arsehole you filthy underage casuals

>> No.442801267

not even worth my free weekend time

>> No.442801507

scum obviously

>> No.442801558
File: 321KiB, 590x332, Dean_Hall_current.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>442801668

i played 0 hrs since its officially been released can i get a refund?

>> No.442801590
File: 41KiB, 500x495, DWrRHK7WkAE1oOm.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.442801620
Quoted By: >>442801903


Actually no I'm not even gonna go that far. Fucking Minecraft does DayZ better than DayZ.

>> No.442801668

nope they either do the playtime or the 2week shit

>> No.442801671
Quoted By: >>442801903

It's not bad, it's just incredibly limited
Original mod had 10x more content and different game modes, all made by community in period less than 2 years
Bohemia are professional devs and in 5 years provided just a barely improved alpha version. It's obvious they don't even care anymore. If you like it it's okay, but it's not what was originally promised or expected

>> No.442801717

Arma2 with the dayz mod. What do I win now?
>None of you seen to have the answer about how to fix nor can you offer any alternative
Alright lemme take the bait and give you a way the game could be fixed: if it was an actually complete game and delivered on all the promises they made and features that were in the fucking mod. Everything that was fun about the dayz mod isn't present in the standalone. We waited five fucking years and they still barely have any vehicles and the game still runs like garbage. There are many many other reasons or fixes but you're probably just being ironic so I won't even bother.

>> No.442801737
Quoted By: >>442802065

besides the fact it has completley broken hit register mechanics and lags out the arse to the point of unplayability. You want me to escape the early access hell of Dayz by jumping into the early access hell of scum?

>> No.442801903

How does minecraft do dayz better than dayz?

what are all these supposed features i'm missing? Lack of vehicles never bothered me, the vehicle maintenance is so in depth they are genuinely more trouble than they are worth

>> No.442801919

and refund declined
fuck you /v/

>> No.442801920

>abuse early access for years
>gain massive shekels
>players get mad
>players lose faith in early access
>so many ea games suddenly "finished" because early access excuse doesn't work anymore and releasing unfinished games is much more profitable

>> No.442801946

>the difference from .64 to 1.0 is literally a different game. They rebuilt the game from the ground up on a new engine which is has 10x better peformance and graphics
Wasn't the standalone sold as "it's not running on the arma engine so it will be 10x more functional" and that turned out to be blatant lie?

>> No.442802013
Quoted By: >>442802364

My friend hacked in a helicopter and we battled another hacker on top of the tallest building over cherno at night

>> No.442802065
Quoted By: >>442802464

well at least there isnt a 10 year track record of failure behind that company

>> No.442802092

They just declined my refund request because it exceeded the 2 week refund period. They must have changed their policy because it previously worked with Ark.

>> No.442802107

/v/ is full of casuals, you must be new here.

>> No.442802168
Quoted By: >>442802464

It had all the features of a complete military sim and fully functioning game.

>> No.442802208
Quoted By: >>442802364


>> No.442802209

I prefered it before the overhaul. Game was fantastic. Haven't bothered to re-learn it since.

>> No.442802249
Quoted By: >>442802359

>everyone complains early access games are a scam. They are either never finished or released as complete when they arn't
>Dayz developers are clearly still working in their game
>Everyone complains....

>> No.442802282

My greatest memory will always be /v/ stream sniping twitch thots. I was there for the great dayz whale hunt. I miss you bros.

>> No.442802337

this is the reason

>> No.442802359

>Dayz developers are clearly still working in their game

>> No.442802364
File: 542KiB, 215x194, 1529266949923.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Also I murdered an entire party of a streamer and his followers with an axe and I lost the video, I got the streamer early on and his view as him slowly blacking out as his fag friends and followers screamed bloody murder
All in the mod of course because standalone is shit when the FUCK is my refund coming
keep sending them

>> No.442802437

Sorry but Minecraft is the real game of the decade.

>> No.442802453

it appeals to a much smaller userbase, that's the biggest issue
see this video at 23:30

>> No.442802464
Quoted By: >>442802982

yet Bohemia keeps on going. They just persevere when we all know many companies wouldn't have done so.

What are "all the functions of a military sim"? Give me a list and is it similar to the list of features in >>442800846?

You're wearing nostalgia goggles pal. The arma mod is clunky shitshow with fuck all to do compared to the modern standalone

>> No.442802648
Quoted By: >>442803026

my refund just got denied too, fucking hell
I'll just delete it from my account so I don't have to see it atleast

>> No.442802659
File: 746KiB, 1912x2122, DLc9Wu8.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Arma2 with the dayz mod
Get your nostalgia goggles off
Mod has
-Shit Arma engine that runs at 20 FPS
-No enterable buildings
-Very limited inventory and clothing options
-Shit animations
-Vanilla Arma 2 map
-Old graphics
And a bunch of other shit I'm not counting, the mod is shit and has always been shit because it's just a mod of an ancient engine where everything was done through script.

>> No.442802694

>How does minecraft do dayz better than dayz?

Well the zombies don't phase through buildings for one.

Game actually gives you reasons to explore, and has endgame content to work towards.

When you attack a zombie with a weapon in Minecraft the hits actually connect.

Plus it runs at higher than 15 frames per secons.

>> No.442802892

All the shit you said was accurate 3 years ago. The game is LITERALLY free to play right now. You have no excuse not to try it out.

>> No.442802935

So you haven't played the game in 4 years and don't know anything about it now. Gotcha.

>> No.442802982
Quoted By: >>442803553

The mod had literally all of those features save cholera, anon. But some features that come with the functions of a completed game would be:
Actually accurate ballistics
Ability to mod yourself and create different versions of dayz
A huge array of weapons and vehicles
Helicopters and air combat
Reliable multiplayer and PvP
Not having to wait 5 fucking years and spend $30 for a game that isn't finished and doesn't work

>> No.442803003

>the mod is shit and has always been shit

Yep that's why it was a massive cultural phenomenon for months, because it was shit.

>> No.442803026

Might aswell start playing it. It looks good, kinda

>> No.442803161
Quoted By: >>442803663

Jokes on you, I actually do. Pre-overhaul, I would get a piece of rope asap and then run off into the woods to be a hunting hermit. Fun as fuck.

>> No.442803392

Who the fuck is playing Dayz to fight zombies? Genuinely who the fuck are these people? he zombies are just there so there's increased risk when you enter towns. Nobody gives a fuck about the zombies. They don't clip through walls any more and haven't for a while.

Reasons to explore are that the best loot is further away from the coast and the endgame is whatever you make of it (just so long as you have a basic imagination).

Here, this is what some players came up with as an endgame for themselves. A village. No server rules banning people who attack it, just players in the game. They have a goal and something to defend. The result is some of the most interesting gameplay i've ever watched. (no this isn't my video but i do turn up in some later videos)


>> No.442803432
Quoted By: >>442803628

is this game good? i have never played it, not even the mod.

>> No.442803482

>Shit Arma engine that runs at 20 FPS
Opposed to shit "dayz" engine that runs at 10fps?
>No enterable buildings
I'm assuming this is hyperbole because you can't be this stupid
-Very limited inventory and clothing options
Weapons>7 different versions of the same hoodie or can of beans
>Shit animations
They're still shit, anon and the arma 2 animations had no significant impace
>Vanilla Arma 2 map
Is this supposed to be bad? Chernarus is literally perfect
>Old graphics
This is either bait or you're 12.

>> No.442803553
Quoted By: >>442804278

we literally have absolutely all of that now except for helicopters and air combat (which is a bizarre gripe to have with a survival game, who the fuck is going around dogfighting migs in the apocalypse?)

>> No.442803628

It's a sandbox with very little sand in it. You can loot, shoot, craft and run around the massive map, that's pretty much it.
Could be fun with friends.. then again anything is fun with friends

>> No.442803646
Quoted By: >>442804278

Play the game retard. Not arguing with your dumb ass anymore. None of that shit applies to the game today.

>> No.442803663

Absolutely based mountain man

>> No.442803749
Quoted By: >>442806079

>mod was atrocious
>sell it standalone
>millions buy it
i cant imagine why the industry is in such dire straits

>> No.442803937

Ignorant fuckwit detected. Play the free trial you mincing faggot

>> No.442803961

Refund denied I guess I might as well play the game now. Did they stop the hackers from doing whatever they want at least?

>> No.442804021

The mod and the creators original vision were good but got pressured by the broader community and publishers to appeal to the more casual audience and the new lead dev catered to streamers and eventually created the BR shit we see today

>> No.442804050
Quoted By: >>442804184

Just got my refund lads, the shills in this thread are extra aggressive today. No wonder its a dead game with a dead community

>> No.442804060

they denied me too but im gonna send it again. Not playing this trash

>> No.442804071

Never ever seen one so i guess so

>> No.442804142
Quoted By: >>442804240

Bohemia made more than enough off ArmA 3
You aren't going to "crash the company"

>> No.442804184

post proof or fuck off

>> No.442804240

shhhhh. Don't interrupt them while they "stick it to the man"

>> No.442804278
Quoted By: >>442804801

I played over 200 hours of the fucking game as well as over 3000 hours playing the mod. I played the standalone again like a month ago to see if anything changed. It still runs like shit. It still looks like shit. There is still absolutely fucking nothing to do. And they still haven't reached the amount of content the mod had even though they've had five fucking years. The game is shit. Get over it.

Helicopters and air combat was an amazing end game for you and any teammates you might have. The satisfaction of finally being able to fix up one of the choppers at the airport and set up a pseudo base for you and your pals was fucking amazing. Then from there you can choose to be a good guy and use your chopper to help people or be a bad dude and fuck with any other players. The fact that you don't understand this 'gripe' is just proof you either never played the mod or were so shit the only thing you remember fondly about the game was sucking down beans and dying in elektro.

>> No.442804286

He said for months before the first public release that he was only going to see the public alpha get released then he was leaving. His vision had been shit on anyways during the later stages of the mod and he wanted out when Bohemia obviously wanted to cater to the deathmatch fags

>> No.442804768

why did you get ask a refund for killing floor 2?

>> No.442804801

Well now the end game has changed to actually building a base for you and your crew. Why don't you have a go at that instead and buy a flight sim if you want to play Air Cavalry.

The fact you say theres nothing to do makes me wonder what the fuck you were ever doing for those 3000 hours?

>> No.442804893
Quoted By: >>442805582


>> No.442804929

only way they release their big map with free roaming and story mode
right now this game is litteraly PUBG with bots and you can keep your gear

>> No.442804998
File: 98KiB, 1280x720, 1522093323226.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>442805391

>Shit Arma engine that runs at 20 FPS
Still better than the DayZ engine running at 5 FPS
>No enterable buildings
That's just not true lol
>Very limited inventory and clothing options
Oh no I can't wear the same shirt, but in red instead of blue, whatever will I do?
>Shit animations
Just like the standalone
>Vanilla Arma 2 map
It's the same one as the standalone, the fuck? Also you can play mods with tons of different maps, which you can't in the standalone
>Old graphics
Who cares about graphics

Fuck off shill.

>> No.442805021
Quoted By: >>442805095

Refund denied due to in-game time exceeding two hours. I had 40.

I wish Dean got stuck up Everest the absolute fucking cunt.

>> No.442805095
Quoted By: >>442807618

they denied me with 10 but im resending it

>> No.442805125
Quoted By: >>442805198

Can I still refund it if I bought it in 2014 and have 30 hours?

>> No.442805132

EFT is fucking trash and the only people who like it is the """realism""" crowd who hate actual realism

>> No.442805198

You can try but expect to be rejected.

>> No.442805216
Quoted By: >>442805364

why do people here request refunds? what is the legal reason? isn't the normal procedure that if you played over 2 hours you don't get a refund?

>> No.442805364
Quoted By: >>442811391

Probably a reflection of them not knowing the policy rules because nobody really every produces such a giant pile of shit that has wanted people to actually enter for a refund.

>> No.442805391
Quoted By: >>442805523

Pathetic attempt

>> No.442805523
File: 40KiB, 750x828, 1523491985053.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>442806272

>no arguments
I guess that's to be expected.

>> No.442805582
Quoted By: >>442806167

I have had a go at that already and it's nowhere near as fun. I preferred the tension of always being on the move and never setting up shop in one spot. They could add the survival feature of jacking off or wiping my ass and it still wouldn't be as fun as landing a heli on a sky scraper in one of the cities and clearing them out with your bros. You pretending that isn't fun by suggesting I play a flight sim only makes you look silly.

I played 3000 hours of the mod, faggot. Not the standalone.

>> No.442805657

Take me back..Take me back.

>> No.442805690
File: 27KiB, 379x568, 176.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.442805718
Quoted By: >>442806025

Any yuros tried throwing the EU Consumer Rights Directive/Act in their refund requests? It's supposed to cover digital goods which are "not as advertised" or "of satisfactory quality".

>> No.442805879

>year of our Lord 2018
>Bohemia still didn't figure out how to render mid-range terrain textures

>> No.442805905
File: 1005KiB, 620x349, 1544680648072.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>442806171

>got my refund after ~4 years of it being in early access
>steam also refunded KF2 when it got out of early access too

>> No.442805945


>> No.442806025

im gonna try that if my initial request gets denied

>> No.442806079

The mod was pretty shitty, but the formula was what kept me playing it for hours on end. There haven't been ANY games that come close to DayZ in terms of gameplay and atmosphere.

>> No.442806145

The game has 13k players, what the fuck. Has no-one learned over all these years?

>> No.442806167
Quoted By: >>442807041

So go and play a flying game if the only thing you ever considered fun about dayz was the flying. You've given me nothing else you enjoyed about the game besides playing with your friends and helicopters. Just because base building is in doesn't mean you have to stop in one place. You can bring tents with you and move across the map or bunker down in one place and make it yours. Stop being such an inflexible sperg about this.

Yeah and what the fuck were you doing for those 3000 hours of the mod? Besides flying a heli i mean.

>> No.442806171
Quoted By: >>442806410

>release game
>lose money because of all the refunds
>gaming industry

>> No.442806272

made all mine further up the thread. I'm the guy who started this argument faggot. Your attempt was pathetic

It's free for

>> No.442806410
Quoted By: >>442806850

>release a broken ass game
>never fix it until 3 years later
>finally get around to fixing stuff and adding maybe a couple things
>"okay guys heres the fully released game, now go ahead and mod it because we're not going to do anything else"
>"WTF why are they refunding???"

Kill yourself hicks

>> No.442806420

>bought it in August of 2014
>ask for a refund

If this works I'm gonna flip shit and refund a shit ton of games

>> No.442806461

no, the game is built like it came out in 2013

>> No.442806637
File: 2KiB, 804x37, refund.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

i better get a refund for this garbage

>> No.442806685
Quoted By: >>442807006

> tfw I will never get my £20 back

The catharsis of the negative review is all I have now.

>> No.442806850

>release broken ass game
>Continually make efforts to fix it for the last 5 years
>Finally get round to releasing it after realising the old engine was unusable at its core so you have to teach yourself to programme and entirely new engine from scratch
>"ok guys we're going into 1.0 but we will continue to update and fix problems as we go along, also heres the modding tools because you were asking"
>"wtf don't you know the steam refund policy has changed? Why are you trying to refund 5 years and many many hours of gameplay"

>> No.442806920
Quoted By: >>442808892

is this a jab at insurance and game being dead this wipe because BSG are fucking idiots when it comes to the economy? because otherwise you dont keep your shit outside of your small container

>> No.442807006
Quoted By: >>442807780

Better yet try playing the game you own again without wearing the goggles of bitter nerds who themselves only bitch about the game because they were told to bitch. None of you know what the fuck you're talking about

>> No.442807041

The fact that you are still so fixated on my helicopter comment, which was just one of the things I loved about the mod. For 3000 hours I was slowly building up my arsenal and enjoying the gameplay of a game I already loved (arma 2) while not experiencing extreme frame drops or gamebreaking glitches every two seconds. I explored chernarus with friends and strangers (back when the dayz community wasn't full of children), worked hard to get my good guy skin and kill all bandits, scrounged up parts to finally fix a car, teamed up with strangers and eventually got the balls and the equipment to storm one of the airports and fight tons of players and zombies in order to get a heli (after hours and hours of finding parts), and when I finally got it I flew around chernarus helping everyone I saw and constantly filling my heli with medical supplies to distribute around chernarus. It wasn't the simple act of flying you fucking retard, it was everything you could do after you reached that end game. In the standalone building a base means nothing. There is no accomplishment. There is no further goal. You just keep doing the same shit you've done forever with no hope of any new content or newer endgame. I don't even know why you're even defending the standalone this hard (and this terribly)

>> No.442807094

I bought this game in 2013 and have over 100 hours on it, how do I get a refund?

>> No.442807512
File: 83KiB, 1078x1125, 1543970816730.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>enjoying the gameplay of a game I already loved (arma 2) while not experiencing extreme frame drops or gamebreaking glitches

>> No.442807534
File: 27KiB, 480x386, 1480889688844.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

This whole thread

>> No.442807618

yeah me too

>> No.442807780

Nice try Dean you won't fool me twice.

>> No.442807789

They just denied me with 10 hours played. Dont believe anyone who says they got a refund. Noone who said he got a refund posted any proof to prove his claim. Fuck Valve btw

>> No.442808104
Quoted By: >>442808230

>friends peer pressure me to buy it back in 2014
>played with them for 2 days then we all stopped playing
>no refund system so that's $30 gone
>game finally gets released
>can finally get my money back
I'm waiting for the refund request, wish me luck lads

>> No.442808156

You can do all of that in modern standalone besides the helicopter and the fact you think that flying around in that heli was the endgame to you is why i keep bringing it up. YOU LITERALLY WILL NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT YOUR DAMN HELI. You are being truly and deliberately obtuse if you cannot see an endgame for modern dayz without aircraft.


Watch this video of people in the endgame of dayz and then shut the fuck up you fucking bitter faggot

>> No.442808230

youre getting nothing mate

>> No.442808345
Quoted By: >>442808616

Stop shilling your shitty video faggot

>> No.442808521

This. Who the fuck cares about dayz. Just let the shitters fund the superior Arma games.

>> No.442808616
Quoted By: >>442809335

No i'm going to shill this video, which isn't mine, until the fucking cows come home because it is the best example of what can be done with dayz provided you have a little imagination (and no weird fucking arma 2 helicopter fetish)

>> No.442808681
File: 44KiB, 720x960, 1523933187175.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>bought in 2014
>fell for the hype
>put 200+ hours in it just walking through the forest and looting on servers with 2-3 people on since I was tired of getting killed over and over any time I would talk to other players
>no really good memories of it
fuck I hate that I wasted $30 on this pos.
Only good time I had was when I used third person mode to kill some faggot that had me trapped in a 2nd floor
>hear "hey"
>third person mode on
>creep to stairs, see the fag pointing his gun up them
>pull out that 7.64x54r two shot rifle
>somehow hit him without him seeing me from the top of stairs
>switch out my two shotter for his sks
>put two pumps from my sawn off in his body just to ruin the rest of his shit I couldn't carry
>run into another building and log out in case his buddies were nearby
the only pvp victory I had in 200+ hours

>> No.442808892

you keep it when you extract vs pubg where you dont at the end

>> No.442809056

I got my moneys worth from it years ago and had a ton of fun in the mod. This new shit is just a bonus. Contrary to most people I love early access, when I was a wee lad I'd sign up for every single beta ever and write all sorts of shit to let me in, I remember getting mailed CDs with the planetside beta, fuck that was such an exciting day playing planetside 1 with 4 frames per minute seeing all those people. Playing early access means I get to experience that horrible/awesome shit and get the bonus of seeing constant updates, content. Insurgency 1 was probably my favorite, got it as soon as I could and saw the evolution of it. Squad is another great example, being able to play it while it was infantry only was a treat. Even Star Shitizen offered a lot of fun and I put a few dozen hours into it for 30 bucks, and I'll get to enjoy it more in 30 years when its finished. DayZ is pretty much the same boat, though I'm busy playing Kenshi now, which I bought 6 years ago.

>> No.442809157

Imagine still defending this game 5 years later, how many times do you have to be disappointed until you admit you were conned?

>> No.442809229
Quoted By: >>442809430

The shit they do in that stupid video is nowhere even near the endgame of the mod. I never said that air combat is the end all be all of endgames and that nothing else could take it's place. I just stated that the endgame of the mod was much better than the endgame for standalone which is fucking boring and the fact that it's taken 5 fucking years and they aren't even close to that is reason enough to complain. With no endgame past bases or two shitty cars there is no reason to continue playing the standalone once you get to that endgame (which was mid game at best for most dayz mods). I understand you're upset that everyone is rightfully complaining about a game you adore so much but you need to get over it. The standalone is shit and has been shit for five fucking years. that is just a fact.

>> No.442809335


>> No.442809403

early ass

>> No.442809430
Quoted By: >>442809825

yes you and your friends running round dropping supplies for noobs or shooting them dead is far better than trying to build a functional society within the rules and framework of the game. I mean, those guys in the video don't even have half a helicopter, what crazy shit!

>> No.442809664

Yep ask me. But until somebody can give refute what i've said here:>>442800846 and given me the game that does Dayz better than Dayz, i'm going to sit in this thread shittalking all you bitter faggots who can't form opinions for yourselves

>> No.442809825
Quoted By: >>442810825

All of that was done within the first fucking month of the dayz mod. Establishing bandit gangs and actual medics is the exact same fucking thing as "trying to build a functional society within the rules and framework of the game"
How do you not see how retarded you sound?

>> No.442809892


>> No.442809930
Quoted By: >>442810967

>realistic darkness that can't be neutralised with gamma or brightnes
OH fuck, they finally fixed this? This is probably the most important thing to me concerning Arma/Dayz, what a downer it was to be sniped by some faggot while my screen was pitch black and his was lit up.

>> No.442810059

free weekend and about to be 13K negative reviews kek its already mostly negative

>> No.442810086

Night time in the mod was legitimately one of the more terrifying game experiences

>> No.442810220

Any reason literally every piece of military gear was renamed? Did they get hit by a lawsuit or something?

>> No.442810825
Quoted By: >>442811043

Yet all you've described to me is that you were in a bandit gang or a good guys gang depending on your mood, but it was somehow better because you had a helicopter. Can you not see how retarded YOU sound? You've literally bitched yourself round in circles and gone no where except back to your precious gang and your precious heli that was somehow better and more in depth then anyone elses Dayz experience ever.

>> No.442810918
Quoted By: >>442811075

I got a question, do people still server hop? Is it still possible for people to join an empty server, get 30 M4s, an attack helicopter and orbital cannon, then join a populated server and kill people for their beans?

>> No.442810967

Yeah man if you get caught out in the woods at night with no way to make a fire prepared to be lost all night. It's turbo dark. If you're up in the north with the wolves its truly truly horrible to hear them howling in the distance

>> No.442811043
Quoted By: >>442811370

That's because you have forced me to reiterate myself over and over because you don't understand my point or how game progression works. Enjoy feeling like you've won somehow while playing a broken and unfinished scam.

>> No.442811075

no one really plays the official servers anymore and the community ones don't have continuity between servers

>> No.442811370
Quoted By: >>442811907

you've literally said nothing about game progression that isn't true for the current build. Literally fucking nothing. I'm going to enjoy BTFO'ing your jizzwit arguments and then celebrate later by chilling with my bro's in our self built post apocalypse town. I'm sure you'll have more fun wanking one out to your favourite Huey pictures though

>> No.442811371

You're right DayZ is the best example of an unfinished early access scam out there.

>> No.442811391

No we just want to cost steam a little bit of time and money to deal with this shitshow.

>> No.442811661

can i get a refund? also, 0.62 was the last of the good dayz

>> No.442811772
File: 42KiB, 275x119, refund p-pls.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.442811841
File: 249KiB, 502x447, 1519689411348.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>442811942

200 hours in the game
bought in 2014
just had my refund request denied

>> No.442811907
Quoted By: >>442812391

Yeah I'm sure all your 'bros' will show up after you beg them to play and swear it isn't a scam. They'll be gone before the free weekend even ends.

>> No.442811942

i just had it denied with 10

>> No.442812104
Quoted By: >>442812327

I think there is still a playable 62 build out there somewhere. Wouldn't surprise me if it had a small hardcore fandom

>> No.442812179

I might keep it. Played it recently and it was a lot more enjoyable with the modded/private servers. Apparently people are working with mod tools BI released so there could be servers with more content.

I really just want a server where I can join friends and there be viable vehicle spawns. Walking around Chernarus sucks.

>> No.442812202
Quoted By: >>442812374

i gifted dayz to a friend with under two hours and has been super inactive, thinking of requesting refund. does he have to accept the refund?

>> No.442812272


yes, but you'd need to be Australian since their consumer laws allow for it

>> No.442812327
Quoted By: >>442812546

it's sad how everyone ditched the working .62 for the broken mess that was experemental. doubt anyone would be there considering the 100+ player servers

>> No.442812369

>reddit spacing
you have to go back

>> No.442812374
Quoted By: >>442812435

how many years ago did that happen? Cause Valves bots automatically deny that shit if it wasnt bought at least 2 weeks ago

>> No.442812391
Quoted By: >>442812582

If you were smart enough to check the date on that video you'd see they've been up to this since the end of last year. Me and them show no signs of stopping. We'll have a good time getting our moneys worth out of the game and you can leave a salty review on steam and then waste your money by never playing. If you love dayz so much then the only person missing out is you. By the way you are you one of these people i keep hearing about who sexually identifies as an Apache Attack Helicopter?

>> No.442812401


>> No.442812431

>play for like two hours today
>having a pretty good time
>finally find some shit guns and ammo
>sick of running around the woods in pitch blackness
>decide to switch servers to a day one
>load in and I am a fresh spawn
>go back to the main menu
>all my shit is gone
Aaannd I'm done

>> No.442812435

at least 3 years ago, does he have to accept the refund? will he get notified?

>> No.442812546

agreed I thought 62 as it was was one of the best games ever made. Dunno what all this salt is about.

>> No.442812582
Quoted By: >>442813254

>Me and them
Lmao I fucking knew you were a shill. Nobody cares about your youtube channel or the fact that you've made such an investment in this shitty scam of a game.

>> No.442812664
Quoted By: >>442813117

or just wait and log on when the server you were previously on is in daytime and get a torch before night.....

>> No.442812797

same shit I played 5 years ago

>> No.442812891

Seriously if anyone has managed to refund this crap post it so the rest can follow suit. There was an Australian case which got accepted (7 months ago) thanks to their consumer laws but im pretty sure the EU has similar laws in place

>> No.442812915

>slap a 1.0 on the front while barely adding any content or fixing anything

>> No.442812996

My refund request got denied 4 times. It's not happening boys.

>> No.442813030
Quoted By: >>442813436


>> No.442813117

or the game can not delete my fucking character

>> No.442813248
Quoted By: >>442813512

You switched hive retard

>> No.442813254
Quoted By: >>442814503


Me: "hey guys heres me and some people i know having fun in Dayz trying to innovate new ways for the game to be played"

You: omg shil shill shill shill shillllllllll

I literally admitted the first time i posted that video that it's not mine, but that i do turn up as a background character in later videos. Never hid it faggot. Don't have a youtube channel and your dig at me "making an investment in this shitty scam" doesn't really work that well when you have made exactly the same investment, but got far far less out of it.

Ever buttplugged yourself to a Blackhawk? Better you think these new Ospreys are absolutely filthy you dirty Helicopervert

>> No.442813352
Quoted By: >>442825427

I'm still around here lurking.

>> No.442813436

your character isn't always persistent when you change server fuckwit

We've already gone through why its a laggy broken mess right now and it's map is nothing like the size of dayz.

>> No.442813446

is this bait? are you this retarded? you switched hives

>> No.442813512

No. I'm playing on official servers.

>> No.442813613

you can switch hive on the official servers you absolute cretin

>> No.442813625

Then you switched from 3rd person to 1st person or the other way around, you still switched hives

>> No.442813641
File: 704KiB, 3975x3300, WhenThePPVPriceHits.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I miss populated old dayz

>> No.442814503
Quoted By: >>442816503

How can you be this angry about someone not liking a game you play lmao

>> No.442814526

The game was forced into 1.0 because of deadlines. This game is nowhere near feature-ready

>> No.442814821

My refund just got denied, fucking jews.

>> No.442814972

so easy to spot the /v/irgins defending this game in the discussions

>> No.442815476
File: 42KiB, 600x620, 1533656038649.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>442815882

>buying early access shit

>> No.442815882

Pls do not bully past me

>> No.442815895
Quoted By: >>442817243

Is it actually playable

>> No.442816503

how can you be this angry that you can't fly helicopters in game?

>> No.442816531

In my 40 hour playtime I had like 3 cool moments, if you're reading this fuck you simone you baited me on this piece of shit

>> No.442817127

I would like to thank all of those that bought DayZ early on for being the cause that almost every game is a half-assed, early access, trashheap nowadays.

>> No.442817243


>> No.442818020
File: 6KiB, 299x169, images.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Refund declined
Fuck Steam, I waited 4 years to refund this trash.

>> No.442818437

Wrong. You're talking about .62.
64 is the build that was on experimental yesterday, for example.

>> No.442818871
File: 31KiB, 533x645, funny1.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Just did refund test with friend, i gifted him contagion and he only has 4 hours on it

>> No.442819148
File: 33KiB, 304x304, 1336503990768.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>comes out after 4 years
>has less content than the alpha
I had so many good memories with the mod and even the standalone. But at least I know that Arma 4 will run on a better engine now haha.

>> No.442819228

There is a free weekend
Is it worh it? I will play by myself
It's seems like a walking simulator.
90% looting an walkin and 10% shooting

>> No.442819389

>Is it worh it? I will play by myself
No. It's not even worth it even to play with people.

>> No.442819508
Quoted By: >>442821008

How populated is the arma 2 dayz mod? is there an arma3 dayz mod worth playing? i hate the new engine on standalone

>> No.442819628

I'm gonna delete my steam account and use it for controller settings and as a shitty fps monitor.
Pirate and GOG

>> No.442819819

Ahem ok you are a faggot

>> No.442820313

refund denied

t. australian

>> No.442820337

why is everyone so eager to refund? true, game is shit and i will probably never come back to it, but still it managed to give me 700 hours of fun, and that is good deal for my 20$ i spend 5 years ago

>> No.442820598

don't listen to the detractors .It's free, it's playable. Have a go and make up your own mind

>> No.442820719

Man don't try and reason with these bitter fucks. I have and they just keep saying "its not good enough" despite not being able to suggest any improvements. All of them want refunds despite usually playing as many hours as you

>> No.442820781


>> No.442820943

Tried for a refund and got denied because I had over 1000 hours. WTF I AM SO MAD, I'M SHOOK.

>> No.442821008

pls respond >>442819508

>> No.442821083

i'm eager to refund because i bought it 4 years ago and havn't touched it since because it ran like actual garbage on my pc and was a bugfest. i only have 30 minutes in it.

>> No.442821170

I want them to fill the cities with tons of zombies, like actual hoards of zombies. That way, the cities are actually dangerous, and they aren't always fully looted. They also need to add more zombies to the military bases, since you'd think there would be a ton of military at these places.
Basically, they just need more zombies, if they put them in much larger numbers, then they'll really be a threat. Make streets filled with the fuckers.

>> No.442821205
Quoted By: >>442821823

Alright faggots 2nd refund request was denied. Since there are apparently 2 types of refund requests, how do I get to the one that lets me talk to a real person?

>> No.442821823

as far as we know noone was able to get a refund. I was denied with only 10 hours. Im pretty sure i was denied by a bot too but since im over the 2 hour and 2 week threashold im not sure anyone can approve that refund

>> No.442822796


>> No.442823257
Quoted By: >>442826746


>> No.442823639

>1400 hours of play testing their early access game
>took them five years to release it
People are entitled to a refund

>> No.442824212

lack of content is astonishing, not only there were more firearms but 4 cars are missing, where is my party bus? Still i will gladly take better engine then 40 more weapons that feels like reskins of each others, and if anyone refuse that enfusion engine is amazing then he is massive faggot

>> No.442824573
File: 22KiB, 684x453, ....jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>442824670

>be me, played DayZ mod before it was cool
>decide to give DayZ SA another chance
>beat the crap out of a dude who keep harassing me because I play dark skinned woman character
>first hour find five rifles but not a single bullet
>just go from empty houses to empty houses
>meat another dude and try to stealth shovel his face, he empties a pistol clip at me without hitting once before a zombie breakup the fight
>I run deeper into the map
>zombie are as laggy as ever, and the melee animation super clunky, they are quite ez to kill or outrun though
>always on the brink of dehydration
>shotgun, 9mm and 45acp pistols in backpack
>finally find ammo, it's for .32acp
>finally find slugs for shotgun
>it's in a package
>wtf I still can't reload shotgun
>find out on internet you have to equip and hold left mouse to unwrap ammo
>this gets you pile of shotgun ammo
>have to insert each shell individually through menu
>everytime you fire shotgun you have to hit R to chamber another round
>everytime you need to reload you have to do it through inventory
>loot a small military campound, find optics and flashlights
>they all require batteries to run, no batteries around
>after two hours game crash while on middle of road
>pretty sure zombie priest killed my character
What a joke this game is...

>> No.442824651
File: 75KiB, 860x279, 1540468785602.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.442824670
File: 63KiB, 990x720, 1406159145489.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>>meat another dude

>> No.442824745

you need to mention how mapping keys is still a problem

>> No.442824957

bots handle that shit it will automatically deny you

>> No.442825131

"We will not be granting a refund at this time as there is no evidence that the product has a major defect as defined under Australian law."

how do i lawyertalk my through this one cunts

>> No.442825269
Quoted By: >>442825902

find an old youtube video of game bugging and screenshot it

>> No.442825384

>ask for refund


>> No.442825427
Quoted By: >>442825561

based qwyqwy, hope you're well buddy <3

>> No.442825561

I am fine my dude. It's nice to see some dayz folks saying hello. You have a good day and merry christmas when the time comes!

>> No.442825568
File: 99KiB, 1183x923, Capture.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

the way he did

>> No.442825583

Just played two hours with some buddies. Killed a few guys and chopped some zombies up, and have made some progress west inland. It's still a bit janky but it is fun once you get the past the initial PITA that's the first 20-25 minutes of getting enough food & water.

>> No.442825902

cheers fellas, gonna have a go at this

>> No.442825937

"Give me a refund or I will stop buying games on Steam. I have over 300 games on Steam and am a big buyer. You will lose more money from me leaving than you will be giving me a refund."

>> No.442826059

Finally being Australian pays off

>> No.442826196

How the fuck do I get to talk to an actual person to refund?

>> No.442826250
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Quoted By: >>442826334

anything i should add before i submit?

>> No.442826262
Quoted By: >>442826365

Going to try the Free Weekend and see if it's really as bad as people say.

>> No.442826334

It’s not going to work unless your state has some kind of consumer protection law.

>> No.442826364

I'm tired of everyone killing on sight because of youtubers playing this game as if it was a deathmatch.

>> No.442826365

problem is you wont experience dayz like it used to be, you won't know what you missed out on. this new engine makes it feel like a whole new game 9not a good thing)

>> No.442826425
Quoted By: >>442826635

Either way, I won't have anything to lose trying it out.

>> No.442826520
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Has (((DayZ))) EVER gone on sale past 30%?

>> No.442826561
Quoted By: >>442826776

>play game 100 hours, complaining the whole time
>demand refund
I hope someone murders you with a claw hammer for your sneakers, anon. you're fucking terrible.

>> No.442826635
Quoted By: >>442826921

Try it out and form your own opinion instead of listening to people who haven't touched it in 3+ years and just came here to post about level ebin refund.

>> No.442826746

dayz shills pls

When a game leaves early access, you can refund it.

>> No.442826776
Quoted By: >>442827010

Not him but if the developers didn't fulfill their promises (within reason), I wouldn't feel bad about it at all.

>> No.442826834

The thing that honestly bugs me about this game is the houses. Why are so many of the houses the same, and why are cities worthless to enter, and most of the buildings never have any spawns. You think I'd find a few things in a whole apartment complex.

>> No.442826887

How do I "go through purchases" when I refund?

>> No.442826921
Quoted By: >>442827384

i have played nonstop and stick with what i say here>>442826365. the game runs a bit smoother that's nice but it's at the sacrifice of breaking a ton of shit, the movements suck so bad, aiming down sights is broken now,updated inventory sucks,using items is also broken, and the one that does it all YOU CANT MAP KEYS ANYMORE. go fk urself

>> No.442826958

Probably because you're looting around the coast where everyone spawns and instantly lets everything they can carry?

>> No.442827010
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they made a mod of a mod about running town to town featuring zombies, all that's on the table. I bought it and felt rused, frankly i'm not mad about it but you gotta know when you fucked up as a consumer and learn from your mistakes instead of trying to backtrack and no pick up a lesson out of it.
>complaining about 'promises'
show me your tits, sweetheart

>> No.442827023

I didn't read the thread, can I get my $40 back or not?

>> No.442827038

But I'll go on completely empty servers and it's the same everytime.

>> No.442827048

Yea you're right I suppose I should run north for 5 hours

>> No.442827185


>> No.442827248

read the thread